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Droid Control  +   2517d ago
Are they forgetting about all the Jap sales this will move on the PS3?
GTA - A western game is pretty much 50/50. A Jap game will be 60/50 in sony's favor...
MGOelite  +   2517d ago
confirmed. xbots are retards
NateDPG  +   2517d ago
Just like SF4, RE5 and DMC4 did huh? lololol
killzone2ownsallfps  +   2517d ago
Microsoft: Final Fantasy XIII will sell more on Xbox 360
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denied  +   2517d ago
Yeah ok
FFIII is gona sell more on the Xbox than on the PS3? That sound like saying that Rosie Odonnell is Hotter on the Xbox than any where else. Well that would be true, Only crap looks good on the Xbox. FFIII is gona sell lot better on the PS3 than on the xbox...Look at MGS2 it sold very bad on the xbox, So what makes you think FFIII is gona be any different?Don't forget that the graphics are bein cut down do to the lack of power of the xbox and is gona be a 5disc set for you xbots fans, and yeah thats gona sell more OK!!!!!
silkrevolver  +   2517d ago
Greenburg...wanna talk about exclusives for once?
No one gives a crap if a MULTIPLATFORM game sells better on one console, you can't toot someone else's horn and get the credit. This in not a 360 only game, nor is RE5 or any of the other games you ramble on about. Shut up, loose some weight, and tell us about exclusives
Apocalypse Shadow  +   2517d ago
everyone knows that i don't give a sh!t about microsoft and their console....
not the games.just microsoft and their console.

but let's play devil's advocate for a minute.

microsoft could do 2 things that could help it in america.

1)exclusive content as DLC in america.

2)exclusive bundle in america.

i mean,it's not like square didn't lie to the fans and say it was ps3's not like they have released any games for's not like they have given ps3 fans any indication on when games are coming by announcing release dates.they could have lied and said there will be no DLC.

square's counter to ps3 having ffxiii as exclusive in japan can be announcing some exclusive deal for america with microsoft.

i mean,look,square announced BEFORE EVEN PS3 RELEASE that they didn't want sony to lose,but not to SUCCEED either.and are trying their best with other companies like capcom and namco to make that happen.unless sony themselves come out with breakaway hits or reduced prices of ps3,THEY ARE NOT HELPING's just that simple.

**We don't want the PlayStation 3 to be the overwhelming loser, so we want to support them. But we don't want them to be the overwhelming winner either, so we can't support them too much.**

so,is it possible?YES.

do fans give a f#ck about square like they used to?NO

square has made it clear this gen they do not care that much about their want ffvii remake,but they won't get want next gen graphics and gameplay pushed to the limit.square would rather purchase poor game engines that produce lame graphics.most of their fans are located on sony consoles,they would rather support a shoddy and inferior product that breaks to slow sony advancement.

having an enix leader that didn't mind lame dragonquest graphics while ff moved forward means he doesn't care about next gen development as much as we it is very possible microsoft can pull more sales with square's help.but square has lost fans in the process.but then,i was always a phantasy star(1,2,3,4,online ver.2) fan anyway.

back to my side.

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Xheratuul  +   2517d ago
RE5 sold more on ps3 worldwide, so it is impossible for 360
Marquis_de_Sade  +   2517d ago
I couldn't disagree more, several factors point towards this being anything but the case.

1. This game is a PS3 exclusive in Japan, where it will sell a huge amount.

2. Final Fantasy Vs XIII is a PS3 exclusive.

3. Many Final Fantasy fans had already purchased a PS3 before the multi platform announcement.

Ridiculous statement, and way, way too early to say such a thing, many things could change between now and a years time.
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XiaoSet   2517d ago | Off topic | show
silkrevolver  +   2517d ago
I think it's gonna take more than a the Square Enix patented "SLOW AS F*&K" development rate
Marquis_de_Sade  +   2517d ago
Facebook.... what?

Yes, I wouldn't be surprised if the game turns out to be a late 2010 western release, adding more weight to the argument against this silly PR man.
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hagggs5tow  +   2517d ago
you are right plus if their ever was a third party game that was labeled with brand recognition of a console then this game is it.everyone i know or talk to online says ff series is synonyms with the Playstation brand some people actually still think that its a Sony exclusive and that its a first party game.
XiaoSet   2517d ago | Off topic | show
Major_Tom  +   2517d ago
How is that going to happen when the cards are all stacked in Sony's favor? Especially a one year timed exclusive in Japan for the PS3.

Microsoft really needs to leave the press statements alone. Stop worrying about the competition your starting to sound like a jealous girlfriend.

Haha @ disagrees, I guess you don't like knowing the truth.
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Lingonbak  +   2517d ago
Haha allow me to laugh!
THC CELL  +   2517d ago
i just coughed up blood laughing
Jerk120  +   2517d ago
''Microsoft: Final Fantasy XIII will sell more on Xbox 360''


Just like RE5.
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THC CELL  +   2517d ago
|its a shame ur not getting Vs lol

Bu bu bu go bu ya self
taco_tom237  +   2517d ago
whatever ur on i want some of it
cereal_killa  +   2517d ago
''Microsoft: Final Fantasy XIII will sell more on Xbox 360''


Just like RE5.

Not while I'm drinking you Muppet you must live in the land of make believe if you think RE5 sold better on the 360 maybe in America but not WW (where it matters) Japan alone outsold 360 4:1. And if you think FF13 will sell more on the 360 truly shows how delusional you are and the basement you live in at your mothers house must have some sort of a Co2 leak or your huffing way to much lead paint.

360=3-4 disks
PS3=1 Blu-Ray

Most people who are waiting to buy a PS3 is waiting for FF13 once this arrives I'm sure a price drop will be announced and anyone who says that the 360 version will be the superior one to get is just in denial.
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segasage  +   2517d ago
so where is the interview this was said at?
or is this post npd fud?

funny fanboys love to hate and praise square at the same time.

i actually thought nobody cares about square anymore since level 5 is the new kid in town.

post npd hangovers
silkrevolver  +   2517d ago
this wasn't a SE employee, it was Aaron MS employee who needs to shut up and tell us about some exclusives
hdesroses   2517d ago | Spam
Tykis  +   2517d ago
Lmao the fact that its exclusive to japan means its very unlikely plus I dont know anyone whos owns both a 360 and Ps3 is gunna get the 360 version...
NegativeCreep427  +   2517d ago
You just reminded me of that fact.
FFXIII is only going to be available on the Xbox 360 in the Americas and in Europe.

FFXIII is still PS3-Exclusive in the most lucrative region for JRPGs: Japan.

Is Microsoft's head so far up its own a$$ that they forgot about that, or are they just going to ignore Japanese sales entirely and claim victory if FFXIII sells more copies just in the U.S. even if it is by a meager 4 figures?

LOL I would assume so.
SpoonyRedMage  +   2517d ago
I'm going to be getting the 360 version simply because I don't have a PS3 and I doubt I will have by that time but no, I'd go the PS3 version if I had the choice.
Arsenal4Ever  +   2517d ago
Greenburg is just a dumb iditiout American tard, he's so annoying he just spouts crap. Why is he so fixated on the PS3 so much, I think he's afraid that PS3 will outsell 360 eventually and is just trying to play the PS3 down.
silkrevolver  +   2517d ago
spelling idiot incorrectly sort of defeats the purpose......however, he is quite dumb...and that we can ALL agree to!
Trey4Lyfe  +   2517d ago
careful with the american hate,
but yea, I think hes off base with this

btw, im an american and JRPG's are my favorite genre, and there are others here who share that sentiment
fuzion17c  +   2517d ago
I'm still getting the...
SINGLE Blu Ray PS3 version of the game. Maybe even the PS3 Collectors Edition.
Renewman  +   2517d ago
"I couldn't disagree more, several factors point towards this being anything but the case.

1. This game is a PS3 exclusive in Japan, where it will sell a huge amount.

2. Final Fantasy Vs XIII is a PS3 exclusive.

3. Many Final Fantasy fans had already purchased a PS3 before the multi platform announcement.

Ridiculous statement, and way, way too early to say such a thing, many things could change between now and a years time."

Bubbles for you fine sir. Couldn't have said it better myself.
devilhunterx  +   2517d ago
"formerly Sony-exclusive series" Wonder what series he is talking about?

My first final fantasy game was on a nintendo system.
DJ  +   2517d ago
Even played Final Fantasy on Gamecube.
likedamaster  +   2517d ago
I played it on my iPhone. :P
ikral  +   2517d ago
----------------MS should stop saying rubbish about PS3, it looks like they have nothing else to do. Can´t buy love.
Neo604  +   2517d ago
how would he know, no one bought it yet, maybe xboxgirl think it's a FPS.
a new Halo RPG.
XLiveGamer  +   2517d ago
You can't deny this.
By seen all this hateful comments all this days against SquareEnix coming from almost 50% of PS fans on this site i guess its going to sell more on Xbox 360 and also because Xbox 360 gamers support 360 games more than PS3 gamers on the PS3.

Come on Stop living in denial.
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solidjun5  +   2517d ago
look in the mirror.
And then tell me who's living in denial.
SWANN  +   2517d ago
What the HELL are you smoking?
Narutone66  +   2517d ago
PS3 owners
don't mindlessly buy games. FF13 will probably sell more on the 360 if MS stick a big "Halo" on the box and say Halo FF13.
Ngai  +   2517d ago
the arrogance..
Trey4Lyfe  +   2517d ago
inb4 Mart
CDzNutts  +   2517d ago
I see this....
Only happening in the US....and that's only slightly. Europe and Asia will most likely have more PS3 sales. So globally, chances are I see it with PS3........ESPECIALLY if they release a console-bundle/package. Which would be smart.
Flare149  +   2517d ago
Man, I wish Microsoft would just shut up. All they do is talk and talk...

..go fix Vista for goodness sakes!
Omega Archetype  +   2517d ago
I'll believe it when I see it. I still think FFXIII will push more PS3 sales (even in the US,) and overall the PS3 version will dominate.

Who knows really, but I will be getting it on PS3, cause FF is still a Playstation franchise to me (since I began playing them on PS,) but really, if I had no choice I really wouldn't care. As long as I got to play the I would be content.
No FanS Land  +   2517d ago
This has got to be the coincidence of the month for me.
I was actually thinking this morning about the inevitable NPD (inevitable 'cause N4G members love sales more than playing the game) figure where we would see FFXIII being sold more on 360 than PS3. At least in NTSC territory.
jBat17  +   2517d ago
check out SO4 sales and all the other jprg on the 3fixme
that's how many copies FF XIII will sell on the 3fixme.. you need brains to play JRPG games. on the other hand, WRPG is just like GTA.
the only difference between GTA 4 and oblivion is the setting.

my main point is xbots do not have enough IQ to play JPRGs and they have ADHD. that's why they'll shy away from FFXIII. heck, some xbots bought gaylo warz thinking it's a FPS- true story, i saw two xbots trying to return the game in gamestop.
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Dawn_Of_Ashes  +   2517d ago
Its sure that final fantasy will sell more copies on 360, microsoft has sold more console than Sony this gen.
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