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jack who  +   2632d ago
teh cell=Epic fail
CreativeAccount3  +   2632d ago
You're trolling = Epic fail
thor  +   2632d ago
Your grammar is an epic failure.

You both fail.
rucky  +   2632d ago
@jack who
your mom last night = epic fail
Maxned  +   2632d ago
YOUR grammar fails
jack who  +   2632d ago
your lifes = epic fail
You bought an Xbox  +   2632d ago
Knock Knock
Who's there
Jack who
Jack Ass
DreamcastFanboy  +   2632d ago
Your life and everything you stand for=Epic fail.
REDZEV  +   2632d ago
yes it is!!!!
I have been saying for months not only are Trophies a "EPIC" fail, Its the most gimmicky and sad and pathetic Rip-off to date by a console maker. If they would have launched with POS3 instead of coming out like what, 2 years later and not half-ass it would of been different. Epic Fail on Sonys part!!!
ravinshield  +   2632d ago
Trophies been a failure from the beginning. achievements are the real deal.
JasonPC360PS3Wii  +   2632d ago
PS3 = epic fail
NeonSkull  +   2632d ago
someone should tell him all games will have to have trophy support after jan 2009.
phreaky  +   2632d ago
read the article, I'm very particular that 'in it's current iteration' trophies don't work.

I agree things will be peachy when Jan comes around, but it's been a long time going.
Mr PS3  +   2632d ago
And let me pop a bubble
This aint no article and it aint news
Basically its a Blog
Trophys might fail for you because you Suck
And not to mention it dont take a genius to work out that not all games have them but just for you
But i suppose your articles aint getting much attention so what do you do
Bash the PS3 in some way
Because thats a good way for your articles or the Website your putting crayon to paper for to get Hits
Either way its you that FAILS
And i hope this pathetic submission does'nt get Approved
Spike47  +   2632d ago
What? I swear he just pulled out this one from his....
How can trophies be an epic fail? Besides the fact that SOME GAMES don't support it, there is nothing wrong with them.
Danny_D  +   2632d ago
Did you read the article Spike? I recommend it.
WANNA GET HIGH  +   2632d ago
This Article =
Epic Fail...
ruibing  +   2632d ago
Didn't we just hear that trophies will be mandatory early next year?
The Dark Knight  +   2632d ago
They are making trophies mandatory from January 2009..

So makes this article a EPIC FAIL
jwatt  +   2632d ago
Are they really making trophies mandatory in 2009 or is it something we just heard?
DreamcastFanboy  +   2632d ago
They really are.
SRU9600  +   2632d ago
Achievements and Gamerscore = awesome!

Trophies = lame.

Seriously, I get a Trophy and I'm like "who cares?" but when I earn an Achievement I'm like "yes, more Gamerscore for me!" lol

It's one of the reasons that I buy multiplatform games for my 360.
Max Power  +   2632d ago
they are the same thing. One has a score that increases, and the other has a level system. personally i don't care if i have 10000 gamer points but if i am level 6 i'll be happy, because i know where i stand amongst other gamers, espically with the different trophies (bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum.) where any one with an xbox can rent crappy games and get 300 points and add it to their score with no real indication of the difficulty of those points, but with ps3 you can see what kind of trophies people have, if some one has a bunch of bronze and hardly any silver or gold, then they aren't as dedicated to their games as they would like you to believe.
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Panthers  +   2632d ago
The only reason Gamerscore might be better is because you have more friends on 360. If it was the other way around, then you would care about trophies more. Plain and simple.
Heywood Jablomee  +   2632d ago
Even though trophies came second they are much better than a point total, this article blows.
SRU9600  +   2632d ago
They might sound the same on paper, but the way that they are actually put into use are completely different.

The 360's Achievement/Gamerscore system is beautifully done and executed.

Trophies are just a tacked on gimmick that Sony can point to and say "see, we have Achievements too!"
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Heywood Jablomee  +   2632d ago
Care to explain how they are different? No, thats right dumbass.
SRU9600  +   2632d ago
Why should I bother? Your little pea brain will just continue to say "PS3 rooolzzz!!!1 and 360 sukzzz!!!1!"
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Sevir04  +   2632d ago
Sru... What makes the gamer score soo much different and excellenty executed and why is trophies tacked on?
you have done nothing to back up your claims.. my conclusion, you are an epic fail and a fanboi to boot. If you are gonna make such a statement give a reason to back it up.. trophies are no more an epic fail than achievements. both of them give gamers a state of standing an brag rights. one uses a point system which really you can heighten, and the other does the same thing but show's class and level of difficulty, and heightens your gamer level. one's more organized and the other is just a string of numbers that say's you've got plenty of points, and certainly dont show you it's level of difficulty.

if you ask me. both are well thought out and well executed, but one does it better than the other, the one which is far more organized and breaks everything down into classes does the job and gives everyone one your friend list what kind of ganmer you are. Platinum gamer, gold, silver, Bronze... while the other just says you are a points wh*re, it tells the others that you've got points and plenty but that's it, doesn't show how much work or class of gamer you are just a gamer with plenty of point to brag about
Heywood Jablomee  +   2632d ago
My peabrain, ha, have fun after the warranty dumbass.
Legion  +   2632d ago
Sevir04... let me answer for you. The reasoning behind the Trophy fail is due to the fact it does not allow for every game you play to be a part of your leveling. You could be an expert at COD4 and played through only a handful of games that support trophies and look like you are not as experienced as the guy that purchased that AWFUL game that is so easy to give him Platinum trophies.

If it had been made mandatory for ALL games at the beginning then this posting would not be here. People are blaming the game companies for not going back and modifying their games (that they had already spent time and money to make) because Sony chose to add the capability on a whim after the fact.

The only main differences between the 2 systems is that achievments have individual pictures and labels for each achievment. While trophies give you a more behind the sceenes account of what your level is and gives you no real differential between each trophy in style. Both systems give you a leveling feel (neither though are real leveling accounts) where you can count the numbers of different types of trophies and see the amount of achievments earned for each game for those achievment whores.

I would say from my point of view that with achievments you can see exactly what achievment the person got. I can see my friend has all his Gears 2 online achievments mostly maxed out and know that he is going to be able to back me up better then the guy that doesn't seem to care for the on-line achievments.

Is one better then the other? Only in the fact that EVERY game is supported by achievments while trophies are an after thought that has not been implemented on every title.
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N4Flamers  +   2632d ago
you must be a freaking moron to think achievements cant show you how good someone is at a game. Did you know every 360 game has achievements and you can actually see what they are for.

Heres an example, if I see a gamer that has something close to 1000 on dead rising I can give him respect, being close to that score myself I know what he had to go through to get it. 7 day survivor is no joke. I can even see which achievements he has for every game he has ever played on his gamertag.

I agree though this article is an epic fail because trophies or achievements shouldnt make you think youre better than someone. They should be a way to get some extra enjoyment out of your game. Its like youre girls on myspace fighting about who has more friends on their list.
Time_Is_On_My_Side  +   2632d ago
What the Phreaky (author) fails at is understanding that the "trophy system" was implemented late so it's natural to have most title not take advantage of it. With other titles doing updates it won't be as easy as inserting a missing letter in a Microsoft Word Document. Example Uncharted: Drake's Fortune the trophies were tied to the reward system.

The "trophy system" itself isn't bad the author (Phreaky) just needs to relax new titles will take advantage of them. Thinking realistically is something to consider Phreaky, lol, if a game is 70% done developers aren't going to stop production because of a late implemented feature.

There is a saying "Rome wasn't built in a day" you should think about.
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PS3 FTW  +   2632d ago
PS3attitude = Epic Fail
The whole article is a complaint about how trophies are not in all games.

darkpower  +   2632d ago
I think Sony's initial intention in not making them mandatory was because Microsoft was and they want to be the "anti-MS" and not force developers into doing so. The thing is, the devs that were playing politics in the console wars and those that thought that since they didn't have to why bother weren't adding them to the PS3 versions of their games, which defeated the purpose of HAVING the things in there. Thus, the plan didn't work the way Sony thought it was because they didn't anticipate how lazy some devs might be, and how some devs that didn't see many sales were using Trophies to sucker gamers into buying crappy games that no one would buy if they didn't have them in there over those games people would've wanted to play but didn't have trophies.

However, Sony wised up and it's good they did. They did the right thing, too, in giving devs enough time to get used to the system and to add it in some way to their games. They could've made the deadline so sudden. Hopefully this whole trophy politics controversy will end then.

@SRU9600: What in the hell? You are basically comparing two things that are exactly the same, saying the one you're a fanboy of is better, giving no reasoning behind your decision, and then saying that anyone that disagrees with you is a damn whiner! Where the hell is the sense in that?

I don't think you're getting the outrage over your comment yet.
Alvadr  +   2632d ago
Im exactly the same but opposite. I dont care about achievements but love trophies.

It comes down to which system you like best and which system you feel is worth your time more.
pavarotti  +   2632d ago
they're the same fu*king thing.

"look dad, i've got 10k gamerscore"


"look dad, i'm now level 6 and am the highest level out of all of my friends"

who cares? honestly?

sru9600: you're gonna lose bubbles for that mate. you cant say anything bad about sony on here. just look at how many cages you rattled with your first post....the sdf will have revenge for your blasphemy!
SRU9600  +   2632d ago
Ah yes, the Sony Defense Force. A group of losers clinging to days gone bye. Days when the Playstation brand wasn't the laughing stock of the industry. Days when developers actually wanted to develop for your console.
Such fond memories, I'm sure.

I don't fear them, I pity them, for their days of triumph are over.
macalatus  +   2632d ago
@sru, really can't make a logical argument so much that you resort to saying "Sony Defense Force". Oh, what the hell...I'm just talking to someone who has multiple accounts in this site.


The PS3 trophies got *their own* pictures and labels. As a matter of fact, each icon is different from the other game. Also, a lot of multi-platform games have similar achievements/trophies awards. An example of this would be Burnout: Paradise, so I really do not see the point why the Achievement really tell another person why they are better compared to the Trophy system.
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jammy_70  +   2632d ago
there good
so you can show other people what you have done and also compare them and maybe help each other to get more
there a goood idea and NOT a fail at all :):):)
Score  +   2632d ago
I love it when people like SRU chose to type about things they don't know...just shows how ignorant (s)he is
darkpower  +   2632d ago
Oh, for the love of GOD! Is THAT what you think this is? Not a single person agrees with you because you never explained at ALL why you like Gamerscore better than trophies. If you do, FINE! That's your right, that's not what we're angry with you about. We're angry at you because:

1. You refuse to state any other reason to why you think that other than "I said they are, so they are". You stating no reason tells us you don't know anything because when it comes down to it, they do the exact same thing (measure your milestones in a game).
2. You're answering EVERYONE with this 360 fanboy response of "oh, the SDF is ganging up on me," as if you on this crusade to crush them when they have nothing to do with the outrage over your comments. Newsflash: One, that doesn't win you any friends on here, and two, not every single gamer who owns a PS3 on here is a part of the SDF. That and I think even some 360 gamers are blasting you for how you're expressing this opinion of yours (which is the reason WHY you're getting this blasting now, it's the way you're expressing it and defending this argument).

If this is all you're going to do in this conversation, then either grow up and wise up, or SHUT up!
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SRU9600  +   2632d ago
darkpower, try and keep up, ok pal? lol

pavarotti warned that the "sdf" was going to come after me, and that is the reason I started talking about the Sony Defense Force.
I was replying to pavarotti. Not EVERYONE, as you say. Just pavarotti.

You sound like an angry fellow. Is your life really that empty that you are getting this upset over your video game console?

I get a kick out of people like you. I say I like Achievements/Gamerscore more than I like Trophies and you start blowing gaskets left and right. lol

Calm down, dude. Life's too short to get so worked up over video games.
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pixelsword  +   2632d ago
This article isn't worth my hit...
...moving on.
darkpower  +   2632d ago
You really ARE a piece of work? I'm getting worked up? Look who's the one getting all pissed off over a non-issue. If you're talking to one person, then specify that. It's not that hard to do (not that the guy you're claiming to respond to has any right to say things like that, either, not that we don't have our suspicions of people having more than one account, anyway, hint hint). I'm also getting really irritated that this SDF thing is being used as a blanket term for every single PS3 owner that calls out ignorant 360 fanboys who cannot or refuse not to put some basis into their arguments, as I'm sure alot of others are sick of seeing them do. Yet, to the fanboys, the PS3 owners have no right to complain about ANYTHING! With all of this BS they put up with, how are you expecting them to react when someone like you comes into here and does this?

And you STILL refuse to get the reasons behind why everyone is so pissed off at you. Let me spell it out for you slowly: It's not about anything you believe. It's about how you're saying them. YOU! GIVE! NO! REASON! WHATSOEVER! Yet you believe we should all agree with you or else you label all of us PS3 fanboys! YOU! GIVE! NO! BASIS! I figured I should say that to you again because I don't think you're grasping this at all or are choosing to not listen to any reason other than your own. Give us some reason why you like gamerscore better and you'll be fine (although some people, like me, will still disagree with you that achievements are better, they'll respect it more if you at least give a valid reason behind what made you think that). You're ignorance and absolute refusal to give any reason behind your liking while going off on anyone who tells you that you might want to explain yourself because it would help you have some cred to your opinion (is it the interface of how it's done, or that more games support it, or that more of your friends are on Live, just a personal preference that you may not understand the reason of? What the HELL is your reason?) is WHY people are "blowing gaskets left and right" and why you might see your bubbles popped before long. PLEASE understand that!
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arika  +   2632d ago
another black propaganda
this is the main reason why people are still buying xbox 360's, because sites and people like these brainwashes people to think xbox 360 is the best and greatest console ever, but it is actually the worst console among the three, for several reason, 30% failure rate, yearly online fees, no hdd for some and if you want to buy one its too expensive. the only good thing going for it is it has fair amount of good games. good games that you can't play because of the failure rate.
as a happy and satisfied owner of ps3 i love trophies and it's integrated future with home, which will enable trophies to be turned into cash to buy stuff in home like clothes, furniture, gadgets and etc. so i'm very excited with the possibilities that trophies hold for us ps3 owners, very happy indeed.
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Gamer luv  +   2631d ago
@ Sevir04
Have a 360 and PS3 here.

When i get a game for the 360, i will play the game for the game for the game, while doing that i get the achievment points.

My Playstation games, i dont even know what games i have support trophies and inless you are a fan of the 360 and acutaly play online with friends together to get achievments, you will never understand why Gamerscore is better then a trophy.

A simple number that represents what a gamer has ACHIEVED.
In my opinion much better then a trophie, seems like a rip of copy added only to shut the mouths of outspoken critics.

Who cares about trophies?
I dont.
macalatus  +   2631d ago
@Gamer luv,

"My Playstation games, i dont even know what games i have support trophies"

Yeah, that's the BIGGEST flaw with your don't know any jack crap about PS3 trophies so you simply decided that trophies aren't as good as the Xbox Achievments. Have you played the PS3 version of Burnout Paradise? Yes, the Achievments and Trophies in that SAME GAME are basically the same, and yes, in order to get some of those trophies in that game, you need to play co-op a friend. Platinum, gold, silver, and freakin' hard is it to know that each one of those represents something? So by your logic, the Trophy system is just as lame as the Achievment system. Quite sad for a person who claims to also own a PS3, which I now find to be highly suspect.

Geez, can people do some actual research before saying something? Oh wait, this is N4G, what exactly was I expecting?
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Traveler  +   2631d ago
Guys come on, there is no reason for us to all bicker so much. Achievements and trophies are basically the same thing. I don't understand the people on either side that are saying that they like one but dislike the other. That makes no sense, since they are essentially the same thing.

Personally, I have always enjoyed achievements on the Xbox 360 and I am glad that Sony decided to add that feature for the PS3. I don't care if they copied the idea, because it is a good idea that makes the console better. About the only real complaint I have with trophies is that they aren't available for most PS3 games at the moment. But Sony were smart enough to realize that they needed to do something to fix that problem and have made trophies mandatory in all games after January 2009.

The author of the article created a title for his article that was needlessly inflammatory, which I am sure he did just to get more people to read it. Trophies are nice and they will soon be implemented across the board which will make them even better.
BaSeBaLlKiD721  +   2632d ago
really then why do i enjoy having a "You have earned a Trophy" pop-up than a "Achievement Unlocked"

same with my dual-console friends...

hmm weird...
CreativeAccount3  +   2632d ago
Trophies FTMFW!!
achievements are for n00bs
Apocalypse Shadow  +   2632d ago
nothing wrong with them.
just "early complainers" doing what they do.

they,"haters," complained ablout bluray features early,psn,ps3 games,headsets,lack of dualshock,etc,etc,etc.

but when sony fixes all that,they run to the next thing to complain it's trophies.

once it's mandatory next year,they will complain about only having one color system to buy.or that ps3 just has "too much variety " like ratchet and clank.

ignore them.

BrianC6234  +   2632d ago
Don't forget about the new big complaint. That's no backward compatibility to play PS2 games. I'm sure the people upset over that said the PS3 costs too much also.
Heywood Jablomee  +   2632d ago
ps2 emulation will come.
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InMyOpinion  +   2632d ago
Since they aren't able to add them retroactively, Trophies = FAIL.

Related image(s)
pixelsword  +   2632d ago
Jenzo, can you say you did what was on the Trophy list to justify complaining about them not being retroactive?
..Can you say you even own a PS3?

...Guess not.
jessupj  +   2631d ago
It's true
If you read his article his basically saying games, even AAA titles can get overlooked simply because they don't have trophies and this shouldn't be happening. And I completely agree.

And it is happening because the very thing he's talking about happened to me. I know fallout 3 is a great game, definately worthy of my time, but I did not purchase it. Why? There were a few factors: low on money, too many other games coming out at the same time. But the main reason was Fallout 3 did not have trophy support. And honestly I might never get the game until it does. Some of you might think that's very stupid and close minded, and you know, you're right, but I will still refuse to buy it until Bethesda patch it.

There is absolutely no excuse, no excuse what so ever. Especially when Beth already developed Acheivements for the 360. They have the base code already, how difficult would it be to impliment trophies? Like I said, there is absolutely no excuse. I expected a lot more from a developer like Bethesda, a lot more. But because of there laziness I know they have missed out at least one sale, but I wonder how many other people out there didn't buy it because it didn't have trophies.

Now that I have a taste for trophies, regretably I can't go back. Now, if it doesn't have trophy support I won't even consider it. Anyone else in the same boat or a little similar?

(my psn user is 'GrayFox878' still need some gta multiplayer trophies if anyone wants to help :D)
evilmonkey501  +   2632d ago
I enjoy the trophies. looking forward to jan 2009.
The Stuttttterer  +   2632d ago
I Disagree
I dont think you do enjoy the T T T Trophies
Nelson M  +   2632d ago
who wrote this
A Baboon with a Crayon
chasegamez  +   2632d ago
Trophies >are better than achievements
Trophies >are better than achievements
Marona  +   2632d ago
Their both the same cause & effect. Scores against levels, not much of a difference. Neither are superior or inferior.
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GiantEnemyCrab  +   2632d ago
haha you keep telling yourself that.

Achievements are in every single Xbox 360 title, they are in a minority of PS3 games. Yes, yes after 09 they will be mandatory but a lot of games have come out in the first 2 years of the PS3's life.

You don't even have gamercards (also borrowed from the 360) that are dynamically updated yet. I can access all achievements via the web and compare them with anyone on Xbox Live, friend or not. There are lots of other reasons Achievements are the real deal but I'm sure this will already cost me a bubble and disagrees so enjoy your trophies.
#10.2 (Edited 2632d ago ) | Agree(8) | Disagree(25) | Report | Reply
Kamikaze135  +   2632d ago
You can't prove him wrong with some fanboy rant. It's his opinion, so deal with it. Heh, I personally think trophies blow achievements out the water, but that's because there are way more games on the PS3, than on the 360 that appeal to me in any way.

Again, this is entirely my opinion. Fanboys seem to fail at understanding the meaning of that word, so check out to have things cleared up for you.
ultimolu  +   2632d ago
Crab, even I think trophies are better than achievements. Love how you're discrediting this guy for his own opinion. :D
Homicide  +   2632d ago
With trophies, we "level up" and it takes longer to level up after a few levels. With gamescore, its just a number :-/
Heywood Jablomee  +   2632d ago
Giantenemy crab born from his mums giantenemycrotch, have her use some special shampoo next time so there is not more like you.
InMyOpinion  +   2632d ago
That was some grade A denial you displayed for us there.
GarandShooter  +   2632d ago

From all the talk of the PS3rd having no games to:

'but a lot of games have come out in the first 2 years of the PS3's life.' - GiantEnemyCrab
pixelsword  +   2632d ago
Geez, Crab, Jenzo make up your mind...'re always saying how the PS3 has "no games", but now since trophies are going to be on all PS3 games, now the PS3 has a "lot of games".

So, which is it?

and Jenzo, what's so special about a score? What's so "awesome" and "kwel" and "all right" about it, eh, funky dude?

It's just a score, it doesn't tell you anything or what games you beat to achieve it, or anything. it's just a number.

So, what's so groovy about it, dude?
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Traveler  +   2631d ago
This is ridiculous. I have both consoles and they are both great in their own ways, but it is simply ridiculous to say that you like one and dislike the other (achievements or trohpies), they are basically the same thing. The only real difference is that all the games on the 360 support trophies, while only some games on the PS3 do. But Sony was smart enough to do something about that and now all PS3 games will be required to have trophies after January 2009.

There really isn't much difference at all, and to say one is good and the other bad just shows what complete fanboys many of you are.
GiantEnemyCrab  +   2632d ago
haha here come the reports. When it comes to negative PS3 news they will even eat their own to protect it.
Gue1  +   2632d ago
what i like about N4G is that is easy to pwnd the users because nobody reads the articles. everybody just start bashing basing their arguments from the tittle but if you read articles is not that bad.

the guy says that trophies are an epic fail because not every game has trophies and he always plays games without trophies and when he compares his level with other gamers he looks like a casual gamer?

is not that trophies are crap because they > achievements and now MS are going to copy them with medals, he's whining because not every game has them.

that's all the article's point.
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pp_  +   2632d ago
Hey Giant Enemy Crab! Go and abort yourself.
Boink  +   2632d ago
I think it will seem like a big deal right now
but 2-3 yrs from once trophy support has been mandatory for a while I don't think people will care about the few early games in the library that don't support it.

time will tell thought...
Lou-Cipher  +   2632d ago
Its not that Trophies suck its the fact that developers are extremely lazy and that is why Trophies aren't as good as they could be for right now.

The Trophy system is a much better rewards system then Achievements are, because you cant fake Trophies like you can Achievements(download game saves from the internet to give yourself Achievement points that you did not earn)

I really like the RPG style of Trophies compared to a very basic points value that Achievements give you.

If rumors are true to being able to receive special products or free downloads of stuff you would normally have to pay for, just for earning Trophies then there will be no reason to buy the 360 version of any multiplatform game. (unless PS3 get another Madden 07 or Orange Box)

But until Trophies are mandatory on all future games it will be partially handicapped. (Go January Go)
Software_Lover  +   2632d ago
So you're saying
you cant download ps3 game saves?

And trust me, you try that download crap and put your console on xbox live, you will be banned sometime in the near future. everything is time/date stamped.
BrianC6234  +   2632d ago
"you cant download ps3 game saves?"

That's not what he's saying at all. The old PS3 games that had trophy support added as an update don't have trophies retroactive so you have to start over. To get trophies in PS3 games you have to play the games. You probably could download a game save and get tougher trophies but you won't get the trophies you would have earned earlier in the game. You need to actually play the game to get the trophies.
Software_Lover  +   2632d ago
Whats the point either way?

I still dont get you guys argument. Trophies/achievements are the same thing no matter how you try to spin it. You dont get achievements just for putting game saves on your HDD/memory card. It doesn't work like that. If that were the case then my brother would've gotten some achievements from some saves I had on my memory card. (I gave it to him).

Both programs you have to work for. Some trophies/achievements are easier/harder than others but the basic principle is the same. Meet a goal get rewarded with tropy/badge.
InMyOpinion  +   2632d ago
Lazy developers. That's the excuse you use for everything that's bad about the PS3, be it multiplat games or trophies. Lay off the bs. Lazy Sony is more appropriate. They can't even steal stuff right.
Sarcasm  +   2632d ago

Why in the world do you bother coming into PS3 news just to troll? I don't get it? You obviously hate it with every ounce of your soul.
InMyOpinion  +   2632d ago
Pot calling the kettle black?
Traveler  +   2631d ago
Hey Sarcasm, how about you stay off Xbox 360 topics and then you can ask Jenzo to stay off PS3 topics, deal?

I absolutely despise when people use that "lazy developer" excuse, because they simply don't know what they are talking about. It's a real pet peeve of mine.

Anyway, achievements and trophies are basically the same thing and they are both a nice feature to have. I am glad that Sony decided to make them mandatory starting at the beginning of next year.

BTW, you can't use saves to get achievements, that is such BS.
DiabloRising  +   2632d ago
Crab -

Yes, yes after 09 they will be mandatory but a lot of games have come out in the first 2 years of the PS3's life.

But but but but..... THE PS3 HAZ NO GAMES I thought!!!!!!


Happy Thanksgiving Crabby.
Gitaroo  +   2632d ago
they level system might be very good if they add it in Home, like the higher your level is the more stuffs you get to access in Home. Its like a little RPG going on lol
C_Dub  +   2632d ago
I admit I like achievements more than trophies. I like it's all numerical and not just bronze, silver, gold etc. MS did get that part right with the Xbox 360. Now if only they can work on longer-lasting hardware :P

Also it's good to see Sony enforcing standard trophies in 2009. If they implement a trophy hall in Home, maybe they won't be as useless as most people think they are now.
Lou-Cipher  +   2632d ago
You can download game saves from the internet to the PS3, but you cant cheat your way to a bunch of free Trophies like you can on the 360 with Achievements.
Software_Lover  +   2632d ago
You cant do it with the 360 either. You will get banned.
And if I remember correctly, before trophies came out, Achievements and anything like it was stupid. But I guess some peoples favorite team hadn't adopted the idea yet. I dont really care either way about them. I dont have alot on the ps3 and not a big amount on the 360. Only 2 games, Mass Effect and Super Stardust HD have I actually tried to get all the achievements/trophies and enjoyed it.
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hfaze  +   2632d ago
"And if I remember correctly, before trophies came out, Achievements and anything like it was stupid."

I will admit that I was that way... And I will admit that I feel oh-so-dirty while trophy whoring it up... I guess it's something that grows on you, whether it's achievements or trophies.

Now I no longer give my 360 owning buddies for achievement whoring, and catch hell for trophy whoring... c'est la guerre... =)
Traveler  +   2631d ago
Why do some people enjoy spreading misinformation so much. I have a PS3 and a 360 and you cannot just copy game saves on either console and get achievements/trophies. It doesn't work that way. For example, I had already played through Uncharted and had the game saves on my PS3, but I didn't retroactively get the trophies I would have earned for the game when they added trophy support. Likewise, I played through Mass Effect on my 360 and got many of the achievements, but the account and gamertag that I had when I played through the game was canceled and when I started over with a new account and gamertag I didn't automatically get those achievements even though I still had the game saves on my hard drive. I am planning to play through Mass Effect again, just as I did with Uncharted, in order to get the achievements for my new account (and just because I love the game). Achievements and Trophies are linked to your gamertag/PSN ID and I don't think there is any way around that. I wouldn't try to get around it even if I could.
cheese  +   2632d ago
Trophies AND Achievements = Fail. Play the game, not the meta game.
NipGrip  +   2632d ago
What's wrong..
With playing both? Playing the game and enjoying the "metagame"?
Kriller  +   2632d ago
People seem to think it means something. Question: What are the next 100 gamerpoints or gold trophies going to do for you? Answer: Nothing

I personally hate whenever those icons pop on the screen; it rips me from an absorbing experience and shoves me into Microsoft or Playstation land -- last time I checked, those don't exist in Rapture or the Capitol Wasteland.
#18.2 (Edited 2632d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(4) | Report | Reply
Traveler  +   2631d ago
Achievements and Trophies = nice extra bonus feature.

I like achievements/trophies, they add a little something to a game. I don't buy a game for them, but I like that they are there. I have fun trying to get some of them and fun is what it is all about.
Raoh  +   2632d ago

my point of view.

achievements, like most of the 360, is brilliant for being first. after a while though unless your an achievement wh0re, and by wh0re i mean if we were still in the arcade days your all about getting top score on pac man. great

but i liked achievements. just wasnt a wh0re about it.

same can be said about trophies and once it goes mandatory.

when i compared scores on the 360, i just looked at scores but when i compared games there were some easy games that gave you points for turning on your 360.

with the ps3, its very similar but the level makes it different. i technically have more trophies than a few friends. but they have some silvers and golds where i may have some silvers and bronze trophies.. so one levels higher than the other.. very interesting way to look at it (and granted maybe confusing and overwhelming for most)

while playing motorstorm 2 (type of game i like to have to play some mindless racing) i haven't seen a trophie in a while, tonight i got a "starter something" trophie .... cool it came as a surprise.. since i forgot about it..

i havent checked but.. if it were a 360 game, i could say cool 10 more points

on ps3 i say closer to level, my percentage has changed.

i say enjoy both. they are great for gaming i just dont think you deserve credit for completing a level. maybe for getting past a peak moment in the story or completing the game but not for ending a chapter
Nathaniel_Drake  +   2632d ago
achievements, like most of the 360, is brilliant for being first

Insomniac had them first on the PS2, in the Ratchet and Clank games, they were called skill points, so no they weren't first with the idea technically
Raoh  +   2632d ago
i'm a ps3/ps2 fan of many games including the 360 and wii and older consoles

but for the life of me i could never get into ratchet and clank...

even know i thought the demo for ratchet was boring...

and i'm A PS3 guy on NG4 up with PS3 down with 360

but i have no love for ratchet......

with that said, if it had it first, i missed it.
N4Flamers  +   2632d ago
insomniac had it first, like there werent high scores in any other games. Thats all they are, unless youre talking about a reward system for everygame that comes out from a console regardless of developer.
I know what you mean by skill points and stuff but I think Some EA sports game used to have a similar system like that, where it would track which ea game you played, whether fight night or nba live.
GarandShooter  +   2632d ago
Yeah, Madden had Madden cards before this gen. Microsoft's innovation was to take a system that had been applied to games individually and adapt it for console wide application.
KARMA2009  +   2632d ago
this guy is an idiot,you need trophies for HOME to win items,demos,contents,etc..Like example,theres a room in HOME,says you need to be a level 5,to get to that level you need alot of trophies..Trophies leads to alot of free goodies,demo,games,etc.So yes,PS3 owners needs Trophies.

Quote:Every PS3 games in 2009 will be mandatory for Trophies.
#20 (Edited 2632d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
KARMA2009  +   2632d ago
this guy is an idiot,you need trophies for HOME to win items,demos,contents,etc..Like example,theres a room in HOME,says you need to be a level 5 to get in,to get to that level you need alot of trophies to get to Level 5..Trophies leads to alot of free goodies,demo,games,etc.....So yes,PS3 owners needs Trophies.

Quote:Every PS3 games in 2009 will be mandatory for Trophies
ultimolu  +   2632d ago
...And the negative PS3 articles roll in. xD
stpiio  +   2632d ago
Half the fanboy articles on N4G end with a question mark just to look innocent?
Software_Lover  +   2632d ago
never realized that. I will keep a look out for now on.
Legion  +   2632d ago
But that was a PS3 fanboy commenting on his own system???!!! Was he just trying to not be eaten by his own kind?
realill  +   2632d ago
Trophies made me enjoy completing Uncharted for the second time. It was really fun to learn different ways to kill enemies in order to unlock Platinum. I guess I will focus on getting Platinum LBP soon.
smurfie4  +   2632d ago
It's up to developers to implement trophy support in their games. For me its not a factor in my decision to buy a game or not.
ElementX  +   2632d ago
Trophies should've been there since day 1, like on 360. 360 gamers have been collecting points since the first day and games I played on PS3 last year and some this year don't do crap. Sure, it's just a number and little icon, however I enjoy collecting them.
KARMA2009  +   2632d ago
its like saying the 360 should have made their hardware reliable and don't break in a couple of years.

RED RING OF DEATH in the MILLIONS....33% HARDWARE FAILURE compared the the PS3 and wii at 4%.
#25.1 (Edited 2632d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
ElementX  +   2632d ago
Sony also should've had rumble since day 1
Bathyj  +   2632d ago
I can remember when we played games because they were fun. Now apparently we need to be rewarded or its not worth playing.

I dont really care about trophies, sure its mildly pleasing when one pops up, but I dont think I've even gone through and looked at what I have or still have to get. Its just not important to me. Now if they tickled your balls with a feather everytime you got one........
OSIRUSSS  +   2632d ago
I was at the Pub the other Night and I told this chick My Trophy level was a 4 and 58%. And I hooked up, so trophies have real world applications as well. :)
Bathyj  +   2632d ago
Thats how I met my girlfriend. I said Hi, I'm a young professional, I make decent living, I'm finacially comfortable and have an amazing penis.

She said who cares, how many trophies do you have in Uncharted? The rest is history.
GrandTheftZamboni  +   2632d ago
You hit it on the head, man. Lol!
Horny Melon  +   2632d ago
What does the writer think trophies are for........
The only reason Microsoft and Sony included trophies and achievements is to boost game sales of mediocre titles. They know and the developers know that there is a group of people out there that are trophy whores and will buy games solely for the reason to get the trophies out of this. They even make trophies easy to obtain in mediocre titles...anyone remember how easy it was to get all the achievements in Avatar for the Xbox?
anubis12  +   2632d ago
bathyj your picture is really creepy.. every time i see that picture i think your a child molester or gay or a psychopath...or all 3

anyways you dont need trophies or achievement points....the more you have just shows the amount of money you waste on retarded games.....lets play avatar and nascar for point hurray...not
Bathyj  +   2632d ago
Do you know what my avatar is? Have some respect for the classics.

I'm not gay or a child molester.
Horny Melon  +   2632d ago
Ooo OOooo I know
Pile from Full Metal Jacket
SketchCA  +   2632d ago
@ 4.2
Lol actually I thought the same thing he did, but now that you said that, it is him. No sh|t. Good pic sir!
swiftshot93  +   2632d ago
lol @ haters
they complain that ps3 does not have an achievement system, and when it gets one they spin spin spin...

The developers should have definitely stopped all development on all games just to make that old games have ps3 trophies /sarcasm

sorry, try again :)
Bathyj  +   2632d ago
Why stop there? Lets make em suspend all developement until they've gone back and put trophies in every PS2 game that scored higher than 80% on metacritic. Your avatar made me think of it.
Foliage  +   2632d ago
FMJ is an awesome movie!
Foliage  +   2632d ago
I prefer achievements that are handled within a game, especially those that actually unlock content.

The way Uncharted handled trophies was very nice. In Valkyria Chronicles (great game btw) I like how you can receive weaponry and medals depending on how you handled various missions. Even something Like unlocking various weapons/items in Metal Gear or how they handled rewarding you a rank.

Some numerical value or word popping up on my screen does nothing to enhance my game experience. I couldn't care any less about a gamer score, the thing just stands to show the world how much time you wasted jumping through developer designed meaningless loops to try to make you imagine their game had replay value, or a longer campaign just because of a single line of code.
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