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ThatCanadianGuy  +   2617d ago
So who's gonna try and spin this one? Bladestar? POG/MART?
C'mon..i know you want to..
Tmac  +   2617d ago
It will be a collaborative effort.
- Ghost of Sparta -  +   2617d ago
"...causing people like Mr. Laporte to miss out on a ton of great future 360 games."
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UltimaEnder  +   2617d ago
I'm confused, are you saying that there are not any games coming out in the future that are worthy of your time or just dogging me because he uses both his Xbox 360 and his Playstation 3?
Harry190  +   2617d ago
Just wanted to ask
Who is the guy laughing in the gif?
A celebrity?

Edit: Not Leo Laporte, the guy in the gif that GhostofSparta posted.
disrupt3r  +   2617d ago
Dude from star trek?
DudePV  +   2617d ago
The Dude from Heroes! lol
Aclay  +   2617d ago

The guy laughing in the gif is George Takei from Star Trek.... he's the guy from Star Trek.... that got married to another guy this year just in case you haven't heard. LOL.
sonarus  +   2617d ago
But there is always Jasper:(
Danja  +   2617d ago
and before "Jasper" there was the "Falcon" ,

who wanna guess the next name for the 360 ?
rosebowl23  +   2617d ago
"It's really sad that Microsoft made a major mistake and created a launch product that has suffered from so many technical malfunctions, causing people like Mr. Laporte to miss out on a ton of great future 360 games."

i doubt hell miss them since 95% of 360 exclusives will be out on pc anyway. smart gamers chose pc/ps3 this gen
Michael Jackson  +   2617d ago
Falcon, Jasper.. What's next? The Xbox 360 Phoenix? Naaah... A phoenix can withstand the heat. Might as well just call it Xbox 360 Popeye's.
mikeslemonade  +   2617d ago
Bomp Bomp Bomp Another One Bites the Dust
caladbolg777  +   2617d ago
You hit the nail right on the head. PC+PS3=Win. I'm not missing out on "exclusives" nor multi-plats.
JoySticksFTW  +   2617d ago
I think after the Jasper is the Valhalla, but that won't be out anytime soon
2010 at the very earliest, or so I read.

But I don't have total confidence in any of those either.

Sure, they mat seem like a good fix today. But with games becoming more complex and resource-demanding... and features like the New Xbox Experience pushing the systems harder than ever before, any "fix" that MS comes up with seems to get nullified as their system has to fight harder to keep up with the new games and features.

You always see the RROD flare up again every time a resource-intensive game like Gears 2 comes out, no matter which motherboard is being used. The only true fix for RROD is a total redesign, unless MS mandates that devs stop pushing the 360 further which I don't see happening
pixelsword  +   2617d ago
FOOL ME ONCE, shame on you...
thereapersson  +   2617d ago
@ Joysticks
I hope to GOD that doesn't happen...

Developers suddenly limited because MS doesn't want them to make a game that will cause the console to break. What kind of sh1t is that?

But yeah, you're right.
ultimolu  +   2617d ago
...*shakes head*
That is messed up.
mega BIG time  +   2617d ago
FIRST of all..
Who TF is Leo Laporte?? And why does anyone think i would care about his xbox frying?
gonzopia  +   2617d ago
Leo Laporte, for those who haven't been keeping up with the Internet in the last ten years, is the host of TWIT (This Week In Tech) and The Lab on TechTV. He previously hosted Call For Help, and was a part of the Screen Savers. He's one of the foremost voices on internet culture.
herbaldoctor7  +   2617d ago
4th xbox
im on my 4th xbox and really getting fed up with microsofts sucks also. ps3 has give me no problems,sony is quality
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Tawnokoi  +   2617d ago
*stops playing his PC for a moment to check N4G*

*sees a guy with a RRoD for an avatar submitting anti-Microsoft article*

*briefly laments what's happened to N4G*


*goes back to playing PC*
Maxned  +   2617d ago
This is what I just dont get about this site. HOW IS THIS NEWS? Some washed up tech old guy who got a RROD. Big deal. It happens. And yet it reaches 1050 degrees. THIS DOESNT BENEFIT US AT ALL.
If you are getting something out of this article then you are one, sick f***
likedamaster  +   2617d ago
""We would now like a moment of silence in dedication to Mr. Leo Laporte's Xbox 360, which died from the terrible Red Ring of Death (RRoD) syndrome at 11:34 on Saturday - December 06, 2008. . . . . . . moment over, back to Gears of War 2.""

dantesparda  +   2616d ago
Im on my 5th 360 (or is it the 6th? i dont even know anymore, i've lost count) and to the guy above me you'll care when you're on your 3rd, 4th, or higher replacement
xwabbit  +   2614d ago
@ - Ghost of Sparta -
TheColbertinator  +   2617d ago
lol sucks for him.Even when I got the intercooler for my 360 it still got RROD.Maybe the Jasper models will finally end this business
- Ghost of Sparta -  +   2617d ago
Intercoolers will RROD your 360 even quicker.
TheColbertinator  +   2617d ago
Yeah ironic in a way.I was about to try the towel trick the first time I got it but Microsoft considers those tampered and doesn't repair them.
PoSTedUP  +   2617d ago
yes, intercoolers actually shoots dust into the mother board and will even bring down the ps3. very bad accessory. stay away.
TheCagyDies  +   2617d ago
Don't use the intercooler... My 2nd 360 RRoDed really fast with that. Now I am on my 3rd 360 which I haven't used any intercoolers on and it has lasted longer than my second 360 and is still going...
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EVOLVED  +   2617d ago
another way for ps3 to attack 360's great sales..
problem fixed with jasper..... the end. I have 3 360s and not one problem. one has the jasper the other two have the falcon. not one problem yet. one is my bro's, the other is my girls and the third is mine. However I must say with the jasper it has got alot quieter compared to the falcon chip. can't hear it at all.
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EVOLVED  +   2617d ago
you actually think this guy plays games
the only thing he will use on the ps3 is the blue ray/.
that is the only reason it did half way decent. judgeing from it's sales since they dropped the price of stand alone blueray players I think M$ you have to amit has got this one in the bag.
choose american products.
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agmsd  +   2617d ago
They might lower the price to a point you can use it for once and then throw it when you finish playing your game. if it didn't rrod in the middle of the game that is. I mean they should ship every game with a free xbox 360 so you might have enough sorry couldn't help my
UltimateIdiot911  +   2617d ago
When 360 is at the 100 or maybe even 120 price. I'm jumping. At that price, I wouldn't mind seeing it break so much but when I pay 200+ and pay other investment (Live), I would expect to see quality and reliability.
These days, you can get a PS2 roughly for 100 and a lot more reliable than the 360.
Sir_Ken_Kutaragi  +   2617d ago
'...causing people like Mr. Laporte to miss out on a ton of great future 360 games' ???
Like WHAT Future Games???????????? ;-D

+ 'intercooler'??? I'm glad PS3 owners don't have to worry about things like that!!! ;)
earwax  +   2617d ago
OhhhhHHHH look ANOTHER RROD anti 360 story posted on N4G
Wow......let's post more Mod because THIS IS NEWS! Funny how RROD and all the 360 STILL kicks the $hit out of the PS3
morganfell  +   2616d ago
At the above, you are obviously some snot nosed 7 year old that has no idea who Leo is or the fact he was hosting a really cool show before G4 came along and ruined Tech Tv by giving us that idiot flamer kevin p.

Besides, it is news. The high failure rate is the real story MS has spent a fortune trying to bury.
Man_of_the_year  +   2617d ago
So does this mean he is throwing it out rather than sending it in for a free repair since its under the 3 year warranty? I mean what do people do with their RROD consoles if they are not going to validate their warranty...thats like saying your not going to use your power of free speech. Why wouldn't you use your 3 year warranty if it didn't cost you anything and doesn't cost anything to send in?

I just don't get it.
UltimaEnder  +   2617d ago
I am curious as to the same thing, why not send it off; its free to be fixed!
TheColbertinator  +   2617d ago
@Man of the year

The 360 warranty expired back in November 21.
Danja  +   2617d ago
bcuz obviously it's gonna be a never ending cycle..
dragonslayer91  +   2617d ago
What good games?!
There are NO games good enough to put up with constant console shipping.
You'd have to be an idiot consumer/loyalist to continue to support this kinda thing. that warranty ain't worth doodoo to Leo or any other rational person but the xbox idiots sure seem to think so.
GIJeff  +   2617d ago
he's a really considerate person, and doesn't want to sell poop to someone else. Perhaps he's not like MS, and has a conscience. Or, more likely, he's really freaking mad and doesn't think it's worth the effort/time to take care of putting it back into its coffin/carrying case. Why doesn't MS "go green" and sell cloth coffins to cut down on the number of trees they kill sending millions of paper boxes to people? Dammit, I can do this all night.
thereapersson  +   2617d ago
Manofthyear is a Microsoft fanboy
He tries to hide it, but deep down inside, this news is eating him alive. There really is no possible way to spin this news or make it so you can paint MS in a good picture. The RRoD is un-excusable for MS, just as the disc read error was un-excusable for Sony.

Why would you be willing to excuse MS for a console fault that is so widespread and prevalent, even with a "free" warranty? Not to mention the fact that the only reason the extended warranty exists is because MS would rather enable that than take heat in a lawsuit, which they know they could have a chance at losing.

At least with Sony, the problem was within the 5 percent margin for error that most electronics are allowed.
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Man_of_the_year  +   2617d ago
So i'm a Microsoft fanboy only because i ask a question? There was no spinning in my comment. It was a genuine question. Wow i sense the ignorance in thereapersson is strong. Must be a Sony Fanboy, trying to make a fact out of an opinion and spinning everything into something negative about MS and the 360. And i guess you should ask the 25+million owners why they bought the 360 that has such defultive hardware..tell ya what - get the 18+million Sony users who have non faulty console and ask the 25 + million 360 owners...i am sure with the extra 7 million 360 owners - one would be able to answer your question...being as ignorant as it was.

Simple question - what did he do with the console if not send it in for the free repair. thats still $300 that he spent, i am sure he would like to gain his money back somehow - and isn't the 3 year warranty up only for those that were models when first created and the refurbished ones? If my manufacturing date is January of 08 i am pretty sure i am covered with the warranty of RROD.
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Tony P  +   2617d ago
"Why wouldn't you use the warranty?"

Your question was answered, I think sufficiently. But here goes me:

Your 360 is a great friend with great games. But something's wrong, you can tell.

Your 360 has cancer. Cancer called RROD.

Every time you power it on, it gets weaker. And eventually you have to send it in for treatment. But...there's no cure for cancer. It will happen again. But rather than suffer that heartbreak over and over, you might choose to stop extending its misery and let a good friend rest. And a new beginning with cancer-free PS3 or the (presumably) working Jasper model. It's ok. It would have wanted you to be happy.
thewhoopimen  +   2617d ago
All you xbox fanboys PLEASE READ THE ARTICLE.

Forget that. READ THIS QUOTE! "Second Red Ring of Death on my Xbox360. Definitely not heat this time - it's freezing. What junk.”

Did Laporte say it was RROD?????!?!!!


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Man_of_the_year  +   2617d ago
@ thewhoopimen
"All you xbox fanboys PLEASE READ THE ARTICLE.

Forget that. READ THIS QUOTE! "Second Red Ring of Death on my Xbox360. Definitely not heat this time - it's freezing. What junk.”

Did Laporte say it was RROD?????!?!!!"

Uhhh judging by the quote you used - Uhh ya he does say its the second RROD...are you that stupid..i mean really are you...i mean your answer is right there in the quote you used. Are all Sony Fanboys like yourself this blind and ignorant?

Here is another quote from the article - actually the second sentence in the opening paragraph..

"Tech TV personality Leo Laporte, most famously known as co-host of The Screen Savers, posted today on his personal blog that he has had it with his Xbox 360; he received his second "and final" red ring of death today."

thewhoopimen - your a dumba$$ please read the article - actually better yet - learn how to read.
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phosphor112  +   2617d ago
@ thereapersson
I fixed my disc read error in literally 10 mins. Yay youtube. Oh yeah, it broke after...6.5 - 7 years of owning it.

Honestly RROD puts MS to shame, yet I don't see why people still give them their loyalty.
Anon1974  +   2617d ago
My warranty is up as well.
Thank god my 4th console held in there long enough to finish Gears 2 and Fable 2. I don't see anything else that I want to play on my 360 now. If my 4th dies, I won't be replacing it. What a nightmare the whole thing has been. I've been without my console for 4 months, so 10% of the 3 years I've had my 360 I haven't been able to play the product I purchased. I think I'll be sitting out MS's next gen as well.
akaFullMetal  +   2617d ago
it sucks that his 360 rrod, and that he will miss on some good games, but this is the kinda stuff that makes me not get a 360. Not til i actually hear that microsoft fixes it, or its a cheap as hell and i dont care that it breaks, then ill get one.
agmsd  +   2617d ago
Moved it to the open zone...
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caladbolg777  +   2617d ago
Move yourself to the open zone. His post is not inflammatory in the least. Negative bubbs for being a jerk.
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tatotiburon  +   2617d ago
and why he is going to miss future xbox 360 games? hellooo MR laporte, warranty anyone?? just send it and you will recive a newer console, so the big deal is?. Before anyone say it, if he bought a launch console from 2005 he said that he had a first RROD, so he got a new one from 2006 or 2007 and his warranty still good.
PoSTedUP  +   2617d ago
i wouldn't want to put up with that junk either. firstclassmailBox360?
ultimolu  +   2617d ago
Warranty expired?

Not everyone has the patience of a fool to keep sending in a broken product so it can break again.

I just hope the 360 I'm getting is stable.
PoSTedUP  +   2617d ago
i would wait till the jasper fully hits the market juuken.... until then you are just playing the MS lottery.
disrupt3r  +   2617d ago
" miss out on a ton of great future 360 games."
sweetlewfor3  +   2617d ago
Welcome to the dark side.
LeonSKennedy4Life  +   2617d ago
It will all be over soon enough...
Itrguy001  +   2617d ago
the dark side shall win this so called war that the light side have started. im just kiding im not a fanboi i just like to say stuff like that cause i like the PS3.
Sami Frey  +   2617d ago
Thats what the clerk at gamestop said to me when I traded in all my 360 games to buy ps3 games
JackBNimble  +   2617d ago
Haven't some peoples warranties run out?

It's been 3 years now since the launch of the 360.Or does M$ renew the warranty every time you send in your 360 for servicing?
DJ  +   2617d ago
nope, it's only from the original date of purchase.
Three years is not enough; it should be a lifetime warranty considering every 360 has a high risk of failure during its lifetime.
Homicide  +   2617d ago
Never heard of him.
RememberThe357  +   2617d ago
You never watched Tech TV. It got bought and now it's now known as G4.
Itrguy001  +   2617d ago
i never heard of hime either till i went on youtube and searched his name very useful
LeonSKennedy4Life  +   2617d ago
Now he can play the good upcoming titles like White Knight Chronicles, Uncharted 2, Heavy Rain, Killzone 2, Afrika, War Devil, and Gran Turismo well as Alan Wake for PC. (I HAVE TO GET IT!!!)
TheColbertinator  +   2617d ago
The warranty is done guys.

If it gets RROD now and for the rest of the 360 cycle,tough luck because Microsoft is not repairing it.
disrupt3r  +   2617d ago
Yes they will, just for launch people they will have to pay to have it repaired instead of a freebie.
outlawlife  +   2617d ago
warranty is 3 years from your manufacture date

it isn't out for anyone but launch buyers at this point
TheColbertinator  +   2617d ago
Fine.Repair it,don't repair it,whatever.It will still get RROD because the launch models were poorly built
UltimaEnder  +   2617d ago
Yes the launch models were poorly built (as well as some of the ones manufactured right after launch) but for the most part the more recent units are not having the RRoD problems....check your facts Colbert!
GIJeff  +   2617d ago
"for the most part" is >50%. So you only have a 49% risk of disk damage or total meltdown.
Microsoft Xbox 360  +   2617d ago
Jasper models won't prevent you from RROD'ing. Give it a month, it'll kick in.
Light Yagami  +   2617d ago
PS2 had disc read errors. Did you droids forget about that? at least microsoft gave us a warranty.
Aclay  +   2617d ago
Yes, the PS2 had some disc drive problems, but it was not on a mass scale like the RROD, and I'm sure that the PS2 didn't have a 33% failure rate during a point in it's lifecycle like the 360 did. And yes I know that the 360's failure rate has come down since then, but it's still high compared to the PS3 and Wii failure rate.

I only had just ONE PS2 that had a disc drive problem. Since I had the problem while my PS2 was still under the 1 year warranty, I sent it to Sony and they fixed it for free. They sent me back my PS2 and I haven't had any issues with that same PS2 going on 6 YEARS now...however the same thing can't be said for 360's that get sent back from Microsoft. Other than that one particular incident, I have had no other issues with my PS2.

Xbox 360 fans need to stop using the whole "PS2 disc drive error" in order to combat to the RROD because both issues can hardly be compared. Microsoft supposedly released the 360 when they already knew of the 360's faults, and that's just unacceptable.
PeptoBismol  +   2617d ago
With comments like that, I'm surprised you have so many bubbles

and this site is called pro-sony?

yea right, you must have a lot of 360 minions bubbling you up

InMyOpinion  +   2617d ago
Sony were better at hiding their problems. N4G has become an RROD archive were every incident gets reported.
morganfell  +   2616d ago
Dumb. And uninformed. The only reason MS coughed up a warranty is they were facing a mandatory recall ordered by the FTC. That isn't generosity or customer care, it's fiscal necessity and financial survival. MS had to be backed into the corner. Go back and check. They denied denied denied up until the last moment and even now they continue to deny. Be a sucker if you want.
dragonslayer91  +   2617d ago
Only the blind....
Worst console reliability EVER!!!! JUNK!!!! Somebody with clout finally shun's the 360. Just the beginning...Jaspers will eventually fail too. Either the video cards or the dvd drives or the hdmi port or the d-pad or the ...whatever.
tatotiburon  +   2617d ago
OMG Mr. Laporte bought a PS3, the war is over, microsoft stocks down 86%, xbox live will shut down in january, major nelson now is working with Apple.


RememberThe357  +   2617d ago
Your comment isn't?
JackBNimble  +   2617d ago
Sooner or later the warranty will be up for all xbox users, and then what?
How loyal will they be to M$ when they have to buy an new system just to play their games?
baraka007  +   2617d ago
If Steven Colbert says it, then it is a fact sir. There is no need to check it out.
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TheColbertinator  +   2617d ago
My truthiness levels are unparalleled.
Fanboy Slaughter  +   2617d ago
I feel the guy's pain...
Went through 3 of them myself (within 6 months was sent back to me pre-RROD'd), so I can at least say I gave them more of a fighting chance than this guy did.

*goes back to playing Fallout 3*
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Harry Pothead  +   2617d ago
who's Leo Laporte? As in i actually don't know who he is, and why is he so important?
UltimaEnder  +   2617d ago
He used to be the host of The Screen Savers and Call for Help (still airs in Canada I believe) and is a very respected member of the tech community. Not sure if I would say he is important but very influential to the hardcore gamer market, to say the least....
Harry Pothead   2617d ago | Spam
outlawlife  +   2617d ago
i believe he is also a radio host and on revision 3

used to write yearly tech almanacs and such, all around a real good dude

probably smarter than everyone here as well, I grew up watching leo and reading his website...he was blogging before the word blog existed

also a point of note is he occasionally comments on major nelson's twitter and vice versa, hes clearly on the fringe of the inner circle when it comes to xbox people so him coming out and publicly saying something negative is pretty big

although this story is misleading, leo didn't say this on his really have to fish around to find it, he mentions it on his twitter but the quote is from a different site entirely
TheColbertinator  +   2617d ago
Unbelievable how this went on for so long.After my PS2 broke down I didn't buy another one because I was not a slave to crappy manufacturing.I missed out on the PS2 games but I was not gonna bow down for Sony and their lack of consumer support.My 360 is currently in repair for the 2nd time and if it breaks down again,I'm not buying another.Even if I have to miss out on Mass Effect 2 and Alan Wake,I will not be a slave,drone,and patsy for a company that cannot make a reliable console whichever it may be.Whichever company makes a lasting console for me gets my money because I respect reliability and trust.
UltimaEnder  +   2617d ago
On this argument, Mr. Colbert, I have to respectfully agree with what you're saying... .. ...
UltimateIdiot911  +   2617d ago
I'm wondering, did you get another PS2 or plan to get one again?
Slim is pretty reliable and is pretty much around 100 price range when on sale.
TheColbertinator  +   2617d ago
No I'm not getting another PS2 ever.I'm done.After it broke down,I just played my Xbox and Gamecube and I was fine.If my 360 dies right now,I would just keep gaming on my Wii,PC and PS3.
dukadork  +   2617d ago
"My 360 is currently in repair for the 2nd time"
and you consider yourself "not a slave to crappy manufacturing"?


do you guys realize that sony got swarmed with class action lawsuits over the ****2%**** disc failure rate of the PS2 (which is considered a high failure rate in this industry)

the most conservative failure rates for the 360 are currently over 30% and could go as high as 60%.

it means that between 7 and 15 million 360 owners do qualify as
"slaves to crappy manufacturing"

wag of my finger!
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cyclindk  +   2617d ago
The quintessential 360 Fan Boy argument:
Oh, it comes on multiple discs for 360...well just get up and swap them out every couple of hours... I actually enjoy swapping discs, it's more fun that way!

Oh, you got the RRoD, just send it in to Microsoft every time it happens as long as you're under warranty... isn't unreliability exciting, it's like you never know when your system is going to conk out on you, it's thrilling!

We have avatars now and paying for online play is enjoyable, not having a web browser is also useful, not to mention the lack of the ability to use any third party compatible hard drive... good times all around really!
jav0918  +   2617d ago
ok so then lets get the system with the crappy online and oh the same
system that has crappy(apparently cant use the other word) games, with very little games with a metascore above 90% lets not forget about the argument that MGS4 and R2 are great (which they are because I have played both) and the never ending OMG Killzone 2 looks awesome lets hype it up just like every Ps3 game does and when it comes out hope it doesn't flop like over half of the other ps3 games.( i hope it doesn't, it could do so much) then talk to me about a system crapping out (in which for me the games and online service make up for =) ), oh and btw Ps3s crap out also. My best friends ps3 in which I played both MGS4 and R2 on, crapped out on him and he had to dish out 150 bucks isn't that sweet =D. I have not rrod since launch... Geez i have no life typing this at 3 am...
#21.1 (Edited 2617d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(17) | Report | Reply
cyclindk  +   2617d ago
1) Playstation online has worked flawlessly for me since day one, the difference between this fact and whether or not your personal 360 has died is that whether PS online is "crappy" is not substantiated by evidence as with the 360's statistically derived 60 percent failure rate, just fan boy claims.

2) I enjoy the games, end of story; and I'm in the Killzone 2 beta which lives up to the hype so that's shot down.

3) Your friend's PS3 was one of the 2-4 percent of failing PS3s, of which ninety percent are not due to manufacturing/technical oversights, but rather assembly/shipping errors/damages. Sony designed the consoles to work right and continue working...
dragonslayer91  +   2617d ago
Oh about those Avatars...
Silliest looking things I ever did see. How could a hardcore gaming system morph into something so childish. You don't even get the choice to not have the NXE update. Just plain embarassing for grownups to have to use these stupid Avatars when booting up their media/entertainment. Oh and Netflix is a bust too. Microsoft never had a vision for the system after the failure of HDDVD, so they went after Nintendo, their weakest competitor and copied their Miis hoping to counter PS HOME. FAIL!!! At least you are not forced to use the PS HOME interface though I think it is gonna kick butt when its all said and done.
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gamfreak  +   2617d ago
360 = piece of S*IT
Extend the warranty already M$......... Nobody is gonna save your @SS....


Edit: More and more BOTS realised the 360 and M$ can't be trusted.
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DJ  +   2617d ago
Even IGN complains about how many of their 360s keep RRODing on them.
Not to mention game developers.
UltimaEnder  +   2617d ago
Yep, I think it happens to a good percentage of 360 owners, especially ones that own early manufactured consoles and/or multiple systems......such as developers and game journalists!
TheAverage360Fanboy  +   2617d ago
tihs iz soooooooooooooooooo fake111111 such desparate move bai sony fanboyz to make ups tihs FAKE lie1111 rrod is FAKE
iz all 1 big consperacy made upby sony fanboz 360FTW11
jav0918  +   2617d ago
im not a fanboy
i play both systems without a problem its that people talk crap about one system when the other clearly has its downs and seriously thanks for reassuring me that the kz2 beta is living up to the hype I'm just gonna bash my friend more to get his ps3 back already even though he has no control over that. 360 has a failure with many great games ps3 costs too much with not so many great games their good games are great but a lot of the others aren't as good as they could have been. Put simple they are both great and if I could afford a Ps3 I would buy one but right now times are hard.

How is netflix a bust where are your facts to prove this? I have netflix and it's great I stream HD without a problem its a matter of connection speed. and so what if you need to take 2 minutes to make your avatar...after that you don't have to touch it again the NXE is a stupid argument you are not obligated to play with your avatar you make it and leave it alone.
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Horny  +   2617d ago
jav, I have both consoles and PS3 has way better games than 360 imo, and I honestly dont give a damn about all this fanboy bs I just judge the games. Theres not one 360 game I would rate over 9. And yes Microsoft does hype and markets their games extremely well, thats why I think they get the high scores. If Gears 2 was on PS3 Im sure it would have received a 8 or 8.5 average.
Lombax  +   2617d ago
. . . moment over, back to Gears of War 2.
oh shi... >.< it RRoDied on me ...again. Guess I'll have to send it in. Oh shi... no more warranty.

@ 17.1

yeah because a 2% fail rate is just the same as a 33% fail rate...

FAIL <.<

As far as online goes... i can play online, with 59 other people at once, with no lag. But i bet those 5 on 5 matches are better because you have to pay 50 bucks a year to play a game you already paid for.

And the meta score thing... come on Resistance 2 got an 87% and Left for Dead got a 89%. Did I miss something? Left for Dead was a small chunk of Resistance's co-op with no classes, half the players and only 4 enemy types. and yet it received a higher score. Compared to Resistance 2 it should have gotten a 20%.

I never bought into the 360 Media Bias thing until I noticed this.
Nogames08_09_360RROD  +   2617d ago
What do you expect? They don't call it the Sh1tbox -360 for no reason. With only 2 games this year and only DLC next year the eXbox -360 is as good as dead.

I can imagine the Xbot lemmings jumping off buildings and commiting suicide because they have tears of jealousy at the awesome lineup of PS3 games and a future proof console.
dragonslayer91  +   2617d ago
@jav0918 -

Here we go again....
Pleeeease stop whining about the cost of a PS3. I paid $600 at launch for a constantly reliable, constantly upgradable, high quality piece of technology which is only getting better. Guess what I bought. I have only watched 1 bluray movie so far because I didn't buy it to watch hd movies, that was just a big plus. The online is free and it works flawlessly ALL THE TIME. I can download and view grownup things through the BROWSER that was included. It is completely WIRELESS for free. IT IS AWFULLY QUIET and Bluray games/movies don't get scratched when playing inside the ultra quiet slot drive. This thing is a top of the line LEXUS...and everybody can't afford a LEXUS. Get over it. Deliver faster pizzas and maybe one day you could afford a PS3.
Bathyj  +   2617d ago
You M$ defenders act like they sent you a brand new Xbox. No you get a refurbished piece of crap, which, sorry for stating the obvious, is a machine that already broke once on someone else. I know of a guy who bought a refurb from a shop and had to return it 4 times.

Thats why people give up. Who wants that drama for a couple good games a year because if you have all the consoles, thats all Xbox is to you.
dirtrider  +   2617d ago
the ignorance in ya comment is overwhelming
first off when you send it in they send you back YOUR UNIT. now maybe in the first days they didn't but now and in the recent past they do. couple of good games per year? really. then i guess ps3 has no good games per year since most are multiplatform these days, and well as much as you a sony fanboy hate it we all know the 360 plays those multiplatform games better than ps3. id rather deal with an inconvenience if it occurs than WAIT for the games i wanna play like the ps3 camp has been doing for 2 years. oh hold on you're still waiting now AFTER 2 years. btw it's 3 years from the manufacture date on the back of the console, meaning mine is under warranty til march 2011. glad to see that the ps3 faitful THINK they know more about a console that they don't own, and give disagrees to those that do own the console and UNDERSTAND THE WARRANTY, while the ps3 fanboys type complete BS and get agrees.
bigman7387  +   2617d ago
Do you like games?
dragonslayer91  +   2617d ago
jav0918 said- How is netflix a bust where are your facts to prove this? I have netflix and it's great I stream HD without a problem its a matter of connection speed. and so what if you need to take 2 minutes to make your avatar...after that you don't have to touch it again the NXE is a stupid argument you are not obligated to play with your avatar you make it and leave it alone.

The Netflix debacle...lack of decent content and inconsistent picture quality for how much a month in addition to paying for XBL AND already paying for internet?...Oh it's a matter of connection it? Whats the point of the Avatars again? Who wants any of this lame stuff?? Take 2 minutes to make them Avatars and then leave them alone looking all sissyfied standing on one hip and what not? Not on my $400 console! No one is forcing that on me! I am through with kindergarden and I ain't goin back. The adults are on PSN when you are ready to play games for free without the 12 year olds teaching you new curse words. Casual gaming has taken over the 360 whether you like it or not.
dirtrider  +   2617d ago
seems to me your comment is nothing but your pure jealousy over the new xbox experience. oh well, you always have the option of WAITING til psn is actually as good as LIVE.....hmmm maybe when ps4 is released?
doomsonyman  +   2617d ago
i like the way they said "o000ooo moment over back to gears2" i had gears 2 for my 360 it was great but that soon faded when my 360 scratched it to hell. i just hope gears goes multiplatform so i don't have to deal with that monkey bolony
dirtrider  +   2617d ago
no offense but i think you are the don't know how to position your 360 horizontally? because once you figure out how, a miracle more scratched disks! anyways sony fanboys have "fun" with this "news" and keep in mind, the ps3 is still a distant 3rd this generation! it can't beat a "defective" console! ouch that has to hurt.
Lombax  +   2617d ago
@ 14.1
I like the way you say it cant beat a defective console, that's funny.

Let me brake it down 4 you...

XB360, after 3 years has sold 25 million. PS3after 2 years has sold 17 million. Catching on yet?

XB360 sells 8.3 million a year.
PS3 sells 8.5 million a year. And costs twice as much.
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