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xwabbit  +   2522d ago
Now i need fable 2 to come to PS3 (which it will never happen lol)
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LeonSKennedy4Life  +   2522d ago
Could they please make a better storyline too?

Also, those camera angles!!! Yikes!
Give me your exclusive....this gen is crazy
windphantom000  +   2522d ago
lmao gimmie dat
kewlkat007  +   2522d ago
The hypocrisy on this site is amazing....
MaximusPrime  +   2522d ago

it was a nice news.
Ninja Gaiden isnt really my type of game thou.

but it is a great news for PS3 fans out there.
Master Samo  +   2522d ago
Ninja Gaiden 2 had the most intense fighting experience in gaming history. It wasn't as polished as the previoes NG titles on both the xbox and PS3. But its fighting system was unmatched by them or any other action adventure. That said, I think it will be a port with more content. I don't mind that because any extra content for Ninja Gaiden 2 will be embraced instantly. However, the problem I have is that Itagaki will not be involved, and that means that the quality of the controls and gameplay won't be as perfect as in Ninja Gaiden 2. I believe that Ninja Gaiden without Itagaki is like Metal Gear without Kojima. The magic will no longer exist. I don't think that anyone in team ninja could create a better experience than what Itagaki did, let alone any other developer. Ninja Gaiden Sigma was a good game but not a great one. It was too casual for the Ninja Gaiden fans. It isn't as great as the xbox titles, and it certainly isn't as great as Ninga Gaiden 2. To put it bluntly, it is nothing more than a Ninja Gaiden Black port with meaningless extra content, enhanced graphics, cheap visual effects, dumbed down gameplay, slower enemies, weaker AI, and unresponsive controls. That Said, I need to clarify that Team Ninja is known for its incredibly responsive controls. That is why I believe that Ninja Gaiden Sigma has the most responsive controls on the PS3. However, there is a slight delay and lack of sensitivity in the controls. Trust me, I'm speaking from experience; I am not explaining this from a gamer's perspective; I am explaining it from a Master Ninja's perspective. I only hope this port will not be as casual as the first one.
God Bless You All

Master Samo
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jeseth  +   2522d ago
Heavenly Sword also has an amazing fighing system.
And that is also a Team Ninja game.

I wish they'd make a sequel to Heavenly Sword. Don't know why people bash it, I thought it was excellent! I'm betting most of the people that say its bad haven't really played the whole thing.
Bazookajoe_83  +   2522d ago
Short, but indeed excellent.
Rythrine  +   2522d ago
Ninja Theory developed Heavenly Sword, not Team Ninja.

I agree that its one of the best games in 2007 btw.
jeseth  +   2522d ago
Whoops, my mistake guys!
Thanks for clearing that up for me. Got my Ninjas mixed up.

Bazooka Joe, I'm with you. It was a bit short. If they ever do a sequal I'd love to see an action RPG addition (Items, Enhancing Weapons/Armor, etc.) and a little more open-ness.

I wish they'd make a Trophy Patch for this game.
OOG  +   2522d ago
yeah Heavenly sword is fun... but the combat isnt close to Ninja Gaiden... pretty tho.... very pretty
jlemdon  +   2522d ago
both consoles
well I'm glad I have both I have Sigma for PS3 and it's better than any action game for the PS3. native 1080P 60fps

I'm sooo getting this to compare to the 360 half arse version.:)
shysun  +   2522d ago
If they fix the frame rate, I'll buy it all over again!
no-spin  +   2522d ago
the frame issues is less with install to the Hard Drive.

I bought Sigma after playing to death NG 1 And NG black, thatbis how much i like that game. NG 2 was a let down and Sigma 2 is not worth the second time around if it is a NG 2 upgrade.

I hope the story gets better, it definitely can not get worse
Kratos19  +   2522d ago
Another one bites the dust.
jeseth  +   2522d ago
This is good news for PS3.
But if you did the fanboy trashing of NG2 when it came out you should keep your mouth shut! You shouldn't play both sides.

I really like Sigma. It was an early game that looked and played really great, so smooth. I was a sucker and even bought the collector's edition which I admit was a bit of a waste.

I think if we can learn anything from the big game developers basically all being multiplatform publishers, is that Microsoft needs to start some "Sony" tactics.

Microsoft should start buying up small game studios that show potential. While Sony has lost some big name exclusives over the years, they still have a ton of huge 1st party franchises and I think fans of any console can see that its starting to show.

Either way, I just hope they don't release it near Uncharted, Infamous, etc. The Trophy hunting for this game will probly be a lot of fun!
Gue1  +   2522d ago


BTW how can this game be on PS3 too if it was published by Microsoft?
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dkgshiz  +   2522d ago
its ninja gaiden sigma 2
Not ninja Gaiden 2. Its different.
XLiveGamer  +   2522d ago
Because its not the same title as Ninja Gaiden 2
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dragonyght  +   2522d ago
looks like i was right i predictec that would happen
Mad_Rhetoric  +   2522d ago
oh s*** YEAH!
I would kill for a upgrade version of NG2 without all the bugs and better graphics.

woop woop
Cynical-Gamerzus  +   2522d ago
Very Good news indeed!!!
THis series has been an amazing achievement for the Ninja game Genre and on the PS3 it should benefit from Bluray as well as the Hard drive space!!!

I cant Wait!!'
Thank you Tecmo !!
Andras84  +   2522d ago
I've been waiting on this for so long!!! Yes yes yes yes yes!!!
Rythrine  +   2522d ago
Great news!
I came to work and this news made my day already. Add this to the list of games I'm buying this year. Looks like 2009 will, indeed, surpass 2008 when it comes to games. Better start saving now before the "Fall" rush.

ZEEBO4LIFESTFU  +   2522d ago
are developing on both now cause they make more money. Didn't this happen to the last ninja giden? Wasn't this game a hated exclusive?

Final fantasy
Devil may cry

Virginity is stolen not video gMes
3sq  +   2522d ago
The different here are the following.

FF XIII, GTA and DMC4 downgraded to fit DVD.
They hated it because they were downgraded.

NGS 1&2 upgraded.
They like it because they got upgraded.
dkgshiz  +   2522d ago
hopefully its as good as the first sigma
I hope its nothing like Ninja gaiden 2. That game was a joke.
dustgavin  +   2522d ago
It is an upgraded version of Ninja Gaiden 2. It says so in the information.
Darrius Cole  +   2522d ago
Yeah they are making NInja Gaiden 2 Sigma...not Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2
I had kinda hoped that they would take the PS3 version on a different direction starting with the tangent from NG:Sigma. I am still going to buy it though.
Smokzdaizm  +   2522d ago
I Love It
When it was only on 360 Sony boys hated now that it's coming to PS3 it's the greatest ever LOL!!! Whew no wonder people think gamers are nerds
3sq  +   2522d ago
I've heard this kinda statement far to often. Don't you get tired of saying it? So typical 360 statement when they lost exclusivity. LOL!!! Please notify me when you can think of something new. Not just copy others opinion.
ZEEBO4LIFESTFU  +   2522d ago
I don't even think
There are possibly this many sick pathetic people who want a hardware and gaming company to fail like they killed their family. I feel like it's one or two sick bored jobless children who have nothing to celebrate but their console with multiple accounts to simulate conversation. And mob mentality
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Lingonbak  +   2522d ago
This is a dream comming true! I couldent be happier!
samura  +   2522d ago
This game is cheap, unlike the First Ninja Gaiden, which kicked ass.
Word2BigBird  +   2522d ago
ps3 wins
KionicWarlord222  +   2522d ago
exclusives poping up everywhere for sony. why release all these games this year? very werid if you ask me but interesting news. :)
vTuro24  +   2522d ago
all x360 has left is gears and overrated halo
akumous  +   2522d ago
What a funny predictable outcome.
All I can say, I knew this game would hit our side and I can't wait to get my hands on much for exclusive MS owned product huh..
pwnsause  +   2522d ago
you know whats even going to be even funnier? No frame rate issues on the PS3 version HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

EDIT: you know what would be even funnier as well? that the game this time actually runs on a 720p resolution instead of the below 600p resolution that the first one ran on LOLOLOLOL
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Allowen  +   2522d ago
I loved Ninja Gaiden Sigma but the game was a bit hard.

The only problem I see on the incoming Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 is that it will probably be very hard to get the platinium trophy because only a very few players will be able to finish it on the hardest and nightmare modes of difficulty.
Other then that the game will be amazing and for me is enough un just to finish the game on easy ,normal and hard.
Darrius Cole  +   2522d ago
Ayane makes the biggest difference here.
Having Ayane as a playable character on the PS3 version is a big deal. Rachel was not really a full-fledged member of the Team Ninja/DOA family. Moreover, Rachel was slow so it was easy for the Xbox fans to dismiss her. However, Team Ninja always makes their ninja rock. Play any DOA if you don't already know what I mean. Anyone who is a fan of Ninja Gaiden, or DOA, will be forced to respect her ability.

Ayane is a entirely different creature from Rachel. She is a ninja in her own right, and a full-fledged member of the Team Ninja/DOA family. She will be able to do all the ninja stuff that I wished Rachel could do but she couldn't. Rachel couldn't run on the wall; that won't be a problem for Ayane. Rachel couldn't do a wind-roll, that won't be a problem from Ayane. Rachel was SLOW, Ayane won't have that problem; she will be FAST.

Even in the first Ninja Gaiden Sigma I wanted Ayane for the extra playable character, although I would have been well-pleased with one of her siblings (Kasumi or Hayate). Now they are going to give me exactly what I wanted.


If I had an XBOX360 and they didn't offer Ayane as DLC, I WOULD BE PISSED.
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Smokzdaizm  +   2522d ago
Funny I hear the same thing when PS3 lossess exclusive only then that particular game sucks because it's not on the PS3. Well guess what I have a PS3 and I will be buying it, but I will have to play it without my WuTang clan playlist because the game won't support custom soundtracks.
-EvoAnubis-  +   2522d ago
Did they say it won't support custom soundtracks? I don't recall that.
creatchee  +   2522d ago
I remember when PS3-only fans belittled this game (presumably because it was only on 360).

Now, they can't wait.

Gotta love the double standards.

BTW - I own all 3 systems - I'm a gamer.
LeonSKennedy4Life  +   2522d ago
Ninja Gaiden 2 sucked balls, dude. Unless the storyline, camera angles, frame-rate, and textures are fixed...I'm not picking this up.
creatchee  +   2522d ago
The camera was still a bit wonky, but the framerate was corrected via patch. As for storyline? Who the heck plays Ninja Gaiden (or a similar game) for storyline? It's about all-out visceral action - plain and simple.
Lawliet  +   2522d ago
I play action games for the driven story. Take God of War for an example.
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pwnsause  +   2521d ago
PS3 fans were hating on this game simply because the games director touted that the 360 was the "MOST POWERFUL CONSOLE EVA!!" remember that? guess how this game ran on the machine.
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