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JHUX  +   2554d ago
Yeah it's nominated for game of the year cause it's a piece of crap. I don't understand why it's always a war with you people. As a gamer, I can say from personal experience that LBP is one of the best games available right now. I don't follow sales, unless it's being spoon fed to me when a game is doing great, or doing just plain bad, but I don't understand the reasoning behind using sales or reviews for that matter, to judge a game.

OPEN YOUR EYES.. LBP is one of a kind right now, and it's one of the funnest games out right now (especially multiplayer).
Asurastrike  +   2554d ago
LittleBigPlanet has sold 850,000 copies so far.
DJ  +   2554d ago
The real issue that's highlighted by this article
Is the flawed expectation that entertainment only sells well for the first few days and then drops off permanently.
yojoe26  +   2554d ago
Guys all I have to say is
all of you, yes XBox fans as well, need to play this game before poking fun or calling it a flop because I own it and have since launch day. You know what? This game is STILL blowing me away every single time I sit down to play it. Now I have to say a lot of games have the potential to remain fun for a long time, but how many games continue to make you say "Wow" after weeks of playing them. Play this game and not just the platforming components: try the create stuff and if you still don't find it fun that's cool, but at least you will know. As for all you guys who are as some would say "trolling" just go out and give this game a try like I just said. I'm not gonna rebuke you for trolling on this site just because you love anti-PS3 news because I'm not gonna lie I do the same thing (I absolutely HATE Microsoft, not xbox 360 mind you, but Microsoft. However I have played 360 and like it, I just can't justify buying the system of a company I detest. But seriously this game is ingenious and as others have said this game will have long legs in sales and content. You'll see. My two cents...
sak500  +   2554d ago
What a turnaround. Through out the year ps3 fanboys were hyping LBP,R2,SOcom and claiming end of 360... no comment
Bombomb  +   2554d ago
tell me about
I bet you gears of war 2 beats all those 3 you mentioned and continue to sell...

oh yeah the end of MS it was

let me guess where are them 2009 year of the ps3 articles they will be here soon trust me
yojoe26  +   2554d ago
how're those two bubbles workin out for ya sak?
Bell Boy  +   2554d ago
Sure enough you have a psn, but oddly not a single trophy for LBP?

Heck man you get 1 for simply placing a sticker on another the player.
You obviously like shooters hell so do I but they aren't the be all and end all of gaming experiences. Each to their own I guess, but trash talking a game you probably at best spent 5 minutes with is a sad state of affairs IMO.

I hated GTA 4 which was a shame I loved vice city but I at least can see why others would find it enjoyable.
Close_Second  +   2554d ago
"I'm sure a lot of gamers"
This guy has come up with a theory backed up with little to no facts and tried to pass it off as gospel.

How many copies of LBP have been sold worldwide? How many will be purchased next year after the PS3 price drop?

I wish 360 owners would simply f**k off and focus on their console and stop trying to take digs at those who don't think as they do.
ReBurn  +   2554d ago
I think you just summed up the point of the article. How many will be sold after the price drop? What does a price drop have to do with LBP? There are more than 16 million PS3's out there now, so it shouldn't need a price drop in order to sell well. Instead it's always "wait until" something or other.
snp  +   2554d ago
Don't see why any 'waiting' is needed... 1 million, give or take, in one month is not a failure. Or a flop, or any other synonym. This whole hypothesis.. it's puzzling. It really is. It might yet fall short, but it certainly hasn't at this point.

Fable 2 sells 1.5 million off of an audience about a third bigger than the PS3's - even excluding the fact of the PS3's audience not being purely gaming based (a portion of PS3 hardware sales are presumably to purely/mainly media centre/bluray buyers) - and this is somehow a raging success...

It's odd.

I mean, esp in context. Ratchet and Clank - here's a series which has spawned 7 or so iterations; has been regarded as that much of a success by Sony. Average 'lifetime' sales? 2 million per game. On 100 million PS2's.

Little Big Planet, with botched introduction, as a completely new IP, gets 1 million in it's first month off ~17 million systems (as said with a percentage possibly only secondarily dubbing as games machines) - what follows that, who knows...

and.. "FLOP!! FLOPPAGE FROM PLANET FLOPTOPIA! When are the sales coming Sony? When?!"

It's mind numbing.
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darkdoom3000  +   2554d ago
Flop in sales, the game itself was a masterpeice.

i still love my sackboy!
Narutone66  +   2554d ago
No, it's not a flop
LBP just started selling in my region and it's sold out already. Funny how the xobx fan boys said that it is a flop when all the proof they have are some fan boy website saying so. Why do you care anyway? It's not on your console. Might be that you're just jealous that it's not available for your console, remember the 3 years warranty for your console is nearing expiration. Time to buy a PS3 and not be left behind.
gololo  +   2554d ago
hey...can someone tell me what are the sales figures for LBP worldwide...
trancefreak  +   2554d ago
I got this game day 1 and my kids wont stop fighting over whos next. I need 2 copies of lbp in this household.
HALE2K  +   2554d ago
Little Big Planet a Flop PS3 on life support WTF
First and for most the PS3 is doing better in its first two years on the market then the Deadbox 360, Second LBP is more Inovative then anything seen this gen,

Fact 1) PS3 sold and is selling better for its time of being on the market compared to the 360

Fact 2) Blueray is being adopted at a much faster pace then dvd in a shatty economey

Fact 3) this is the year of the PS3 like it or not, the PS3 has more games with a rating of 8.5 and above for 2008

Fact 4) XBOX360 has more games that have floped then the PS3 (hey how about those JRPGS) Squareenix your loosing fans as we speak so wipe that shatty smirk from you faces and keep rolling in microshafts money

Fact 5) LightningPS3 your a little peice of pond scum who needs to change your avatar because you not only insult me but you shame sony and Final Fantasy, with you being a Microshaft ball washer talking crap about the PS3 all the time with an avatar and a name like that, do us a favor and go play gears2 or halo 3peat because there is gonna be one every year just to keep Microshaft alive or better yet go run into oncoming traffic because your opinion is a waste of energy.

karlostomy  +   2554d ago
An ode to Little Big Flop... with apologies to W.S.
Is this a flop I see before me?
The sales, for sorrow, will not show their head.
Never was a story of more rotting
Than this of PS3 and little big flopping.

What's in a Flop? That which we call LBP
By any other name would flop on ps3.
Out, damned Flop! out, I say!
What! can the devil speak true, today?

But ps3 love is blind and lovers cannot see
The ignorance follies that themselves commit;
For if they could, Kutaragi himself would blush
To see LBP thus transformed and crushed

Good night, good night! flopping is such sweet sorrow,
That I shall say good night till it be morrow.
False SDF must hide what the false heart doth fashion
To flop or not to flop, that is the question
psycho360  +   2554d ago
To all sony/ps3 fans who are blamming 360 fans for turning LBP sales into a flop.

First of all, you were the ones hyping this game as a million console seller. We had been hearing about this game since last year or whenever the heck it was annouced as the be all end all game. The game to kill for, the game the 360 fans would dream of having on 360. Only on teh cell blah blah blah blah.. Truth be told if you guys dont overhype every piece of exclusive thing out there for ps3 be it flops like socom, haze, lair or a mega hit like MGS4 then there will not be any retaliatory action from 360 camp.

I took the other side because of sony's false propaganda about ps3, teh blu ray and teh cell. I was almost going to buy it even though i loved 360, just so that i could play CGI quality games from day one. I'm just glad i made a wise decision to wait and see what ps3 was capable of in reality than shown on the paper. Had sony admitted that its a superior console to ps2 and xbox1 then it would have had more fans than haters. BUt no they thought they could fool the public again after the CGI power of ps2 chipset.

ALas we are at the situation that most gamers chose 360 for their gaming needs and only sony lovers and followers picked up ps3 and defend it like its their own creation. Lets not forget that Nintendo, targetted the wii at casual market and did not overhype wii as the only console for gamers and next gen doesnt start without a wii.

90% of 360 fanboys acknowledge 360s issues with RROD and even though its a big inconvenience they still go for 360 cause of its gaming and online features, whereas ps3 fans defend the blu-ray and teh cell and curse the devs who have trouble with making any sense out of programming for this hastly thrown technology.

Grow up ps3 is named 3 for a reason... And its not the iteration of the console.
JHUX  +   2554d ago
Well in reality
360 fans should dream of having this game if they don't have a ps3, cause it really is amazing. Put your fanboy side to the side and just give the game a play.

And so far when it has come down to 1st party games, the ps3 has exceeded the 360 in graphics, and it will continue to get better down the road. The Cell and Bluray will prove to be important factors I am going to bet as time goes on. People act as if these consoles will have the life span of the original xbox ( :) ), We are still early in this gen, or "console war", but right now Sony is keeping a faster pace than microsoft, and is making profits off there sales.. Luckily microsoft is completely loaded, cause the 360 has not made anything for them yet.. thanks rrod!.... But when it all comes down to it... does any of that actually matter when it comes to enjoying a console? (Keep in mind I will ignore the RROD for that sentence)... Basically I would like to say F|_|ck fanboys.

If a game is good, I will support it no matter what system... but unfortunately that doesn't work for all of us. LBP deserves nothing less than 9-10/10. I would say 10 :)
eddispider  +   2554d ago
worst game ever!!!
I bought this crap and its just no fun. Even the boring banjo nuts and boltz beats this.
Information Minister  +   2554d ago
Fanboy much?
You trying to tell me that superman 64 is better than LBP?
Rob0g0rilla  +   2554d ago
It's a good game for all ages
One of the best games out. I wouldn't call it a flop since it sold over a million but I guess people would say different since this game got some pretty high scores. I guess the PS3 owners are a lot older. This game needs more advertising. It's a good game but I don't think people know what it's really about?
Shendow  +   2554d ago
Dumbass 360Fan's
Its notthing more then 360 owners crying that they didn't get anything as good as this game and the closest they get is some cheap 2D game that looks like it is for SNES, if LBP was so bad then why is MS worry about it? Hm maybe because its not a bad game or maybe the fact that hitting the "E" for everyone market would help where did I hear that from....oh yeah Wii!!! its beating both of them because of it being more family base and thats why the got LBP. Sony lacks good "E" titles and 360 lacks "E" games that don't blow, it might not do really good but it sells and thats what matters.

P.S. Have fun with your high fail rate 260.
Gambit07  +   2554d ago
Why would gamers give a Fck about these numbers, just enjoy the games.
bmatthews  +   2554d ago
My point exactly...
bmatthews  +   2554d ago
why, do we have to argue and fight? over the sales of a game...

can't we all just get along and play these games to E N J O Y them?
XDF  +   2554d ago
LBP is pretty good but is marketed to the wrong crowd..
I am very happy that this game(I have a copy, play it for like 1 hour and neve touch it again), but it is not my type of game. If I wanted to play a proper 2D Platformer, I 'll fire up my SNES emulator and play Mario. Yes ithas sold about 800.00 copies thus far and it will probably end up with about 2 million Lifetime total but the point is this game was hyped by Sony (like tey always do) as the next Titanic of videogame an thus far it has fail. It is no way a mass appeal game like Guitar Hero, Mario Kart or Wii Sports. Those game you can just pick up and play by anyone. This game is Harcore disguised as a Casual game like I said before. Casual gamers don't care about Blu Ray or HD this or That, that is why Nintendo is making a killing. The PS3 and x360 have are harcore systems and the only games that sells are Shooters, Western RPG, action, Sports, and Racing games. Sony just need to stick to this formula and advertise the hell out of Killzone 2, GOW3, and GT5 and they will be OK. But LBP is not the answer.
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snp  +   2554d ago
"the point is this game was hyped by Sony (like tey always do) as the next Titanic of videogame"

That's just not true. This wasn't some product commissioned by Sony to fill all the male fantasy pastiche's of already well selling products (blood, male testosterone grunts, guns, muscular figurine characters in homogenised invasion setting etc), and then given tens of millions in budget with an extensive advertising program prearranged..

It was a small project given room to breath and develop by a new and small startup who were largely working out what they were creating as they went. It's intent, logically, would have been to be no more than a diversification product for their catalogue - it's just too unknowable terrain to ever have been 'supposed to be' anything else (just as it's long term success will remain an unknown for quite some time given it's a uniquely expanding product, and so different from traditional typically front end loaded products).

The 'hype' that swam around it was anything but manufactured. Word of mouth spread via nothing more than trade shows and a situation of people continually being charmed by it. The second part of the anticipation came about because of the games critical success.

You're welcome to not like it - nothing is going to appeal to 'everyone'; although if you have only given it 'one hour', literally, i'd suggest you've barely tapped into what it has to offer - but it's just not fair to push that this thing was 'designed' ground up to be some Gears of War 2 etc. type seller. Yes once it had released it had a fair bit of bizz momentum behind it - and indeed a world where an expanding platformer selling '1 million' in a month is considered a 'flop' is a rather strange one - but all that was born of the product, not of anything cynical or pandering from Sony's marketing team.
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snp  +   2553d ago
Which champ is it that randomly hits 'disagree' without any actual argument? Seriously, that's incredibly obnoxious.

There's nothing there to disagree with - LBP wasn't a diled in teen male pastiche. Nor did it have an enormous budget and advertising budget. Nor was it 'hyped' by anything more than trade shows and industry (and limited internet) reaction.
Naked-Snake  +   2554d ago
That doesn't mean anything
Some of the greatest games of all times "Flopped" in sales, SoTC, Ico, that's I can think of for now because I am tired ...

Edit : KarlosTomy you're pathetic, you're probably going to say that you didn't make it yourself. You stole it from someone else which makes you even more pathetic.
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NickIni  +   2554d ago
Lol @ ignorant arseholes that think bad sales mean a game's a flop, despite many praising reviews from buyers and reviewers.

This is the only game I've bought since Twilight Princess that I haven't been disappointed in.
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psycho360  +   2554d ago
Do we need an opinion of a 12 year old kid?
karlostomy  +   2554d ago
well... uh
the developers might think it's a flop after spending more money developing it than what they recoup in sales...

...just a thought...mmmkay?
NickIni  +   2554d ago
No, we don't. So why are you commenting?


True, but it's been out just over a month. It hasn't sold badly, just not amazingly. There's still plenty of time for it to sell well.
Jdoki  +   2554d ago
Sales figures for LBP may not have been great in our opinion, but I'd be surprised if LBP hasn't generated a profit already. I doubt the beta had much effect on sales at all.

A game like LBP is never going to sell in the multi-millions, or even shift hardware. It's a new IP, and a quirky game.

But what it has done is show that Sony are happy to invest in innovative new IP. In one fell swoop they've shown MS as nothing but poor imitators; and Nintendo as having lost the ability to appeal to both hardcore and casual in one title.

LBP manages to be accessible to casual gamers, and provide long hours of fun for more hardcore gamers too.

And for that I am grateful Sony are in this industry.
Ldubbz  +   2554d ago
I didnt know a platformer with great customization was so different. IMO, its STILL a platformer, albeit a pretty good one. But the control has been derided by more than a few, which isnt good for a platformer.

I truly believe in looking for something 'different' and especially something promising from Sony, many people have overhyped this game. And I think the sales reflect that. Thats why I hate to see the term 'overhyped' thrown around to stuff that doesnt deserve it. You dont overhype something when it sells MONSTER units, like Halo 3 or GTA 4 (not to mention great reviews). But when it doesnt sell like the hype that preceded it, that IS overhype, meaning the hype outdid the actual outcome.

At its heart, LBP is a platformer with great customization, but in the pure platformer sense is it better than Super Mario Galaxy? More creative? I think not, and I think sales have reflected that.
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Dragunov  +   2554d ago
I must sell LBP, is so casual and childish... I need some homoerotic marine game just to look more hardcore and manly, just like these 12 year old boys in XBL ;)
Sez  +   2554d ago
yet sonyfanboy are praising KZ2,R2,MGS4,ect(which by what you said and i quote) "I need some homoerotic marine game just to look more hardcore and manly, just like these 12 year old boys in XBL".

i think your the 12 year old boy. instead of just enjoying your game and not worrying about what fanboys/websites has to say about sells. like a child. you want to start insulting people. well i guess your comment apply to you guys too. since sonyfanboys brought socom and R2 more than they brought LBP.
SprayandPreycom  +   2554d ago
i know why its not selling through the roof ..
are we safe to say its a game mainly for kids ??
how many kids do you know have 460$$
man i need some coffee .
STLiens  +   2554d ago
Sony needs a new Advertising team.
Thats why no game do well at all, because they don't advertsie them. Ive seen a MGS4 commercial and a R2 commercial, but no LBP commercial. Its sad too because LBP has a chance to win GOTY but since Sony doesn't want to spend the cheese to advertise it. It might suffer.
JokerSGS  +   2554d ago
Didn't it sell over a million already?
PS360PCROCKS  +   2554d ago
Well the commercials suck! My fiancee saw the commercial and I told her I wanted to get it for my nephew for christmas and she told me that it was probably one of the dumbest looking things she's ever seen, coming from someone who loves the Wii games. So the commercials suck and don't do it justice, Sony blew it.
xiuxiu6688   2554d ago | Spam
bmatthews  +   2554d ago
Who cares...
about the sales??

just play and enjoy the damn game, what's the point arguing over game sales...would you enjoy the game more if it sold better??
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