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MADPIRAHNA  +   2521d ago
used to love the FF series. I said goodbye after the multi plat thing because I am not going to buy a dumbed down version of what could have been great.
CryofSilence  +   2521d ago
"Pride cometh before the fall."
XiaoSet  +   2521d ago
-EvoAnubis-  +   2521d ago
Microsoft has officially lost their minds.
FPShooter  +   2521d ago
i agree 100%
I Know all companies are guilty of arrogance and talking too much sometimes, but MS has been laying it on thick lately wtf
PS360PCROCKS  +   2521d ago
eh I don't see FF happening, especially with the whole exclusive Japan thing. BUT if their are a lot of owners only interested in this game and the xbox is super cheap it might swing things for Microsoft, but I doubt it.
Renewman  +   2521d ago
Why did I get a disagree for giving someone a bubble? The Xbros are out in full form today. Must be Spring Break...
Ps_alm3k  +   2521d ago
I just thought of this....
So the japanese will buy ff13 in japan when release.
but i also see american and other japanese, or people who
know the language will also import the game.
So which leads me to say,... " FF13 WILL SELL HUGE WITHIN THE RELEASE MONTH"
maybe a 2 millie a milly a millie.....
DJ  +   2521d ago
Maybe if it was released a year ago...
But lately, publishers have been posting PS3 as their number 1 source of revenue. Even multiplatform titles are showing a sales edge on PS3. We've been hearing a lot of chest-pounding from Microsoft, but the question still remains.

Where are the big 360 exclusives this year?
Kamikaze135  +   2521d ago
Seeing how JRPGs sell like crap on both consoles and it's exclusive in Japan...I DOUBT it.
mac4u10  +   2521d ago
"it even sounds weird FFX on the xbox"
microsoft needs to stop getting mouthy for your own boots because your buying your way into games, start making games of your own.
grantps3  +   2521d ago
microsoft needs to shut up and focus on pleasing customers not out doing sony.

ps3 FTW
Noah  +   2521d ago
Man, Microsoft is full of sh!t.
threepy  +   2521d ago
Sony have managed to lose so many exclusives, yet have so many left. Microsoft couldn't lose that many exclusives and remain standing with a few more.

Meanwhile PS3 fans can enjoy Dead Rising 2 when it is out, no doubt Lost Planet 2 and Bioshock 2, and to keep them occupied, Bioshock and Lost Planet.

Sony have got a number of great exclusives this generation. LittleBigPlanet, Killzone 2 and Uncharted for example. Microsoft are really getting a little too arrogant here and chances are FFXIII is going to sell a fair amount in Japan on PS3 only, before finally coming to Europe and USA. 360 fans will no doubt enjoy it, but my guess is a lot with get it on PS3 because it's just seen as a Playstation thing.
And even if it doesn't, I'm guessing FFXIII Versus will sell a fair amount more on PS3 than 360 ;)

I don't really care, I'm not a fan of Final Fantasy at all. But Microsofts arrogance and bragging is getting damn annoying.
gtafan  +   2521d ago
I want this game.
When is FF coming? That's what I really want to know. I am tired of waiting for real. Oh well back to playing Street Fighter. Wooooohooooo.
Finalflash22  +   2521d ago
I really think Microsoft
was talking about selling more in the USA which it possibly could, it probably won't but the kingdom hearts series sells more copies in the USA than Japan and Europe and I really don't think FF 13 will sell that well anywhere considering the way JRPG's have been selling this generation.
pwnsause  +   2521d ago
wow NPD really made M$ go bananas
Anon1974  +   2521d ago
You have to wonder what's going on.
They must really be concerned about something with how strong they've been coming on recently. Perhaps it's to distract from the lack of 360 titles at the moment? Perhaps it's to take away from people's asking how much the 360 price cut cost them...or why? The 360 was languishing in 3rd place for almost a year in worldwide sales before the price cut so it's understandable that they had to do something. However, based on their last quarterly numbers over the holidays, revenue was up, sales were up and yet they still only managed to tie the PS3 for the year at the cost of a 60% decline in profits over the most important quarter of the entire year.

That sounds pretty desperate to me and with the way they're PR is working overtime with nonsense like "FFIIV is going to sell more on the 360" or "The PS3 is hemorrhaging at retail", it's clear that something's up.
d_dogg2007  +   2521d ago
Perfectly said Darkride + bubbles for you. Microsoft is scared of something. I'm pretty sure there getting ready to announce their new console soon or even drop out of the race. Their sales are not very impressive and the money they seem to keep throwing everywhere is not helping. Just remember ps3 outsold xbox in the same amount of time with a higher price point and also more FUD against it. What does that tell you.
bviperz  +   2521d ago
MS goes for quantity
not quality. Anyone who's ever owned an MS product, especially on the software side of the house, knows this is sad but true.
XiaoSet  +   2521d ago
MTV versus
Queers of War  +   2521d ago
ahahaha the highest selling JRPG for 360 is lost odyssey and it hasnt even hit 1 mil yet. what makes you think ff13 360 version will outsell ps3 version, especially when there isnt a jp 360 version? M$ you should be thankful, on your hands and knees, forehead to the ground, that you are even getting a JRPG as good as ff13 is opposed to the other crap SE and others have been sh*tting out.
solidjun5  +   2521d ago
are you sure?
I could've sworn it reached a milli worldwide already.

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XiaoSet  +   2521d ago
I put this tongue

First ask Dad or Mom
ultimolu  +   2521d ago

How do they know they'll sell more when we don't even know when the game is actually coming out?

Just keep it up Microsoft. GG guyz.
jonboi24  +   2521d ago
Hahahahahaha! This made my day. I was feeling really bad today for some unknown reason and this just made me laugh and now i feel better. I'll remember this article when FF13 is released and come back to it for another good laugh.

Seriously PS3 in Japan alone could sell more FF13 than 360 worldwide. With the FF7:ACC with the FF13 demo bundle being released soon hardware sales should see a significant increase thus forcing (if not already planned) Sony and Square-Enix to crate some sort of FF13 bundle in Japan and hopefully worldwide. And with Versus and Agito being released (hopefully having some sort of connectivity with one another) you can only get the full FF13 experience with Sony. The only thing that 360 can do for some sort of damage control is to offer some DLC though I can see PS3 doing the same thing because there's no way Sony is going to want MS have an edge on them when FF13 is released worldwide.

Sony knows how important FF13 and FF13Vs will be for the PS3 and they will most likely lay everything on the line when they are released. These two games alone could could change the "HD console war" in Sony's favor.
Ps_alm3k  +   2521d ago
I beleive this toooo..
These are the games that will turn the tide of the console war...
So far its in favor of ps3. I just hope that sony can hold on to versus,
For that game is pinnacle in every way for sony.
SpoonyRedMage  +   2521d ago
Hmm, no it won't. Don't be stupid Microsoft, the core of the FF market is in Japan and I doubt even in America it will sell more. I reckon if it goes good for MS they can expect a third of the PS3 sales, but probably significantly less.
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masterhien   2521d ago | Spam
KionicWarlord222  +   2521d ago
well its hard to even this out. i think microsoft is going by games that came out on the playstion 3 only. so there trying size it up with the npd numbers and previous npd numbers.hey may be too quick to judge but they must have a good reason to. i still think that its going to sell alot on ps3 in japan and america. :)
KionicWarlord222  +   2521d ago
no one should be mad about this news ...or applaud. no one knows for sure yet we have a year to wait on it.
mrdxpr2  +   2521d ago
ok the first thing im gona start with is :

1. MS is sooooo un professional why the F are they talking so much crap we sell more 360s then sony sells ps3 yeah, while sony is not saying nothing they are quiet cause sony is making money while MS keeps loosing from everywhere. 360 rrod cost ms alot of money. Buying exclusive DLC money. The money to produce 360s they aint making no money from the 360 with all those price cuts they did last year cause ps3 was beating them up in sales.

2. MS says they sell more software then ps3 wow they spin it alot only in the usa ... Why dont they say jp, europe and others yeah spin spin spin spin spin. Sony is selling allot of hardware for $400 while ms is barely beating sony and they are in a $200 price. wow

3.FFx13 is jp exclusive easy sony will sell first week there about 750,000. and in 2 weeks will hit 1,000,000... and when it comes to usa and europe sony will have a larger fanbase when the game releases and if sony did a price cut ms is fuc** cause FFX13 will sell a lot more on ps3 then 360 WW and us.

4. The game is what 1 year and a half away and MS is making statesman. Square could easily cancell the 360 version if they wanted.
KionicWarlord222  +   2521d ago
square cant cancel it its already being compressed .but seriously you made some good statements .maybe ms is confident.
SpoonyRedMage  +   2521d ago
Actually they could cancel it, they haven't started on it yet. I really hope they don't just like I hope they don't cancel The Last Remnant PS3. You guys better buy it! I'll be buying FFXIII!
SpoonyRedMage  +   2521d ago
The people at Microsoft need to replaced with Monkeys, may be then they'd speak some sense, and this is coming from an Xbox and 360 owner.

There's no way it'll sell even a half of the PS3's version sales. All they can hope for is some of the sales and a bit of hardware bump but Sony will get a much bigger boost.
Baka-akaB  +   2521d ago
On the console where Star ocean , only second fiddle to FF and DQ managed to sells poorly ? yeah right ...
Gitaroo  +   2521d ago
the game will probably sell more than a million copies in JP along on PS3, and EU sales will probably be the same and US just a bit higher, so doubt it.
kazan  +   2521d ago
yah right like the sells of SO?
Pheonix03  +   2521d ago
No it won't, not even close. End of story.
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