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NanoGeekTech  +   2689d ago
Reason #356 to own a PS3...............
There are more super secert games in production form SONY.........just FYI

Cannot wait....keep it coming there is so much to look forward to with my PS3....
pixelsword  +   2689d ago
Napoleon Dynamite: the game...
...could anything else be so awesome?
DanteLinkX  +   2689d ago
Yipee Bog  +   2688d ago
i dont know
if it's one of those turn based games where the all guys look like girls, I'll pass.
kenshin329  +   2689d ago
i hope
it is kingdom hearts 3 but most likely it isn't
darkpower  +   2689d ago
KH3 has already been rumored to be there.
I don't think their SS game would be that because we're already expecting that in some form, so I don't think it would be THAT much of a surprise.

My suspect: We got two possible announcements now, KH3 as PS3 exclusive and THIS bad boy that we were told about just now.
Host Samurai_  +   2689d ago
Seriously, if it is a FPS, Online shooter or some MMo crap, I will throw my PS3 in the trash.

Give us games that made the PS1/2 so great, not crap shooters. RPG's, Action, Adventure or a Platformer please
Cajun Chicken  +   2689d ago
You have a good point, but at the start of the PS2s lifecycle it had just as many FPS. Take Red Faction, Timesplitters, Halflife and Unreal.
I wouldn't go chucking in the trash though.
Harri4444  +   2689d ago
i hope its a skittle colored power rangers game so we can compete with halo. :D
fllysurfer  +   2689d ago
Comeon guyz... you know that what it is!
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juuken  +   2688d ago
Lol, Pacman HD.
tehReaper  +   2688d ago
The 360 already has the form of Pacman Collectors Edition. I highly recommend it, too. Very addicting.
b00mFargl3  +   2689d ago
who really cares. Its probably mister mosquito 2.....
IAm1Bearcat  +   2689d ago
hmmmmm... as much as i love this news, i hope that once they say what it is we're not all disappointed because we all thought super-big happy thoughts about great games lol that would suck.

im thinking mastemikegee, it might be a game that was rarely mentioned for the last year or so that people simply forgot about and now it looks and plays wicked. Uncharted 2 would be awesome, but i dont know how big of a splash that would be, and i think it would come too soon for the developers to have any part of it done (or even a video yet).

FFVII remake? eh... that would be huge, but just slightly disappointing since it's a remake, but that would definitely raise the hype and hunger for FFXIII so i guess that could be.

maybe Max Payne 3, team ICO game (with a huge shocking twist?), a new Elder Scrolls game? (yeah, i know busy with FO3 but you never know), maybe it is a new IP.

i have no idea.

but im excited.
EnglishPatriot  +   2689d ago
MGS1 PS3 remake? wishful thinking i know
TheColbertinator  +   2689d ago
Yeah but that sounds good
Madgunner  +   2689d ago
No you know
whats wishful thinking... REMAKE's of Metal Gear, and Metal Gear: Solid snake back when snake was taking orders from big boss when he went to zanzibar land and outer heaven.... THATS WISHFUL THINKING
PirateThom  +   2689d ago
Remakes using the MGS4 engine?

Yes, please!
Renewman  +   2689d ago
Sorry to burst your bubbles guys....
This rumored game WILL NOT be a Team Ico game. Just a few weeks ago, the lead producer behind Ico and SotC said that he has "just" begun starting on pre-production. Take that with the fact that each game has had a development time of 4+ years, it would mean that they started on Ico 3 late 2006 after the release of SotC. Case in point: don't expect real news about Ico 3 for quite a while.

However, I honestly believe it's the game the BBC reporter told us about a long time ago. Not only would this steal any kind of momentum from the other companies, it would set up a strong line up for the 2009 year.
Madgunner  +   2689d ago
Renew man... Yoshida said ICO will be shown at TGS..... but this isint the game the mag is refering too... its the BBC game.
SuperM  +   2689d ago
Dude, team ico's game came out late 2005. which means if they follow the 4 year cycle it will come out late 2009. And we already now several games that will come out late 2009 so its not to early to hear about team ico. And just to spesify, the 4 year cycle is not 4 year after they have started development on the game, it is 4 years after they released their previous game. so late 2009 is to be expected.
Freak of Nature  +   2688d ago
I believe this is the game the BBC reporter loved a few months back....

I hope it's something quirky,a platformer with action adventure....An all new IP.

Along with it, it sure would be extra special to see something of Jax 4,Beyond good and evil 2 along with TRICO of course...

Now that's probably too much to ask for,but a guy can dream...
DarkArima  +   2689d ago
I would love a new horror type game. :3
xbox720  +   2689d ago
Its kingdom hearts 3 i am 99 percent sure here's my reasons last year they announced kingdom hearts birth by sleep and kingdom hearts ds and there are rumors that Sony was going to show kingdom hearts 3 at tgs so it has to be it

PS or it might be jak 4 for ps3 or sly 4
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IAm1Bearcat  +   2689d ago
what about Beyond Good & Evil 2?????
i remember seeing that it was FINALLY coming, but i havent heard anything about it at all since then. i dont know why they'd show it at TGS, but i just remembered the game so i thought i'd throw it out there
blasterxp  +   2689d ago
ICO or Shadow of Colussus game
TheColbertinator  +   2688d ago
I miss the SEGA Saturn.So many good arcade games on it
Joey Greco   2689d ago | Spam
xg-ei8ht  +   2689d ago
God of war and mag will be using the killzone 2 engine.
Cajun Chicken  +   2689d ago
although it isn't super-sexy, I still expect one announced EVEN if this secret game is announced/introduced properly.
It would look AMAZING. I can't wait to see lens flares hit Jak's goggles.
Honest, Insomniac are great, but the artwork of a Jak PS3 game would make you go 'whoa' due to Naughty Dogs insistence on attention to detail. Just look at Uncharted imagine that slightly 'anime'ish'.

It's been long enough. I need Jak and Daxter back, NOW. Ratchet's been working overtime and its time to see and hear the far fetched tall stories of Daxter again.
Freak of Nature  +   2688d ago
Well said,and bubbles to you....
tehReaper  +   2688d ago
If they release Jak 4 by the end of 2009, I would be insanely happy. I mean, come on, it's Jak and freakin Daxter.

arakouftaian  +   2689d ago
yeah team ico game
N maybe 1 or 2 more games jrpgs. But I belive that's all we are going to get I mean whit the team ICO I'm cool I don't need no more a teaser or a gameplay it will keep me hapy :) those guys r good!!!
joebahrjoebahr  +   2689d ago


and your face is dumb hahahahah

i want to see your insides
The Mikester  +   2689d ago
awesome dude, can't wait.
Figboy  +   2689d ago
it's funny that people throw out
the same "secret" titles over and over again.

if we know what they are, then they aren't secret, are they?

HOWEVER, a game we know about, that hasn't been unveiled yet could be it (ie, Team Ico's project).

anyway, my thoughts are that there are a LOT of Sony 1st and 2nd party developers who are unaccounted for in terms of what they are working on.

these are the devs and games we KNOW are coming

1) Naughty Dog: Uncharted 2 and Jak PS3
2) Insomniac: Resistance 2 and Ratchet: TOD 2
3) Slant Six: Socom: Confrontation
4) SOE Seattle: The Agency
5) Sony Santa Monica: God of War 3
6) Zipper: MAG
7) Sucker Punch: inFamous
8) SCE San Diego: probably another MLB and NBA game
9) SOE: DC Universe
10) Guerrilla Games: Killzone 2
11) Evolution: Motorstorm: Pacific Rift
12) Clap Hanz: more Hot Shots, no doubt
13) Polyphony Digital: Gran Turismo 5
14) SCE London: EyePet

also remember that a few of these studios are working on more than one project.

now, here are the REMAINING Studios that we have NO IDEA what they are working on, but we know they are working on something:

15) SCE Bend: they are working on Resistance PSP, but are also prepping a PS3 title
16) Incognito: they are still supporting Warhawk, but have confirmed they have a second project in the works.
17) SCE Foster City: ???
18) Ready At Dawn: ??? they're done with PSP development, but have gone quiet on their next work. they're second party, but they have good relations with Sony and Nintendo. i imagine their next project will be on the PS3 however.
19) SCE Liverpool: ???
20) Big Big Studios: ???
21) Game Republic: ???, but they work on a LOT of different titles at once (ie Folklore, Genji, Toy Home, Eye of Judgment, etc)
22) SCE Japan Studios: ??? but they also work on a lot of different titles at once.

i'm just saying that there are a lot of studios working on PS3 projects, and we've yet to hear what they are working on.

and while a lot of you could be right in that it could be that "mysterious BBC game," or looks at God of War 3, or anything else we may know about, but then it wouldn't be a secret.

chances are, like MAG, and EyePet, and the plethora of PSN titles announced over the past few months since E3, it will be a title(s?) that we've never heard of before. Sony is showing that it's a benefit to having more than just a handful of studios at your disposal, working on exclusive titles (ie, Microsoft and it's 8, yes EIGHT, first and second party studios).

the other two console manufacturers tend to blow their load rather quickly when it comes to announcing the big games, but Sony has over 20 (i didn't list other studios like Level 5 and what they are working on), creating exclusive titles for the PS3.

just when you think that you've seen all that Sony has to announce, they whip out one of the studios sitting in the shadow of dev houses like Naughty Dog and Insomniac, and wow us with a new announcement (until E3 2007, who knew that Sucker Punch was working on inFamous? not ME, and many other gamers).

since it's TGS, it will have a focus on Japan, so i expect to see more about what Japan Studios, Game Republic , and Team Ico are cooking up.

they may tease a US and UK developed game (like Resistance 2, Killzone 2, and maybe Uncharted), but it's going to be focused on more local games and development houses. the US and UK had their day in the sun at E3 and the Leipzig conferences, so it's Japan's time to show off now.

that's just what i think.
PirateThom  +   2689d ago
I like Figboy, his posts are long, but they're will written.
Figboy  +   2688d ago
i try and keep them short, but they always grow.

i'll try harder next time to keep them down, but it is me after all.
gsathe  +   2688d ago
multiplatform is the norm now, but there're still exclusives to help sell one console or the other. am i the only one who thinks that it's not a good thing? most people can't afford both a 360 and a ps3, and once we've made the choice based on a number of reasons, it'd be nice if we could still play the same games... just wishing out loud...
Teh Cell  +   2688d ago
Yet another unannounced FLOP, only on the BSstation the 3rd!!! Expect below-average graphics, a gimped online system, and 0 developer support, as every other BS3 game...wait, there aren't any others, oops!

Anyway, enjoy your Super Barbie Horse Adventure!!!
ROCCOZILLA  +   2688d ago
not!,you can keep that P O S.gimme K I L L Z O N E 2!!!!ooooooooooooooooooooooooy eah!
Skyreno  +   2688d ago
Maybe the game is Brave arms ^^
SickNick85  +   2688d ago
also for me is cellius's/Namco Bandai brave arms
juuken  +   2688d ago
...Ooooh my...I hope this is an rpg or an action game. I love shooters but please, not another shooter. ._.
DarkArima  +   2688d ago
I know right?
This gen has been about nothing but shooters
I have only seen like...5 rpgs then gen(well only well known ones)
DarkArima  +   2688d ago
Give me a good old western Rpg like Baldur's Gate :3
DARKTRINITYxxx  +   2688d ago
Rly Redzev tking the p*** outta our PS3 games. Oh yes because all of us PS3 players are just dying to get our hands on the o so excellent best ever upcomming game Banjo Kazooie. MS really know how to spoil you kids dont they LOL NOT.
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The Tour Man  +   2688d ago
Sony's secret game is a going to be a game that will be another nail in the 360's coffin. Poor Xbots.
Skyreno  +   2688d ago
the game has to be rpg if they showing in TGS
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