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Horny Melon  +   2631d ago
The price of Blurays is to blame.............
$5-$15$ more than a dvd means I only buy the Blurays that are must have home theater experiences. The rest, like anime, get bought on DVD.
iggypop123  +   2631d ago
maybe that walmart 128 blu ray player gets things moving
aggh im on fire  +   2631d ago
When blue ray players are the same price as DVD players and the discs are the same price as DVD discs then it will explode but the majority of people don't want to fork out the extra money to see the same film no matter what the quality. Its a sad state of affairs but the majority of people couldn't care less that the picture is x4 better to them its still the same film.
You have to remember most people on this site are heavily into the tech. The general public don't even know what the hell HD is.
ps34ever  +   2631d ago
Blu-ray is the best for movies
Stereojet  +   2631d ago
Who writes this stuff??
yanikins111  +   2631d ago
yoghurt  +   2631d ago
only N4G can have this article, listed 2 articles above an article saying how Blu-Ray has just had a record month - BRILLIANT.
KidMakeshift  +   2631d ago
The only thing I find to be a turn off is how outrageously expensive blu-ray is. It's seems only amazon sells them at a discount but places like best buy sell blu-ray at $29.99 while the dvd version of the movie for only $14.99. My other gripe is they're releasing full retailed priced Blu-ray versions of old movies that don't benefit from the HD format at all like Adam West The Batman Movie which was made in the 60's for television. I love Adam West Batman. It's one of the greatest shows ever made but I'd rather buy the $5 dvd version over a $30 HD version that isn't HD
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aiphanes  +   2631d ago
You do not know how to shop...
Best buy has most blurays onsale today for $16...some even $9.99

Walmart the same thing...

If you know how to shop you can get bluray movies less than the price of DVDs...sure it was black friday...but you all know the industry is seeing the sales and will price the discs lower from now on.

DVD is gonna be dead by this time next year....bluray players will be less than $100....its all over...for DVD.

The Xbox 360 better get a built in bluray player and quick....if it thinks its gonna go head to head about the 10 year life space of the PS3....
PS3Freak  +   2631d ago
Blu ray and dvd should not be in the same sentance as they have nothing to do with eachother. Blu ray disc.
Tykis  +   2631d ago
OMG stop with these pointless articles!
LuvBurger  +   2631d ago
Pretty Amazing
how a certain faction of people are against a new technology which brings superior audio and video movies yo your HDTV because its affiliated with a certain console.

That's just. Well, that's just @$%&(#! retarded
NegativeCreep427  +   2631d ago
It is retarded, but then again that's what you get with 360 fanboys.
"REPORT: Consumers Find Blu-Ray A Turn-Off"

New Report: Those same 360 fanboy consumers find paying over and over again for a new xbox 360 after the previous one sh!ts out on them isn't a problem.

xbox 360 fanboy motto: "Ignorance is Bliss, and having mommy buy me a third 360 console doesn't bother me"
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PimplePopperMD  +   2631d ago
get jobs, you poor, jobless consumers.

blu ray is a turn off to people that cant afford it.
ongbakurhead  +   2631d ago
these articles are a waste of time, there is another story just above this saying blu-ray sales are surging. A waste of time, just like the console wars.
ultimolu  +   2631d ago
Omega strikes again!

Dude, give it up. =P
aiphanes  +   2631d ago
Just got back from Best buy...All the bluray discs were on sale for $16 or less..
People where buying bluray players and bluray discs. I never saw so many bluray disc people were buying. Bluray is hot!

Same thing at circuit city and Walmart. The $128 bluray player at walmart sold out in less than 10 mins.
JustV  +   2631d ago
Blu Ray
Blu-ray is doing well...I mean it sold faster than DVD when it first came out. The American Economy is bad right now. Black Friday also sucked this year. Nothing was really on sale. It's all for people who really don't pay attention at the market and just run out and buy because they think its REALLY cheaper. But really, its just the same price or maybe 5 bucks off. So saying that Blu-Ray is not doing as well, thats bull:)
Andras84  +   2631d ago
We made more money in our store this year than we did last year. I think it was great....we made twice as much as last year.
Andras84  +   2631d ago
There is an article above this one that sais....
...blu-ray sales hit all time high. Plus Blu-ray sold more movies and player in it's life cycle so far as DVD did the same time period. I don't think it's a turn off....but Microsoft is really trying hard with this idiotic articles...or maybe their idiot Xbot army is this desperate. Just can't swallow that HD-DVD defeat.
Scary69  +   2631d ago
If they sell them at $15 like walmart sometimes does then they will sell like hot cakes.
MediaSpin360  +   2631d ago
Who doesnt watch HD movies?>
Silvia007  +   2631d ago
Articles like these are geared towards
my grandma. Amazing how many people are like my grandma. She won't give up her VCR and 20 year old crt that looks like a globe for the latest blu-ray player with a HDTV. She can't see very well so going High Def is definitely a turn off considering the price. Ok, so I didn't read the article.
MediaSpin360  +   2630d ago
Blu Ray is going up this article lied!
Conspiracy 101 tells you this. They lied! Lies Lies Lies! All Lies! Blu Ray is THE only format when it comes to HD movies and you will like it! YOU WILL LIKE IT! If you dont you shall be confined to the lameness of DVD.. Welcome to the 1990's, upscaled! Muah hA HAahaAHAhh <---- Scary Voice In Comment Section 101. 1+0+1=101 Study,Live,Eat,Sleep,Wake Up, Eat Dinner, Shower, Games, All types of misc inserted here and finally most important BLU RAY!
NegativeCreep427  +   2630d ago
Shut Up. Get F*cking laid!!!
Anon1974  +   2630d ago
Wall-E on Blu-Ray.
I was surprised the Tuesday Wall-E released when I went to pick up a copy on my lunch break only to find that all the Blu-Ray copies has sold out before noon. I had to stop at three stores before I found one that still had it in stock. More came in this past Tuesday but the fact that Blu-Ray's are selling out even temporarily seems like a good sign for the format. I imagine launch for The Dark Knight is going to be huge for Blu-Ray.
Anon1974  +   2630d ago
Wait a minute.
No where in this article does it explain how Blu-Ray is turning consumers off, or even makes a mention of it. I imagine the headline is getting them hits though. The article really doesn't say anything. Nice "news" story there. "There's this new thing called Blu-Ray and it hasn't quite taken off yet! More at 11."

Bizmal  +   2629d ago
Well I'm not them
I only buy Blu ray. DVD look dirty. Like VHS to DVD. Even my 6 year old complains about watching movies at grandpas. He's says movies look sloppy.
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