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Sony Rep  +   2730d ago
We here at Sony are confident as well. Just you guys wait.
himdeel  +   2730d ago
That's one...
...King Kong sized bold a$$ statement! Proof as they say is in the pudding.
socomnick  +   2730d ago
how can it have competitors if nobody knows what the gameplay is about. If we were to judge the game from what we saw so far we would assume its an emo simulator.
Panipal2005  +   2730d ago
Wow, if Sony Rep's genuine, I should inform him that the LAST thing he should be telling people to do is's [the PS3] nicknamed the 'Delaystation' for a reason.

Really, that's rather an ill-judged choice of words
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King_many_layers  +   2730d ago
hey soccomnick

try watching the interview, they state that it is going to be the same formula as Faranheight, only this time they've got experience, criticism's and have a lot more knowledge over how to create their vision.
DaTruth  +   2730d ago
They asked the dev if he thinks there are any competitors. As far as every game he knows about, he thinks not. I'm sure he has some insight into his own game. What we know wasn't the question, but I'll leave you to your fanboy-logic.
C_SoL  +   2730d ago
Well ya..........
see that there's not many games of it's kind........If so?? Say so.

No matter what it looks different from what anybody else is doing in the Gaming Industry.
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Cartesian3D  +   2730d ago
in my opinion..
uncharted was one of the most advanced games in term of graphics and animations.

no other console game can come close to Uncharted in HDR lighting,Highres textures even in far objects..etc (NO OTHER GAME on 360 and PS3)

I believe in Quantic Dream , and Im sure they have sth Ultra amazing under their sleeves :) ..
ThatCanadianGuy  +   2730d ago
MGS4>Uncharted.Im sorry..but as good and amazing as Uncharted is.MGS4 is just better.(In my opinion)..(tho im a huge MG/MGS fanboy..)
Blackmoses  +   2730d ago
Yeah I'm with ThatCanadianguy420
Uncharted is a great game all around (graphics and gameplay), but MGS4 takes the cake by far.

oh...I'm a MGS fanatic!!!!

Sevir04  +   2730d ago
I'm sorry but whiole i think MGS4 is a game with amazing graphics and is dripping with eye candy
It's textures aren't as robust as Uncharted. Uncharted's textures are unparallel even gears 2 can not compare with that kind of Hi end texture seen in Uncharted. and believe me i own both Uncharted and MGS4, uncharted in the hands down winner in textures, simply the best i've seen on PS3, how ever on teh PS3, MGS4 is the close second.
Blackmoses  +   2730d ago
Can some one point me in the direction of someplace that may sell this game? I've heard a lot about it but have not even seen it or played it.

edit: ok, is it Fahrenheit or Indigo Prophecy? Are they one in the same?

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facepalm  +   2730d ago
@Blackmoses: If you are from the US, the game's title won't be "Fahrenheit", but rather "Indigo Prophecy"... You should be able to find it used at a local GameStop...

EDIT ADDED: Yup... They're one in the same..
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PLASTICA-MAN  +   2730d ago
9 layers!
MGS4 beats Uncharted in overall graphics and character models,but Uncharted has the best animations I've ever seen: more than 3000 animations with many combined at the same time! It has also the most impressive textures on any platform: 9 layers of textures over one seen texture! If you don't believe check this (at min 2):
The Lazy One  +   2730d ago
the american version has no sex though. I think that's the only difference.

also MGS4 gets stomped by uncharted in graphics. Neither has especially impressive textures, but uncharted more than makes up for it in models effect, and lighting.
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ape007  +   2730d ago
uncharted is an amazing game and mgs 4 is even more amazing

love both
King_many_layers  +   2730d ago
what the.. Uncharted is far superior to MGS4 in terms of the textures and the lighting. Seriously, go look at some of the levels like chapter 5,6 and many others. it's simply fantastic. and the lighting NEVER breaks, on MGS4 the lighting breaks at so many points and sometimes is just a bunch of lines ( like shadows from wires ) Lets not forget the lighting from the torches and such.

lighting is not close to comparable on Uncharted and MGS4
CViper  +   2730d ago
I've always argued with myself over this one..

MGS4 wins as far as Quantity of visuals, It loses with in game animation though. The cut scenes, nothing can touch.

Uncharted has second to none textures/shaders that aren't necessarily realistic, but they are beautiful. The animation is also second to none, the water is inspiring.

You really would have to break up different sections and grade each to find a winner.

But either way, they are both games that are impossible on the 360.



I dunno the lighting when its on point in MGS4 is amazing. Those south america levels are amazing with the redish dirt... God I want to play it now.
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DaTruth  +   2730d ago
Too close to call for me. Both are two of my favorite all time games. But given the amount of things going on in the environments, we can forgive MGS4. A lot more overall action, characters, explosions, and particle physics not to mention guinea pigs and humming birds.
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Bathyj  +   2730d ago
Heavanly Sword still has the best facial animation, easily. Even Uncharted isn't as good. Some of the jokes in the cutscenes are pulled off simply with a raised eyebrow or snarled lip. Sublty that hasn't been matched yet. Heavy Rains graphics are awesome, I hope that move as well as HS.
HighDefinition  +   2730d ago
Is a beautiful game.

What makes it stand out is the way it MOVES.

The animations are unmatched.
ThatCanadianGuy  +   2730d ago
Why is everyone talking about textures and lighting???
Yes Uncharted is an amazing game.I own it,and love it.

But im talking about gameplay.MGS4 wins hands down.
The end of act three..was the most action packed emotional chapter that has ever been made.Rivaled only by the next 2 chapters after it..

The stealth camo,OctoCamo,Bandana,huge variety in guns and great combat system.Just such an amazing game..

Uncharted is indeed AAA,but to me MGS4 is AAAAAA+
PLASTICA-MAN  +   2730d ago
5* and 7*
Yes, I agree, Uncharted is five-star game and MGS4 is a seven-star game!
Mr_Kuwabara  +   2730d ago
That's a pretty bold statement. They have impressed me so far with how far they have taken there engine, now I would like to see wth the game is about.
facepalm  +   2730d ago
I'm pretty sure that when they're talking about having "no competitors" they're talking about making a game that provides a more "emotional experience", good story telling, and a strong characterization rather than graphics.

EDIT ADDED: Yeah, they were talking about story telling when relating to Uncharted and having "no competitors". (Starts at around 5:50 minutes in...)

So in other words, having more meaning to the game than just the shooting, driving, jumping, and fighting, which many games out there already provide.

What I loved about Indigo Prophecy/Fahrenheit was the story telling and the emotional aspect (with exception of the last part)... And hopefully Quantic Dream's next game will provide an even better experience.
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GamerMan  +   2730d ago
He wasn't knocking Uncharted
He was just saying Uncharted scraped the surface of where they are going specifically with this game. This game will be more movie centric from the way he is talking about it. Character building, full range of emotions, and lots of Mo-capped what ifs to make sure the correct emotions are being displayed upon the choices that you make.

At least that is how I perceived it. It sounds interesting and I will wait to hear more about it at Leipzig. I'm definitely looking for new games that aren't the same ole same ole. :P
Lord Shuhei Yoshida  +   2730d ago
-Comment reported as SPAM-
Sir_Ken_Kutaragi  +   2730d ago
Quantic Dream confident Heavy Rain has 'no competitors'...
...After Playing 'Too Horrendous' on the xBox 360!!! ;-D
(Sorry i meant 'Too Human') ;-D
I have Laughed SOOOO much today it Hurt!!! ;-D

Can't wait to See 'Heavy Rain'!!! ;-P
InMyOpinion  +   2730d ago
Another intelligent comment coming from a PS3 fanboy.
AIi_The_Brit  +   2730d ago
jenzo thats seriously all you say man either say something worth while or gtfo
NanoGeekTech  +   2730d ago
Reason number #289
To own a PS3

Edit: Uncharted was one greatawesomfantasamazing experience......But MGS4 is something special beyond short bus special...
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The Lazy One  +   2730d ago
what are 1-288?

I want a list. GO!
cmrbe  +   2730d ago
was saying that Heavy Rain is the only game of its type out there that he knows of.
pow3r of t3h c3ll  +   2730d ago
well duh
its not like M$ have ever gave Sony much competition is it?

welcome to the next-gen Xbots!

Obama  +   2730d ago
Unlike Dyack the devs of Quantic Dream actually know how to make a masterpiece.
rhood022  +   2730d ago
While I have no doubt that Quantic Dream will deliver. I loved Indigo Prophecy. The whole fiasco with Denis Dyack should teach developers to keep such comments close to the vest. I would hate to think that Heavy Rain would have a stigma before it was released simply because of the developers boisterous attitude towards their product.
360rxorz  +   2730d ago
Flop Flop Flop Flop Flop Flop Flop! Hahaha do they really tghink the PS3 can handle this? It'll probably end up a 360 exclusive!!! HAHAHA
pwnsause  +   2730d ago
poor guy, his machine RRODed on him, now hes being delusional. Please people, dont end up like this man by buying an xbox. dial 1-800-3fix-meYo
silverchode  +   2730d ago
getting rroded causes brain damage?
pwnsause  +   2730d ago
RROD damage causes:
Brain Damage
Heart Attack
Heat Stroke
Vomitting MS lies

Cure for symptoms, get a PS3
LarVanian  +   2730d ago
""It'll probably end up a 360 exclusive""
So its true. Every 360 owner was indeed dropped on their heads when they were born.
IzKyD1331  +   2730d ago
dude, you really are on some sort of drugs....
MaximusPrime  +   2730d ago
sorry about ur "too Human" game. the reviews are just getting worse.
xtreampro_REVENGE!  +   2730d ago
AAAHHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! A '360' EXCLUSIVE!!.....YEAH RIGHT!! LMAO, Quanatic Dreams ditched the 360's 'STONE-AGE' hard ware years ago, it couldnt even handle the tech demo LOL!
juuken  +   2730d ago
Wow...I hope I hear more of what this game is about.
Hot damn, Sony is not screwing around this time. o.o
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plain rice  +   2730d ago
Of course this game has no competition, just like with most other PS3 exclusive.
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PPpp  +   2730d ago
Tomb Raider Underworld beats uncharted hands down
Vito_corleone  +   2730d ago
And your father beats you, we know.
spectyre  +   2730d ago
Tomb Raider beats Uncharted????
Have you played them both?
rockleex  +   2729d ago
He has
played with Lara Croft down in his uncharted "underworld" with BOTH HANDS DOWN... if you know what I mean.
ItsIncognito  +   2730d ago
I love the part where he says; Sony has no intention of rushing it. All publishers should have this attitude. It would create a lot more triple A titles.
plain rice  +   2730d ago
That is why I stand behind Sony.
Cajun Chicken  +   2730d ago
Same here.
Good things come to those who wait
But seriously; I want a new Jak.
Nearly every other franchise has jumped onto PS3 from PS2 now.

I've waited enough...Uncharted just kick started my love of Naughty Dog's games again, well, not that it died. I just had no new ND games to play UNTIL last year.

Heavy Rain does look mightily fine though; I'd just like to understand just how it'll play.
Aclay  +   2730d ago
It's good to see that Quantic Dream is confident, but Uncharted was a whole different kind of game. Uncharted was more of a action adventure game, but a game like Heavy Rain is really built for storytelling and characterization.

If he thinks that Heavy Rain will have no competition, then I guess he doesn't consider Alan Wake a threat either.... I wonder what he has to say about it. I wonder if Microsoft is afraid to show Alan Wake because it's not quite up to par with Heavy Rain yet or because the game really isn't ready to be shown? Who knows.

I'm definantly ready to get my hands on a game like Heavy Rain though... 2009 couldn't come any sooner.
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PPpp  +   2730d ago
Another game getting overhyped by sony droids which will end up as another sad flop
pwnsause  +   2730d ago
This man is experiencing the symptoms right now, Vomiting MS lies. Hurry and dial the 1-800 number before its too late for you.
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silverchode  +   2730d ago
i think your in the wrong article this isnt about too human.
Sir_Ken_Kutaragi  +   2730d ago
SAD FLOP = 'Too Horrendous'(Too Human!!!) + The xBox 360!!! ;-D
Hmm New name??? Did the Mod's finally Ban your other one???
MaximusPrime  +   2730d ago
LMAO >>> you LOSE PPpp AKA pp AKA custard Pie face
chidj2  +   2730d ago
ONLY on Playstation 3

Play b3yond
rosebowl23  +   2730d ago
one of my most anticipated titles
eagle21  +   2730d ago
PS3 exclusives ARE THE BEST.....
Damn, do I love Uncharted: Drake's Fortune. I wish Uncharted 2 is at Liepzig. I can't wait to see Heavy Rain. It will be hard to get me more excited than I am for Uncharted 2. :)
felidae  +   2730d ago

very lol
jcgamer  +   2730d ago
Bring on the Heavy Rain...
I love my PS3... :)

Edit: and to the peasant who disagreed...go play Denis Dyack's
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RAM MAGNUMS  +   2730d ago
welcome to the darkside
free online
big budget games
more exclusives & new games than you can think of
only on ps3!
get yours.
cmrbe  +   2730d ago
You guys should watch the interview
Yet another dev singing Sony praises. He loves the fact that Sony is their publisher because they are the console holder and they are interested in creating the best games they can possible can and Sony don't rush them.

Sony is about pushing the envelope and creating fresh and new gaming experience. Sometimes they fail because they take alot of risk but most of the time they succeed. Sony understands that if you create quality you will recieve alot of respect and financial gain. Look at games like Flower, LBP, Heavy Rain, MGS4. MS don't have games like these. The only thing MS is interested in is working with know formulas like FPS. Take the Biggest MS game this year. Gears 2. What will that game bring to the gaming community this year that is new?. The only thing Cliffy has been talking about is better story and more badass weapons and enemies.

Sony will always gain the respect of most game devs because they are really about quality.
MarkyUK  +   2730d ago
More to this than meets the eye.
When I heard that Heavy rain had bustling shopping malls and other busy open areas, I was froffing at the mouth! Almost reminded me of Shemnue - and I loved that game.

Shemnue style game with awesome graphics? Yes please!
sinncross  +   2730d ago
this is one of the few developers, where when they make a statement like this, I can believe them.
Dyingduck  +   2730d ago
Speaking of Gears 2...
This will make you Xbots cry:
psgamer  +   2730d ago
i am confident in QD. i think the game will be awesome.

as far as graphics go, i think their game will look better than uncharted. But i also think that uncharted 2/jak 4 will top even that. Dont underestimate naughty dog, i couldn't believe they had jak 3 with those graphics running perfectly on the ps2...
MarkyUK  +   2730d ago
Jak and Daxter...
The first J&D for the PS2 was graphically ace. Such a good game as well! I am really hopeful for a J&D PS3 announcement in Germany this week. That alone would make me smile...
Cajun Chicken  +   2730d ago
Jak4 PS3@Leipzig =

I *think* I've voiced my opinion enough now.
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