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Scary69  +   2632d ago
@ The Dark Knight

I agree with you this article is epic fail, because apparently this airhead never got the memo that Sony has stated mandatory trophy starting January 2009. So you are correct this dude and his article are an epic fail. Class dismiss :)
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mrdxpr2  +   2632d ago
well if trophies are an epic fail then achievements are an epic fail from the get go... cause i dont care about achievements but i do care about trophies is just that not many games have them buu
Traveler  +   2632d ago
That makes no sense whatsoever. Achievements and Trophies are the same thing. There is no real difference between them, so it makes no sense that you like one and not the other.
Slinger420  +   2632d ago
I own both systems but for some reason I care more about earning trophies rather than achievements and I don't know why
WeaponX  +   2632d ago
I agree
with this article. Trophies play a big part in my gaming habit. For instants, i bought fallout 3 and Farcry 2 on their release days. Now that a guess which one i am currently playing. Thats right. I started to play fallout, but the very next day after i bought it, an article was released saying that fallout will be patched with trophy support, so i stopped playing.
Magic_The_Celt  +   2632d ago
These days like 80% of "news" on N4G is pure flame bait

Trophies = Epic Fail?, the answer is - No, my good sir they are not, there question answered.
anubis12  +   2632d ago
i know the movie.....but why would you want him on there....i mean he blows off his own head in psychopathic rage...
Sjoeter  +   2632d ago
Its just a big fail if you ask me. i game on both systems but achievements are addictive, trophies are just sad. not well thought trough! why lunch it if only a view games support it? and i find it rather glitch with many games!
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madjedi  +   2632d ago
Funny i have yet to notice the trophy system cause a glitch in any of my games, second at least try to skim through your post before hand, so that it is semi readable.

I disagree i love trophies, i don't own a 360, they function the same way as achievements do, perform a pre set condition and bam a new trophy/achievement. So if your are such a achievement nut, what is the real reason you don't like trophies.

Why launch trophies if only a few games support it, lets see maybe because everything has to have a starting off point.
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yeswecan84  +   2632d ago
Failed article.
LeonSKennedy4Life  +   2632d ago
I'd much rather level up than have a number attached to my name.
CrimsonReLLiK  +   2632d ago
Of course you would, because you only care about your playstation. Had you liked the 360 instead, you would be saying the opposite.

And just for sheer amusement, here I will make up and unofficial 360 level system.

1/1000, 2/5000, 3/10000, 4/20000, 5/40000, 6/80000, 7/160000, etc etc
There you all go.
darkdoom3000  +   2632d ago
dude. they are the same thing as acheivements. and are going to be manditory from 09. some people dont like them some people do.

this article is epic fail
xg-ei8ht  +   2632d ago
So let me get this straight, if i earn trophies or achievements that makes me a big man. ROFL.

I couldn't careless about either.

It's bragging rights, and sorry to say this,(children need only apply)
she00win99  +   2632d ago
pp's face = epic fail
ppthefag  +   2632d ago
I PP aprove my face being Epic Fail.
GlossGreen  +   2632d ago
My question is
Since when did trophies and achievements become more important then the games themselves?
Captain Tuttle  +   2632d ago
"Epic Fail" has run it's course
Time to find a new meme
SmokedOut  +   2632d ago
They do what there supposed to be doing and maybe a cash value in home ? My 14,020 gamerscore from MS with my 360 hasnt bought me sh!t but three RRoD 360's...
peeps  +   2632d ago
I (epic) fail to see the problem. It even says in the article how they are becoming mandatory in 09 anyway so it won't be a problem then. at the moment i buy games because i want to play them (obv), the game having trophies is just a nice bounus and something to keep you playing more than you might have done but as discussed all new games from 09 are going to have them anyway.

I actually like the trophy system more and it really wouldn't surprise me if they update the GS at some point. I have 5,500ish GS but unless someone looks through every game and achievment they won't know if i have that score from playing and completing 5 and a half games, getting easy achievements on loads of games etc. But if someone has a quick glance at my ps3 trophies they know how many easy (bronze) i've got, intermediate (silver) and hard (gold) trophies i've achieved and can also see how many games i've got 100% on.

Thats my opinion on the matter anyway.
Karum  +   2632d ago
I can't comment on whether or not I prefer the Trophy System over the 360's Achievement/Gamerscore system because I don't have a 360 and haven't experienced their system so it'd be wrong to say 1 is better than the other I feel.

However what I will say is that I do like trophies, when one pops up I'm like "ooohhh nice" like I'm sure many 360 gamers do when they see an achievement pop up on their screen.

I think the Trophy system is pretty sweet though and the only reason it isn;t that great right now is because it isn't in every single game. I lopve my PS3 but the late inclusion of a feature like this is probably one of the mistakes they made this gen. Thankfully though they have been listening and are making up for those mistakes (better late than never imo).

Looking forward to every single game coming out having a trophy system in it as there are quite a few games I've traded in because I find no replay value in them due to no trophy inclusion. also looking forward to them being integrated into home as there is a lot of potential there imo.
peeps  +   2632d ago
i wouldn't say it was a mistake for them to bring them in late. I think its jsut the way you worded it though :p but yeh they should have been in from the start. that way every game could have had them from the start obv but theres still plenty of years left in this generation of consoles so in a years time unless you're still playing ps3 launch titles there shouldn't be a problem :)
Karum  +   2632d ago
Yeah maybe I did word it wrong, maybe more of an oversight than a mistake. Either way I'm not too fussed because like I said they've listened to their customers and are implementing features and services they maybe originally ignored, like a reward system. The fact they introduced the DS3 means they listen imo.

Anyways have a bubble sir.
psycho360  +   2632d ago
Why aren't you guys displaying it in your profiles? Also in achievements you get to see what any person has achieved also the GS is easier to keep track of. You get 1000 points max for retail games and 200 points for XBlive games. Than 200-250 for additional DLC.

If you see high gamer score you'll atleast know he's played quite a few games and would be curious to compare with that person. YOu can do comparison of games on your pc, on xbox360, while in game etc. Trophies have no meaning or value. Whats the difference between silver/bronze/gold. Whats does level 6 means? How many trophies per game do you get etc. Its really a lame way of representing achievements and is definately half baked tacked on feature after 1 1/2 years of console's life.
Horny Melon  +   2632d ago
The number of trophies per game varies...........
There is a minimum but some games like Warhawk and Wipeout go over the bare minimum. The level of difficulty to get certain trophies varies....Wipeout HD has some of the hardest, they were so hard to get the released a patch making it easier...with Uncharted being the easiest. Bronze trophies are easy to get. You get these when you "complete a level" for instance. Or "kill 30 enemies" with a specific gun. Silvers are a little harder to obtain they might be "Complete X level with only melee weapons" Golds are pretty hard to get. You usually get one when you "beat the game on any difficulty" but often times they are "Collect all 200 hidden secrets" and the like. A platinum trophy is only obtained when you collect all trophies for a game.
peeps  +   2632d ago
at phyco
although some of your points make sence to me i don't really get others. you say its easy to see what someone has achieved e.g 1000 gamer point for completing all achievements in a game but then at a glance someone has 1000 points. does that mean they have 500 on 2 games, completed 1, played loads and got a few on each. - a ps3 platinum means they have all trophies for a game i.e. someone with 2 platinums u instantly know they have completed 2 games.

and you mention whats the difference between broze, silver and gold. I would have thought thats obvious. someone with alot of bronze have completed lots of easy achievements, someone with silver have achieved the more challenging trophies and someone with gold have achieved the hardest (and some r really really hard) and depending on the difficulty gives u a certain amount of points 2 ur next level.

It would be nice to be able to compare online like u can with 360 but i think in time this will come. (like everything on ps3 haha but it gets there eventually)
Jdoki  +   2632d ago
Was this article meant to be a joke?

I don't know a single person who would pick up a mediocre game instead of a 'gem' just for trophies. I'd like the author to give a few examples of what his 'peepers' have seen. Is he really suggesting a game that is worth 7/10 (not a bad score by any means) would normally be skipped over if it didn't have Trophies.

To be honest, with the current state of play with Trophies I have little or no idea which games do/don't have Trophies in - so it has zero impact on my purchasing decisions. It's not like I am going to buy Ferrari Challenge over Race Driver, for example, because one has support and the other not - I'll always buy the game that appeals the most.

Personally I prefer Trophies over Achievements. I prefer the Level idea rather than a Gamerscore - but really it doesn't matter much.

But what I really like is the count of Plat, Gold, Silver, Bronze Trophies.

Anyone can pick up a game like King Kong on 360 and earn 1000 points. Having some context is much better. If I earn a Gold Trophy it means much more - not in the grand scheme of things obviously, but as a momentary feeling of reward it is much more effective than a message like 'You have earned 120 points'

As a comparison to friends that extra context is nice... Two friends could have a similar level, but one has been whoring Bronze Trophies, while the other has less Trophies, but more Gold/Plat.

Gamerscore has always struck me as nothing more than a reflection of how many games a person has played rather than singling the person out as a proficient/expert gamer. Trophies is a much better system in this respect.
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Dipso  +   2632d ago
"EPIC FAIL" = Epic Fail

Jayzus I'm getting sick of people using the same old tired sayings online.

PWN, Epic Fail, FTW, Wow just Wow, No just No. etc.

I fear for the English language if these people actually talk like this in reality.
pansenbaer  +   2632d ago
And this is why trophies win...
rekonizakilla  +   2632d ago
this article is seriously weak.
Phreaky from PS3 Attitude has this to say on trophies:
"Trophies, in their current iteration, do not work.

I realise that statement is a sweeping generalisation. It is meant to be. So go ahead and wipe the spattered coffe off of your screen and read on before spouting profanities at me and saying untoward things about my mother. I know she's fat.

So why is the title called TROPHIES= epic fail? Tell your fat mother i want my boxer shorts back.
roddigamer  +   2632d ago
Trophy is not EPIC FAIL this articel is EPIC FAIL.
You cant judge trophy yeat because the real begining of trophy is next year 2009.
blklinen  +   2632d ago
SRU9600 ur a dumbass what the hell do u get from a high gamerscore nothing at least trophies eventualy will get u in to betas or free downloads and stuff like that
Magic_The_Celt  +   2632d ago
Trophies are way better than achievments
felidae  +   2632d ago
i think it's good for ps3 users to have something similar to 360's gamerscore.

i like the 360 thing a little bit more.
darkequitus  +   2632d ago
I don't know if it has been made clear. The gamercore is one thing.

But is the achievements are the prestigious thing. Look at the seriously 2.0 in Gears 2 where you earned on a few point for you gamer score, but the achievement shows you have killed 100,000 horde. Some achievements don't even add to the gamerscore.

So yes, some can have a super gamer score, but have they actually achieved anything or just play games like avatar where you can gain 1000 points in less than 3 minutes

darkequitus: PSN/XBL
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arika  +   2632d ago
article is epic fail
another black propaganda
this is the main reason why people are still buying xbox 360's, because sites and people like these brainwashes people to think xbox 360 is the best and greatest console ever, but it is actually the worst console among the three, for several reason, 30% failure rate, yearly online fees, no hdd for some and if you want to buy one its too expensive. the only good thing going for it is it has fair amount of good games. good games that you can't play because of the failure rate.
as a happy and satisfied owner of ps3 i love trophies and it's integrated future with home, which will enable trophies to be turned into cash to buy stuff in home like clothes, furniture, gadgets and etc. so i'm very excited with the possibilities that trophies hold for us ps3 owners, very happy indeed.
IWentBrokeForGaming  +   2632d ago
To say 360 fans are brainwashed can be also said for Sony fanboys
which can't accept that MS is giving Sony a run for its money this gen and Sony is playing catch up. I personally like the fact Sony was knocked down a few pegs. They got wayyyyyyyyyyy too comfy in the #1 position. Now with them facing a struggle to maintain that, the fanboys are rearing their ugly heads and are acting bitter about it all. I own all 3 consoles this gen and am extreamly pleased with what they all offer even though Nintendo is severly lacking this gen. I find it funny that MS and Sony both are trying to topple eachother that Nintendo just avoids the fight and skates past with ease, selling in the amounts that Playstation should be and the amounts MS could only dream of. Not to mention Nintendo don't have the graphical fidelity of either the PS or 360. Sony though isn't just given exclusives anymore and even if they are, MS has a check book that will keep them neck and neck. Even if MS don't get the superior version of the game, they STILL get the game and that's all they care about. Another thing Sony did was build their system with such sick of spec's that it crippled them right of the bat, dropping the systems price within months of release just to stay competative. If everything built into the PS3 is justifyed, it shouldn't of needed the price drop. But the fanboys bought it, the casuals didn't buy into the fact that sure you also get a blu-ray player. They only want GAMES. This is where the extra bang for the buck really don't matter. Then coupled with the economic struggle that is crunching down on oh so many people, Sony having the most expensive console STILL... just might face a 2nd round of bites in the @$$!
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