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aggh im on fire  +   2558d ago
Trophies should have been there in the begining. What about all the games ive beaten over the last two years? Its too little to late.
IWentBrokeForGaming  +   2558d ago
I love my PS3 A LOT... BUT!
this should've been implimented since day 1 (like several other things Sony is doing to catch up to MS's 360, features wise)!

Because this wasn't there from the get go, it's a bit half @$$ed do to back pedaling. I want my home decked out in trophies when home finally drops and my place won't have as many cause I beat Resistance 1, Uncharted, Heavenly Sword, etc.. and am not going back just to get them any time soon. Would've been nice to have long ago. Now I want my own in-game music which they are also "working on". No sugar coating it in Sony's favor... they are late to the party in quite a few aspects. But MS's games are going to be facing the wrath of the Blu-ray drive when Sonys games start to pull away, which MS can only truely answer to... by dropping the next box! cause to think you will get graphics like KZ2 and Heavy Rain just to name a few, on 360... you are greatly mistaken!
topblood  +   2558d ago
i never liked ps3 trophies cuz they suck
it sucks hard.
they need to use another idea
Wardog1368  +   2558d ago
What a misleading title... just for hits. How dumb.
cliffbo  +   2558d ago
scoop: Sony release Trophies and they work with every game ever released on the PS3 even though devs can't be bothered to put them in... silly but you get my point. it has to start somewhere. next year they are compulsory, yet another nice gesture from Sony not forcing devs to quickly shove them into the game
redsnake  +   2558d ago
this article must be outdated because sony already announced that trophies will be mandatory in 2009.
hadouken007  +   2558d ago
my god theses articles.
.......soon as they post a good thing about sony,seems rare though,they post 6 more bout how bad they are,and stop using nerd words like ,u fail,and owned, epic fail. gooble freakin gooble folks
Canvas Of Flesh  +   2558d ago
I wonder...
...if this guy would like some whine with that cheese? Seriously, if you play games and let something so irrelevant as trophies/achievements decide how you enjoy it, then you should simply stop playing games. What makes you look like a "doofus" is dedicating an entire page of wasted time to your childish crying.
jro211  +   2558d ago
I'm a trophy whore
Ya I am. Most of the games I play now all have trophies. I refuse to play SOCOM because it didn't have trophies at release (and because of the bugs, lol). I bought Fallout on Xbox because it didn't have trophies. It must be mandatory that trophies be included. No excuses anymore. I am disappointed that games like CoD4 didn't add them (probably to force people to stop playing to buy the new CoD). Oh well.
Lets-Game  +   2558d ago
sorry im playing games for fun not for trophies or achievements, or to brag about it to my friends. I play for fun. I can understand if you go on awesome killing spree or dominate some server doesnt matter what kinda game. then you can brag about it to your friends. but i dont need no achiev or trophies for that.

so all in all i think the whole think is made to make people addicted and force them to keep playing even when they dont really want too.
Counter_ACT  +   2558d ago
Don't be an idiot, they're not used for mind control. If someone doesn't want to keep playing they just stop. Trophies and achievements give you more replay value, more clues as to what to do to complete the 100%. They don't force you to do anything.
Dimitri  +   2558d ago
Very stupid article.. it talks about how trophies are "dead". Meaning that there is nothing to do with them.. I dont see the point of achievements on XBOX 360 then ?? What is the point of the gamerscore ??

This idiot who wrote this article needs to think about what he wrote again.

Everything has a point. It represents your level, and the PS3 trophies allow you to earn cash for them.
Counter_ACT  +   2558d ago
trophies will be mandatory in 2009 and will be used as currency in home. Article = fail
Marquis_de_Sade  +   2558d ago
Trophies have the potential to be as good as achievements, if not better, they just need to streamline the whole process, and viewing profiles while they're at it. You shouldn't need to sync a trophy, it should work like 360 achievements.
Traveler  +   2558d ago
The title of the article is nothing buy flamebait exaggeration which the author hopes will get more people to read it.

I realize that trophies are a copy of achievements but so what?'s a good idea. I like achievements and I am really glad that Sony implemented them on the PS3. The fact that they are going to be mandatory after January 2009 was a very smart move by Sony. I really enjoyed playing through Uncharted again after the trophy update. It does add a certain something to playing through a game.
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