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yojoe26  +   2445d ago
Okay. Hey Microsoft.Psssst. Over here!
Shut up. Focus on getting good EXCLUSIVES of your own out and quit looking over at Sony every two seconds to see what they're are doing because the next time you look back they aren't going to be there. They are going to be three miles AHEAD of you and out of sight. FOCUS ON YOUR OWN STUFF AND QUIT TRASH-TALKING YOUR COMPETITION!!! Okay. I'm done now.
-EvoAnubis-  +   2445d ago
I fail to see how I could possibly agree more.
josh14399  +   2445d ago
im just wating for msoft to announce exclusive dlc for it. im getting it for ps3 either way because i hate multiple discs.
xg-ei8ht  +   2445d ago
I saw the title and just LMFAO.

What's next - Blu-ray to sell more on 360.
d0nT wOrrY  +   2445d ago
im sick of micro$ talking rude about sony
r they afraid that much ? fix the RRoD first then think about your sale.

next year.... " FFXlll Pirated version on Torrent sites"


suck it
KionicWarlord222  +   2445d ago
aaron greenburg sad its fixed this time. yes i know they said this before but i think this time around it ok.
d0nT wOrrY  +   2445d ago
.. Just like they fix it with Zephyr, Falcon, Jasper ..

Aceluffy  +   2445d ago
Umm, NO !! BIG NO !
Remember, this is JRPG we're talking about. This genre never sells well on 360, it's not FPS. Besides, which one the gamer with more than one console gonna pick ? Single Bluray disc or multiple DVDs ? Have a poll on that one
allforcalisto  +   2445d ago
take crack much?
There is so much wrong with this statement:
"Microsoft: Final Fantasy XIII will sell more on Xbox 360"

I thought this kind of infantile dumbness went away when that popular MS PR guy left. I'd bet my ps3, 360 and copy of ffxiii on ps3 that it'll sell more on ps3
i'm no fanboy i actually prefer my 360 collection of games thus far, as i've yet to get my hands on team ico, square enix, and quantac dream ps3 goodness.
richierich  +   2445d ago
I think owners of both consoles like myself will buy the PS3 version because because it will only be on one disc
kws1065  +   2445d ago
Why would people buy FF XIII in 360?
While they can play both FF XIII and Versus XIII in PS3.

Do they think FF XIII without Versus XIII is enough? I don't think so.

And wow...M$ is really relying on Third party. Why don't you make some good first party games like Halo 4?
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SpoonyRedMage  +   2445d ago
I'm going to be getting FF XIII on the 360 because I don't have a PS3, it's a pity I'm missing Versus too. But if Sony are dropping the price, that may change.;)

I kind of agree with your last point, although I don't think it's bad to rely on 3rd parties, if they are going to be slinging s**t then they shouldn't involve third party games, especially not FF.
kws1065  +   2445d ago
Yeah, I hope PS3 drops its price a bit so that it becomes affordable to much more people, and I think there will be one or two price drops until FF XIII hits US (at the end of this year? I don't know).

I also hope a FF XIII/Versus XIII set for PS3, since FF XIII for US version is soooo late.
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ShinnokDrako  +   2445d ago
Japan = only PS3 version.
FF XIII = system seller.

Just this fact puts the ps3 in big advantage. I'm sure someone will disagree, but that's true.
Thoreau  +   2445d ago
who in the hell
will take a multi disk format over a single disk. the game will suffer because of the format difference.
KionicWarlord222  +   2445d ago
yeah i know thats why i said lets see. the failure rate of the 360 has been down. that should be a sign of something.
DFresh  +   2445d ago
That's utter B.S.
Resident Evil 5 sold more on PS3.
Japan: PS3 outsold 360 version 4:1.
Europe: PS3 outsold 360 version 2:1 (Everywhere except U.K.)
U.S: It'll be a tie.

Street Fighter 4 sold more on PS3.

Japan: PS3 Exclusive in Japan. Easily could break over 1 million.
Europe: Europe for the most part is a big Sony state so PS3 will sell way more at least 1-1.5 million more then 360 version in Japan.
U.S: About even.

Devil May Cry 4 sold more on PS3.

Tekken 6 not even a competition. (PS3 will sell more.)

Microsoft talks a lot of s*** they can't back.
KionicWarlord222  +   2445d ago
we really dont know what will happen . its a year from now. my opinion is no because of the fanbase but we will have to see.
blackskimmer  +   2445d ago
If they cant sell more copies of RE5 there is no way in hell they will sell more of FF13, ESPECIALLY world wide.
be_wrong  +   2445d ago
dont think so especially if there would multiple dvds for it..
bigjclassic  +   2445d ago
v_v ............
"okay MS whatever you say"......

MS acts like a bunch of 6 year olds. Who cares if FFXIII will sale more on 360. I almost bet it wont, but who cares.
ballsofsteel  +   2445d ago
if ur saying in America and PAL i'd say it very unlikely but if you add in the amount it will sell in Japan considering it's only on PS3 there no way in hell it will
Nihilism  +   2445d ago
i don't have a ps3 yet...but this game will be the one that makes me get one, +1 for sony
Marty8370  +   2445d ago
Well considering PS3 Jap version will get the jump on the 360 version by a good 3-4 months I seriously doubt it.
Zephyrus_808  +   2445d ago
Depends on how large the PS3 install base in America is by the time FF gets released. As for now, we know that there are way more 360 owners in the US than PS3 owners, so that could shift alot of copies for the 360 version. In Japan, however, you've got FF13 exclusive to PS3, and we all know how big the install base for PS3 and Final Fantasy is in Japan.
Bazookajoe_83  +   2445d ago
I doubt it
But only time can prove me right..
gumgum99  +   2445d ago
japan says hi
Gun_Senshi  +   2445d ago
They are right
MS only counts USA Only :)
DJ  +   2445d ago
I'm surprised at how arrogant Microsoft has become.
Especially after the Wii surpassed their worldwide install base. Are they still going to be spouting this garbage after the PS3 surpasses their install base as well? It's already selling more software than the 360.
FFXI101  +   2445d ago
Just like every other JRPG on the 360 did.
jeseth  +   2445d ago
People I work with. . . . .
Are still waiting to go next gen because there's no Final Fantasy. And when it comes out they are all buying PS3s/

This is a irrespoonsible statement by Microsoft if it's true. Final Fantasy and Playstation go hand in hand, Even though FF cam to PS from Nintendo.
seifer085  +   2445d ago
star Ocean 4 says HI!
scissor_runner  +   2445d ago
LOL after reading all of the SONy fan comments wouldn't it be funny if the thing came on two blu rays LOL. I really hope every one posting for the PS3 go out and buy this game. You guys have a lot of bark but I'm still waiting for multiplatform games sales to crush the 360. It's year 3 now time is getting short.

Good rally though. SONY does have some good fans out there on the internet it seems.
onijutsu  +   2444d ago
i mean if it came out on two blu rays, that means that the game would be FREAKING HUGE, that actually would make me want to buy it even more

and if it came out on two bluray discs how many discs would it take for an xbox 360 version?
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benjassyrian87  +   2445d ago
It's Simple
The pr meant as more dvd's sold to blu-rays thats all of course it will sell more like that.
azmanmanz  +   2445d ago
The title should be change to "Final Fantasy XIII will sell more disc on XBOX360" hahahhaha

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patterson  +   2445d ago
lol bubble for that XD
frictionini  +   2445d ago
360 rpg games can only sell when they are on discounted sale...

see LO, IU, and TLR for info.

so NO
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