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GWAVE  +   2621d ago
Now that the warranty is done for the launch 360 owners, the clock is ticking for everyone else. Day after day, thousands of 360 owners will be without Microsoft's warranty. Month after month, a fresh batch of 360 gamers will be defenseless against the RRoD.

Before, 360 owners would say "Oh, but it's under warranty. Oh, but I'll just send it in for a free repair" as if that made the hardware failures acceptable. I wonder if 360 owners will change their tune once their all-powerful warranty expires.
Big Frank  +   2621d ago
I dont mind taking the risk that my console may die and take a week to return as long as im playing the best exclusives, using probably the best controller ever made, have full rumble support in all my games, have in-game music and using the best online service. Oh i also like the way xbox users get to play betas exclusively and that most multi plats are being designed on the 360 first, therefor leading to a better experience for us.

Oh and im a hardcore gamer and i have to say the standard of players on PSN sucks compared to live. When i play COD4 or COD:WOW on 360 i average about a 3:1 K/D ratio, on PSN you guys are so bad i average about a 5:1, it's not even enjoyable and thats me playing on a controller im not as familiar with. So people looking for a challenge in their online gaming should take into consideration that PS3 players tend to be below par. Im not dissing you all, its just a fact.

I also notice that there seems to be 10 sony fanboys to every one xbox fanboy on this site and you all have a lot of time on your hands to post comments all day. Maybe the xbox owners are spending their free time actually playing games instead of trying to tell the internet community how the PS3 will be great one day and about all these so called great games coming out that seem to take forever and dissapoint when their released and how you've been saying for years that PSN will overtake Live. I mean c'mon, for YEARS you have been waiting for a decent online service whereas us xbox players have been using the best since day one.

No-one on the internet cares what sony fanboys have to say because anyone with any intelligence will know your full of crap, so relax, log off and go play some games instead of commenting on red rings stories that never seem to dissapear from the site.
mastiffchild  +   2621d ago
Please don't say you're part of the problem..
@BF you can't assume anyone cares about your thoughts on the relative skills of players on Live and PSN-it's mere opinion and won't upset anyone who has played on both and found a different discrepancy-in manners. I had 7 360's in 6 months(I really tried cos it was the only HD console at the time)let alone the two this guy had but if they wouldn't exchange at the store(stopped after one) I had to send to MS. You say a week?!??? Yeah, maybe if you live next door and can go round and crack the whip! Took mine an average of 15 days(from posting) so I found myself without a console half the damn time.

I don't dispute the quality of the 360(when well) or it's library of games(though all those I like come to PC anyway)and would still have one now alongside the PS/Wii/PC-but I can see the con of it all on MS behalf and the joke was on us eager gamers who bought them in good faith that they were fit for the real world. They weren't. They were badly designed, manufactured cheaply, no QA and all to reap devs with Sony deals over to them(as the only console of this gen out at the time)or going multi and we were the ones that paid for this venture-and still are in inconvenience. It's an arrogant way to treat your customers and I'm sometimes surprised by those prepared to call themselves 360 fanboys or stick up for MS over this. Now MS have got away with this what's to stop the others from doing it thinking us thick gamers will buy anything and then spit blood defending it?. We should have been united from the first on this one-it shows us in a really bad light esp the "I'm alright Jack" type of gamer.
hadouken007  +   2621d ago
i guess he's lyin to right 360 owners?
romancer  +   2621d ago
my new 360 is so quiet you'd think it was a PS3!!
2 months ago my 360 developed the infamous red rings of death.
It was 2 years old at the time.
Microsoft was very efficient in arranging for a shipment back... and issued me a new console with a different serial number.
When I turned it on, expecting to hear the familiar old noise, I was surprised to hear virtually nothing...
then i thought, perhaps it needs a game disc inside to get the old fan going again... but it remained quiet.
It works perfectly (so far) and it makes no more sound than my PS3 and Wii.
(i am not referring to downloading a disc to the HD... but playing from disc.)

So i would say, have some patience when technology has some defects... it's no big deal...
people have defects, too... but at least with technology the defects can be fixed.

As i see it, I got the use of a 360 for two years, then got a free upgrade to an improved
console with another year's warranty, free of charge ... nothing to complain about there!
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pshizle  +   2621d ago
and why do sony fanboys care

and who uses an inter cooler it brakes your 360
bee2427  +   2621d ago
i agree sony fanboys shouldnt care, but of course there are many immature gamers. However, gaming enthusiasts should care. Its old news and these stories are getting old, but it is news since the 360 is still popular and people should still let other gamers know that this is still happening... pretty pathetic
Cherchez La Ghost  +   2621d ago
No it dosen't!
I have the Nyko Intercooler EX on my Elite since day 1 of purchase. It's loud at start-up, but it The sound is drowend out by the 7.1 surround-sound, baby!
likeaboss302  +   2621d ago
I feel his pain. My launch 360 had one RRoD. My Elite had a RRoD and the first replacement from MS also RRoD. Now Elite replacement two is in the house and it's only a matter of time. My PS3 however is running strong but then again I barely play it. lol
robotnik  +   2621d ago
flopbox flopping again.
ElementX  +   2621d ago
All of your posts attack MS and 360. Don't you have anything better to do? I randomly read 5 of your comments and they're all anti-MS. Way to be a hater. If you're just going to attack MS and not offer anything worthwhile to the discussions, why not go play your PS3?
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Neo604  +   2621d ago
I love the 360 ............ RROD.
RROD, please never go away.
Cherchez La Ghost  +   2621d ago
Sorry for his pain. Oh well, mines work fine!
Figboy  +   2621d ago
how would he be missing out on future Xbox 360 titles,
when they come to the PC in a few short months anyway?

anyway, the Red Rings issue is RIDICULOUS.

people love to bring up the PS2 and it's disc read errors, but Sony had that worked out by the end of the PS2's FIRST YEAR on the market. the Xbox 360 is THREE YEARS OLD, and this issue is STILL occurring? WHY for the love of God, hasn't there been a widespread class action lawsuit filed against them yet?

this is YOUR money you're spending, but it's not even JUST the Red Rings that are causing 360's to die. my roommate's 360 died of a video output failure. he had to PAY to get it fixed, since it wasn't the Red Rings that killed his console.

NOBODY that pays that much money for their product should have to deal with the uncertainty of whether it will die on them or not.

when i used to turn on my NES, SNES, Genesis, Playstation, Playstation 2, and now my PS3, i don't worry about if it's not going to function properly. i don't hold my breath when i press the power switch. my other consoles don't freak the f*ck out every time a big title comes out.

i'm serious 360 owners, you guys HAVE to do something to shake MS out of their apathy concerning the Red Rings (and the other issues).

i ended up buying my roommate's old 360 for $150 (they were still about $350 back then), and i barely play it for fear of it dying on me (the most me and my fiance play is Fable 2, but it's been a few weeks since i played it myself).
NickIni  +   2621d ago
Oh big deal. Hundreds of people are doing the same thing as him, a whole bunch of Xboxs died after the NXE.
Ldubbz  +   2621d ago
Leo Lawho?
So Leo Whatshisname is now the barometer by which to judge the 360?
This whole thing is suspect b'cuz if its his 2nd 360, then its still under warranty...but it would make more sense to throw it away?

Just so people are clear about the warranty...

Three years after the date of PURCHASE; the warranty is then renewed for any repaired console.

MS also offers a 1-year warranty on refurbished consoles as well.

All info available on

All of this garbage about there being no warranty for anyone anymore is bull.
TyLaurinaitis  +   2621d ago
Inconvenience is the main issue... The point of this article is that Leo thinks that Microsoft suffers from a lack of good quality in the production of the xbox. I can completely agree with his statement, it is crazy to release a product that has such a high rate of defectiveness. Yes, there is warranty but if i remember correctly that Microsoft extended the warranty after a couple years of complaints. Originally Microsoft stated that the xbox would only have a one year warranty. Honestly, that three years is pretty much Microsoft admitting that they have a very defective product. Even with the new releases of an upgraded xbox (such as falcon) the red rings are still prevalent. The red rings is an issue that should of been fixed after the first couple shipments of the xbox.
Monolith  +   2621d ago
im sick of hearing 360 owners saying, if ps3 has so many good games why arent you playing them. Well im not playing because im not at home right now, im at my girlfriends house and im addicted to see what happens next to the 360 and what you dumb 360 owners say next. Oh and also why are you kids on hear if you got your awesome godly of all games Gears of war. I thought that was awesome. Oh and i have a job and attend college
smurfie4  +   2621d ago
Well this guy doesn't seem to have the patience, and unconditional love of some people who have had to replace their 360 more than twice.
Sergeant Osiris  +   2621d ago
at the end of the day
this is why I dont really argue this console war with xbots anymore, M$ is just a dumbass rich kid who doesn't know when to quit. Ultimately their own incompetence will force them out of the console business. Their software has been substandard and unreliable for years. since you can't specifically tell when it's OS failure it's much harder for people to act on it. The minute they dipped their greedy paws into the hardware market they got called on their shoddy production tactics by failing consoles on a scale never before seen. They are just embarrassing America.
rivithed  +   2621d ago
on #5
Only on #2? Hardcore gamers survive at least 5 RRODs!
no-spin  +   2621d ago
wow that is crazy love for your games!
foreverflame  +   2621d ago
lol who gives a crap...
This guy is old. lol this guy is not in the target demographic anymore. this guy is like 50 or something.
animalia85  +   2621d ago
when millions of people put up with a faulty system there must be a reason. I know it just kills you Sony fanboys. I am sick and tired of hearing about games on pc, your spending over $2000 to have slightly better graphics that are going to be put to shame by the next round of consoles congrats you are morons. you losers talk about live users like were all loud mouthed kids yet you wouldn't last one round with the average live player. yes psn is free but so is herpes free don't mean good.
no-spin  +   2621d ago
lack of content
what a load of words without coherence. Millions have put up with the faulty console because gamers are the most easy demographic to manipulate. just go to game stop and watch how the employees talk to their customers. "Reserve, buy this, what games you like? x game is coming out next year reserve it, total is a $160 only, buy more!"

Gamers love their games, and as in every love relationship gamers are vulnerable to tolerate the unthinkable.

33% hardware failure?????? yeah try that on the cellphone, computers or TV department. you would go broke because no one would buy your product.

PSN vs Herpes?????? What!?!?! did you think this through?

The console is as faulty as it gets, and the great games are there, but when can you play on a broken console?

RROD broke my heart in the past, if it happens again it will be the end of a rough relationship with my xbox 360.
yojoe26  +   2621d ago
hooray one more person
who's eyes have been opened. I cannot fathom giving a piece of junk hardware more than one chance, but about four of my xbox360 fans have given theirs at least three chances each. I scorn them daily and await their inevitable jump to quality with incredible gaming experiences. If I can just convince them that life goes on without Halo and Gears of War they will be onboard quicker than you can way "Red Ring of Death"...LOL
gerardo5566  +   2621d ago
the same happened to me i had two rrod and i had the hddvd player and they both when out on me!!! and i only had the hddvd player for 1 month and a couple of days but microsoft couldny do anything because it was 2 days too late...bullshit!!! but this is the best thing that happened to me because i got a ps3 and experienced a true quality next gen machine... the only good games the 360 had when i traded it in was call of duty 2,gears of war, and crackdown the rest of the games were garbage. even now ps3 has the best games in every category (exclusives)!!!!! best offroad racing game motor storm pacific rift, best first person shooter resistance 2,best platform ratchet and clank,best racing simulation gran turismo,best golf hot shots golf,best jrpg valkyria chronicles,best action game metal gear solid 4, and most innovative little big planet!!! now 360 fanboys name me games in each category that i mentioned for the 360 that are exclusive to the 360 that are as good as the games i mentioned?????none. and microsoft trys to copy ps3's games but cant suceed (singstar and buzz)vs(lips and scene it)pathetic!!!!! bottomline ps3 is the best machine with the best exclusives and the best future!!! 360 boys will really feel the pain in 2009 ( killzone 2,infamous,white knight chronicles,heavy rain,mag,god of war 3, the new ratchet and clank and the secret games they havent announced yet!!!) 360 is crap and the 360 fanboys can eat crap... because ps3 has the best games right now. and forget sales numbers we aint making the money were playing the games so forget about sales!!!
animalia85  +   2621d ago
who has 4 systems die on them after the third time it's your fault. get it fixed yourself or get mommy to pay for you. the only time my 360 had rrod was when my nephew left the dust cover on while playing ventilate your system and get the heatsink replaced.
gamersday08  +   2621d ago
Wow... you pay hundreds of dollars and have to fix that hardware yourself? Not for my PS3.
You do know you've voided the warranty. If they can't fix it and screw up and you send it to M$, M$ will not repair it as it's been tempered b4. You have to buy a new 360 even your warranty is not up.

Pls don't try to advise ppl to void their warranty. It's the most irresponsible thing to do really.

RROD is bad and M$ is the culprit, don't try to justify it.
animalia85  +   2621d ago
no I had someone who was certified fix it I did not want to wait a month to play and this was before i got my ps3 so I had nothing else.
AbyssGravelord  +   2621d ago
I think the VGA's come on this week is anyone else gonna watch 'em?
SacT0wnF1n3st  +   2621d ago
I'm right now on my 3rd 360. The premium one scratches discs like crazy and my elite got RROD. I'm on another elite and crossing my fingers.
Lykon  +   2621d ago
Made me lick my fingers and circle my nipples in pleasure

MS are so arrogant and unpleasant this is another little chip away at the foundations of thier corrupt empire one day it will come crashing down in total failure and shame. Sony and Linux are the future winners.
animalia85  +   2621d ago
hell yeah i'm gonna watch it, the fact that we have a VGA type show makes me happy. videogames are starting to take over the world and it's about time.
Big Frank  +   2621d ago
It's pathetic how many of you sony fanboys are posting comments such as "im on my 5th xbox now" and "i've had red rings 139 times". The extent of the problem is nowhere near as bad as you are all lying about. I bet half the people on this board who posted these comments dont even own an Xbox. What are you trying to achieve? Pathetic.

Ask yourselves the question why are so many people standing by Xbox even with it's known and now almost entirely fixed hardware problems???

And dont talk sony up as if its all high and mighty. I, like a lot of other PS2 owners, including yourselves, were told tough luck by sony when your drives failed. I had to pay for another sony console and never again. At least MS sent me a brand new consoles along with an apology.

Time will only tell if the same doesn't happen to the PS3. Will you shelve out another £300 for a new one? Because you can bet your ass sony wont be fixing it for you past your years warranty judging by their past record.
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