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DarkSniper  +   2727d ago
Heavy Rain indeed has no competitors for now. The reason why Dark Sniper says this is because Microsoft's development studios are some of the most incoherent and unoriginal designers in gaming history. It makes perfect sense why Microsoft declined to attend the Lezpig gaming convention. They're simply waiting to see the killer lineup of the top-notch quality games PLAYSTATION®3 provides. From there Microsoft will make a blatant copy of the superior exclusives that Sony is providing for their customers.

This week you will see astounding footage for Heavy Rain. Next week, Microsoft will make an announcement that Dennis Dyack has started work on a new IP called Sunny Days.

Dark Sniper almost feels embarrassed to kick the Microslaves while they're down. It's obvious they are in such a poor state of position that they're unable to defend themselves with an adequate debate. But they have brought this to themselves and Dark Sniper wishes nothing but the worst for each and every Microslave on N4G.

Rainy days will impass upon you. This is PLAYSTATION®3.

cmrbe  +   2727d ago
More like
Heavy rain will cause a massive heavy rain of tears from the xbots hehe. Snipe. You are classic.
chidj2  +   2727d ago
Play b3yond
Blood_Spiller  +   2727d ago
The way I see it is where most (if not all) other games are based around the "action" genre of cinema, Heavy Rain seems to be more of a "drama", something I greatly approve of.
grantps3  +   2727d ago
well i dont mean to be a shooter psycho path but if there isnt a bunch of shooting i dont see what this game will be. lets face it no combat=no fun
krakdol  +   2727d ago
Are you 12 or was it sarcastic ?
psiom  +   2727d ago
I had this video playing in the background so maybe I missed something, but I never heard him say it "has no competitors". Seems like the author here took that out of context pretty badly?

It was a great interview actually and very interesting. He's obviously a smart guy with a genuine vision for creating entertainment with real substance.

I really hope they pull it off.
zonetrooper5  +   2727d ago
Oh great another dev being arrogant...
jerethdagryphon  +   2727d ago
drakes v mgs4
both phenomanal games
graphic world lighting

after that they cant be compared
ones all about cinimatics storytelling and stealth the others playing a action film
glad they nices item tags though
DecayingMadness  +   2727d ago
indigo prophecy was awesome...
this is also going to be awesome, just hope it comes to PC as well though since I don't have a PS3
Syronicus  +   2726d ago
If they say Uncharted got some things right...
And that they are getting more right than Uncharted then this game will be awesome - if true of course. I'll wait and see but the tech demo alone nearly makes me a believer.
gamersday08  +   2726d ago
The List Gets Bigger By The Moment....
Uncharted, Heavenly Sword, GT5P, MGS4, LBP, R1 & R2, Motorstorm 2, KZ2, GOW3, MAG, GT5, Heavy Rain, DC Universe Online, Wardevil, etc.
The list represents games that are impossible to be done on 360 and it keeps growing by the moment.
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