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LeonSKennedy4Life  +   2523d ago
that's great
Can we get Devil May Cry 5 already???
J@D  +   2523d ago
I hope u r not serious, Because after DMC4, the series fall into the floor to me >.>
LeonSKennedy4Life  +   2523d ago
To be honest with you...I wish Platinum Games had the rights to Devil May Cry. That's why I want Bayonetta so badly.

I believe they can bring it back though. I loved DMC4. The only problems I had with it: Backtracking SUCKED BALLS, Blitz was the hardest enemy of the century, and the storyline fell apart at the very end. I mean...who is Nero? Do he and Kyria get together? WTF???!!!
J@D  +   2523d ago
^ Welcome to the club pal. Look, like I'm not alone about wanting Bayonetta so bad, perhaps the name still give me the same old weird feeling to me... what Bayonetta means anyway.
Lawliet  +   2523d ago
Right.. Such surprising news.. C'mon be serious, if your those who think this will stay exclusively on the Xbox360, you've been fooling yourself all this time.
JasonPC360PS3Wii  +   2523d ago
Well that makes up for Tekken and we keep Mass Effect
dustgavin  +   2523d ago
Nope. That is also heading to Ps3. Even if it is a timed exclusive for 360.
NinjaRyu  +   2523d ago
keep dreamin PS3 fanboy...............
your not getting ME2!
- Ghost of Sparta -  +   2523d ago
You keep Mass Effect just like you kept Ninja Gaiden 2 even after Microsoft published it right? Just like you kept BioShock. Mass Effect is EA-published. Don't be surprised when it is announced for PS3. EA makes more money on the PS3 platform, believe it or not.

This is now though, not 2010. Have fun waiting while PS3 owners get all the AAA games NOW, not later.
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The gaming GOD  +   2523d ago
Well first off, Ninja Gaiden STILL is an ok game to me.
Not some "greatest game ever" like quite a few of you made it out to be. And there is much fanboy crying on BOTH sides here.

Alot of the Sony fans here said Ninja Gaiden was a weak game and a flop. Which to be fair, I wouldn't call it a flop. BUT I will agree with the game being weak. But that's my opinion

Alot of the Microsoft fans here are sitting here with their feelings hurt that their so-called "AAA" exclusive is technically going to the rival console.

You guys sat here and said "But MS has publishing rights". Which they do, for Ninja Gaiden 2. But NOT for Ninja Gaiden SIGMA 2. See, when you add additional content, tweak the coding, and alter the name, it technically becomes a new game. I hope some of you realize that now.

And as for the few people that pulled that "360 getting MGS4 rumor out all over again (just read the comments here to see), long has it been? Keep dreaming if ya want
sephy 9 2 5  +   2523d ago
What is wrong with some of
you? Back when this game released you said this game flopped (which it did compared to the first) and you didn't want to play because it was sub-HD, bad framerate, and so on. You're just like your 360 fanboy counterparts when the PS exclusives went multi-plat.
taco_tom237  +   2523d ago
ninja gaiden sigma was never on the 360 nor was it ever exclusive so i have no clue why u people are saying that we stole another exclusive
J@D  +   2523d ago
I'm really hope they can fix the camera, major part of the glitches and add more, more but more content ^^
Mizz_mai  +   2523d ago
well another reason NOT to fix my 360
devilhunterx  +   2523d ago
Jelly boobies FTW
be_wrong  +   2523d ago
don't worry guys you still have fable as an only 360 exclusive :P (before you comment: gears 2 and fable 2 will be heading to pcs as well so it doesn't count as exclusive :D)
3sq  +   2523d ago
Geez, you are too cruel towards them, don't you pity them. LOL
torreyjs  +   2523d ago
good news fanboys

bash away

350 sux!!!!!!!!! LOL im a n4g average reader now
7h3ultim8p00  +   2523d ago
OH SH!T!! I never thought this would happen, since MS published Ninja Gaiden II.

But there is an even greater meaning behind all of this: NINJA GAIDEN 2 WILL PROBABLY NOT BE THE LAST NINJA GAIDEN GAME LIKE ITAGAKI SAID! YESS!!
LeGenDx  +   2523d ago
keep the tears coming xbots
if u guys cry enough you might actually drown urself
XLiveGamer  +   2523d ago
LOL PS3 fanboynism all over this place LOL
Tears??? This is the problem with all (PS3 Sony brand only) of you guys that apparently don't get it.

We owners of Xbox 360 we came from Xbox + PS2 consoles. Why i am not buying a PS3 now? because im not fncking stupid to spend right now $400 knowing that this xmas the PS3 can be at $250 - $300 and with a great quantity of games THAT I LIKE get it the games i like. You guys can't dictate to people to like MGS4, KZ2, Uncharted or even Ninja Gaiden Sigma. If you really consider yourself a gamer you go behind the games and not the console. I never liked MGS or Killzone. Does that make me a hater? But its also so fncking ridiculous how a lot of people here that was bashing so hard Ninja Gaiden Series on Xbox and Xbox360 are so happy now because they are going to be able to play a Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 game when they even bash the 1st Sigma.

NO its not the same Ninja Gaiden 2 its Ninja Gaiden 2 Sigma.
You better go and search for the reason why Team Ninja call it Sigma
There is a lot of things that happen between Ninja Gaiden BLACK & Ninja Gaiden 2. I have the Ninja Gaiden DS game and its not the same as NG 1, Black, 2 or sigma. But i am really happy about this because now i have 3 games that i am really interested on PS3 (Ninja Gaiden Sigma 1-2 and GT5). Go and see the videos of Ninja Gaiden DS if you own a DS and really like Ninja Gaiden series Don't miss that title its freaking sweet. Tha'ts the reason why i have a DS.
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LeGenDx  +   2523d ago
of course im a gamer
thats why i have a ps3 an a gaming pc... why would you need a xbox when almost all their games come out on the pc too?... i can see why people might not like kz2 an mgs4.. but if you dont like uncharted something is really wrong with you.

tears.. i mean cheers
HDDVD_for_the_win  +   2523d ago
@XLiveGamer : Chill out man, peace. We didn't intend to hurt you. Go out a little bit with your girlfriend, I don't know...
XLiveGamer  +   2523d ago
@ LeGenDx
why would you need a xbox when almost all their games come out on the pc too?

Oh my friend... tsk tsk tsk i own a PC too but i play 360 games with my friends on live.

I guess you only love a brand of console and have a PC because its your family PC.
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LeGenDx  +   2522d ago
oh u better believe
i would've got a xbox if it didnt have such a high failure rate.
HDDVD_for_the_win  +   2523d ago
It looks like another hint that Microsoft will soon give up with gaming :

- They're losing the few only exclusives they had left while the dozens of Sony 1st 2nd party AAA exclusives that they can't buy continue to rain on us.

Basically soon PS3 library = 360 library + tons of AAA PS3 exclusives. Easy choice.

- They don't announce anything anymore, and they don't buy any exclusive or timed exclusive anymore

- They're beaten in 3rd party sales despite a larger install base (RE5 worldwide 55/45 for the PS3 announced yesterday on vg), partly due to piracy, partly due to the fact people simply prefer the PS3. No wonder with such sales the devs are making the games on PS3 first now.

Let's try guessing which studio will be closed tomorrow and which exclusive they'll loose.

My money is on Rare (easy one, that's basically the only big studio they haven't closed yet) and Mass Effect 1 / 2.
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Bill Gates  +   2523d ago
Not only do we get the play the same games as them, but we play them HEADACHE FREE with no RED RING OF DEATH.....AHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHHAH A

HDDVD_for_the_win  +   2523d ago
Let's party, my friends !!

Still 2 or 3 exclusives to go, then we'll have the whole 360 AAA exclusive library on PS3, plus the tons of PS3 exclusives.

Looks like the good old PS2 times are back.

Back to KZ2.
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T-What  +   2523d ago
My bother in law loves this game on the 360, So I hope the new additions are cool on the PS3 version so I can laugh at hi. lol
IWentBrokeForGaming  +   2523d ago
Funny thing is I remember very fondly
of Sony Fanboys bashing this game for "in their words" turning out to be a AAA game. Not to mention they didn't think they graphics were all that great... now watch them all buy it!

ZuperAmazingCooKie  +   2522d ago
You know what I remember
I remember Xbox fanboys touting it as the best action game ever, and now they're downplaying it. Who would have thought that it goes both ways? I find it funny how you try to demonize fanboys of a system you apparently don't know, immediately coming off as a fangirl of another system.
xino  +   2523d ago

Genma eh? Reminds anyone of Halo 3's hammer?
What a lots us has been asking for, but I prefer a energy sword like.

PS3thedestroyer  +   2523d ago
PSGamingInc  +   2523d ago
Maybe I didn't get the Guide To Being a Fanboy but
when Ninja Gaiden II was released exclusively for the 360 last summer I was bombarded by fellow PS fans for saying this game looked really good, and that I would have to find a way to play it on a 360. This wasn't worth any PS3 gamer's time and was complete garbage.

Now that it is coming a year later its a completely different story. When I just had a PS3 I mainly stuck to PS forums, but now that I have had a 360 for a while I have broadened my scope just a bit. I have learned one thing-Fanboys are a f'n joke. It goes both ways too.
Tiberium  +   2523d ago
And droids laugh at us for playing old games/PC ports. Pathetic.
AriesFury  +   2523d ago
That's cool
akumous  +   2523d ago
I was one of the envious gamers that regretted trading in their 360 because I really wanted this game. Though, I had a slight hope that it was coming to our side as Sigma 2 or something since they did remake Ninja Gaiden for us. I don't think Tecmo can avoid to be bias or do what they used to do, things change, they need to survive. I suspect DOA 5 to be announce as well for both platforms.
Lavagasm  +   2523d ago
Judging by the title art, it doesn't appear to be Ninja Gaiden 2 Sigma, it looks more like Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2. So I don't know what to think...
ZuperAmazingCooKie  +   2522d ago
Ninja Gaiden Sigma 1 was Ninja Gaiden 1 Sigma. Nice try
pshizle  +   2523d ago
sony fans are going to now praise the game...after talking so much garbage over the years about team ninja.

what a bunch of hypocrites.

i have NG2 and its awesome best action slasher game there is.

where is Tomonobu Itagaki now???
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DNAgent  +   2522d ago
lol, no.
I think Sony fans are praising Ninja Gaiden SIGMA 2...Not Ninja Gaiden 2. With NGS2 we know that there will be better graphics, fixed bugs, and even extras.

Yosuke Hayashi > Tomonobu Itagaki
poopface1  +   2523d ago
wow NG Rules
Id sugest you buy this game as It kicks a$$. With the extra time I hope they fix some of the bugs, cause that was the only thing taht held it back. It is actually a challenging game and has awesome weapons.

NOw everyone will see why I was always saying how awesome this game is. Ther is no other games with weapons even close to thiS. I bet one of the new bosses will replace the fight with th two armadillos, cause that was the stupidest part in the game(if its in there use the sythe).
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ctwjr1973  +   2523d ago
I don't have to be jealous of 360 owners any longer.
I had to decide between the PS3 and the 360 last spring. The game I wanted to play the most at that time was NINJA GAIDEN 2 but I chose to buy a PS3 anyway. I crossed my fingers and hoped that this day would come since the PS3 already had SIGMA. I will own this game the day it hits store shelves. Thank you SONY and TECMO. I no longer have to second guess the decision I made last spring.
NateDPG  +   2523d ago
Who cares, this game blows balls
Monty_The_Great  +   2522d ago
N4G never disappoints
The fanboys have come out in the masses for this article. While I have and have beaten the 360 version of this game, I also did the same with all three versions that came out before, NG, NG:Black, and NG:Sigma. I personally cannot wait for this version to come out. The people that argue about the fanboy arguments are just that, fanboys. Everyone should be able to play this game because it's gameplay is second to none. PS3 fans should be nothing but excited that they are getting such an amazing game. 360 fans should be happy that more people will be able to enjoy what might be the masterpiece of gameplay mechanics. If you love games you should want everyone to play all of them, not just a select few.
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