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Neoraf  +   2630d ago
LBP is a Flop.
This game was supposed to make PS3 the system of choice for the holidays.
LBP was the game to kill the Xbox360... listening to fanboys...

LBP IS a Flop.
Face reality.
DiabloRising  +   2630d ago
Your first mistake was listening to fanboys.

Your second mistake was listening to fanboys.
HighDefinition  +   2630d ago
DaTruth  +   2630d ago
That was a double PWN!!!
ultimolu  +   2630d ago
Yeah, and we should allll listen to you.

The game is a FLOP.

I'm sorry but I'm having loads of fun with this game and I'm sure others are having fun as well.

Some 360 fans hate on things they can't have on their system. If this was on your system, you would have praised it as the second coming, wouldn't you...

And Onslaught pwned, as always.
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RealtorMDandDC  +   2630d ago
LBP was only HYPED on this site..
Sony did not HYPE LBP at all...shi* I have yet to see a decent TV AD for LBP..

I here alot of people talk about over hype but that is far form the case...H3 was fuc8king over hyped to death and I hated every last bit of it..

LBP could be consider a flop I own a 360 N a PS3......and so far I have more Quality games on my PS3 versus my 360.........
Jill Valentine  +   2630d ago
It's not a flop kids. It will sell over 1 million and that is a flop? Sales don't mean nothing all the time because i know a lot of games that are overrated and suck and sell a lot. How about wait and see how it fairs through the holidays.
DiabloRising  +   2630d ago
No Jill... personal opinion doesn't matter. ONLY SALES MATTER! ONLY YTD SALES! SKUS! ATTACH RATIOS! PROFIT MARGINS! That's ALL that matters in gaming today, where have you been? Fun? FUN? HAH! Fun doesn't make you a gamer, being an armchair analyst does!

Remember, Halo 3 IS THE BEST GAME EVAR! Fact!

Also, Lord of the Rings is now proven better then Star Wars!

And Titanic? If you don't like it, you're a fool, because its a fact that it is now the GREATEST MOVIE OF ALL TIME! GO TICKET SALES! WOO!


zodiac909  +   2630d ago
jmcorp  +   2630d ago
for those that don't understand why LittleBigFlop is a flop, the reason is quite simple...

a few months (yes even that far back) before the release of the game, N4G was riddled or should i say infested with comments that went something like this...

"LBP >>> ALL 360 exclusives" "LBP GOTY 2008" "LBP will sell millions of PS3's" "LBP will get casual gamers rushing to buy the PS3" "LBP >> GeOW2, Fable 2 and Halo 3" "LBP...nuff said" "LBP System seller" "LBP top charts everywhere" "Sack boy and Sack girl >>> Mario"

LOL...excuse me while I have a quick laughing session...LMAO!!!

not exactly as planned, eh? what with LBP not even making a dent on the PS3's current standings. how sad...what does this teach you?? don't hype a game to Heavens gates...

what was it again, 40k on its japan first day launch? and the game has barely done a million since then... there's a certain exclusive called GeOW2 which did close to 2 million on day 1...

LittleBigPlanet more like LittleBigFlop...

let me digress a bit and say, whoever thought LBP would push PS3 sales, and sell millions itself needs to get a brain cell transplant, seriously, who picks up a PS3 to play LBP? a hardcore gaming console, in a shiny black finish, and an elegant yet viciously impeccable interface and powerful specs just to play this kiddy game?

it was DOOMED from day one, simply because it was on the PS3, sorry but the irony is too much for me to take...

had it been released on the Wii, sales would certainly have surpassed 5 million units by now...and that largely a FACT!

"LBP system seller", couldn't even beat FIFA 09 on the charts, FIFA 09 which was released almost a month ago...and even now Tomb Raider: Underworld is selling about a flop.
DiabloRising  +   2630d ago
The irony is...

N4G is not the world, thank god.
What is said by fanboys on N4G doesn't affect the market in the slightest.
No on cares what N4G has to say.
Your "victory" is on a website where fanboys have pissing matches. Go you, you winner!

Excuse me while I get a laugh in now.
jerethdagryphon  +   2630d ago
dont ever compare yealy football games to anything

maden ifa pro evo

they will always sell stupid numbers
since this site likes random numbers heres a couple

superbowl is watched by 2billion+ people world wide
football (soccer) is watched by 3 billion

lbp sold over 500k units and scored over 90%
its score ranked it in aa-aaa status, its sales are a bittle below par.
flops need codifing
if anygame not selling 2 million copys is a flop then fable2 is a flop

ok see my point yes lbp was hyped by this site and this site only

that was a mistake its still a good game
its still a critical success, mm revieved admiration for it and funding or more games that makes it a sucess
its nominated for several goty awards flops dont get nominated

quit saying everything is a flop

a true flop is xbox 360 pimp my ride low reviews very low sales
Silogon  +   2630d ago
It has sold over 1 million units in under a month and that is now a flop, huh? How about being honest with yourselves...

500,000 units sold is what ever developer shoos for and 1 million is what they dream for. Most games never hit 300,000, let alone 500,000 in their life times... LBP hit 1 million in under 1 month.
lelo  +   2630d ago
Let's face it... this game was way overhyped and overrated... it does not deserve the high scores it got from reviews.

I said it and i will say it again... the game is simply not that good. It's cute and funny in the beginning, after a while you get tired of it.

I played it for a few hours in a friends PS3 ... and it's OK... not great.

I don't like the Wii, but i have to admit they have one of the best platformers there is ... Super Mario Galaxy. Now that is a great platform game.
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Hot_tea  +   2630d ago
"friends PS3.."
Most 360 fan girls pull the 'friends ps3' lie to prove they know of what they speak.
Reality is lady, you have never played it so shut up.
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lelo  +   2630d ago
@ Hot_tea

Were you offended … about LBP … just because I did not think it was great?

“YOU ARE A LIAR. Most 360 fan girls pull the 'friends ps3' lie to prove they know of what they speak. Reality is lady, you have never played it so shut up “

Is that suppose to offend me? … and PS3 fanboys always claim they are more mature. I can see that … especially on N4G. GROW UP LITTLE BOY

Yes, I do have friends (seems you don’t have any)… yes I do have friends that have PS3’s … yes I do have friends that have LBP… yes I have played the game… and… I don’t think it is that great … and YES it is overhyped and overrated.
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Sircoynie  +   2630d ago
HA!there are some awful kiddy fanboy responses on here.

I'm 25, own all 3 consoles (and both handhelds) and can honestly say that if i had to rate the best three games of this gen it would go like this,

1/Super Mario Galaxy
2/Little Big Planet
3/Geometry Wars 2

I find it funny how the older i get the less shooting that i want to do(except geometry wars heheh). If you like me have played games for the past 20 years then you would have NO problem in playing LBP, i feel that some people (mainly teenagers) just skip past anything that isn't violent and forget about it.

Little Big Planet is an absolute masterpiece and easily up there with some of the best games of all time (still nothing knocks Zelda: OT off though)its just a real shame that the only people that can afford the system want games where they just shoot (COD4 is a prime example).....
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Horny Melon  +   2630d ago
Yeah I've noticed that as well..........
The only excellent shooters I've played in a very long time is Bioshock and Half Life, the rest are play and forget. I started playing FPS when you could buy "wolfenstein 3d" packs for $5 over the internet. They got boring after tribes. FPS get boring after a while once you've been playing them for a couple decades...everything in them becomes cliche.....exploding barrels, crate filled levels, overly masculine soldier with grunt voice (the thing that killed R2 for me), aliens, space marines.....where are the thief spiritual successors? How about a homeworld rebirth...nope just lame ass FPS after FPS.
IWentBrokeForGaming  +   2630d ago
I can see how the beta could have hurt this game
i think betas of any games ruins them. It spoils the hype for them. If I would've played the LBP beta, I know I would personally be like "eh, I'll get the game... but eh". I bought the game without playing the beta and I was still hyped about it. I still play it regularly with my g/f as there is still plenty to still unlock/do in the game. I recently picked up a $20 PSN card... to get the costume packs (animals, resistance, motorstorm, locoroco, etc.). The game is super enjoyable and creative. If this game flopped, Im glad I've got to enjoy this diamond in the rough along with Mirrors Edge. People would rather play rehashed generic crap than be true gamers and give innovation a chance. Im just glad Im the true gamer that is on innovations side... cause Im sick of all the been there done that generic typical crap that overfloods gamming this gen, it's really sad!
Martini  +   2630d ago
Not necessarily - it depends on the game. Beta for COD 4 on the 360 fueled the hype big time and propelled the game into being the biggest game of '07 for example. But some demos and betas can definitely hurt a game (unfinished demo of Frontlines) or make a game (Bioshock on 360).
Theoneneo81  +   2630d ago
You guys also got to put in the Economy into the picture rember September and October were really the toughest months since the economy tanked not everyone is gonna go spend 60 bucks at a time like that and I'm sure a lot of people have been starting to save as much money as they can for the holidays around that time.
badkolo  +   2630d ago
no one expected banjo to do well so stop with that, i hated banjo when i saw you need to build your rides, thats boring, so is lbp, brilliant but boring game.

the difference is no one hyped banjo, everyone hyped lbp, it the best scores yet it flopped, tomb raider is selling more on the ps3 for gods sake, the game may be great and recieved great scores but it was overhyped and undersold.

after xmas comes killzone2 then we will see if people buy games or movies on the ps3.

The same will hold true in feb, if killzone gets high scores yet doesnt sell gears1 or gears 2 numbers then its a flop as well, with all the hype killzone2 is getting, with its great graphics and with all sony fans calling it the killer of all games, then it better sell 2 million in a week or its a flop too.
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ShinnokDrako   2630d ago | Spam
dkgshiz  +   2630d ago
look at all the losers on this site.
Do any of you do anything besides going on n4g? I doubt any of you do.
Theoneneo81  +   2630d ago
and yet here you are
Figboy  +   2630d ago
it had been a few weeks since i played
LBP, because i had been playing other games (like Fallout 3, Motorstorm: PR, Resistance 2, Killzone 2 beta, etc), but i popped it in today, before i left for work, and played it for a good hour or so.

i forgot how utterly charming the game is, and how it's potential really shines when creative people are doing creative things (i played a user created level today that was just excellent).

personally, i think LBP is a Game of the Year contender, if not a possibly winner (too many games i've had AMAZING fun with this year to really narrow it down to just one being the best).

do i think LBP is a sales flop? why, because it didn't sell 8 million units on day one? why do i care in the first place?

all i know is Media Molecule has created a fantastic game, and i love it. i'm having fun with it, as are my family and friends, and many of the gamers on my friends list.

i also know that LBP released during a brutal avalanche of quality games.

i liken it to Beyond Good & Evil (which i also played for a little bit today as well). brilliant game, with an excellent story, characters, and world. critically praised, receiving scores in the 9's across many a publication. sold like ASS. i mean, it really bombed. why? because too many good games came out during it's release. i think the release of Prince of Persia, Splinter Cell, some sports games, and a few others i can't think of (like a GTA or Silent Hill, SOMETHING), overshadowed BG&E.

LBP, and many other worthwhile games (like Valkyria Chronicles), are in the same boat.

ultimately, i think LBP will have sold over 1 million units. much like the Ratchet and Clank and Sly Cooper franchises, they don't come out of the gate with 1 million sold, but over time it gets there (Ratchet and Clank Future: TOD didn't sell like gangbusters on day one, but has since sold over 1 million units in the year since it's release).

i don't understand some of you young gamers that are so quick to point to sales numbers as a sign of quality.

yeah, enjoy your Kane and Lynch, 50 Cent: Bulletproof, and Ben 10. all of which sold over 1 million units.

i'll stick to GOOD games like LBP, Valkyria Chronicles, and Dead Space.
DiabloRising  +   2630d ago
Thank you Fig. You give me hope that there are intelligent people here worth discussing things with.

This preoccupation with sales = quality just saddens me. For 4 generations I played games without so much as a mention of sales numbers. Mario Bros, Super Mario World, Warhawk, Goldeneye, God of War... I just played games and talked about playing games. And now all people care about is sales.

What the sh1t happened man?
Figboy  +   2630d ago
tell me about it.
i've been gaming since 1985 and i've never seen such a preoccupation with sales numbers.

me and my friends would argue over who was cooler, Sonic or Mario, but sales numbers and processing power never stepped into the equation. it was all about the GAME.

nowadays, however, i think most of these kids don't even remember they're playing video games, they get so caught up in the business side of the industry.

while i find some of the internal workings of companies like MS and Sony interesting, it has very little, if ANY affect on my enjoyment of the games they produce on their consoles.

even though back then, there was the whole Sega vs Nintendo thing going on, ALL of us had both consoles, or at least knew somebody who had the one we DIDN'T and even though i loved Sonic more than Mario, i still couldn't wait to visit my cousin and pop in Super Mario World on his SNES. or play Virtua Cop on the Saturn, while loving Resident Evil on the PS1.

we were fanboys, but we appreciated what the other system had.

nowadays, it doesn't matter HOW good the competitions games are, it seems like the fanboys just hate it out of spite.

with gaming, it's this new breed of fanboy, that comes armed with sales data, shipment numbers and charts, outdated links to quotes from developers who have gotten so out of touch with the current gaming market that their ideas should be locked up in a museum, and an unrivaled HATRED for the "enemy" console, no matter how quality some of it's offerings may be.

we have fools (yes, fools), hating on games like Gears of War 2, or Resistance 2, or Uncharted, or Fable 2, or Little Big Planet, just because it's not on their preferred system.

this is DANGEROUS to our industry as a whole. we WANT more games like the ones i mentioned. they are exactly what this industry needs, and yet gamers, and the gaming media alike, just LOVE to crucify them with nit-picking reviews and an overall tone of derision when covering them (just look at ANY kotaku post about the Playstation 3, for an example of a group of people that just CAN'T be objective in their reporting).

this new fanboy era is fueled by FUD and envy. and it has to stop. it's NOT just fun and games anymore, and some of these folks take it way too seriously.

genuinely good games like Heavenly Sword were MURDERED last year by the media and critics alike. now there will be no followup, which would more than likely improve upon the flaws of the original. but hey, i bet there's going to be a sequel to Kane and Lynch, just like there was a sequel to 50 Cent, because those games made the developer money.

funny thing is, Heavenly Sword has reached 1 million units sold, which is a SUCCESS, by the way, but it's too late. the brand has been damaged, and i think Sony has abandoned it (but hopefully NOT). yeah, thanks fanboys and the fanboy media. assholes...

this new "Fanboy Era" is going to be more damaging to the gaming industry than helpful, especially as the gaming culture continues to grow and expand to beyond just hardcore gamers. i mean, why the hell would other media and non-gamers take us seriously when they look at the gaming community and see a bunch of ignorant, petty, immature fanboys waving about sales numbers and tech specs like electronic penises?

hell, i'd go the other way too.
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DiabloRising  +   2630d ago
I agree with you, on absolutely everything you said. Frankly, I'm disgusted, by this site and by what "gamers" have become.

I just can't understand why it has to be one or the other. Why can't people realize you can like more than one thing, be it console, franchise, whatever?

I'll say it plain and simple. 90% of "gamers" out there today appear to be fools. Pure, simple, unadulterated fools. They place sales above their own fun factor. They shoot down games they have never played.The term flop is tossed about like it was nothing. SKUS, YTD, Sales ratios, attach rates, FPS, texture resolution... I hear about THAT more than I hear "Hey, that game was damn fun!" They play corporate cheerleaders for companies that just want their money. They accept anything that is given to them, such as high PS3 pricing and the freaking horrid RROD situation. They just bend over and take more and more, THEN defend the company when someone says something even SLIGHTLY criticizing. The appreciate NOTHING and want EVERYTHING.

Everything has to be a bash fest, nothing can be good hearted joking, or conversation, or critical analysis. The "media" is a joke, and taught gamers to hype the next big thing. Then when it hits, it gets a 3 paragraph review then its on to hyping the next big thing. I've heard more about the goddamn NXE this fall than I have about Gears 2 or Fable 2. What does that say about gaming "journalism" and "gamers" today?

I'd love to be able to actually talk about the pros and cons of Gears 2, or Resistance 2... thats how the industry grows. By having CONSTRUCTIVE criticism. But gamers and "journalists" have become so damn jaded, it amazes me. Especially after time after time, journalists are PROVEN BIASED, but people cling to idiocy like Metacritic instead of their own opinions. We should be looking at ways to improve our hobby, our industry as a whole. But no, it has to be "lol ps3 sux" or "my game sold more urs sux." When gaming collapses again under its own bullsh1t, I for one won't be surprised. Thanks "gamers," you have no idea what kind of crap you sow.

What happened Fig? Seriously, what happened?

LOL @ Disagree Fairy - Too damn pathetic and stupid to make a solid counter argument. Run away little fanboys, run away. Let the big boys do the talking here.
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ultimolu  +   2630d ago
Bubbles for both of you guys.

360 fans are only obsessed withe the sales because they wanted this game to fail.
Horny Melon  +   2630d ago
whos cooler? Pfffttt not even a contest, Sonic. Mario has been trying to rescue some self absorbed wench ("save me mario, save me!") Sonic is saving the environment. Well in the genesis games anyway.

What strikes me though is how out of touch most reviews are now with the reality of the games. Assassin's creed and GTA were touted as flawless perfection, but now that opinions can no longer hurt sales everyone is telling the truth and now that the hype has worn off and all the "fanboys" have come to their senses everyone agrees....

GTA friends system was annoying, as was the blur effect and vehicle controls, and the gameplay is largely unchanged from previous titles.

Assassins creed was beautiful but had horrendous game play, the same three missions again and again and again and again....

It's like people buy off of name recognition alone and don't want to here anything bad about the game (regardless of the truth) because it shows them the bad decision they made when they bought it.
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Figboy  +   2630d ago
thanks guys!
and i agree, Sonic is way cooler than Mario.

Sonic 2 and Super Mario World are two of my favorite games of all time however, so the debate continues. lol.

but yeah, we used to actually talk about the GAMES back then (Phantasy Star, or Final Fantasy?), and while most of us were certainly fanboys (i was a big Genesis fanboy, as it was the only console i owned next to my NES, but i wanted an SNES so BAD back then too, but we just couldn't afford it. eventually i got one, but for those years i didn't, i was a diehard Sega fan), we still wanted, and or had the "rival" console.

that sense of a "friendly rivalry," is all but gone now when it comes to the gamers.

even the big companies aren't behind some dirty, underhanded tricks. just look at recent comments made by MS in their interviews. the mudslinging at the competition just never ends. and don't get me wrong, MS isn't the ONLY company that plays dirty, but recently, despite most of the cards being in MS's hand for the past three years, they STILL feel the need to browbeat the competition. WHY? unless you're scared. we KNOW that your console is the cheapest, has the largest number of software titles available, and is selling very well in your home turf. we don't NEED to hear about it in every interview, or how you're beating Sony every other sentence. Nintendo and Sony, YOU can take that lesson to heart also.

but the fact that the fanboys have become corporate cheerleaders also is really disturbing.

there's no doubt that i'm a HUGE Playstation fan. Sony earned my trust back with the Playstation, and while i wouldn't say i'm "loyal" to the company, they are certainly my first choice when a new piece of gaming hardware is released.

i cheer on the Playstation 3, because it genuinely IS a good system. it has reliable hardware, features that i actually USE (being an adult gamer with responsibilities like fiances, bills, rent, etc, i look for the best value for my dollar), and game software that caters to my tastes (i prefer games like Heavenly Sword and Folklore to games like Halo 3 and Gears of War. nothing wrong with those games, but they just aren't my type. i DO like Resistance 2 and shooters like Uncharted and MGS4, but i LOVE action/adventure games and RPGS). that's the reason why i often recommend the PS3 to those looking to pick up a new system. it's value for dollar proposition is simply better than the competition.

i want MS and Sony to do well this generation, but the way they've been going about it this generation, in particular Microsoft (exclusive DLC, "bought off multiplats," etc) just leaves a nasty taste in my mouth. i believe the word "co-exist" isn't in Microsoft's vocabulary. if they aren't number one, then they don't even want to bother.

but the video game industry is too much of a profitable pie for them to abandon anytime soon. and i imagine that they just won't quit, and will do whatever it takes UNTIL they monopolize the industry like they do the PC OS market.

i think all three consoles this generation can offer a unique experience for the gamer, and that all three can co-exist in the industry. i DO think, eventually, the Playstation 3 will come out on top, as there are still over 120 million PS2 gamers that have yet to upgrade to the new consoles, and if a $200 360 hasn't convinced them too, then they must be waiting for that PS3 to drop in price. a $200 PS3 would certainly fly off of shelves. i'm expecting it to hit $300 by early next year, which will boost sales as well.

god dammit, even I'M talking about sales numbers now...

anyway, if MS fixes the Red Rings, and starts opening up THEIR OWN game development studios. they will have my respect as a gamer. i personally don't want exclusive DLC for games i've played and beaten 6 months to a year ago. i want NEW GAMES. closing down studios is counterproductive to creating NEW GAMES.

if Nintendo stops d*cking around it's loyal fanbase by constantly stringing them along with the promise of a new Mario, Zelda, or Metroid title, and starts producing more than just nostalgia-laden sequels to franchises i've been playing for 23+ years, then they'll have earned my respect back as a gamer. don't get me wrong, i'm GLAD that the Wii is appealing to a larger audience, broadening the gaming market, but not at the cost of the very gamers that put them in this position in the first place. it was us diehard Nintendo fans that championed the Wii, showing it off to non-gamer family and friends. more than just a few nostalgia throwbacks every few years is the LEAST we could ask for. oh, and treat your third parties as more than just filler to tide over your audience until you release YOUR guaranteed money-maker Mario, Zelda, or Metroid title.

Sony has my respect as a gamer for growing up WITH me over the past 13+ years. but things are not perfect. fix your marketing campaign. there's no excuse for games like Little Big Planet to sell the way they are (although 850,000 units is quite impressive. it DESERVES to be more). STOP showing off games when they are nowhere close to completion. i know it's hard to keep quiet, especially when the gaming media and community are constantly harping about you not showing off games. but keep it in your pants until you KNOW that it's only 6 months to a year before release. HOME and LBP were shown prematurely, though admittedly, you needed SOMETHING to show the jaded masses that you were still thinking about games.

being the in Home beta, i can definitely say that the delay was NEEDED, but it won't stop people from b*tching about it. when games like 8 Days and The Getaway 3 get put indefinitely on hold, people who were actually interested in it have a right to be pissed. you should have kept that in your pants too. at least until there was some actual GAME to show.

on the flip side, if a game is close to release: SHOW IT OFF!! White Knight Chronicles releases on December 25 in Japan. so far, it's ONLY been shown in trailer form, or guided demo form, but it's never been played by fans. yes, there is a show in mid December, where you'll finally let gamers get their hands on it, but that's something that should have been done at LEAST two months ago. it's hard to build up the appropriate buzz two weeks before launch. WKC should be on the lips of every Japanese PS3 owner, and non-owner.

also, DON'T release too many big games so close to each other, ESPECIALLY if it's already in a crowded season.

as good as they are, SOCOM, Wipeout HD, Little Big Planet, Resistance 2, and Motorstorm: PR DESTROYED one another with their release schedule. it was literally like they were a week apart from one another. taking into account that most folks are paid on a bi-weekly schedule, and that's just a recipe for disaster. i had to pass on a large number of games myself, because of the deluge of excellent game releases during the months of October and November.

we know you have a lot of ground to make up being a year late to the party, but don't just assume that the SOCOM, Resistance, Little Big Planet, and Motorstorm fanbases are SEPARATE.

personally, i like all FOUR franchises, and would have liked to have owned all FOUR. i had to pass on SOCOM and Motorstorm: PR, because i just couldn't afford them, because other games were on my list that i wanted more (like Fallout 3, Fable 2, Resistance 2, and LBP; which i DID purchase).

anyway, none of the consoles are perfect, but i certainly love the games and services i'm getting on my PS3 more than my 360. i don't own a Wii, and won't, until they inevitably release the "Wii HD."

i go to where the games that interest me are. i have a 360 for Fable 2 and Alan Wake (whenever that releases). i have a PS3 for all the classic franchises i love (God of War, Wipeout, Gran Turismo, etc), and for Sony's penchant for releasing a lot of NEW IPs (remember, GOW, Ico, Shadow of the Colossus, Jak and Daxter, Sly Cooper, Ratchet and Clank, etc, were all new IPs once too), and quality new IPs at that.
psycho360  +   2630d ago

"360 fans are only obsessed withe the sales because they wanted this game to fail"

Oh and the ps3 lovers including yourself were not touting ps3 sales numbers over 360 for past 1 year? Hypocrite much?
ultimolu  +   2630d ago
"Oh and the ps3 lovers including yourself were not touting ps3 sales numbers over 360 for past 1 year? Hypocrite much?"

Yes, because a person can't change.

How sad indeed. Bring up the past instead of focusing on what's here and present.

You were doing the exact same thing. :)
123456789  +   2630d ago
LBP will sell 1.5 mill by the end of this year
IT will trust ME. IT will
Sez  +   2630d ago
it's having a hard time selling 1 mil. let alone 1.5mil.

@ whom ever
unless you have proof that LBP sold 1 mil. stop claiming it.
tonynibbles  +   2630d ago
Mirrors Edge. That as a FLOP in sales.

The Socom Confrontation Beta = That was a Beta Flop. Unplayable.

The Little Big Planet Beta = That was a *beta*.
C_Dub  +   2630d ago
A demo would be much appreciated
I'm very interested in this game. I didn't get into the beta, and because of that, my interest slowly dwindled until it became "I'll get it some day". I wanted into the beta so bad to see if I would like this game, but was shut down day after day. Now I'm holding out until I either get an excess of money or maybe a demo of the game. That is what I need. I think a lot of people who are on the fence about this game would also love to have a demo version available. THAT is what's preventing more sales imo.
Skadoosh  +   2630d ago
It's no doubt that LBP is a major failure. I don't know where everybody is getting that this game has sold a million copies. I guess it's just sony fanboys dreaming again. But this game is around 500k and pretty much off the top charts. That's still a pretty good mark for a new ip but not the millions it was supposed to sell. I thought this game was supposed to break Halo 3's record.

I personally think the game is crap.

But what is wrong with you sony fanboys? Resistance 2 is also having crappy sales. The new Call of Duty easily outsold it. Why don't you guys support your system? The 360 boys are definitely supporting their system. Fable 2 outsold LBP and R2 combined!!! WOW. Time to stop talking sony boys.
snp  +   2630d ago
I'm not sure why you're dividing the sales in half.. nowhere is '500k' logical - even sites which are usually 'shy' with Sony sales estimates (eg VgChartz) estimate >800k...

As to it being off the charts. The week it was 19 on all formats, it was mid 40's Amazon UK. Then a funny thing happened there. It climbed to the 30's. Then the 20's. Then the teens. Then high teens. Then low in top ten. And it's now at number two there - significantly ahead of all the other games being put up in it's place here as successes (which are, naturally, dropping daily). And a spot it's kept for a number of days now...

You'll find a similar thing happening at many online gaming stores (specifically European - it's the top seller (all gaming products) at etc.).

Patience being a virtue, sincere people might want to wait until it's had a chance to use it's legs to show what it'll actually end up doing - or at least wait until there's some genuine numbers available. But, of course, none of the motivations for analysing the performance of this game (to negative ends) are sincere...

These sort of articles are useless, by enlarge, except perhaps as an interesting case study in one particular thing - whether or not this site is just filled with Sony diehards (often used as justification for elevating antagonistic nonsense articles), or if it has numerous provocative morons of other persuasions. I think this article - and the other three before it - and it's myriad of childish respondents each jostling on top of one another to get in their inane - repetitive - shot sort of ends that debate.

PS: If you want to disagree, could you please respond with actual human words as to what you're disagreeing with. It not makes your response actually useful, but also far less cowardly. Cheers.
#48.1 (Edited 2630d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
snp  +   2630d ago
Amazon UK just sold out. 4 copies left at dearer than RRP price point.

Yeah, this things tanking all over the place. No word of mouth whatsoever. I'm sorry, comments like that just baffle me. No evidence for them whatsoever, and all anecdotal evidence points to just the opposite...
#48.2 (Edited 2630d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
ultimolu   2630d ago | Spam
Sez  +   2630d ago
first off. you are using vgchartz as your proof that LBP is close to selling 1mil. you just made your whole argument worthless. vgchartz has been claim by both side(sonfan/360fan) to be inaccurate when it comes to it's numbers. their has been many people on both side also wanting have vgchartz news or predictions banned from N4G. yet you turn around and try to use them. like it's ok now because they are the only one's making LBP look good as far as sales wise.

second. there no reason. and i mean "NO" reason why LBP didn't get better sales. now i know what you think. "SALES DON'T MATTER" well honestly they do matter. look at heavenly sword. it was an OK game. just too short for the asking price. now with the low sales. do you think these guys will want to make a sequel if people aren't going to buy it,or more so why keep it exclusive,what about money for the next projects,the hiring of more dev's,ect.

the point i'm trying to make is that in the end. LBP will sale about the same as viva pinata. theres no advertisements or word of mouth that could change this. yes LBP did get good reviews. but if no-one's buying it. what does that really say about the game.

@ ultimolu/jukken

i had to laugh at this "snp: 360 fans are usually cowards. When they can't argue your points, they hit disagrees and run off" LMFAO. like all sonyfan are sooooo brave that they tell you why they hit the disagree botton and give a strong arguement as to why they did what they did. plz i'm still waiting for anyone to prove me wrong. that LBP sold 1 mil. yet all i get is STFU, your mama,you don't know nothing, LBP is the greatest game ever created,and (my personal favorite one) you don't own a ps3 cause you can't afford it. yet in all that i still haven't gotten any proof to prove me wrong.

come on ultimolu/jukken. show us how sonyfan do it. show me that you could do more than just back pedal on your comments. that you can actually stand behind what you say with out contradicting yourself.
ultimolu  +   2630d ago
Damn vega, you're quite late to the party!

"i had to laugh at this "snp: 360 fans are usually cowards. When they can't argue your points, they hit disagrees and run off"

It's true. Can't prove anything wrong so they slam disagrees and run off.

"LMFAO. like all sonyfan are sooooo brave that they tell you why they hit the disagree botton and give a strong arguement as to why they did what they did."

Yes they do. I do it. chaosatom does it. And so do other people who support the PS3 and doesn't hate on it like you and some 360 fans do on a daily basis.

Oh, and Sonyfans is *plural*.

"plz i'm still waiting for anyone to prove me wrong."

I just did by responding to your comment.

"that LBP sold 1 mil. yet all i get is STFU, your mama,you don't know nothing, LBP is the greatest game ever created,and (my personal favorite one) you don't own a ps3 cause you can't afford it. yet in all that i still haven't gotten any proof to prove me wrong."

I'm sorry but I don't understand what you're saying here.

"come on ultimolu/jukken. show us how sonyfan do it. show me that you could do more than just back pedal on your comments. that you can actually stand behind what you say with out contradicting yourself."

Can *you* stand behind what you say without contradicting yourself?
Sez  +   2630d ago
@ ultimolu/jukken
"Can *you* stand behind what you say without contradicting yourself?" to answer your question? I AWAYS DO.

"Damn vega, you're quite late to the party!" must not be to late. if you are still here. you must couldn't get a ride "Home" or something.

""plz i'm still waiting for anyone to prove me wrong." I just did by responding to your comment". you didn't prove me wrong. all you did was the same thing all the other sonyfans do. you danced around what i asked you to provide me. PROOF THAT LBP SOLD 1 MIL. do you understand that.

"Yes they do. I do it. chaosatom does it. And so do other people who support the PS3 and doesn't hate on it like you and some 360 fans do on a daily basis"- i can tell you many thing wrong with your statement. i will give credit to chaosatom. but you. you got to be kidding. you have back-pedal in a number of threads.

oh oh " How sad indeed. Bring up the past instead of focusing on what's here and present"

when it comes to you. you got to be kidding. do us all a favor and stop trying to act like you don't hate on the 360 on a daily basis,or have posted flop in a 360 thread. now you trying to act like it's just all 360fans.and sonyfans are all above that. yeah. maybe... just maybe... you need to head over to the openzone. and you will see what i mean... ok
#48.6 (Edited 2630d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
Apocalypse Shadow  +   2630d ago
fig,you have to understand
the 360 fans have been brainwashed by microsoft's viral marketing campaign.

they love numbers
they love stats
they love percentages from sites like metacritic.
they jump the gun just like microsoft and their 360 strategy.

they believe "quick sales mean great games.."
and they believe "great games sell millions of copies."

consider the fact that these same individuals bought over 2 million copies of the "BURGER KING" game.that must have been a great game there.

the viral campaign will continue to push forward,bashing ps3 quality games in hopes it slows ps3 down.just like bluray is bashed with pitiful articles to try and drag down the next media format.

such a shame that they waste their time trying to stop what is inevitable.which is more sales of ps3 and quality games still being produced.

Hot_tea  +   2630d ago
Right on.
Bubbles for the truth sir.
Figboy  +   2630d ago
you are definitely correct.
and it's a shame, because some genuinely good games have been absolutely DESTROYED by the gaming media, and the fanboys.

Heavenly Sword
Warhawk (although it has a healthy community, it's one of the most underappreciated online games of last year)
Zack and Wiki (Nintendo fanboys don't play ANYTHING that wasn't crafted by the hands of Nintendo themselves, even if the game is quality. see; the aforementioned Zack and Wiki, and practically EVERY other 3rd party Wii and Gamecube game released thus far)

so much hate for what has been created to entertain us.

gamers these days expect perfection, and that's simply impossible.

so many fanboys within and outside of the gaming media/industry, have altered and tainted the perception of video games this generation, that i don't even know if it can be repaired.

i mean, since WHEN has a 8/10 been considered a flop??

oh yeah, since this generation started, and the fanboys took over.

since when is selling 1 million consoles (regardless of how long it took to reach that number), been considered a sales flop??

oh yeah, since this generation started, and the fanboys took over.

the gaming industry, media, and community has been overrun by an obscene number of fanboys.

or maybe it's because the internet tends to funnel groups of like-minded individuals to one place, it SEEMS like it's overrun. but when you have "respected" media outlets jumping on the fanboy bandwagon, just to get hits on their sites...well, i think we're in trouble.

this console war is worse than any i've seen. period. not even the PS1/N64 console war got this ugly. it's at ridiculous levels of pettiness now. from ALL fanboys. not just fanboys of one particular console.
ultimolu  +   2630d ago
Well said.
Blink_44  +   2630d ago
I dont understand why people care about game sales. If you have it and you enjoy it, you shouldnt really care about how its sold.
tonynibbles  +   2630d ago
Blink_44  +   2630d ago
Thank you kind sir.

bubbles for you!
tonynibbles  +   2630d ago
The six-figure TV advertising campaign in UK doesnt even *begin* until December.
FFS the games only just been released.

The game is overall, regarded to be an excellent game. All across the board its a 9/10 minimum.

Sales dont really count for fvck all.
Ico was an incredible game and that barely sold any at retail.
Magic_The_Celt  +   2630d ago
Awww here we go again

angry little fanturds trying to call it a flop

Now listen closely, LBP is the highest rated exlusive, ever.

Oh i know that must sting so bad, especaily since these days meta scores matter hugely to both publishers, the media and developers.

The sales are brilliant, yeah maybe not as big as say GTA or Gears 2, but guess what, LBP is a brand new unique IP which brings a whole new genre, and had barely any advertising not to mention an exlusive.
earwax  +   2630d ago
LBP is the highest rated exlusive
That NOBODY is buying.
air1  +   2630d ago
why the new ip and no advertising excuse?

could it be that you sony fanatics jumped the gun and called out doom for games like fable 2 and gears2? both games have a much better success then lbp.

maybe if you guy's didnt down play proven games and over hype lbp you wouldnt need an excuse, but since you sony fanatics wanted to compare it to gears2 and fable2, in comparison "sales wise" lbp drowned.

as a "new" ip it did great, but compared to proven ip's not so much.. and that must sting..
#52.2 (Edited 2630d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
Magic_The_Celt  +   2630d ago
^^ why would it sting air? last time i checked i didnt work for sony, so sales dont effect me 1 bit

the quality of the game however, does, and as it stands LittleBigPlanet is a better game than Fable II or gears 2, although i still love Fable II (and gears 2 is still a pathetic excuse for a game)
XDF  +   2630d ago
Sales don't count for us but for Sony....
I am sorry, but Sony was betting their Farm on this game and it drop quicker than Monica Lewinski on her Knees after it came out. The initial bum rush is over for he game and it is really a harcore kind-of game disguised as a Wii game. Kid and Casual folks don't know nor have the time or patience to create levels. This game is too ambitious for its own good and that is not going to have the word of mouth that some of you Sony worshippers dream about. This game didn't flop as it sold prtty descent but it is no MGS4 or Gears. Sony should just focus on the hardcore stuff like GOW3 and Killzone 2 and advertise THE $H!T out of it instead of this psudo casual BS like LBP. How in the world can it compete with the Wii and Microsoft. This year is over for Sony. At least they still have the Dark Knight on BD coming in Dec as the next must have.
DiabloRising  +   2630d ago
The great thing is, I'd rather have LBP to play, then have companies continue their streak of homogenizing, casualizing, and throwing out subpar sequels year after year. We need balance between new IPs and companies taking chances, and the companies who are all about profits and throwing out the next easy sequel (HEY THERE ACTIVISION! MILK GH ENOUGH YET?!)

I don't work for Sony, MS, or Nintendo. Neither do any of you I'd wager. This preoccupation with sales numbers is a pathetic, sad trend.
xg-ei8ht  +   2630d ago

TombRaider - How many Games, on how many consoles.

It's an established game.

I rest my case.
user3915800   2630d ago | Spam
XDF  +   2630d ago
@ xg

Tomb Raider is freaking dead dude. RIP Lara Croft...Hope you can sell 200,000 copies combine.
Bell Boy  +   2630d ago
More like a breath of fresh air!
IMO the reality is the market is pretty much flooded by shooters nowadays(don't get me wrong I like to play them myself) but this game is a true masterpiece released in the usual sea of first and third person shooters. Honestly you would think true gamers from all sides would celebrate a title that looks beyond the usual fare we are served up, but alas no apparently 1st day, week and month sales are now the gauge of a what is least to half of the folks on here.

If you don't like it fine, but all I know from personal experience is my wife just completed it with me and she ain't played a video game in 20 years, her shooter loving nephews played 4 player with us and they are now desperate for it for Christmas...that to me = family entertainment. So this game will no doubt have a very long profitable lifespan
No Way  +   2630d ago
Flop, Flop.. Ah, who the hell cares?

I'll be getting it once I get my PS3.
JeepGamer  +   2630d ago
830,000 is a flop?
I'm curious about all of this nay saying going about the sales of LittleBigPlanet...

It's sold 830,000 copies. If you don't think that's successful then you're are one of two things: A complete retard or a fanboy. Was Fallout 3 for the PS3 a failure too? It only sold 500,000 copies. I guess Fallout 3 was a "near" failure on 360 as well since it sold only a little over one million.

Just because the game isn't selling like a well established and highly over hyped franchise like Call of Duty, Grand Theft Auto, or the latest EA sports title hardly means the game is a flop.
Enigma_2099  +   2630d ago
I'll do you one better...
... when was the last time you ever read about a 360 game being considered a failure... because I KNOW there were some that didn't sell nearly as good.
ionisdialos  +   2630d ago
i own both systems

LBP sucks
and its only hyped by lame ppl
its so damn borring
Hot_tea  +   2630d ago
ionisdialos  +   2630d ago

psycho360  +   2630d ago
hahahah hot tea got burned.
NickIni  +   2629d ago
Because your opinion is better, or counts more, than everyone else's? Personally, I love this game. It's so simple, yet successful and fun. It seems a lot of people feel the same about LBP.
Enigma_2099  +   2629d ago
Hey, everyone's entitled to an opinion... you may not agree with it, but it's true.
For example, I thought Halo 3 was boring and overhyped... like the bubble shield it bragged about, so there.
NickIni  +   2629d ago
"LBP sucks
and its only hyped by lame ppl
its so damn borring"

I don't see anything there that says it's his opinion. He's saying it like it's fact, and then just being plain insulting.
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