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Sangria  +   2399d ago
Was it CGI at E3 2005? (that's not a sarcasm, it's just that i can't make the difference)
HDgamer  +   2399d ago
Any proof it was CGI?
The colors are darker and the models look better. I don't think it was a CGI trailer at all. Over the years it has been proven.
QuackPot  +   2399d ago
The 2005 trailer was particular, a TARGET trailer.

Anyone with commonsense would have known it was all CGI trailer. I idiot reporter confused Jacks comments about a DEMO of Resistance:Fall on man that was shown before hand with a question about the Killzone 2 trailer.

Again, anyone with commonsense....

There is absolutely no controversy with the Kz2 target trailer.
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Sully  +   2399d ago
The bots are in damage control after the 5 out of 5 from OPM.
poindat  +   2399d ago
Surpassed? No. I don't expect CGI quality games for a long time. But Killzone 2 is damn impressive, no doubt. It certainly is (or will be when it is released!) one of, if not the best looking games out there.
PS360PCROCKS  +   2399d ago
No. and I want EXACTLY 37 disagrees! Come on guys... j/k On a side note, yeah no I dunno about surpassed but is most certainly has impressed the hell out of me, it's close to say the least.
Boty  +   2399d ago
This game as far as graphics...
has surpassed the 2005 E3 trailer, but...
what about gameplay?

If gameplay is a success then he have a game that has hit one hell of a homer out of this large park.
ForROME  +   2399d ago
i say its about 85-90% close, but the rocket and car etc are to fluid and rounded
IzKyD1331  +   2399d ago
Just look at these particle effects:
natwitgudvib  +   2399d ago
those particles are crazy!!!!!
xlg  +   2399d ago
Ja ja ja ja ja Comparing KZ2 cgi vs KZ2 Game with PS3 Fans eyes... lol are you guys serious? Ja ja ja ja ja ja ja lol!!!!!!!! CGI looks like 50% better in everything. the game looks good but come on you went too far.
milesd6  +   2399d ago
In a lot of ways, the actual game is better, but it hasn't surpassed the cgi trailer.
xlg  +   2399d ago
In a lot of ways?
"In a lot of ways, the actual game is better, but it hasn't surpassed the cgi trailer"

Like what?

mmm... YUP! in the gameplay cause this one you can play it. lol
milesd6  +   2399d ago
You people are in denial.
The physics, animation, detail, and gameplay are better in the cgi trailer. How can actual gameplay on an rsx gpu be better than cgi. Like I said, there are things that the game has that the cgi trailer doesn't have, but that doesn't mean that kz2 has surpassed the cgi trailer. You have to imagine a full game built with the cgi graphics. It would rape the actual kz2. Nobody ever said that the cgi trailer looked like a generic shooter when they thought it was gameplay. Don't think that I don't love the killzone series, because I do. I played the crap out of killzone 1. The cgi trailer looked like it was being played with a keyboard and mouse. I originally thought the game was going to be on the pc and use directx 10, because that's how good it looked.
Rockxy  +   2399d ago
Hell no!
Not.Even.Close. This game looks too low budget for me. I'll be getting RE5 and I'll be renting this.
solideagle1  +   2399d ago
"Were there any pieces of music or sound design that you had to leave out?

Mario Lavin: In fact we used everything. The length of the game is around 11 hours. So for the pieces of work that didn’t fit in certain areas, they were put on the back burner and used at a later date. For instance, a nonessential character’s theme had been scored, but gave too much importance to that person. The piece didn’t fit, but was suitable for a dramatic scene further on in the story with the captain’s airship transport. It had been written by Joris six months prior, and was just one example where we recycled previously conceived bar sections."

the length of killzone is 11 hours.
resistance100  +   2399d ago
11 hours os bloody good considering the length of the average shooter now a days (COD:WAW im looking at you)
KidMakeshift  +   2399d ago
But the real question is "does Killzone offer something new" and so far it has proven to be just another FPS with nice graphics and bland environments just like the first Killzone.

I think there's a graphic standard for this generation, but what I want to see is innovation or at least something new and intriguing from the FPS genre. Mirror's Edge had a good concept but poor execution just like Breakdown. Dice played it extremely safe and it shows. I'd like to see some real risk taken by developers and their publishers. I wish the majority of gamers felt the same way.
bmatthews  +   2399d ago
I hate it when people say this...
"oh what does KZ2 bring to the table?"

why can't you get it into your head that killzone 2 does what every other successful FPS does, and excels in them, what about the FPS cover mechanic and dynamic changing online game modes?

lastly, what did COD4 or Halo bring to FPS that is unique, absolutely nothing. nothing.

I don't see why killzone 2 has to give you the moon and stars for it to be considered a great game, it does everything it should perfectly,
IWentBrokeForGaming  +   2399d ago
This game WILL raise
all expectations as far as graphics go, from gamers!... along with Heavy Rain!

This game IS doing good and bad for me though. Sure it'll be the 1st PS3 game to truely blow all console games out of the water. Sure KZ2 will set a new standard of expectations in the graphics department.

Problem is for me and other few fellow PS3 gamers I know, agree... this WILL by far raise the expectations of Sonys exclusives even higher... to match the same quality care of KZ2. There lyes the problem with the release of KZ2. Yes it will overshadow ANYTHING 360 can do, but Sony can't afford for KZ2 to be in a different playing field than its other exclusives. This kind of quality needs to be spred to other developers, so all the games can grow and mature together, to show consumers exactly why PS3 is the better buy than 360 on the GAME front (no blu-ray jibber jabber in here). Sony needs to prove ON THE GAME SIDE, now. Why the system costs more than 360. To show that the tech in the PS3 can produce games like KZ2/Heavy Rain is worth to pay more for the system. Problem is, it's going to take more than these 2 graphically amazing games... to truely prove it's worthy!. I already own my 60gig... but am not EASILY impressed by 2 titles alone. I WANT/NEED to see Sony pushing this kind of quality out of all their exclusives, especially when I can only rely on quality mainly only coming from their exclusives anyways!
resistance100  +   2399d ago
I'm sure sony will share out the Killzone 2 graphics engine to all 1st party studio's, that way it will help to ensure that 1st party games look great
QuackPot  +   2399d ago
God of War 3
Will take things to a new level. and if they make sequel 4 near the end of the Ps3 cycle, then that will be unbelievable.

Look at what Santa Monica Studios achieved with the GoW on the Ps2. Amazing for a 32 Mb RAM, 300 MHz CPU hardware with no harddrive. In the words of the old Helghast...."Impressive&q uot;
prof16440  +   2399d ago
A big no i would say guerilla achieved about 90% of what they showed in that trailer, but they have not achieved that level of detail and chaos
Strife Lives  +   2399d ago
Yes. And I Hope Sony uses
The game engine running Killzone 2 in other 1st party games too.maybe even to 3rd party devs making exclusives.this is war. .and Im glad I have both a 360 and PS3,that FINALLY we start seeing Sony bringing the big guns.I loved the Dreamcast,but dammit the PS2 had a game library one could just call Beautiful.I want the same for the PS3.
madpuppy  +   2399d ago
The fact that
there is so much discussion about how good/not good it looks is really telling to how good a job GG did with the game visuals.
ballsofsteel  +   2399d ago
Overall i have to agree
there are alot of little things here and there in the trailer that are better however there is alot in KZ2 the blows the trailer out of the water. the death animations and lighting are my 2 favorite parts of the graphics. i luv me the hit response and the lighting is really amazing and very dynamic
nix  +   2399d ago
at the end...
all that matters is they came close! really close and probably surpassed in some areas.

anyone who says the game doesn't look good is a fool.

happy gaming everyone!
C_SoL  +   2399d ago
I agree with json henry......
u don't have to agree with me but its the best looking game ive ever seen on a console. Any xbox 360 or ps3 fanboy can agree.

But straight up u can't be bull sh*ting on yourself-ves because you know that 2005 trailer looks way better then the 2007 trailer.

That's all PS4 homie, i hope. Don't trip.

iUsedToLoveHer-Common Sense
Red_Eye  +   2399d ago
WTF, why do you bring Crysis into this? we weren't comparing it at this time ffs.

A tried Halo 3, and to be honest the campaign and online were average, but I liked it because of all the user-generated content. That was it.

Killzone 2 atm is slighty, just ever so SLIGHTLY below the CGI trailer.

Which is nothing to be ashamed of believe me.
mastiffchild  +   2399d ago
I honestly feel that in some ways the gameplay does surpass the 2005 trailer but not overall. The fact they've got so close in many areas(and easily beat it in both lighting and effects)is simply incredible and nobody at the time gave them a hope in hell of getting so close.
That we can compare the two at all speaks volumes about GG's efforts on the game. Looks amazing, and from the short go I had on the beta, plays amazingly well too. I can't wait to see the single player for myself and know that I'll lose lots of time to the multiplayer as well. It isn't just about innovation when you get something as polished and well balanced as this there's a big argument for just being the best you can be-the realism of the lighting and interactions blew me away and makes KZ2 feel really fresh to play.
shawnsl65  +   2399d ago
So i heard you can use keyboard and mouse for this game on the killzone forum. Be cool if you can use Guncon3 with it.
OldParr  +   2399d ago
OH GOD NO!!! fanboy glasses for the win!!!
OldParr  +   2399d ago
are u guys like 13 or 14 or something??? geez
Paperfone  +   2399d ago
It has and I expect nothing less because it has been 3 and a half f*cking years!!!!
fossilfern  +   2399d ago
Has Killzone 2 Surpassed the E3 2005 CGI Trailer?
oh aye
gameraxis  +   2399d ago
people keep
comparing it to the 07 build, are u all morons?? it looks ten times better now in 09 than it did in 07... as for which is better i won't comment cause either way i'll get disagrees
Narutone66  +   2399d ago
You have to remember that
the E3 2005 CGI trailer was a target render, which means that it is what they are aiming for in regards to the graphics. It may not be exactly the same as the rendering engine can change anytime to improve the game play. It came pretty close to the E3 2005 trailer, in my opinion. It surpassed it in some elements. Hopefully, they will tweaked it some more for an even more enjoyable SP campaign.
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