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DroN4eG  +   2626d ago
is a flop.
Ldubbz  +   2626d ago
People seem to care about this one..
Lets get one thing straight first; flop refers to how well something sells, not its critical reception. With that out of the way, there are a lot of sides to this that have pretty much been explored by most of u here.

Has the game actually flopped? If u look at the numbers against the huge numbers of Gears, Fallout, or Fable, then yes. The whole point of why these articles are being written and so many are commenting is simple.

Many people last year would post a long list of games that were gonna move PS3's and kill the 360, whose games were going to be terrible and sell terrible...all BS aside, could you imagine the BFD people would make if some wrote an article 3 months ago how Fable 2 would drastically outsell LBP?

So now is that time again...u can already see the new lists being generated for next year of all the PS3 titles that will own the 360. But for 360 fans it had been a cautious look to each year, awaiting the inevitability of a Sony takeover. but over the last couple of years the tables have turned, and 360 fans dont need to post lists to know that next year will be a great year for the 3-6-Oh.

Sales DO matter to gamers like us. Yes, we all know they matter for the financial stability of game publishers/devs we like, but more importantly sales now reflect community, and the bigger the game sales the bigger the community online. Yes, I pay for LIVE but its also to be a part of a very enthusiastic community that buys games in droves. Even in an extremely crowded field, games like L4D do great on the 360.

Unfortunately at this time PS3 owners just arent as excited about their games...or a good percentage of them also own 360 (and Wii...) and would rather buy more SW elsewhere. How else could you explain how some of you have stated "the best reviewed game ever" cant outsell much lower profile titles?
ind1  +   2626d ago
I gotta agree.
After playing the BETA, I felt I had played it all.

You create levels, you upload them and you download them.

The only levels that got praised were the Mario type look-a-likes, or the Uncharted: Drake Fortune type levels, or a level which you can drive a car in..

After sometime, I'm left there with just downloading random games which either don't have a challenge or are challenging, but just not even that fun, seriously.

I have found a couple of levels that were pretty well made & challenging, but I just thought to myself "I'm not even having fun, it is well made but it isn't fun"..
TUFFnNYC  +   2626d ago
I understand where your coming from. Not every game is gonna be someone's cup of tea. As for me im pickin up the game today. I seem to be more thrilled with creating levels and challenging myself to create levels no one else has. But considering a game to be a flop because of sales isnt justified. Haze and Lair are flops. Often criticized by most gaming sites. However, LBP was highly praised. I do believe that LBP will be fine. Sales will grow steadily. But it is up to many factors such as heavy advertisement. I will judge the game for myself today. Lets see how that goes.
devilhunterx  +   2626d ago
X-mens on PS3 only news. Will wonders never cease (hops to the latest RROD articles)
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zodiac909  +   2626d ago
funny how all you fuking nerds talk about this stuff! makes me laugh just to see you all debate about why it flopped or which game is better than this and that one! its sad to see you all wasting your lives...
cpuchess  +   2626d ago
Hey thanks for joining us..
grantps3  +   2626d ago
it didnt flop
it was a truly amazing game that i have a trillion hours of gameplay on. and it can be for hardcore gamers....its the casual gamers who are only into FPS or racing or something. The build a level is far from casual.

this game DID live up to the hype, it just didnt sell as good as predicted because some people were too ashamed to like a game were you play as a puppet. My 360 friends from were i live call me a Pvssy for liking it. Then i played it with them....they liked it so much they played for 6 hours straight and then helped me make a level.

it sold well, but not what was expected...also wait till christmas has past and then we will see its true numbers.
mcm  +   2626d ago
I wouldn't say this game is a flop. It's just one of those titles that will have a cult following like:
Shadow of Colossus
Every Extend Extra
to name a few.

All of those games were quality titles but were not best sellers.
They didn't get the recognition until later.
Spike47  +   2626d ago
Xbox360 fanboys are so pathetic, they know LBP has beaten all of their exclusives in review scores
so they call it a flop and try to make this whole LBP being a flop idea.

cpuchess  +   2626d ago
Flops are measured by business executives by how much money it makes. They couldn't care less if it's unique or special in any way. If tic-tac-toe could sell for a $100 million you bet they would be pushing it and working on the sequel.
Mindsucker  +   2626d ago
bunch of tools and fools
" is a private, independently owned website which is intended only as entertainment. The views expressed on this website may or may not reflect those of its owner. Don't take us too seriously. "

This comes direct from there web site. All you suckers that actually take this seriously really need to get some therapy. Man some of you people need to get off your happy little cloud and come back to reality. The more you read this crap the more money these company make from it. So the more controversial they make it the more popular it is and the more $$ these tools make from selling out to a corrupt industry.
squablo  +   2626d ago
It COULD HAVE been great........
I love everything about little planet, or at least everything it is supposed to be. Maybe the game is a "flop" because its broken. This game has been out for a while now, yet I just tried to play a game online and the lag is unbelievable!

This is my main problem with the game. I have at least 3 good friends that also have ps3s, and we never play this game together. Why? well its because the lag, even with just one other person, totally makes the game unplayable with other people.

Yes, the game is broken. No, its not my internet connection, or my friends connections either. All of our networks are configured properly for psn, and all our ps3s are hooked up with ethernet cables, thru a cable connection.

When people ask me about little big planet, I tell them its a good game, but its broken. Period.

So, how about this? Next time somebody wants to make a killer community game, lets make it so that the community part actually works.
Anon1974  +   2626d ago
Wait, how did LBP flop? WTF?
I'm confused. I'm just playing through LBP now and I think it's fantastic. It received excellent reviews and seems to have sold a million units in a month. Did I miss something? "It didn't sell as many units as Gears 2." Is the author of this article stupid? This is a platformer. Shouldn't it be compared to other platformers, like Ratchet and Clank or Banjo Kazooie? Call me crazy but I wouldn't look at Puzzle Quest sales and compare them to Gears anymore than I would compare LBP sales to Gears. That's madness.

If you're going to compare Gears to anything you'd compare it to MGS4, GTA4, or Halo or at least something close to the same genre. I just tried that and here's a fun fact for you. MGS4 has a higher attach rate on the PS3 than Gears 2 does on the 360. So does GTA4 on the PS3. Interesting.
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XDF  +   2625d ago
Hahaha @ Spike and darkride66
You two are some of the biggest Sony Fans in this site and defend everthing bad regarding the PS3 and its games. The truth is, it is not the general public but the diehard fanboys that keep saying this game will be the Savior, System Seller, etc., etc.. and will be the deciding factor this year for the PS3. Common, this game is like Viva Pinata and/or Banjo for the PS3. It is descent and great at time and pretty revolutionary but it is not going to turn things around for the PS3. Like I said earlier, they need to get GT5, GOW3, and Killzone out along with heavy advertising and a pricedrop and they will be OK. I love my PS3 but just as a Blu Ray player right now and its function but it really need those heavy hitters like GOW and GT5 to come out soon.
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