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Obama  +   2300d ago
I have played ninja gaiden sigma, and it's pretty fun even though the camera can be a pain in the ass sometimes. I hope sigma 2 will be different than ng2 since that one is pretty mediocre.
chasegamez2  +   2300d ago
ps3 line up is getting better and better
SmokingMonkey  +   2300d ago
there was a point in time when i wanted to buy a 360
my 1st game was going to be came to my PS3

the other two games i want are ninja giden2 and left4dead

two down, one to go

......back to the warzone
Ashton  +   2300d ago
3rd party exclusives are a thing of past
in this generation and we see that every day.

i expect mass effect,MGS,and L4D follow the same pattern.
BlaST_ProCesSiNG-  +   2300d ago
Tecmos got their work cut out for them. NG2 could of used an extra 6 months of development.
The_Rock  +   2300d ago
Do you smell it? Do you smell what the PS3 is cooking?
caffman  +   2300d ago
all the dust that gathers on top of it
na2ru1  +   2300d ago
I smell the need of calling the
jams_shop  +   2300d ago
Yeeeap! I also smell jealousy, bitterness and fanboyism coming from cough... Caff* cough... man*
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caffman  +   2300d ago
I OWN ONE TWAT! Some people need to read blogs first
kingboy  +   2300d ago
what a great way to begin my day
POG should be really pissed cause it`s his favoirite xbox game..
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Godmars290  +   2300d ago
So this probaly means,
that the big-boobed agent will be play able. Will have her own stages that will have no overall impact on Ryu's storyline.

I was hoping that Tecmo would try to get away from Itagaki's projects.
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Keowrath  +   2300d ago
The update says that it'll be Ayane that's playable. I'm actually slightly disappointed with that decision from first impressions. Not a big DOA fan, I'd prefer the blonde or better yet, I'd like to see Rachael running around again.
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blackbeld  +   2300d ago
HAHAHAHA 360 have only 2 exclusive games...

Stupid Halo nobody wants it and Gears of war who liked to play hide and seek games... How sad for being 360 owner!!!!
TreborRversed  +   2300d ago
Dont forget Fable 2 as well lol
Montreafart  +   2300d ago
Fable 2 has been announced for the PC back in December 2008
So no, Fable 2 has never been EXCLUSIVE. like the hundreds of folks in this thread already said: 360 HAS NO EXCLUSIVES.

That is the simple reality.
No reason to purchase one. Getting a 360 will only give you headaches.
Montrealien  +   2300d ago
Having multiple accounts, and being an anonymous fantard on N4G is the biggest sign that you have no life, and that outside, in the real world you are nothing but a silent little kid with no friends and the only way you feel special is by being hated on a videogame site, using multiple accounts and not having the balls of actually coming out of hidding and defending your causes with yourself but just a mask of yourself. Vecause until then, the fact of the matter is, you have no respect, you have no life, and you have no PS3...

(That is the simple reality.)

gambare  +   2300d ago
I saw Mart about a minute ago and took a pic of his face how he felt about this news

Related image(s)
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nix  +   2300d ago
eagle21  +   2300d ago
but that baby is too cute to be
Etseix  +   2300d ago
why do i think xbots will say something like

*i dont care this game sucked anyway LOLOLOL its better NINJA BLADE*

Lol ...
NewZealander  +   2300d ago
im not an "xbot" as you call them, i hope you just mean fanboys and not just any person that owns the console, and actually the game is pretty good.

i dont think you will see many people crying that this exclusive has been lost, i just hope ps3 owners actually buy it and make the port worthwhile.
Etseix  +   2300d ago
yea i ment fanboys not any ppl like u say. ;)
Mr Tretton  +   2300d ago
looking forward to this.
Why o why  +   2300d ago
I swear
this whole 'attach rate' was some pr bs to make some people believe ps3 owners dont buy games. Too much non gaming sportsmanship this gen. Too much fud. I say this because i've NEVER heard of the 360's attachment rate outside of NA and some use that figure alone as some type of 'a rate' indicator for the universe. Thankfully this piece of fud has also been put to rest.


'x' killer'

'attach rate'

these terms have helped segregate us whilst fuelling the media flames. They do it for their own gain, not for us the gamers unless they're playing ear to our fanboy sides
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crygester  +   2300d ago
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Godmars290  +   2300d ago
If that pic in the right lower corner is anything to go by, then Ayane will be playable.

Ichiryoka  +   2300d ago
What ya gonna do what ya gonna do what ya gonna when fanboys come for you fanboys....fanboys...I'm going to play ninja gaiden sigma 2 come this autumn. WHAT ARE YOUU GOING TO DO?
XDF  +   2300d ago
Before I go to sleep...
I like how Sony fanboys like to wait and wait and wait. GO ahead and wait for Ninja Gaiden 2 for PS3. I already played and enjoyed the game last year.

Oh and by looking at Bioshock sale figures, I bet none of you will buy this game anywayz, it is justbig talk like usual. It will be lucky to sell 1/5 of what the X360 version sold. The first Sigma bombed at retails so what makes you think this one will do any better.

Have fun waiting for SEP...If you guys can wait for 4 years for KZ2 and eternal for GT5, then what is 6-8 months right?

Me, I will be enjoying both Infamous and Ninja Blade in the summer.

Que, Que, Que...The Brit say.

Update: At PirateThom,

I already have MGS4 on my PS3 so I can give a d__m about MGS4 coming out on another system. For you information, Mass Effect 2 and Lost Planet 2 were only announced for x360 thus far. If it is timed exclusive,full exclusive, or released on the same day, I really don't care as I will be getting it on x360 anyways like all my 3rd party games.

My point I wantto stress is why brag about something that is already on another system already. And I have both PS3 and x360 because I am a gamer and I can pick and choose which games I want regardless of exclusive BSs. Peace Out

Update 2 for Alex Mexico,

"I am the biggest xbox fnaboys on this site. " I guess that I am on a short list of 6-7 to choose from. So what number are you as the biggest Sony fanboys on the site out of 3,457.
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PirateThom  +   2300d ago
Like you keep waiting for Metal Gear Solid 4?

Or you keep waiting for confirmation Mass Effect and Lost Planet 2 are exclusive?
Alex_Mexico  +   2300d ago
Im more than convinced now that your avatar is just trying to decieve. You're one of the biggest (and most annoying) Xbox fanboys I've ever seen in N4G.
Just go to sleep already, you dont contribute healthy discussions in this website.
FPShooter  +   2300d ago
why do 360 fans always like to talk about how long it took for KILLZONE 2 to hit shelves?

do you even know when alan wake was announced? KZ2 fans are enjoying the game as we speak but still no alan wake.

its funny how xbox fans seem to work KILLZONE 2 into every comment they make, why is that?
Ichiryoka  +   2300d ago
I will wait for it, and as for you bragging about having both consoles, you are not the only one... I will be playing Star Ocean 4 while waiting for NGS2 and may even pick up Valkyria Chronicles. While you are still in UBER 360 fanboy mode I will enjoy what both has to offer, I just felt like singing the cops fanboy song...because I like yeah...
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ssipmraw  +   2300d ago
Who cares about sales,

as long as the game comes out and people who bought sigma finally get to play it, then i and the rest of the fans will enjoy it
-EvoAnubis-  +   2300d ago
That does it, XDF.
You're not entertaining me anymore. Your bubbles will soon be lost.
boca  +   2300d ago
like ...wait for GDC, wait for E3, lol
lowcarb  +   2300d ago
There is no point in trying to reason with people on this site wether right or wrong. The best advice I can give you and any other reasonable person on this site is just to wait and see what happens. Let MS defend themselves rather than defending them. I love the software and services for my 360 and have learned to just let actions speak instead of my input. Both consoles are great so just move on and let's wait until E3.
SpartanGR  +   2300d ago
And still, Ninja Gaiden 2 can't make for the grief that i feel for the FF13 loss.
dkgshiz  +   2300d ago
FF 13 is probably going to stink
Every other JRPG from Square this gen has sucked huge. I hope im wrong. But who knows.
Kain81  +   2300d ago
my little brother is a Fan of Ninja Gaiden, he played ninja gaiden sigma on PS3 and played Ninja gaiden Black on the xbox. But he dont like the 360 so he had never the chance to play Ninja gaiden 2 but now this will make him happy
Da One  +   2300d ago
Mine too..........
My little brother is a fan of ninja gaiden too i was gonna buy him NG2, but now that this has been announced i guess i'll get him this one
Silly gameAr  +   2300d ago
PS360 owners FTW.
SonySoldierEternaL   2300d ago | Spam
ThatCanadianGuy  +   2300d ago
Fantastic ! I've been playing NGSigma for the last few days.
Odd coincidence

Can't wait !
GiantEnemyFlop  +   2300d ago
hahahhaaaa the ship is sinking 360 fanboys

it's game over for you , DOA next mark my word
Cajun Chicken  +   2300d ago
A lot of people will be happy about this. Oh well, back to pondering about Data-Fly's possibility of being a PS3 exclusive.
GamerPS360  +   2300d ago
i hate ninja games. Gimme God of War 3 :D
xg-ei8ht  +   2300d ago
xjxdoggystyyle - But but the cell.

Hows RROD these days. Fun?

Thing is, sigma 2 for me looked worse then the sigma 1 on PS3.

So when they it's an improved version, i'm not at all surprised.

1080p 60fps butterly smooth. Yeah that'd be the PS3.
J@D  +   2300d ago
Hmmm, that's interesting. port or enhanced, I'm so buy it just as I did with Sigma. I hope they add more trophies aka achievements on the xbox360 into this baby.

I know this TOTALLY off-topic and I don't want to offense any xbox360 fanboy with this personal opinion kk, but where's my Tales of Vesperia and my Star Ocean 4 PS3 counterpart. Maybe this can motivate Namco and S-E & Tri-Ace to move they butts and make the PS3 counterpart anytime soon >.>
PirateThom  +   2300d ago
Neither Microsoft or Square Enix have ever said Star Ocean 4 was exclusive.
Alex_Mexico  +   2300d ago
SO4 doesnt even have a "Only on Xbox 360" tag on the cover. I know that many games eventually make their way to the PS3 even if they have the "only on" tag in them but the fact is SO4 doesn't have it at all.
Make of that what you will.
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Kain81  +   2300d ago
there are now some rumors that the ps3 could be the Lead plattform for Star Ocean 4
according to the rumors.

The rumors came from some reviewer they said that you must change the disc to end a Sub mission/Quest and that would happen for the hole game.
And that the resolution is in Sub Hd and has Framerate drops too.
and that the gamegraphic dont look like the screenshots published by SE.

They think that it is a Ps3 game at was planed as ps3 game, but later (after the check form M$)they ported it to the 360.

And the problem was that 360 has no BLU-RAY, so they must splitt some Missions and now you must change the Disc only to end a MIssion or Quest.

But these are only Rumors only SE/tri-Ace know the truth
Alex_Mexico  +   2300d ago
Wow, very interesting stuff. Did not know that and hadn't heard that rumor until now.
Bubbles to you, good sir.
J@D  +   2300d ago
@ Kain

Those are rumors and we can't makes fact with rumors, without an official word from S-E or Tri-Ace... there not hope to me. But they can redeem on me if launch a PS3 counterpart thats 4 sure, like for Fall or earlier ^^
andron666  +   2300d ago
I'm happy...
I was wishing for NGII and we got it. It's good to see Tecmo coming to thier senses and supporting the PS3 more. Quantum Theory and NGII sounds great...
Kratos_1986  +   2300d ago
suck it BOTS :D :D :D


Schuey  +   2300d ago
I guess those are great news for us, PS3 owners. All the more reason to own a PlayStation 3!
HDgamer  +   2300d ago
way too many fanboys in the gamer zone.
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