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RadientFlux  +   2363d ago
The first time in awhile that I agree with a list with the only game that I haven't played being Marathon.

The Resistance franchise seems to be missing, as it also had a decent storyline. Though I wouldn't replace it any game of the games on the list.
OhReginald  +   2363d ago
did i just see halo on the list?
Alcohog  +   2363d ago
I actually came in here to say the exact opposite. At first I actually thought the list was a joke. Marathon? Really? And how do you not have the original Half-Life? It just makes no sense.
Saladfax  +   2363d ago
The original Half-Life had a great story, they just didn't really tell it in the game.
The_Perverted_Ninja  +   2363d ago
those are all good games but only half of them have a good story
grantps3  +   2363d ago
halo has one of the most overdramatic gampaigns ever, and the story line is mediocore.
Saladfax  +   2363d ago
Once again, what so many people seem to fail to grasp: just because you don't like it doesn't mean it's not good.

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