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cherrypie   2412d ago | Spam
cherrypie  +   2412d ago
3m30s is the reason that Blutooth is crap for controllers -- interference
LOL @ the controller failure at 3:30.
Johnny Rotten  +   2412d ago
I don't think it was the controller because when you activate the chatpad it overrides the controller until you press it twice to deactivate it (something like that). The green light you saw in the beginning is the button that does this.
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CyberCam  +   2411d ago
I may be wrong, but something tells me that you're not fan of the ps3 console.

I believe that Johnny Rotten is correct... it wouldn't make much sense to have both working at the same time, especially how sensitive the buttons are on the ps3 controller.

I will say that you are correct though about the 360 controller being more ergonically designed better, but such is life. I just have to get use to it.
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uie4rhig  +   2411d ago
that interference isn't from the chatpad lol
coz they both function fine overhere ^^,
plain rice  +   2411d ago
Did you even try using the PS3 controller? Absolutely perfect in terms of connectivity. No lag, no drops, long battery life.
Dissidia  +   2412d ago
Looks cool, better than I thought.
poopsack  +   2412d ago
Being a touchpad, having shortcuts to friends list and messages= win.
SONYSLAVE  +   2411d ago
for $49.95.
Johnny Rotten  +   2412d ago
the good
* the size
* has it's own power supply
* it doesn't have to be attached to the controller

the bad
* no backlight display
* buttons are too small

It's not really ergonomically friendly so it will take some getting use to. When you do type you kinda slide your hands up instead of keeping a grip on the controller.

There's no backlight display which is just weak.

The message buttons aren't any faster than pressing the PS button.

The touch cursor thing is more of a gimmick. You can surf the web faster with the thumbsticks and shoulder buttons of the DS3.

All in all if your looking for something that's small and have 50 dollars laying around I'd say go for it, but if your looking for something that's going to be an upgrade from your keyboard don't bother.
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Torch  +   2411d ago
@Johnny Rotten
I generally agree.

The absence of a backlight is sorely missed, especially considering that I like to play in pitch-dark, and the touch-sensitive buttons are a little hit-and-miss for me...a little gimmicky. Another thing is my having to get used to is how easily my index fingers run into the keypad when they're on the R1/R2 buttons.

But overall, I've been anticipating this little guy for a long time coming, as I tend to have the notorious habit of filling up my message space. Heh, heh...amazing how much faster I max out now (I wish Sony would ease-up on their stingy character allowance.) Feels like excellent build quality too, by the way.

Overall, despite the aforementioned quirks, this little guy has been a Godsend for me, even though some may consider the $50 price a little steep.

By the way, some of you may already know this, but as a nice little bonus, the device is also compatible with other non-Sony Bluetooth hardware.
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uie4rhig  +   2411d ago
aside from the message button not being quicker than ps button
i agree 100% ^^,
the mousepad is really annoying .. like really really annoying.. since only the buttons are part of the trackpad, its stops and then goes if you know what i mean lol.. meh aside from the small buttons and (lack of) backlit display it works and its awesome..
Bren86  +   2411d ago
I got this for £10. I can't really complain for only £10, but for me this keypad took some getting used to.
SONYSLAVE  +   2411d ago
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trophy's chatpad's what else sony??!
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PeterGriffinSays  +   2411d ago
Why isn't this story deleted?
Thing BEEN out in stores, and this is a preview?
rivithed  +   2411d ago
No backlight
I have one of these and from using it about a week, I think a backlight would have been helpful. That's my biggest gripe with it. Thanks for the good video! Makes you wish the PSP had Bluetooth.
Sgt_Bon3head  +   2411d ago
@ cherrypie: I totally agree with you. The keypad is not suitably located. On the 360, i can chat while playing games and stuff without having to move or adjust the controller at all. I definitely wouldnt want to readjust the controllwer within my hand everynow and then, its a bloddy heck of a distraction.

No i am not being a fanboy, i am just giving a personal comment/opinion on that PS3 keypad. There is nothing bad abt it, it just that it is located at the most uncomfortable location.
Captain Tuttle  +   2411d ago
Have a bubble're gonna need it.
Oner  +   2411d ago
That's really funny because when you hold a controller your thumbs ACTUALLY point up! Plus you absolutely have to readjust your thumbs on a 360 chatpad to type, which you can do the same for the PS3's controller...shocking isn't it!

It's not as big of a deal as certain people make it to be. Really. If you haven't tried it or used it then you don't know what you are talking about. Actual usage proves this.
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paracardium  +   2411d ago
I've had mine
for awhile and pretty easy to use.I can't believe some these gripes like it takes to much effort lol. Wtf are people that lazt that moving your hands maybe 1/2 inch requires to much effort?Time to put the paddle down and go the gym but that might require to much effort to.
AliC  +   2411d ago
Bought one from for €25 can't really argue with that price.
GaMr-  +   2411d ago
Love all the Xbox trolls in here
Wait... doesn't xbox360 controllers run on double AA batteries or your other alternative is to get a "non wireless" version. So spend a fortune on AA batteries or kick it old school with a cabled controller.. ohh wait or shell out the extra cash to buy a "play and charge" kit for your 360 controller. Hmmm great options there guys. I guess thats what Microsoft meant by "this is choice" they can shaft you up the arse 3 different ways on every product. If anyone at this point does not see that the Xbox is a primitive sorry excuse for a next-gen console in terms of hardware and user interface then your obviously a blind M$ brainwashed fanboy. Bluetooth "rechargeable" controllers FTW!!! Conventional AA batteries FTL!!!
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Sarcasm  +   2411d ago
I've seen some booties on N4G... but that one takes the cake.
GameOn  +   2411d ago
Have a lollipop.
Cynical-Gamerzus  +   2411d ago
WTF wheres the reveiw at??
THis guy just read what was on the specs list he didn't even type on the darn thing??
What a joke type on it tell us how it worked??
Idiot Gawsh!!!!
Radiodread  +   2411d ago
you have no life

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