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Dlacy13g  +   2710d ago
New company forming....
AKA, MS has their new console RTS division. Look for Console version of Age of Empires in the future and kiss the future PC versions goodbye.
running rampid  +   2710d ago
short answer. NO, i don't think it will suck.
Fux4Bux  +   2710d ago
Not much will change
I'm sure it's going to be just as terrible.
Rock Bottom  +   2710d ago
Ensemble hasn't made a sucky game yet, I'm sure it will be something worth playing, however, they haven't made an "AAA" game since the first Age of Empire, IMHO.
predator  +   2710d ago
I think it will be awesome
Panthers  +   2710d ago
Im just going to say I hope... I also hope for a PC port.
BigKev45  +   2710d ago
Ensemble: Is Halo Wars going to suck now?
It was going to suck either way.
blackbeld  +   2710d ago
All HALO series are extremely overhyped. correction all 360 games are extremely overhyped!!
Freezingduck  +   2710d ago
LOL, I was thinking of the exact same
"is...going" vs. ""
AngryXbot  +   2709d ago
Since when was this generic RTS for CONSOLES for crying out loud ever going to be great to begin with?

This game was just another Too Human.

Its a generic RTS and its made for consoles. RTS dont work on consoles no matter what people claim.

The only exception may be for the PS3 because PS3 can use keyboard and mouse.
Covenant  +   2710d ago
Looks like the Random Disagree Monster is loose again...

As for the topic...I sure hope not.
The Kingslayer  +   2710d ago
Me too
Microsoft made announcement like that in economic times like this is just fuccing wrong even if it biz as usual. Have the damn grace to let these guys work with some piece of mind and security instead the threat of a pink slip...

Be a gamer...Not a hater
zslash  +   2710d ago
Did you read Microsoft's announcement? I don't think so...

"Microsoft is working to place as many Ensemble employees who do not move to the newly formed studio into open positions within Microsoft as possible."

It's good Microsoft is doing this ahead of time, rather than just cutting everyone off without notice after the game ships.
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TheMART  +   2710d ago
Halo Wars... Controls specially designed for the 360 controller, can't wait to get my hands on it!
Dave2001  +   2710d ago
I can't wait to get my hands on you sexy girl.;);)
PimpHandStrong  +   2710d ago
Will Halo Wars suck?

maybe we should wait till it goes gold to start talking about a game being good are not?


and btw slayer

they already know that pink slip is coming. The couple big wigs will just find a new job and a couple programmers will be looking for work!
kevnb  +   2710d ago
Im sure it will be...
just as good (or as bad) as it was going to be.
Xi  +   2710d ago
I can't wait.
I'm sure it will be amazing like everything else ensemble has made.
Radiodread  +   2710d ago
I think
the person who disagrees should show themselves instead of hiding and proving nothing.

Anyways I think it will be a decent game I love anything halo.
NanoGeekTech  +   2710d ago
after H1
everything Hale sucks.........turn it into a RTS...and that screams suck @$$ thru straws.......
u got owned  +   2710d ago
You just came here to troll? GTFO!!!!!

Little kids zone is that way ------------------>
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Xi  +   2709d ago
I could say the same about metal gear solid.
Infact I believe metal gear solid on average has a lower median score then halo...
00  +   2709d ago
never heard about that game.
u got owned  +   2710d ago
Hopefully this game turns out awesome. Halo + RTS = Awesomeness... =)

Game on.
pwnsause  +   2710d ago
Ensemble is still making the game, so no i will probably not suck.
Genki  +   2710d ago
"That's a totally fair question."
IT sure isn't, because there was never any guarantee that the game would be good. When reputable studios with a good track record like Factor 5(Rogue Squadron) and Free Radical(Goldeneye, Timesplitters) can make bad games, anyone can.

This bullcrap about taking a rep for granted has destroyed games and devs alike. Let's stop expecting stuff to happen like we're clairvoyants. Open minds, please.
Xi  +   2709d ago
free radical
did not make goldeneye.

Rare made goldeneye, just because some of the staff from rare started up free radical does not mean it was the same team. Infact only about 1/4 of the original team from rare went to free radical after perfect dark, so that's very much untrue.
Droid  +   2710d ago
"Finishing the game will be harder now, but it will get done and be great"
um, you mean they canned the team before they finished the game?


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