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edhe  +   2456d ago
I know its on OXM but does it mean its for the xbox too? ill sign up once i know that..
dan-boy  +   2456d ago
i've signed up. potential game of the year for 09 me thinks.
media73  +   2456d ago
They scrapped the 360 version :(
Superfragilistic  +   2456d ago
APB is confirmed for PC, 360 and rumoured for PS3.
OOG  +   2456d ago
yeah Realtime Worlds website only confirms PC but does also say it is coming to next gen consoles....with no specific ones said....maybe they might pull the next gen ones if it doesnt work then....
Capt CHAOS  +   2456d ago
NO, no..

Facebook?? It's all wrong. Facebook is wrong. Doing anything on facebook is wrong.
dachiefsman  +   2456d ago
I hate face book as well. I would enjoy the beta for sure, but f* facebook. I wish that site would die.
RedVsBlue  +   2456d ago
It already has over 600 "friends" so I wont bother joining but this si a lame way to do a beta
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Evil Rant Monkey  +   2456d ago
If Think
you actually have to resiter here:

dachiefsman  +   2456d ago
makes more sense on this site

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