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TheColbertinator  +   2670d ago
Wow they just made the game sound awful.
JsonHenry  +   2670d ago
I was afraid that the "consolification" of the series would dull it down to console standards..

I hope it is still a fun game regardless of whether it will make fans of the series want to burn Bethesda to the ground. Younger kids will enjoy it because they will not know what they are missing and what should have been in the game.

But it sounds like we older gamers got the shaft without the benefit of lubing us up first.
ChampIDC  +   2669d ago
It sounds to me like the reviewer ate a bad baguette and is angry at the world. There's no way this game isn't going to be solid.
Sena Kobayashi  +   2670d ago
Either way, this "feature" that retarded teenagers and moronic fans of "self-confident but still crappy" violence will love (and even then, not beyond the 10 first minutes), guarantees that you will avoid using the targeted shot system at any price. It sucks, it's ugly, it's not funny, it's long et absolutely useless.

thats pretty harsh right there! maybe french people dont like that type of game.

les francais sont pas mal wack comparé aux Quebecquois j'arrive pas a les catch ben ben.

Je vais dans un autre thread avec my VITESSE EXTREME!!!!
Daver  +   2670d ago
lolll t tun foque toe XD
crystallakekiller  +   2670d ago
ben pensais pas quil y avait autant de quebecois ici!!!
Daver  +   2670d ago

On est partout!
andron666  +   2670d ago
C'est la vie...
Sena Kobayashi  +   2670d ago

Im of to another thread with my MAX SPEED!!!
Badhabit007  +   2670d ago
Test 1,2,1,2, patate poil maudit cave gnagnagnagnan.....
Bon, ben ça l'air que nous somme une criss de gang icitte.
harv052  +   2670d ago
Les osties d'conservateur on gagne......faut etre realisse calisse...

Qui mange d'la marde!!

Salut aux Quebecois!
hoklee  +   2670d ago
des gamers quebecois :O tabarnake que c'est rare lol
Poirot9  +   2670d ago
Ben calisse
de tabarnak! Salut les quebecois! Les conservateurs yon p't'être gagné mais au moins c't'est pas une majorité... uh... sti...
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Imallvol7  +   2670d ago
you and your fancy Beigné's . . .
Sena Kobayashi  +   2670d ago
HOKLEE ITS ME ERIC!!!! bubbles up hahaha

Im of to another thread with my MAX SPEED!!!
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andron666  +   2669d ago
Just to not confuse anyone...
I am Norwegian. That french term is the only french I know.

I have no idea what you others wrote in french here LOL
ZombieNinjaPanda  +   2670d ago
So what
I was getting from this article is that..the game sucked?

I can't believe thats true, we heard so many good things about it :S
badz149  +   2670d ago
I think so too
but I got my impression from the live feed of a guy playing the game (pirated one) last week! I went to watch because I have zero intention to buy this game anyway. but OMG the game is BORING as hell! I don't know about oblivion but if oblivion is anything like Fallout3, I'm glad I didn't play it! the pace is too slow, the shooting and that special targetting thing got boring so fast (mind you, I was just watching) and graphically, it's like a couple years old game! plus, there are (not so)giant enemy crabs in the rooms! OMG!! RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!! pfft...boring! I thought GTAIV was boring but Fallout3 exceeds it that department single handedly!
PimpHandStrong  +   2670d ago
A Frenchmen
was the city planner for DC
he was the one that made it a pin wheel design! If you dont know what im talking about pull out a map of DC!

maybe they dont like to see their work destroyed by a nuke!
Imallvol7  +   2670d ago
Have been playing the game for about 2 hours and I am done . . .
It's literally like Oblivion with guns. However, I do enjoy Fallout 3 much better. The presentation is awesome and the story is good. I just do not like these games. There is too much talking and all the choices you have to make about making weapons, what your going to wear, what attributes you want, what you want to look like, do you want to trade, blah blah blah just gets overwhelming to the point where its not fun.

Don't get me wrong, I KNOW people will love it because people loved Oblivion and I didn't. It's more of the same. Graphics are awesome, sound is awesome, and presentation is awesome. That VTS system or whatever its called is really neat too!!!

However, the game is too slow paced and bloated for me. I have no desire to talk to everyone in your stupid village just to get some info.

If you were an Oblivion fan though, get ready. Your going to love it! I think . . .

Oh, and shame on Bethesda for trying to influence his review!!
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shovelbum  +   2670d ago
Meh.. what do you expect from the French? It isn't RSV so they won't love it.
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harv052  +   2670d ago
The same we would expect from the english...

No, seriously, your comment is stupid...
Imallvol7  +   2670d ago
I don't think his comment is stupid. Go Shovelbum!
dukadork  +   2670d ago
I expect
independent and free thinking: something we Americans have forgotten about after years of foxnews, kotaku and cnet BULLSH!T
zozol  +   2670d ago
Preorder canceled
XerockX  +   2670d ago
easily influenced?
XerockX  +   2670d ago
holy crap!
that was friggin' harsh.
After oblivion and morrowind, I'll blindly trust bethesda. I loved them both.
Hope I don't feel the same way this guy does.
but It does make me wonder why they had to censor his screen shots...

and to those of you who downloaded the torrent ......seriously...shut the f*ck up and go back to jerkin' off to japanimation in your room in your mom's basement.

How can you talk sh*t about something you stole.
Imallvol7  +   2670d ago
because I didn't, my friend did. lol.

angry much?
Zerodin  +   2670d ago
The French government refuses... give classification to a game that glorifies the usage of soap.
HairyBrownSack  +   2670d ago
HAHAhahhaHAAHahhahahaAHAHAHhah ahaHAHAhahahAHA
godoftime  +   2670d ago
psiom  +   2670d ago
I didn't realize the entire country or France worked at canardPC.
gambare  +   2670d ago
I see...
the reviewer is a fallout purist, pretty much like some elders scroll purist with oblivion
SketchCA  +   2669d ago
Don't listen to this guy
It may turn out to be a good game. At least give it a chance. Seriously, who listens to the french anyway lol.
krakdol  +   2669d ago
Yeah, stupid comments for the win.

Seriously, who listens to the american kids like you anyway lol.
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The_Kills  +   2669d ago
This game is exactly how I expected people
with a brain stem would react
haruvister  +   2669d ago
Never underestimate the expectations of a Fallout fan. Secretly I want this game to be pants so I can give my overdraft a breather...
Baba1906  +   2669d ago
i must say i have never been as bothered buy someone, as the one interview i saw about this game, where one of the makers only talks about how the bodyparts fly around and explode. i think it was on E3 or something. it felt so empty to just concentrate on the brutality of the game. and he acted like a teenager who had seen porn the first time on the internet.
well im still hoping this game ends up beeing good. i would love to enjoy it, couse i guess ill have to buy it anyway. but still when i read what this guy wrote it kind of makes me sad.
krakdol  +   2669d ago
The comments in this section are too smart, I won't be able to add anything sensible.
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keeponjammin08  +   2669d ago
Clouded opinion
Ok, you could beat oblivion in an afternoon too. That wasn't the point of the game though. It offered a world with tons of things to do, side quests, being a member of guilds etc. This guy probably just loved fallout 1 and 2 and is all upset because it's not the same. I see people making comments all the time saying they wish it was still just like the first two. Well I have news for you, the first two weren't that great. I just started playing fallout 1 and it's ridiculously unbalanced, tedious, and despite what you think it's not very in depth.

I welcome "Oblivion with Guns". Plus every other creditable review I've read gave it an excellent rating. I think this review is a mixture of Fallout 1&2 fanboyism and someone who didn't like oblivion. 4 years of hard work went into it and I know it's going to be quite a gem.

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