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Silogon  +   2674d ago
Guys, please.. This is Little Big Planet/Bio Shock level. Can't you see this? /end sarcasm.
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MrSwede  +   2674d ago

Here's the trailer. Thewho shot it with his cell phone.

Edit: Looks like TnS beat me to it :)
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TnS  +   2674d ago
According to YouTube you were three minutes faster. :)

I think this is the biggest N4G "exclusive" story yet. Great job, thewho!
MrSwede  +   2674d ago
Oh, I see :)

Yeah this is probably the biggest N4G exclusive yet. Props to thewho!

Nice to see you again btw, TnS :)
Area_51  +   2674d ago
welcome back TnS it's been a while
vidoardes  +   2674d ago
All the stories I can find about it link here or to the youtube videos posted from this article. Looks like a real exclusive on yoru hands here!
robotnik  +   2674d ago
Notice the butterfly coming out from the sea sponge.
HowarthsNJ  +   2674d ago
Does that mean the setting is on land, no longer in the sea?
Looks like it to me anyway.
Elginer  +   2674d ago
I think I
just filled the cup...Holy crap!!!
NIN64  +   2674d ago
Looks real to me!
Agent002  +   2674d ago
sajj316  +   2674d ago
Teaser on the PS3! Confirmed for PS3! Lead on PS3? Only one question mark to answer.
iMarcus  +   2674d ago
bloody awesome!

oh would the fanboys shut up for once ,its bioshock 2 people! leave your pettiness at the door
she00win99  +   2674d ago
i was surprised that their no any news about this, not even a single rumor about bioshock 2 is coming. this is really a big surprise for me..
bouncybullet  +   2674d ago
They annouced that they were working on it in March.

Of course Playstation3 owners could've cared less about Bioshock at that point.
beans  +   2674d ago
This is good news for PS3 fans and just goes to show that 2k could really careless about 360 fans. It just doesn't make any sense for them to go out of there way to excite Sony fans and do nothing what so ever to excite there existing fan base. Oh well the game should be good and I can't wait to see something soon.
bruiser81  +   2674d ago
I don't think they have abandoned any of their fans, their number one goal is money. The first game is associated with the 360, this is their way of making PS3 fans feel considered since the original game came out a whole year earlier on the 360. I don't think their choosing sides at all, that wouldn't be a smart "business" move at all. This is just getting PS3 fans hipped for the next one, this may even spur the sales of their up and coming year old port
bouncybullet  +   2674d ago
They have a new teaser.

They're releasing another version of the game.

They put the teaser in the game.

It has nothing to do with PS3 or 360.

It's marketing.

They would've put the video in a wii version if they were releasing one.
PS360PCROCKS  +   2674d ago
lol yes they hate us! They gave us the game LAST year and you get it this year with a teaser! They MUST love PS3 fans. Get off your sippy cup your making no sense.
HardcoreGamer  +   2674d ago
after the demo
MRMagoo123  +   2674d ago
Wow big news me thinks good find ppls bubbles for everyone i me thinks
papayapanda  +   2674d ago
Although it didn't reveal much...
I'm interested in seeing how this game develops and what will be the crux of the story.
dkgshiz  +   2674d ago
Mass Effect 2 could come to the PS3.
Since EA owns bioware, but than they would have to get a new publisher. I guess EA would be a good idea for publishing.
theEnemy  +   2674d ago
If Mass Effect 2 is a Sequel, then it's pointless if they will not release Mass Effect 1 on the PS3 as well.

Not all PS3 gamers have a 360 or a gaming PC.
Killjoy3000  +   2674d ago
Just like MGS4. If they gave me Mass Effect and Gears, I wouldn't mind giving up JUST MGS4.
FAQS  +   2674d ago
Great news for the PS3 owners, another great title for us to play!
Mirage749  +   2674d ago
Well, that looks like confirmation of a multi-platform release fir Bioshock 2. Exciting news.
Durffen  +   2674d ago
Probably multi platform, but may end up a 360 timed exclusive. Although I wouldn't be surprised by a simultaneous launch.
GWAVE  +   2674d ago

Well, ain't this interesting. While other N4G users scramble to reply on the "possible MGS4 on 360" rumor thread, the confirmation of Bioshock 2 on the PS3 (a previous 360 exclusive franchise) is quietly ignored. Gee, I LOVE the interent.
PS360PCROCKS  +   2674d ago
Ok Um I LOVE Bioshock and all and it's an amazing game in all aspects, but exclusive to xbox 360 or not, it's appeal is not a mass one and so it would not make sense for Microsoft to pay to have it be exclusive again to only sell like a million copies
PS360PCROCKS  +   2674d ago
Hmm so Bioshock 2 will be PS3 as well, probably same day and everything. Didn't see that one coming, but honestly the game scored great and was a popular game amongst gamers, but didn't have mass appeal. Great For all gamers to get the next iteration on day one, but I could see why if Microsoft had the chance to wrap up Bioshock 2 exclusivity, that they didn't.
DiabloRising  +   2674d ago
It was a solid selling game of the year for many, I think it would be a solid title to "snap up." MS seems more intent on taking away what Sony has had above all else. Kind of a silly move in my opinion.

Third party exclusives are just going away, there's no reason to keep them around when more money is to be made on multiplatform. It's just the way the business is shifting. I wish people would stop taking it so damn personally really, ya know?
TheColbertinator  +   2674d ago
Well after the holidays are done,Sony and Microsoft will have more extra cash for new studios,more staff and possibly some paid exclusives so we gotta see how things turn out.I'm glad that a new brilliant IP such as Bioshock can have a strong fanbase.When I first heard about it,I thought it was a brillant and daring game that was going to be unfortunately ignored but it sold well and merited a sequel.
PS360PCROCKS  +   2674d ago
No for the circumstances it sold VERY well. But my point was that Microsoft probably payed them what 10-20 Million dollars and it only sold a million copies? I think this time around it just makes sense to leave it multi- platform. They don't have to pay for it and they're not taking it away from the original 360 fans.

@ colbert. Bioshock and Mass Effect are probably the singular greatest games I've ever played in my life. Bioshock is just a surreal experience, it's hard to describe. Whenever I talk about it with people that have never played it I see myself getting caught up in all over again. It's a very intimate story, and it's very compelling and very well done. I too am very glad they took the chance that they did on the game because to me I think it's the best game I've ever experienced, not played, experienced.
DiabloRising  +   2674d ago
I see what you are saying. I think this whole third party exclusive thing is good to die. Let the first party shine and differentiate the systems. Third parties are smaller companies than most large publishers, they need/have a right to survive how they can to continue to bring us solid games. The downside is when they are not setup for multiplat development, and the ports suffer (see Orange Box). But for every OBox, we have something awesome and equal on both systems like Burnout Paradise.

And I agree with you. It was definitely an EXPERIENCE, it had atmosphere... something too many games are missing these days. I pray the sequel captures that lightning in a bottle of Bio1... with a stronger ending, heh.
OOG  +   2674d ago
Saweeet cant wait......Bioshock was an amazing game....
Harry Flopper  +   2674d ago
Bioshock 2:Only on Playstation 3?

Sounds good to me!
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gersh  +   2674d ago
This is awesome!!
Ali_The_Brit_   2674d ago | Spam
dkgshiz  +   2674d ago
its clearly not fake.
I dont think anyone would have that much time and effort to make a bioshock 2 cgi video. Its real.
GWAVE  +   2674d ago
So, if 3rd-party exclusives are dying, how do we choose a console? It's all about the games, right?

Okay, so I guess that 1st and 2nd party exclusives would be a deciding factor, right? Gamers would naturally want a system that has more 1st and 2nd party developers taking full advantage of their system. Okay, so I guess this next question is only natual:

Who has more 1st and 2nd party developers and IPs?


Wait for it.

Yeah. The answer is quite clear. I'm not sure 360 supporters should keep preaching "3rd party exclusives are dead", because the vast majority of their exclusives are just that: 3rd party.
JasonPC360PS3Wii  +   2674d ago
ionisdialos  +   2674d ago
damn i hope it comes to ps3
i will deff purchase thsi first day
part 1 was great
i dont think it was game of th eyear

halo 3 (seriously me and my friends had so much fun with that game)


uncharted should have won not cod4
grantps3  +   2674d ago
i doubt it will happen but.....timed ps3 exclusive would be nice.

bioshock 1 timed for 360
bioshock 2 timed for ps3

sounds fair
ezcex  +   2674d ago
ps3 or 360
Hey guys, I havent played bioshock yet so i was wondering which console should i pick it up for. i heard the 360 version is 29.99 so does the extra stuff in the ps3 version justify the extra costs for me? if there was an online id get it for ps3 but since there isnt im kinda stuck. help plz. i need a no bs assessment. but since bioshock 2 will be on ps3 also should i just get the first one on ps3 too?
PS360PCROCKS  +   2674d ago
they're identical but as IGN said the extra stuff doesn't really make the PS3 version the definitive version. Honestly I'd save the money and get the 360 version so you have $30 more for another game.
Doctor Strange  +   2674d ago
Cool little teaser. Bioshock 2 is still a ways off too I really need to play the first one.
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