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resistance100  +   2595d ago
thereapersson  +   2595d ago
jwatt  +   2595d ago
I think there are some parts where the game passes the trailer but that is in the graphics. The animations are not better than the 2005 trailer, lets be serious the cgi animations are just too fluid for any game especially when they slid with the vehicle and shot the rocket.

Edit: Honestly I'm so over with the 2005 e3 trailer, the actual game looks so good it shouldn't even matter. You have to give GG props for coming pretty damn close to That awesome cgi trailer.
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iamtehpwn  +   2595d ago
definitely it has
best looking console game, although I did note what it was talking about by in comparison to the facial textures being a slightly lower resolution, but it doesn't look bad at all. And Who cares when this game that runs at 1080i native. lol.
thor  +   2595d ago
In a CGI trailer, you have as much time as you want to tweak each individual animation, make them blend smoothly, add as many dynamic lights as you want, use as advanced techniques such as raytracing/ambient occlusion etc, add as many post-processing effects as you want, and touch up any areas of the video that look slightly dodgy. You can make it look as nice as possible by picking the camera angles and the specific parts of gameplay you want to show.

In the actual game, you don't have any of those luxuries. So visually, it actually surpasses the CGI in some ways in my opinion, but if you recorded actual gameplay it wouldn't look as impressive as the CGI trailer only because you've not been able to call the shots in the same way.

Edit @ iamtehpwn

The game runs at 720p native. There is no such thing as 1080i native; because 1080i has the same number of pixels as 1080p, and so then it would be 1080p native. When the devs said it supported 1080i native, they meant that they had a special mode that actually rendered fewer pixels so it would upscale better to 1080i. Seb clarified this after making his original comment, being asked, and then going back to the tech guys.
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JsonHenry  +   2595d ago

Has it surpassed everything else? YES!
Homicide  +   2595d ago
Of course.
SONYFantard  +   2595d ago
One of it's kind
It has not only surpassed the E3 Trailer, it has surpassed anything on the 360.. by leaps and beyond!!!
IzKyD1331  +   2595d ago
There is no doubt that this is the best looking console game of all time (and even that is an understatement)
CrazzyMan  +   2595d ago
F*cking YES!
Just see THIS -

More here -> http://allgamesbeta.wordpre...
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Dino  +   2595d ago
that's sick! is that his helmet coming off?
Rhythmattic  +   2595d ago
@ Thor
Actually 1080i is a native resolution. its Interlaced, so draws the Odd/even horizontal lines one after the other. As with 1080P . its display progressively... All horizontal lines at once.

Just wanted to clear that up.

EDIT: Maybe off topic , but there is 3 Really interesting Debug Videos , Albeit recorded in 2007.
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pixelsword  +   2595d ago
Hmm... I'd say at this point, it's even, but leaning towards the game...
- The fire in the game looks better than in the trailer (just look how "CG" the fire looks in the trailer).

- The ISA looks pretty close; I'd have to wait until I see hair in the game for my final decision in reference to the trailer: so for now, the trailer is SLIGHTLY better because I wanna see hairdos like Old Snake.

- The Helghast look MUCH better in-game.

- The ground looks about even, with some trade-offs.

- The sky looks MUCH better than the trailer.

- The atmosphere is better in-game.

- From what I seen, smoke looks better in the trailer.

- The particle effects look much better in-game.

- The tech shown in game looks much better than what they shown in the trailer.

- Some animations from what I've seen looks more organic and "better" in the trailer, but the deaths look great to the point of "groundbreaking" in the game.
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TheExecutive  +   2595d ago
The poly count? No.

The overall lighting, effects and feel? By miles...

Its kind of a wash for me, which is amazing in itself but yeah this game is going to blow socks off when it comes out.
Saint Sony  +   2595d ago
haha, NOT..
Saying YES is like saying that 360 is better console. Lies obviously.
Shadow Flare  +   2595d ago
Box fanboys and the gaming media thought the actual game couldn't even come close to the trailer. They thought games couldn't look like that this gen. So remember that. (Well, they won't look like that on the 360). Prove me wrong
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geda  +   2595d ago
TheExecutive nailed it
Blademask  +   2595d ago
Killzone2 is the best looking most technical advanced console game known to man and the gaming industry as we know it.
No one can argue this.

All THEY can do now is point out that its not pre-rendered CGI.

I'll take the most advanced beautiful looking console game which is impossible on any other console but the PS3(tm), over a render any day.
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Kotaku_Succs  +   2595d ago
It has definitely surpassed 2005's trailer
no doubt there
Piece Of Spooge 3  +   2595d ago
Nasim....get a fvcking life

This site is so sad
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silverchode  +   2595d ago
the irony
Xwow2008  +   2595d ago
in some parts
Yes,like the lightning.
Carbide7  +   2595d ago
By a mile
RPG Guy  +   2595d ago
and a half
ultimolu  +   2595d ago
...It killed meh ded.
Kotaku_Succs  +   2595d ago
BOTS why do u disagree
KZ2 has killed trash box 360

u saw 5/5 from OPM US . didnt u
she00win99  +   2595d ago
i think in presentation but if you really take a closer look, not really..
FunAndGun  +   2595d ago
does it really matter at this point?
360 man  +   2595d ago
are u people insane

killzone 2 does not look as good as the 2005 cgi
Unicron  +   2595d ago
You said in the open zone that anyone who says "yes" has Sony goggles on.

I have to ask, then, what your opinion is of Epic always falling drastically short of their incredibly fluffed up, post processed, crazy resolution, 16xAA'ed bullshots used for showing of their Unreal 3 engine titles like Gears of War and Unreal Tournament? Which is the greater "crime" against gamers?

As for Killzone, I'd say many aspects are damn close. It's an impressive visual feat to be sure, and I'm anxious to get more play time with it.
lil Titan  +   2595d ago
Has Killzone 2 Surpassed the E3 2005 CGI Trailer?
is that a question? 360 man are you insane? looking at that vid you linked it looked like sh!t here's a better one hope that jeep made it in the game "360" man lol go back to halo 2.5
NaiNaiNai  +   2595d ago
the thing is that KZ2 does look amazing best graphic game of this gen, but it still doesnt match the CGI that was made in 05. look at the flame effects. you can also see the textures in the CGI are more detailed then the ingame, on the 08 beta. truth be told its suposed to its a CGI trailer,
NaiNaiNai  +   2595d ago
i guess according to the negatives im gettings. Kz2 isnt the best looking game on consoles. so what is. compairing MGS4 which is the "best" looking game currently, so i guess KZ2 doesnt look good. cause if your saying the CGI doesnt look better you are sadly mistaken and just being fanboys.
Strelnikov  +   2595d ago
There is no way in hell the PS3 could render the CGI trailer at 60 frames per second, not even 10. It would be closer to 10 seconds per frame.

TECHNICALLY, the CGI trailer looks better, and you'll realize that once you take a closer look at particle effects and model/texture resolution. AESTHETICALLY, the actual game may look better, as they've developed a very distinct art style that just happens to look really friggin cool.
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madpuppy  +   2595d ago
It looks pretty darn close to me
NaiNaiNai  +   2595d ago
i was giving the game major props, and since im a "xbot" then you should be glad im doing it, the game looks amazing, but to you its just another "exclusive" you want say is the best, as long as someone disagrees withyou. i say its good, i get negatives, i say its bad i get negatives. you guys are really sad.
Graphics Whore  +   2595d ago
You guy's have no idea how carefully I've studied the graphics and since I AM in the field, All I can say it's pretty damn close.
ravinash  +   2595d ago
To me its all about how good the game play is along with the graphics.
I haven't had my hands on it yet, but I'm looking forward to this one.
And the fact that everyone has to argue about if it is better than the original render goes to show that they have gotten it close enough that it really does not matter.

The game looks great, and I hope to see lots of particles and bits flying everywhere when I'm in an actual fight, thats what I'm hoping for. And so far this is the nearest that any game has gotten to delivering this. fingers crossed.
jack who  +   2595d ago
lol@the ppl who will say yes
360 man  +   2595d ago
they are crazy in it

they obviously have sony goggles on
Magic_The_Celt  +   2595d ago
Yeah? and you two obviously have fanboy goggles on

because no matter what you would NEVER say, wait.. hold on yes it actualy has, im still not getting it, i think the PS3 is still a poor console but Killzone 2 has suprassed the original E3 trailer

and that my friends, is why your not even worth bothering with :)
ICUP  +   2595d ago
Weather it yes or no

one thing for sure KZ2 make gears of war 2 like a Wii game.
Wii win  +   2595d ago
SGT Nathan Fail here again, Magic and ICUP, you're both idiotic fanboys. Gears 2 was fun, no doubt about it. Now shut up and enjoy your games, and quit replying to these guys, including pp. All you're doing is adding fuel to the already huge fire.

This comment was made by N4360G: " LOL He's a Nintendo Wii fanboy,ignore him.His opinion doesn't matter. "

It's sad, because someone likes the wii, their opinion suddenly doesn't matter.
Algullaf  +   2595d ago
Lol at least it looks better than gears 2
huahuahuahua moron

by the way why you care really?
go enjoy Red Faction in 2009 that Maxes out your sh!tty console.
Kotaku_Succs  +   2595d ago
hahhaa RROD man
arent u even ahsamed to use X360 in ur tag

that shi88t console called TRASH BOX 360 is fit just for repair shops

KZ2 makes anything on that suck box look like pile poo and sheetbopx 360 owners are still talking
Graphics Whore  +   2595d ago
Haha, I guess only the more intelligent can appreciate how good killzone 2 looks.
TheOutsider  +   2595d ago
Just look at 360man's icon! that's the face x-boys will have when they see the final game play of killzone 2! but mommy and daddy can't afford it 4 them so they have to just watch gameplay on youtube! ha ha ha enjoy playing your game of the year "blowjob-kazooie"! ha ha!
PirateThom  +   2595d ago
Mostly, yes. There's one or two things, but it's pretty damn close. Closer than anything else has come to CGI quality.
baodeus  +   2594d ago
then it has not surpassing it because it came close. But why the hell are we even talking about graphic in games because it doesn't make the game. What about content and gameplay? I would rather focus on those than graphics. God, i hate it when people just keep talking about graphic all the time. IT IS NOT THE DECIDING FACTOR FOR A GOOD GAME.
OuterHaven  +   2595d ago
In some aspects no but in many other parts it has.
Xwow2008  +   2595d ago
i agree
with u.
SGT Nathan Fail  +   2595d ago
In my honest opinion, no, it doesn't. But I shall be damned if it does not come really really close. No other FPS game can top the visuals of this Playstation 3 exclusive. Not now at least. Enjoy it PS3 owners, this is one game you guys should be proud to have on your system.
edwineverready  +   2595d ago
Thanks for seeing this is a great game.
SGT Nathan Fail  +   2595d ago
You're welcome, and that stuff I said about the PS3 earlier? Didn't mean a word of it. And my avatar? I actually like the Resistance series, I just chose to make fun of it cause it seems to be one that the PS3 fanboys like the most and will therefore bash anyone who says anything negative about it. Look back on my comments and look at your replies fanboys, and see just how crazy you really are. When someone like the way I was acting does come along and says that crap, be better than them, IGNORE AND PLAY YOUR GAMES.
edwineverready  +   2595d ago
I am a ps3 fanboy
But i did not like res2 bought it played it sold it. i played the first on for months and i mean months.
Bigrhyno  +   2595d ago
I'm not a really good judge on graphics comparisons, so I can't really say. I can say that Guerrilla has impressed me either way.
Magic_The_Celt  +   2595d ago
Yes, i truelly think it does

there was a comparison video not long ago, E3 trailer against the BETA, yeah the BETA and the BETA had better sharper visuals and much much deeper colours
Dr_Nefarious  +   2595d ago
I remember the comparison. Yes, it did put the 2005 trailer to shame. Well not really to shame, but it did look better. Contrary to what the article says it also had better textures, hence the sharper visuals.

In all honesty I still don't think the game is a day one buy for me. Something about this game I just can't put my finger on yet.
Araceae  +   2595d ago
I some respects yes and in others no, but the fact that it is even remotely close is a testament to the excellent work of Guerrilla Games. To think we are getting this close to cgi in only the early stages of the PS3’s third year is amazing. I know most people are all about textures, but to me I think the animations in K2 are the most impressive thing (and I also really like the art direction as well).
Wile  +   2595d ago
Surpassed No.
Very impressed how close they've gotten. Can't wait for February!
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Fowack  +   2595d ago
You speak nothing but truth
but people insist on disagreeing with you. It amazes me how blind people can be. The CGI looks better in every aspect and all this talk about it not looking better is foolish. Lets just wait for the game and try not to over hype it. We've embarrassed ourselves enough in the past by throwing our faith towards games like haze and we weren't rewarded. If this game turns out to be as good as we all hope There will be no need for words nor will there be any that need to be said.
Wile  +   2595d ago
Hey not everyone likes my opinion and I don't expect them to. The real problem is when people try to force their opinions on others or wave them around like their absolute facts. The public crucification of people displaying independent thought on this site is appalling.
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Fruit Loops  +   2595d ago
Zomg @ the Disagree phantom
Just take off your goggles for a minute and join us in reality, or this thread.
Halochampian  +   2595d ago
Does it look good? yes... very good.

Does it surpass? NO.

It's as simple as that. In some ways it looks better, but overall, no.
Beg For Mercy  +   2595d ago
think the bots are ready to start waving the white flag LOL
SGT Nathan Fail  +   2595d ago
^^^^ Stupid fanbrat.

EDIT @ Beg For Mercy: Glad to see you evolve from "fanboy/girl" to "Gamer". All fankiddes in general suck. Be better than them. It's ok to say something along the lines of "I tried halo 3 before, seemed cool, but not my type of game sadly." But stuff like "Pssh! GAYLO 3 sucks!" is just plain stupid. Not everyone likes the same thing, so if you talk to someone and they say they don't like the PS3 or they don't like uncharted, just hold your tongue and respect their opinion, we are all entitled to one after all.
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Megaton  +   2595d ago
Some of it looks better, but other parts not so much. Looks pretty damn impressive either way, and if the beta was any indication, it's gonna be really fun too.
jkhan  +   2595d ago
Has it surpassed, well in some cases yes, in some cases no.
The fire is better in the current build. The effects are way beyond anything. The animation is great. The facial expression etc. all look great.
I think even if it didn't totally reached that cgi trailer frame by frame, it does shows how good the game looks as it came really really closer, closer then most people ever thought it would.
Apart from that people comparing a console game to a cgi video, thats an achievement in itself.
solsub  +   2595d ago
In some ways yes and in other ways no. Impressive nonetheless.
Panthers  +   2595d ago
Its a tough call, but it sure as hell beats any other console game out there!
TheOutsider  +   2595d ago
couldn't agree more! And go panthers 2009 super bowl champs!!
Beg For Mercy  +   2595d ago
ok ok
your right nathan i liked resistance 2 a lot by the way ill stop acting like a fanboy, it just feels good to know that killzone 2 is not the failure all xbox fans wanted it to be so badly
PSWii60 Fanboy  +   2595d ago
Cmon fanboys, it obviously hasn't surpassed that trailer. But, its came damn close, almost as if one of two more levels of polish could recreate that trailer. Guerilla Games has done an amazing job, and fanboy or not, you can't deny the beauty of this game.
TIKUP   2595d ago | Spam
ZombieNinjaPanda  +   2595d ago
Hell yes it is.

I looked at that so called E3 2005 footage again.

It sucked, the only thing nice about it was the details. Even those weren't too awesome.

Killzone 2 actually has some lighting now.

Only thing that is not as good is the character models (how they move) Imo it's a little stiffer, but it certainly surpassed it.


Fire is more detailed (when soldiers are on fire in the new code)

Facial features are much better in the 2005 footage.

The smoke is much better.

And explosions have more smoke. That's all I see so far.
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Halochampian  +   2595d ago
The fire in the cgi trailer is the biggest thing that stands out. Especially when they are on fire.
ZombieNinjaPanda  +   2595d ago

Really? I thought that fire looked terrible.

To me, it looks like someone took a marker and tried to color fire onto them.
Halochampian  +   2594d ago
... are you sure. Because the fire in the cgi actually looked like fire, not "video game fire."
PlayStation360  +   2595d ago
Although I'll get disagrees (and possibly bubble loss)
I must say no and yes.

It seems the art direction changed somewhat. And the tone was darkened. I, however, really liked the facial animation and the fluid movements in "E305".

Did K2 completely surpass E305? My opinion, no. Did K2 surpass E305 in certain aspects? Absolutely. Will the PS3 make a game that will surpass E305 in the near future? Guaranteed.

But despite anyones opinion on this comparison. I have to add. It's something really special about a game when you can compare the graphic's quality to a CGI trailer. This game will be part of my library first day. Preferably in Special/Limited Edition form. :)
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Unicron  +   2595d ago
Very well said, and I agree with you.
meepmoopmeep  +   2595d ago
yes, very well said and i also agree

now give me a CE/LE Helghast figure dammit!
ZombieNinjaPanda  +   2595d ago
Yes, art direction has definitely changed.

Much grittier darker tone now.
ASTAROTH  +   2595d ago
Aparently the games delivers...

Yeah! Its the Official Playstation Magazine, but they gave Warkawk a 6/10, They gave Uncharted an 8/10, Lair a 5/10 and Haze an 5/10. So for me theiy are not as biased as some people may think. For me Uncharted deserved at least a 9...

Ohh BTW Killzone 2 gets a perfect 5/5 (10/10 for the morons)

and so did SF4!!!!

celldomceen1  +   2595d ago
They have gotten so close that at this point it really doesnt matter.
QuackPot  +   2595d ago
So close but not quite there.

The facials, animation, explosions, rocket trails still need improvement. And the explosions - which are truly awesome in the trailer - can be easily copied/achieved. Spectacular explosions and rocket trailers would make KZ2 such a rewarding experience just in themselves.

But the thing is, GG could have actually achieved everything scene for scene for the game.

Fck, GG would have made a masterpiece if they created the exact same level - ingame - as they had shown in the TARGET trailer of 2005. I don't think it's ever been done. Oh, well. Water under the bridge.
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celldomceen1  +   2595d ago
I love it when we all get along.....(tear).
resistance100  +   2595d ago
Well this happend Last generation as well (however not to the same scale)

Once both consoles get cheaper, all the actual gamers end up getting the one they don't have already.

Its only during a console's first few years where there really is that 'fanboy war' because mainly most people can only afford to get 1.
trancefreak  +   2595d ago
Doesnt matter, Killzone 2 is 2nd to crysis and we know which is on the pc.
Wii win  +   2595d ago
killzo- I mean crysis, Crysis! >.< forgive me, they both just look so damn awesome. ;_; 360 has some cool games too, can't wait for alan wake and halo wars.
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