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blodulv  +   2515d ago
I think MS might be jumping the gun just a little bit regarding FFXIII?
StephanieBBB  +   2515d ago
Depends on how the market looks when it comes out.
IMHO, I think that with all the exclusives the PS3 is going to spurt out acoupled with a price cut will make it sky-rocket worldwide. And if Microsoft can't get that 360 selling 3x better than the PS3 in japan they can pretty much kiss that 1 year FFXIII sales advance goodbye.

I don't think this will happen but who knows. At GDC or E3 we will have a more clear picture im sure.
Ninja-Sama  +   2515d ago
Isn't it still exclusive in Japan?
And it will probably sell more there than anywhere else most likely.
ape007  +   2515d ago
im 90% sure that it will sell a lot more on ps3
1-at the time ff13 release ps3 will be at 299$ which will make it sell like hotcakes for a long time

2-resi5 and sf4 sold more on ps3(world wide),even without price cut

3-the multidisk factor:360 version will probably be 4 or 5 disks(remember lost odessy),no one want his favorite rpg game to be on multidisk on their system,let alone the probability of disks being scratched(no fanboyism)

4-there's a big chance that ff13 on ps3 is the suporior version,built up on the cell

5-final fantasy is alaways known as a ps brand title,ff on 360 feels wierd need to say anything,you all know it and....ps3+japan+price cut...........EXPLOSION
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HDgamer  +   2515d ago
Versus XIII is exclusive on the ps3, two games on that platform which is one more than the 360's platform.
animboo  +   2515d ago
almost all ps3 owners..
bought their ps3 for the final fantasy series..
well for me it was actually my reason for getting the ps3, and alot of ps3 owners i know also has that i think it will still do better in ps3 as compared to xbox 360..
chaosatom  +   2515d ago
Worldwide ps3 version sales >> xbox 360 version sales
I don't know about US tho. They could be same or different depending on how cheap ps3 is and how big the install base has gotten.

There is LOTS of time before FF13 even releases.
ape007  +   2515d ago

that was one strong point,how the hell ape forgot that

mmm I collected bananas and life baloons all night yesterday at the jungle,im tired

where's that old cranky? payback is a b****,I'll throw an explosive barrle right to his face,he disterb my dance..... DON-KEY-KONG YEAHHHH

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TheTwelve  +   2515d ago
A true demonstration as to how lost and delusional S-E has become in recent years. Sad. They're smoked so many Microsoft joints, they can't even see through the haze anymore.


EDIT: My bad---I thought SQUARE-ENIX said this. Microsoft said this? Oh, ok...well, Microsoft is just stupid. =)
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GiantEnemyFlop  +   2515d ago
wow, and they say sony is arrogant
no one ,i mean no one in the right mind who LOVE Final Fantasy franchise will go and buy it on the 360 with multi disk when there are a superior version in one disk

specially when there is another huge title (versus) is exclusive to the ps3 with namura name on it
DarK-SilV  +   2515d ago
If ff13 sell more on X360,then I assure you that MS bought these copies,there just no way they going to sell more on X360,most FF games sell like 1.5 million in Japan the first week(FFx,ff12).
Aclay  +   2515d ago
I totally agree with "Ninja-Sama".

Final Fantasy XIII is still exclusive to the PS3 in Japan, and I also think that it'll sell more in Japan alone than in Europe and the United States combined... JRPG's outside of Japan have done pretty poorly in sales this gen.

And it's not like that there's been multiple JRPG's on the 360 that have sold over a million copies, so why would FFXIII be any different? Final Fantasy XIII will DEFINITELY sell more on the PS3, and it will sell more mainly because of the Japanese PS3 exclusive release.
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iamtehpwn  +   2515d ago
Yeah, it'll sell just like other "Top selling" JRPG's on Xbox360
Has Even one of them broke the Million mark yet? Lost Odyssey came close, that game is damn fine though.

Final Fantasy XIII will sell more on Playstation 3 in NA and PAL.
GUNS N SWORDS  +   2515d ago
hmmmmmm, this sounds like ms could be pushing for exclusive dlc.
eagle21  +   2515d ago
Japan says NO. :)
Everyone knows most sales for FF are in Japan. PS3 has that in the bag. I think MS is feeling the pinch from the xbox division and Aaron Greenturd's head will roll first if the results stay this mediocre.
gaffyh  +   2515d ago
FF fans who want to keep their collections steady will (and should) buy this on the PS3 (because since FF7 the main games have been on PS formats). Some RPG fans may buy it on 360, especially in the US, cos MS has been very clever and they have A LOT of RPGs on their system that are good.

BUT, FF is known for selling very very well in Japan, more than any other territory. And it is exclusive on PS3 in Japan = more sales. FFX sold a million copies in the first week, and shifted A LOT of consoles. I personally will get this on whichever console it releases on first, if that's 360 or PS3 don't care. But if it's simultaneous I'll definitely try and get the PS3 version.
Sharingan_no_Kakashi  +   2515d ago
These guys just won't quit will they.
TheTwelve  +   2515d ago
Guns + Swords---that's a point. But even if Microsoft got exclusive DLC, it wouldn't sell more than the PS3 version.

No Way  +   2515d ago
All of the sudden, multiple disks is a problem..
gaffyh  +   2515d ago
@No Way - Multiple discs is a problem, if you have both consoles and you need to choose between two versions of the game. 4+ DVDs or 1 Blu-ray? I know which one I'd choose. Although I don't mind switching discs (i also don't care about installs either), when you have a choice between the two, why wouldn't you choose the Blu-Ray version?
Spydiggity  +   2515d ago
glad to see they're optimistic...
but it's unlikely a FF game will do better on 360 than ps3. maybe after a generation of multiplat releases. but the first one? doubtful.

then again, it was huge news for 360 owners when they found out they were getting 13. who knows. it'll probably be pretty close in the US, but elsewhere...not likely.

EDIT: to address the ppl saying "multiple discs vs one bluray." i would agree that fewer discs are better if not for the fact that you have massive load times on ps3 with big games. if i had a choice between MGS being one disc with 7 minute load times between each section or being able to spend 3 seconds swapping discs, i'll happily swap discs. some of the blu-ray load times are awful. i never understood the disc argument. it's just another way for fanboys to try to one up ppl that don't own their console. are ppl so fat and out of shape that getting up to change a disc is really a big deal? i think sitting there staring at a load screen is much more unbearable.
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crck  +   2515d ago
There is no way in hell it FF 13 will sell more worldwide on the 360. That's three territories compared to two. If they mean US only then maybe. But the disc thing is a factor. I'd much rather have 1 scratch proof blu-ray disc then 3 or 4 dvds where if one gets messed up, you have to buy the game all over again. Not to mention a lot of people buy the 360 version of a game because they want to play with friends on xbox live. FF 13 will probably be a solo experience so xbox live doesn't play a role in a purchase decision either. But all you have to do is look at GTA 4 sales which were about even worldwide to know MS is blowing smoke on this one... Even with the promise of dlc it just barely edged out the PS3 version in sales.
Nelson M  +   2515d ago
And in another Ridiculous Statement from Microsoft
Not only did Microsoft claim to have found a cure for the RRoD
They also claimed to have Exclusive's for 2009
ShabzS  +   2515d ago
as much as i love my 360 this wont happen... japan will make sure of it.. and i still don't get what so great about this game never got used to the combat system... anyways its just one opinion
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SaiyanFury  +   2515d ago

More sales chest thumping from Microsoft. How about concentrating on your own games more than worrying about how a third party game will sell on your system?
Saigon  +   2515d ago
All I could do was laugh when I read this...and xbots talk about Sony claim a game to be more successful on you system when the series is not know to be on a MS platform and the fact the game release exclusivley on one console in my gawd...

edit: and I forgot, and jrpgs do not sell well on your console...
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The Lazy One  +   2515d ago
Not sure worldwide...
But US sales will probably go to 360. There's just a lot more 360's here, and FF is the kind of game that would probably sell well on both platforms.

PS3 might have a higher adoption percent, but with more than an 8 million console lead in NA, it definitely gives a big advantage.
Why dis  +   2515d ago
They must have something up their sleeves to announce in one of these upcoming game shows why in the hell would they be talking about games like this a year away?

This is either fake as hell or MSFT has something exclusive they will be talking about soon.
eagle21  +   2515d ago
I wish Sony would call MS and say:
"Everything you think of from day to day to try and damage our success won't mean sh!+ in the end. When history is written about the hundreds of millions of consoles we and companies like Nintendo have produced in our lifetime and the quality we provide, you will easily look like the noob you are and WERE."

"By the way, how are those "exclusives" you buy but we get to play working out? Last time we checked, your install base can't even wish to 2:1 ours in number or software sold multiplatform. Good day."
HDgamer  +   2515d ago
Some people are quickly forgetting that you can install games on the 360 as well just like the ps3. They could just bundle it with 2 discs, one for a complete install and the other for gameplay. Or something along those lines, its not like the discs problem will be anything major unless they get scratched by an unknown event.
7thNightvolley  +   2515d ago
i love ms and all .. but that is abit to quick to call.. remember FF VS is on ps3 so it will also be a factor to which one ppl buy on.. and FFVIII is also exclusive in japan on the ps3 ... who ever is the PR is not is abit too trigger happy ..
SoapShoes  +   2515d ago
I doubt it...
Yeah... Maybe some unfortunate Final Fantasy fans will get the 360 version because they can't afford a PS3, but no Final Fantasy fan in their right mind would buy the 360 version or even a 360 for the game when they'd be missing out on Versus.
uie4rhig  +   2515d ago
just like GTA IV sold more on the Xbox 360?
phosphor112  +   2515d ago
Are they f*cking serious??
How is it supposed to sell more than the PS3 version? I bet Greenturd said it, I swear, he has the biggest mouth ever. Him and his pompous claims.
XxZxX  +   2515d ago
guys please take note. When Microsoft talk about sales, they will only talk about US sale where they have clear chance of winning. And Microsoft will also tell you that sales count US the most, even though EU combined generate the same revenue, they will also tell you EU is many countries and US is 1. So technically it's still the biggest gaming country. Territories doesn't count :)
JokesOnYou  +   2515d ago
I'd trade FFXIII coming to 360 for another IP along the lines of ME in a heartbeat....
I don't know who this "representative" was from micro but I'm pretty sure it will do better on ps3, honestly although there's a growing segment of jrpg fans within the 360 fanbase its still alot smaller in comparison to ps3 fanbase even though I think micro has done plenty to draw the jrpg/japanese fans for the most part those type gamers tend to favor sony no matter what. lmfao, as for me I could care less, I know its selfish but I wish micro would focus less on jrpg's 'cause I don't think the majority of the fanbase cares about them, however I do understand the NEED to broaden the appeal of the console to attract all kinds of gamers, at the same time I think micro should play to their strength a bit more, NO I don't mean just a bunch of shooters, I mean come I know alot of 360 owners and the last thing we ever talk about is wanting another jrpg...even FFXIII, its great for the platform that they got the biggest name jrpg and I'm sure it will have decent sales on 360 based on the brand alone but I'm betting its sales wont even come close to ps3 version. I mean look at SO4 the reviews suggest its pretty good jrpg compared to others out there yet the sales are avg on 360(great early sales in Japan) while most other titles in every other genre do quite well on the 360= majority 360 fans don't care about jrpg's.


edit: vvvvv GWAVE: if micro is quoted as saying more on 360 than that just simply means it sold MORE than ps3 version, so without any spin unless you have data to show otherwise its a valid statement.
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FamilyGuy  +   2515d ago
This is arrogance at it's finest. M$ must TRULY believe that they've captured ALL of the PS2s fan base or something. The comment is just plain ludicrous and is as far from the truth as i could see any statement.

It sounds like a joke.

Im sure they are PLENTY of RPG/JRPG loving 360 owners out there but even at this very moment they pail in comparison to those accounted for (currently) on the PS3 and the game itself, despite no longer being exclusive will still push PS3 console sales.

Whoever over at M$ make this statement and believes it deserves a back-hand like no other.
No Way  +   2515d ago
@gaffyh -
I never said I wouldn't choose the PS3(Blu-Ray) version.. In fact, I would, and I will. But, it's not that big of a deal to change a disc.
Hell, that could be some peoples exercise for the day!
FarEastOrient  +   2515d ago
For a game that is coming out in 2010 due to the creation of an Xbox 360 version that is a very long time from now. Plus it is exclusive to the PS3 in Japan anyway, so many things can happen between now and E3 let alone from now to next year.
XxZxX  +   2515d ago
The moment xbox 360 HALO and Gear Of war FPSer picked up FFXIII. This will be their first reaction. "OMG, WTF is this GAY sh*t" So it wouldn't outsell at all.
Why o why  +   2515d ago
who cares what you think MS
wheres the exclusives????
WeaseL  +   2515d ago
@1.28 HDgamer
The trouble with 2 disc is the 360Arcade, they have to make it to work with the basic 360 not those with the HDD.
ikaris  +   2515d ago
M$ isn't jumping the gun, they are probably right.
Ps3 owners are pissed that the games graphics, gameplay and overall quality will have to decrease so that the two games can be 'more equal' aka. so they can fit on the DVDs for the xbox.

Sad day for all FF fans out there, just wait for Vs.
SuperM  +   2515d ago
Wow MS just shot themselves in the foot. RE5 has sold more on PS3 so far, and FF13 is exclusive in Japan, so there is NO WAY whatsoever that it will sell more on 360. Most FF fans own PS3 u know.
Gun_Senshi  +   2515d ago
SO4 sold only 180k in japan -.-
slayorofgods  +   2515d ago
Microsoft reality: GTAIV on Microsoft has already beat puny Sony in terms of sales even before the game came out!!
Reality: 50/50 split

Microsoft reality: As of today Microsoft has officially sold more copies of Final Fantasy 13.
Reality: The game doesn't come out for at least 1 full year and Microsoft is barely selling more then Sony and needs to send out petty propaganda to maintain its advantage as rumors of a PS3 price cut looms and as a measure of damage control over the clear and present possibility that Sony will start outselling the 360 AGAIN.
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CrazzyMan  +   2515d ago
Looks like M$ is being completely desperate
Come on, saying such nonsense...
I have only one world for them - BELIEVE!

Not only SF4 and RE5 sold better on PS3, not only GT4 sold 50/50 on both consoles, BUT:

1) FFXIII is exclusive in Japan.
2) It will be on 1 blu-ray disc, ant this time this is really an ADVANTAGE, which PS3 didn`t have with RE5 or GTA4.
3) Not to mention, that FFXIII was developed special for PS3, and if square want the game to be running on x360, you can expect x360 version to run in 488p, just like SO4 did.

And the most important thing.. after PS3 pricecut, EVERYTHING will change, there will be end for this war between ps3 and x360, you can expect PS3 to sell on the level of Wii or even higher.
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pain777pas  +   2515d ago
In america it will sell well on the 360 in Japan the PS3. Europe PS3 but 3:2 or something. Install base greatest for 360 in the west. No rocket science here. Yes MS ff13 will sell well on all platforms it coming on however PS3 is where i'll playit if I play it. This multiplatform business is working but with this type of game we will have to wait and see.
ZuperAmazingCooKie  +   2515d ago
What about RE5 and SF4?
I guess they don't count.
Jamegohanssj5  +   2515d ago
Just wanted to say I lol.

BardockS30Z  +   2515d ago
Wow Microsoft Really?
Just like how all your EXCLUSIVE RPGs sold tons on 360??? Why would final fantasy be any different than say IU or Last Remnant or Star Ocean. Star Ocean is great but no ones buying it... Gee I wonder why..
njr  +   2515d ago
Ok. Let them think that. Especially when its exclusive to PS3 in Japan.
IdleLeeSiuLung  +   2515d ago
I agree that a comment like this is very arrogant of MS. I must point out that the comment on GameSpot isn't a quote so it could have been taken out of context i.e. meant in general not necessarily FF 13 specific.

On the flip side, when Sony said sh!t like this all the fanboys where clamoring that Sony was being self confident, not arrogant... lol.
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Itsallfunandgames  +   2515d ago
Am I the only one in here who has ever played FF 7, 8 or 9 on PS1? I know that I cant be. Why do you all choose to forget that they where all 4 discs? Did you all start gaming this generation? Every Final fantasy game I have is on multiple discs. 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, X. And beleive it or not as a "FF fan" I would prefer to have my FF13 on 4 discs as well. It is how FF was meant to be in my eyes. Remember when we were all just sony fans and we could enjoy our games with multiple discs and we all were not ashamed to say our favorite RPG on our favorite console was multiple discs? Now people wanna say " who wants their favorite rpg on multiple discs?" and "of course 4 discs is a problem" just because of immature fanboyism. Well, I'll say it, my favorite RPG is on multiple discs and I'm not ashamed.
No Way  +   2515d ago
@IdleLeeSiuLung -
Sony is never guilty of anything..
Just like when Sony bundles games, they are being smart, but when MicroSoft does it, they are being desperate.
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Narutone66  +   2515d ago
they will probably sell more disc on their console. The game will probably come with 13 disc. I kid ;p
FlameBaitGod  +   2515d ago
Wow i knew M$ always lied about their stuff but this is just retarded to make a statement like that. have they even seen the sales of RPG's from SE on the 360 ? First windows vista to be faster than XP, no sh!t with 2GB's of ram any comp will be fast, then the 360 would no longer have the RROD, then jasper was to fix this RROD prob. How much more lies M$ ? How much more do u need to lie 2 get costumers dam. You guys that desperate for attention ?
thats_just_prime  +   2515d ago
Its obviuos that FF13 will sell more ww on the ps3. Japan accounts for 1/4 - 1/2 of the sales on FF games. However in the US FF will sell more on the 360. As for the guy that was making fun MS for saying GTA4 would sell more on the 360. He might want check his numbers again cause it did sell more on the 360. For all the people pointing that RE5 ans SF4 sold more on the ps3 they might want to look at the US numbers cause they both sold more in the US on the 360. If fact I doubt you'll find a signle game that sold more on the ps3 in the US.
NickIni  +   2514d ago
So that will make it better on the Xbox will it?

Shut up Microsoft. Improve your PR department tenfold.

US =/= the world. And GTAIVs numbers where 50/50 I think.
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KRUSSIDULL  +   2514d ago
Might be 50-50 like with GTA4?
thats_just_prime  +   2514d ago
"US =/= the world. And GTAIVs numbers where 50/50 I think. "

If thats the best you can do I'd try not to think if I were you.

GTA4 on ps3 5.5 million
GTA4 on 360 7.0 million
prunchess  +   2514d ago
So what if it did....
I've got a PS3 and a 360 but after LBP, MGS4, Uncharted and Killzone 2 I'm looking to play next gen titles, not some nobbled multi-plat! FF XIII will be far less than it should be due to its release on the 360. When Square decide to utilise the PS3's full potential, then I'll consider purchasing a Square game again.
BiG_LU  +   2514d ago
My opinion is better to get the PS3 cuz I don't gonna go back to the change the DVD to keep playing the game but I like the both system, that's why I have the choice 4 the best one lol.
NickIni  +   2514d ago
""US =/= the world. And GTAIVs numbers where 50/50 I think. "

If thats the best you can do I'd try not to think if I were you.

GTA4 on ps3 5.5 million
GTA4 on 360 7.0 million"

Well I don't know. I don't follow sales, I don't give two sticks about them. From what I heard the number where very similar.

And by the way. It's a proven fact that US =/= the world. Shocking, isn't it?
callahan09  +   2514d ago
Indeed they are. For one thing, when was Resident Evil ever exclusive to the Playstation? The first came out initially on PSone and Saturn. The second was exclusive for a short time, then came to N64. The third came out on other systems later on. Code Veronica debuted on Dreamcast before it hit the PS2. RE4 hit the Gamecube before it hit the PS2. Resident Evil remake? Gamecube. Resident Evil Zero? Gamecube. The only Resident Evil games ever exclusive to the Playstation series of consoles were the mediocre or crappy side projects like Outbreak and Survivor. The franchise was NEVER based on the Playstation, it's just usually appeared on it... but not exclusively.
NIGHT_HAWK3210  +   2511d ago
Zeus Lee  +   2515d ago
Especially since the biggest region of Final Fantasy supporters is America,right Microsoft?
Critical_Hit  +   2515d ago
That just seems like an empty statement by Microsoft. Just look at Star Ocean: The Last Hope, which never even made it to the top ten in February's NPD. That means it sold less than 136,000 units (#10 Guitar Hero World Tour (Wii)) compared to the 166,000 it sold in its first week in Japan. Now what boggles the mind is that this well established Square-Enix IP couldn't even sell more copies in the US despite having at least a 14 TIMES BIGGER INSTALL BASE, and that's just sad. So you've just got to chuckle at Microsoft's statement here, especially considering that FFXIII isn't even releasing in Japan on their platform.
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red5ive  +   2515d ago
hey microsoft,
how many copies of FF XIII Versus will sell on the xbox 360? zero! ha! cunts.
FarEastOrient  +   2515d ago
I have to agree about the Star Ocean IV sales, currently the Star Oceans being released on the PSP are outselling Star Ocean IV! Well the love affair between Microsoft and Square Enix is interesting because there hasn't been any big money being made.
Guy169  +   2515d ago
"currently the Star Oceans being released on the PSP are outselling Star Ocean IV! "

SO4 is one of the best selling 360 games in Japan.
N4Sony  +   2515d ago
Hey Guy
That's not saying much

Compared to where it should be, SO4 tanked...sad, I like the game.

This statement by M$ is just another example of their pompus, ignorant perspective that they're winning everything. That the numbers (all that matter) are totally in their favor. They REALLY need to get ahold of themselves. Read the front page:

1) They're bashing Sony's sales and market increase
2) Gaming not affected by Economy
3) they say they'll sell more FFXIII units
4) Sony happy about NPD figures
5) M$ loses $25 million in gaming related costs
6) Gaming execs hurting their images

Etc, etc. Look, as much as I've bashed this site recently, I think reality is starting to kick in again and both sides, from the KZ2 1 week fallout, are starting to even out in how bad they're looking. You'd think in times like these Microsoft could keep their focus in house. Nope. Not happening. Instead, they go after Sony, and at the same time overlook their problems while creating imaginary ones for the competition.

This is why, no matter how hard I try, I can never fully back M$. I always fall back on Sony, despite their issues with delays/letdowns/online blunders, etc, and their arrogant, douchebag fanboys that find more ways than M$'s sales figures to make themselves look like jackasses.

In the end, this statement is insane! No, you won't sell more, not in US and not worldwide. Man, I look forward to the final figures for this game.

Also, let me applaud Square-Enix: Man that 360 support is paying off for ya isn't it! Dumb fools.
pain777pas  +   2515d ago
I think that the Mistwalker head is the one that Square is trying to screw. Some sort of silent feud.
GWAVE  +   2515d ago
Riiiiight. Did they forget that this game will be out in Japan as a PS3-exclusive for a full year before the 360 version hits?

Leave it to Microsoft to spout off about a multiplatform game. They say they sold more of RE5, but the game has been out for what...a week? Last time they spouted off about a multiplatform game selling more on the 360 was GTA4, and look how that turned out (R* confirmed both versions sold the same amount).

It's funny that Microsoft has resorted to boasting about multiplatform games instead of their own exclusives...
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gamesmaster  +   2515d ago
not to mention the demo that is being released on bluray version of advent children, i expect XIII will get crushed on 360 in japan, like you say, that where the FF sales are big.

"Looking at previous data for Final Fantasy XII, the game launched with three times as many copies sold in comparison to the US release."

so 3:1 sales in japan to usa. micosoft are kidding themselves. its like saying halo whould sell more on ps3 if it were exclusive to the 360 in america and multiplat for the rest of the world. what a joke
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solidjun5  +   2515d ago
I bet you that pompous Aaron Greenburg...
...said those eloquent comments. Well, I guess we'll see then.
mxdan  +   2515d ago
Hell I wouldn't be surprised, considering how much of Squares sony fanbase has been utterly ignored and antagonized. I wouldn't be surprised if they didn't want anything to do with square anymore.

Regardless, what microsoft said here ultimately shows the level of professionalism they use.
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talltony  +   2515d ago
Why would it sell more on 360?
GTA4 didnt, even though 360 has the biggest install base. GTA4 didnt sell well in japan because it didnt appeal to japanese gamers. This a rpg and with this game appealing to every japanese person more than GTA4 did, this game will most likely sell more on ps3 with japan being the deciding factor. Still they will sell roughly the same amount give or take.
Sir Ken_Kutaragi  +   2515d ago
More like -
"Microsoft: Final Fantasy XIII will sell 10 Copies on the Xbox 360...our best selling RPG yet" ;-D

(And they have had 1 BILLION'ish of RPG's on the xBox 360 so far and have Sold er erm not a lot really, nice try M$ to steal Japan but it didn't work!!!) ;-D
frayer  +   2515d ago
Haha. RE5 and SF4 say different.
militant07  +   2515d ago
you mean doing better in japan or worldwide ?
Da One  +   2515d ago
World Wide
7thNightvolley  +   2515d ago
world wide.. i dont think so... japan did about 350k plus and 79k ps3 360 respectively and in the US it did more figures to overlap that diffrence and also in the UK.. 55percent to 45percent. ... but as far as FF is concern its a whole different ballgame with a JRPG
Zeus Lee  +   2515d ago
"Haha. RE5 and SF4 say different."
Shhhhh,keep it down,Aaron Greenberg will hear you and activate Douche mode.
ftwps3  +   2515d ago
Its utter sh8t to say anything before it comes out.

I think it will go 50/50 the xbox has price and availability on its side, while the PS3 GOT DA CELL and the diehard fans.

Will have to wait and see.
TreborRversed  +   2515d ago
@ 5.1

I'm pretty sure when this game is released, it will be a very different ball game than what we see now, especially reguarding price.

And the cell will only get better.
Spike47  +   2515d ago
If GTA4, a pure american game, sells the same amount on both consoles, how can a japanese game sell more on the xbox360?
Really its all logic here. I think they are trying to be positive about it.
Pebz  +   2515d ago
Can everyone agree on that silly PR statements like this one only serve as flame-bait and are in no way news worthy?

Would save N4G from a lot of spam, and some hits, but an acceptable sacrifice in order to obtain some level of decency that this site could otherwise have.
MaximusPrime  +   2515d ago
lol. yes it will sell more... only in USA.
ftwps3  +   2515d ago
there the only ones that matter though :)

pippoppow  +   2515d ago
Of course according to MS NPD is the only source for sales numbers because the rest of the world doesn't count.
myothercar  +   2515d ago
I would like to see 360 get FFXIII in Japan just so PS3 can call it a fair win. If RE5 and SFIV are any indication, the 360 version would't get much help there ANYWAY.
Darkiewonder  +   2515d ago
and those JRPG exclusives really sold a lot huh?
PirateThom  +   2515d ago
The fact about 50% of Final Fantasy sales come from Japan, Microsoft have either completely lost it or are blinded by their stellar sales of JRPGs... :-/
N4Sony  +   2515d ago
Star Ocean really broke that glass ceiling in Japan and made a hefty impact in America, right?

haha, man Square-Enix...wada you doing?
DragonWarrior_4  +   2515d ago
I will take a guess that it will selling 750,000 on the 360. Everyone who is buying FF13 already owns a ps3 anyways. Soo.
sinncross  +   2515d ago
This is beyond idiotic.

Every executive for the big three consoles at times make ludicrous comments but this takes the cake...

ps3 exclusive in japan is enough to make the ps3 version sell better, and if sony knows what is good for them, they'd advertise Versus 13 as much as possible, cause lets be honest, if ff13 was the title which made u decide either 360 or ps3, which wud you rather go for?
1) Xbox360 and FF13
2) PS3 and FF13 and FFV13

Granted theres not a lot of hype surrounding FFV13 atm, but 360 owners are losing out on the full FF13 experience.
Sevir04  +   2515d ago
i say in japan 4 million sold ff13 hits Japan this year
america next year and europe sometime in next year perhaps late 2010 or early 2011.. in Europe/uk games like KH and FF sold exponentially well in those territories.. FF13 appearing on the 360 wont have anything... i find it funny how, MS is trumpeting a multiplatform release of a game that everyone still thinks is a sony game to be be theres, perhaps they are going to exclusively advertise it, but knowing Sony, you can almost guarantee a bundle or something going on for Sony with all the Sh*t Square has done... Sony will definately swoop in and make sure that above all this game drives PS3's and sell more on there system..

besides japan alone will outsell anything MS can muster for the game in the US and UK... but good job square. your greed really shows your downward decline
Guy169  +   2515d ago
who cares?

I don't even need this game with Star Ocean4 being on 360.
myothercar  +   2515d ago

You ARE joking, right?
Guy169  +   2515d ago
what am I joking about?

an overrated series, and a new game in it with probably a cliched story and a half-assed battle system? sorry dude, but there're rpgs that interest me way more than this one.
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Sevir04  +   2505d ago
are you sure you didn't get star ocean confused with FF.....?
Avenged Sevenfold  +   2515d ago
*chuckles and walks away*

edit: I got a disagree for laughing? Wow, someone can't face the truth.
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ChampIDC  +   2515d ago
People seem to be disagree happy in this particular article.
BLuKhaos  +   2515d ago
or maybe they have some fiber glass lodged in their vaginas.
ChampIDC  +   2515d ago
Execs need to learn to just be quiet about this kind of stuff until after the fact.
Rio-Hustla-Inc  +   2515d ago
$100 bucks Versus sells better on PS3...Bet's anyone?
Sheikh Yerbouti  +   2515d ago
that the PS3 version of FFXIII will outsell the 360 version worldwide.
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kurochi  +   2515d ago
doesn't MS just stop talking trash and worry about their exclusives? Because from a gamers point of view, their 09 games are sorely lacking compared to Sony's 09 line-up. Why don't MS worry about that instead of a game that's coming out in 2010 an beyond????
pippoppow  +   2515d ago
MS just trying to divert attention away from themselves. Kind of like a smokescreen but too bad MS is trying to sneak by in flashing neon camo.
taco_tom237  +   2515d ago
i highly doubt it will sell more on the 360 leave it to microsoft to talk sh!t
Software_Lover  +   2515d ago
*walks out of room*

I hope the smell stays in their nose for days.
#21 (Edited 2515d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
BIOSHOT  +   2515d ago
finalfantasy is going to sale more on 360? hell nooooooooooooooo! ps3 japan sales alone will destroy xbox360 global sale of the game.
Renewman  +   2515d ago
Methinks Greenberg is trying to play down the PS3 coming into GDC 2009 and doing a fairly horrible job at it. I don't hate Microsoft but damn it's getting really hard to even like them outside of my computer needs. Then the 360 fans eat up whatever he says like the Gospel. Sheesh....
Sibs  +   2515d ago
I hope somebody remembers this when FFXIII actually comes out.

MS seems to say stuff and if it is true a couple years later they won't stop saying how they were right, and if it isn't how it happens they "never said it".

I have a feeling it will do better in Japan where it will be on the PS3 for an ENTIRE YEAR while not being on the 360.
#24 (Edited 2515d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
LostDjinn  +   2515d ago
Oh god.
I really can't believe this.
I've heard some crap in my time know what? Screw it!
I need coffee more than I need this article.
OmarJA  +   2515d ago
Yeah it will sell well on the 360 like the other JRPGs, oh wait...
NegativeCreep427  +   2515d ago
RE5 has proven that more Playstation-oriented IPs can outperform their Xbox 360 counterparts. PS3-to-360 software sales are waning as a legitimate subject of fanboy debate wars.

But the PS3 version will have a greater advantage. With one single Blu-Ray disc, anyone who isn't a technologically-ignorant soccer mom will know and discover that the PS3 version will not only offer the convenience of not having to juggle 4 other DVD-9's, but also that the PS3 version will be superior in certain, if not all aspects.

But don't let me spoil that fabricated sense of security in your hearts, Microsoft. Whatever the hell you idiots need to tell yourselves to believe that you are still on the path to videogame monopolization.
#27 (Edited 2515d ago ) | Agree(16) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
hagggs5tow  +   2515d ago
OMG he made a funny
is that a joke like are you kidding me?
FF13 is going to sell way more on the ps3 then the 360, everyone knows this, they could even bring their usual exclusive dlc content in the picture (360) im talking about of course, and it will still not make a difference , further more wait until the game gets released i bet the 360 will be a thing of the past by then anyway.
I mean the usa did vote for bush twice right until they smartend up
eventually they will relize just how faulty a machine the 360 is after they send it in twenty times, hopefully they will wise up and get a real next gen system (PS3) . the only place that microsoft can shake a stick at is america the rest of the world have moved on or did not even bother with microsofts crap 360.
hippo24  +   2515d ago
Ok and who cares...

No one. The only people who will give the shake of a stick if the xbox or ps3 sells more is the marketing division and the fanboys. Both of which any sane person will disregard.
Trey4Lyfe  +   2515d ago
while a good number of multiplats sell better on the 360,
The JRPG games havent sold as well as other 360 exclusives, the demographic of 360 owners are mostly FPS and WRPG Fans, they dont care for these games as much. The 360 version will have good numbers, but I think the PS3 version will garner more sales.
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