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xaviertooth  +   2548d ago
and there goes the one-year full advantage for the 360... 360 owners will now slowly migrate to the only next-gen console.. 360s run with the PS2 is now ending.
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SprayandPreycom  +   2548d ago
ya it sucks when you dont spend the extra 20 bucks for a 2 year warranty. he prob bought his on ebay refurbished ...
Horny  +   2548d ago
how much does it cost to fix after the warranty is up?
bigman7387  +   2548d ago
I think its around $150. I'm pretty sure both systems are, but it also depends on what exactly is wrong with the console.
Spybreak  +   2548d ago
Leo would just repair the damn thing himself wouldn't he?
SprayandPreycom  +   2548d ago
right around the price of a ps3 ...
thereapersson  +   2548d ago
And just think!
For 199, you get a reliable console that you won't have to worry about whether or not you will be sending it in for repairs.

Oh, wait...
stonecold3  +   2548d ago
im not going to defend either
i own a ps3 and i brought it at launch mine was working fine until i put it on my hd 1080p and since the launch ive had no problem with mine at all i even own a dreamcast and ive had it for 10 years and still going to this day now about xbox 360 they had a chance to go in and try to win this war but after 3 rrod whats the point owning 1 if they arent covered after that expiry date finishes i thought a few times about 360 but i dont blame this guy wanting to get a ps3 at least its realiable and even my dreamcast is still working to this day i play my street fighter 3 and the marvel vs capcom series im mean if i had a 360 that could last that many years i would probaly of own 1 right now but rrod has put me off of ever owning one
UltimateIdiot911  +   2548d ago
I'm sorry but please use periods and commas. That's just one big blob of words.
GlibGamer  +   2548d ago
Wall of text attacks....
Wall of text hits for 55355 points of damage.

You die.
bigman7387  +   2548d ago
JasonPC360PS3Wii  +   2548d ago
Another day, another SDF attempt, to bad it never works. (((PS3rd)))
Jackthepwnsaur  +   2548d ago
sorry Jason, but you cant spin this, especially when it comes from a Former G4TV(Sorry, Technically TechTv) member.
killalot100  +   2548d ago
finally maybe
maybe this would bring a end to my friends saying that the 360 doesnt break. they been through 3 360's and they blame them self's for there 360 getting rrod. i been through a lot of rrod's and i finally gave up on the 360 but they just blame me and i just tell them that i had a ps3 for a longer time and it hasnt broken on me yet. so many people still say rrod is fake and i hope this proves that its not a fanboy myth. i still get crap for not getting another 360
animalia85  +   2548d ago
I have a launch model and when it rrod on me I just took it to a game store in san diego and he replaced the heat sink, that's what is poorly made. that was two yrs ago and I have not had a problem since. I did not want to send it away to Microsoft and not be able to play for a month, it was $50 well spent and I would do it again because it is a good system with some faulty parts. only fanboys who don't have both would give up on any good system with great games.
40cal  +   2548d ago
That's funny because I was thinking that only a fanboy would put up with spending there money on and then continue to support a faulty piece of hardware.
thereapersson  +   2548d ago
He's actually not missing out on much
Cnosidering most 360 titles are multiplatform, Mr. Laporte can still play them on the PS3, PLUS he gets access to the UNIQUE library of exclusives that the PS3 offers. Unique identity is something that the 360 is *still* lacking, despite being out for nearly 3 years.

Also, LOL @ that fanboy website, pleading with Mr. Laporte to not get a PS3. What a bunch of horse sh1te!
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tk  +   2548d ago
There will be more...
As the 3 year warranty expires - and as the console RRoD, we might see more people moving over.
Lombax  +   2547d ago
ya, and...
The warranty ends when Sony's 2 year mark comes around. Which, if you know your history, could be very bad for the 360.
ustayclassyn4g  +   2548d ago
'It's really sad that Microsoft made a major mistake and created a launch product that has suffered from so many technical malfunctions, causing people like Mr. Laporte to miss out on a ton of great future 360 games.'

hell yes for propaganda/damage control
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reelife  +   2548d ago
Why the hell did they wrote, "don't switch to the dark side"? What's so "dark" about the ps3, all the crazy killing maniacs is on the 360.
cajuncandb  +   2548d ago
ummmmmmmmm - duh
the PS3 is black dude - Go Obama - NOT !!!
7h3ultim8p00  +   2548d ago
Ugh every thread here at N4G is like a bunch of Sony fanboys just jacking each other off.

You know what the Sony fanboys remind me of at N4G? They remind me of a bunch of miserable ugly girls that like to get together and gossip about how Britney Spears sucks, because they are too miserable to face reality. Enjoy if fanboys lol. Misery loves company.
GlibGamer  +   2548d ago
Open Zone is calling for you...
Obama  +   2548d ago
so you think Britney Spears is good? rofl
7h3ultim8p00  +   2539d ago
That's not the point idiot.
cajuncandb  +   2548d ago
Fittingly So !!!
He looks like the kind of idiot and somewhat gay fanboy who would choose a inferior console over a true next gen platform with the best online experience and best software sales best games best everything (except quality but hey thats what a warranty is for - get over it)
arngrim229  +   2548d ago
wat exclusive games r coming out for 360 in future??? halo wars........thats it lol
Magic_The_Celt  +   2548d ago
Good man. haha everybody is leaving the 360 these days

Hell iv seen xbots turn into droids on this site when his 360 RRoD for the final time.
JasonPC360PS3Wii  +   2548d ago
Everyone is leaving but the 360 is still outselling the`PS3 from 100 to 500 thousand. So who from that very large number is leaving the 360?
Magic_The_Celt  +   2548d ago
^ huh? what you talking about, here in europe where i live, and the only region i care about the PS3 continues to dominate, and despite shipping a year after the 360 still has the most units sold by a few million margin. :D

look at that, i won.
ZEEBO4LIFESTFU  +   2548d ago
ms has better games and is more reliabe
thats why things liek the RROD is tolerable.

besides it never happening to me and my dustmachine 3
GlibGamer  +   2548d ago
I love it when people present opinion as fact.
tk  +   2548d ago
I have seem some weak comebacks... but yours must be near the top of the list...
enkeixpress  +   2548d ago
Alright.. lol
But... Who the hell is this guy?

Should I even care? xD
40cal  +   2548d ago
Well good for Leo Laporte.
Hey Leo way to not put up with this kind of unacceptable crap. I was also done after my launch 360 RROD'ed on me for a second time. I know that you will find that the PS3 really is a huge upgrade.

I still don't understand why so many people support such a $h!ty product. I guess some people just love taking it with no vaseline.
rawd  +   2548d ago
Welcome to the club, unfortunately he wasted his money on that defective POS. I always knew Leo was a smart man
slackerr75  +   2548d ago
as an xbox 360 fanboy, i am embarrassed of this, and im also embarrassed by the lack of effort put into the Gears of war 2 Mutiplayer....horrible.
ReubenSala  +   2548d ago
What a baby
I deal with people just like Leo Laporte, except they are called "cellphone consumers" and damn they are anonying. I break my ass back and forth to take care of their issues the best I can but because they got a high bill because they talked on it too long or just found they were being charged for data usage because they foolishly went to the mobile web or GIN and then all of a sudden they just say "No, this isn't right, I'm going to another carrier, I'm gonna get the IPHONE!" thinking that all their problems are gonna be settled!

So forget Leo Laporte, and leave him in his crib.
Tony P  +   2548d ago
I don't see how that's anything like RROD. RROD isn't something perpetrated by the customer, but an built-in flaw. This isn't a matter of irresponsibility on the consumer's part at all.
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GlibGamer  +   2548d ago
So because you dislike your job, that means Leo is a crybaby for not putting up with a malfunctioning console that broke through no fault of his own?

Logic escapes you.
JHUX  +   2547d ago
Well unfortunately the reality is, is that Microsoft doesn't bust their ass for there customers. As shown now and in the past.

Then this is a flaw that Microsoft caused, that the consumer has no control over.

You don't have to be a fanboy to recognize that.
dukadork  +   2548d ago
woaaaaaaaaaaaa... the RROD sitcom never ends
3rd season, same hilarious joke, lol
xbots: you're an entertaining buncha noobs
jack who  +   2548d ago
Leo Laporte's? who? slow news day?
rawd  +   2547d ago
Laporte is a well respected voice in the tech world. And you, not so much
Jecht  +   2548d ago
You know, even with someone so well known in the tech world, nothing will come of this. The 360 fanboys will still argue games over manufacturing, showing Microsoft that they can shove any kind of sh1t down their installed bases throat and get away with it, meaning that there is no incentive for them to improve their product in the future.

And the funny part is that these same fanboys will say to PS3 fans "At least we have games to play".....WHEN?!!!

Is it right to play console Russian Roulette every day?
SSCOOLCHEA  +   2548d ago
@ all dumbazz above
chooose american product ....I would if they made good products .
Enigma_2099  +   2548d ago
... I just remembered when G4 was a great channel...
djroberts  +   2548d ago
PS3 FTW again. It's just too bad this has to happen for people to give the PS3 a chance. They then learn that the PS3 is actually better in many ways.
Jamaicangmr  +   2548d ago
Why are people still talking about the 3 year warranty? It ended on November the 21st 2008. Meaning that unless your Xbox360 was purchased less than a year of it acting up you are not covered. So am gonna assume that Mr. Laporte has had his for over a year so the standard 1 year warranty has expired, which means he would have to now pay to have his RROD repaired. Now with that in mind i can understand why he's now given up on the Xbox360.

I've seen some arguments that each Xbox360 is covered for an individual 3 years which is just simply wrong.

I can't speak for anyone else nor would i even attempt to but if i had 2 PS3's fail on me with the same issue. Am sorry but am not gonna get a third.
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