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Jamie Foxx  +   2555d ago
sony gets their money from microsoft, movies are back,conspiracy theories can stop
original seed  +   2555d ago
Everybody wins
Especially me. Im loving my Netflix on live.
lloyd_wonder  +   2555d ago
Yup! Sony making money off the competition is only good business.
Firstkn1ghT  +   2555d ago
Yup, I'm sure every computer in every Sony office has WIndows installed. More money from the competition.
lloyd_wonder  +   2555d ago
Yeah. And I'm sure after Vista and Windows 7 flops, MS's market share in computers will just keep on decreasing.

edit: Too late for Vista...
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Firstkn1ghT  +   2555d ago
Apple has a measly %10 market share. What operating system does the Sony Vaio laptops have???? huh??? huh??? :)

Easy money from the competition.
mikeslemonade  +   2555d ago
BOOOO the xbox fans get what they want. I'm so sad.
bumnut  +   2555d ago
"Yup! Sony making money off the competition is only good business"

sony fans agree

"Yup, I'm sure every computer in every Sony office has WIndows installed. More money from the competition"

sony fans disagree and demonstrate they are a bunch of ignorant fools.

apologies to the sony fans that are not ignorant fools
Mr_Bun  +   2555d ago
To all 360 fanboys claiming that this was an evil plot...
Sony accepts your apologies.
heroicjanitor  +   2555d ago
Apology accepted.
They both have other business interests than the games industry, not everything is about games and I doubt Sony's movie business is funding their games...
SL1M DADDY  +   2555d ago
conspiracy theories indeed...
Can't count the number of Pro-MS fan blogs and pod casts that threw out their ideas of how Sony was pulling their movies from Netflix for reasons unbenounced to them. Stupid if you ask me since other Sony pictures were available. lol
ErcsYou  +   2555d ago
Sony must have received their check today... hooray!!!, enjoy watching movies while i am busy playing games..
mesh1  +   2555d ago
sony knew it had to bow to microsoft of the consequence wud be big like no windows on any sony vista etc they know who their masters are this gen .
ukilnme  +   2554d ago
I use my 360 for gaming. As for watching movies, I must say that my PS3 does that pretty well.
SprayandPreycom  +   2555d ago
at least sonys making some money somewhere since there ps3 gaming department isnt working out like they thought it would. But dont worry to much theres always the year 2017 that will be the year sony takes over... :]
Why o why  +   2555d ago
speak when your favorite console maker actually WINS a gen, then we'll see who's waiting;)

speaking of which why do pog and mart take their holidays at the same time:)..... wheres 'he' been anyway?
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caladbolg777  +   2555d ago
They just don't make them like they used to. SprayandPreycom, you get an F, sir.
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Gue1  +   2555d ago
If Sony is not making money of the gaming department "even though they have been outselling the X360 worldwide since launch" then, what is MS making with the X360 failure rate and the millions of dollars in warranties? the failed Zune, Vista and the HD-dvd add-on?

so easy to pwnd... =)
heroicjanitor  +   2555d ago
How many billions has microsoft lost on the xbox and xbox 360? They have never made a profit from their games division, never even come close.
heroicjanitor  +   2554d ago
So many disagrees for stating a fact... How can you disagree with a fact?
IaMs12  +   2554d ago
The problem with your fact is how long ago did was that? From what i have heard that they stated they are now in the profit margin, Big one? no of course not and from the SONY side they are in debt as well with the PS3 and i also heard the VAIO isnt that hot either... it goes both ways you need to spend to make money and they only company i see spending is MS right now
BYE  +   2555d ago

You have no idea, Sony made about 320 million $ in the music business last year, they own Justin Timberlake, Beyonce, Madonna, Britney Spears, Bushido, die Fantastischen Vier and many more...

The gaming industry is a small piece compared to that.

Not even speaking about their movie companies.
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lloyd_wonder  +   2555d ago
Actually, the gaming industry is bigger than the music industry by a wide margin. Which is why Sony wont ever quit it. They can make billions selling hardware and make billions selling games.

But, I get what you mean. Compared to all of Sony's other businesses, gaming is a small piece.
solidsnakus  +   2555d ago
LOL! looks like sony got owned.
PirateThom  +   2555d ago
Yeah, getting money sure does suck. :-/
KARMA2009  +   2555d ago
LOL Microsoft paid Sony tons of $$$$$ for their 360 to view some Sony movies...
Mozilla89  +   2554d ago
Well okay
This doesn't make the selection of movies a whole lot better, the fact is they need some better movies on there!
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SprayandPreycom  +   2555d ago
cracking up
i wonder why at first sony wasnt letting netflix have there movies on 360 then 4 days later they let them have em .. not like theres much change, all i still see on netflix is wyatt earp big trouble in little china along with ab work out and kung fu master 12... guess the negotiations were short.. "They own justin timberlake " i think that might be part of the problem ...
I am Legend  +   2555d ago

Captain Tuttle  +   2554d ago
Said the guy with the Master Chief Avatar
lord_monkey  +   2555d ago
regarding this gen's "WAR"
the Wii already won

p.s. MS won't win a console war again :P
Zulwarn  +   2554d ago
while you're at it add the ps3 on that list

sony won't win a console war again :P
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Zulwarn  +   2554d ago
ms paid sony?
riiiiiiiiigggggggggghhhhhhhhhh tttt................

it goes like this blind tools

ms made a deal with netflix, netflix makes deal with movie industry including sony

so no ms didnt pay any extra $$$ to $ony it was netflix
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JokesOnYou  +   2554d ago
yeah....I dont see what all the fuss is about
Netflix already has partnerships with the movie studio's to distribute their movie content through a variety of different mediums so the fact that micro paid Netflix to make their service available through the 360 doesn't really line sony's pockets with gold they will likely get the same royalties from each movie downloaded/rented as they would have gotten from anybody who uses Netflix service whether its 360 customers or just any random guy on the internet.

Wow its so funny many sony folks were just talking crap about how sony pulled their movie support to hold the 360 back now with this deal suddenly they've changed their convenient=

mcgrawgamer  +   2554d ago
I couldn't give a flying flip
who paid who.

all I know is a few days ago it was great sony was playing dirty, etc, etc,.

Now it's all good and msft throws away money. Msft didn't pay anything extra cuz they just partnered with netflix. Someone in sony's camp told them about a little something called trademark infringment and sony had to rethink their strategy.

On a side note how the hell does this news hurt some of you as gamers???
ukilnme  +   2554d ago
" On a side note how the hell does this news hurt some of you as gamers???"

Bubble up just for that. I think some get joy if they think the competition has been hurt in anyway.
kewlkat007  +   2554d ago
Don't you just LOVE BUSINESS
......oh it must be the death of Sony
Stryfeno2  +   2554d ago
Nice...Good going Netflix.
Boink  +   2554d ago
no surprises
told ya so, it wasn't deliberate, they both want money. nuff said...
Bladestar  +   2554d ago
who says that Microsoft had to pay Money to Sony for this?
It was obvious that this was going to end up in the court room since there is no reason why NetFlix is able to distribute the movies via computer and their standalone movie stream device and not on the xbox 360 just for the heck of it.

Why would Microsoft have to pay a fee to Sony if this services is for the Netflix Subscriber who's already paying for the service. This is not for the xbox live subscriber.

On this Sony tried to see if they can screw Microsoft and the xbox 360 but it was too obvious that they tried but realized it was going to bite them in their @$$..

Why should microsoft pay for something that Netflix is paying for? It's not like an xbox 360 user can use Netflix service without having an Netflix account.

So, for those thinking that Microsoft is paying for this... lol.. you are wrong. The issue was between Netflix and Sony.

this is very similar to Sony licensing a movie HBO and then Sony trying to ask Toshiba for a license fee for viewing the movie... when

a) HBO already paying for it.
b) You need HBO to watch it.

Right... Microsoft paying $h!t for this as they should. They only money Sony is getting from microsoft are the movies on xbox live movie marketplace.
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panasonic23  +   2554d ago
netflix put down their foot and was b*tch u better put yall movies back up ahahahahahahahahah.
ravinshield  +   2554d ago
thats right they better

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