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AStupidXbot  +   2747d ago
It will, but I dont think it will overtake it untill atleast another decade.
IzKyD1331  +   2747d ago
probably when everything is obtainable by digital distribution, and harddrive sizes get to like 500 GB in gaming consoles
sonarus  +   2747d ago
I don't know if it will be a decade but assuming next gen games will be taking like 50GB i need to have at least a 1TB hard drive that can easily be swapped out and super high speed internet to download my games
NO_PUDding  +   2747d ago
It will.

But much slower than Microsoft wants. Not even 80% with an Xbox 360 is online, so it's not viable yet.

People will still want long experiences, and not just an arcade game resurgence. And to me, it seems only Sony is actually doing proper titles for download. Where are Microsofts Episodic games and proper games. GT5P, Siren, Warhawk, Quest For Booty... What does Microsoft have. It's a genuine question, becuase I might have forgotten something.

You can talk the talk, but you gotta be walking the walk first.
IzKyD1331  +   2747d ago
one major flaw in digital distribution is the download times, when everyone has a fast enough connection where a 2 hour movie can be downloaded in like 10 minutes is probably when it'll start sounding more attractive to less techy people
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Spread Butt Cheeks  +   2747d ago
What do you mean not 80% is online?

19+ million people with 11 million on live? its getting very close to possible
Lifendz  +   2747d ago
not sure if this will be the case
at least not anytime soon. Are retailers going to react well when they're cut out of their take? That's assuming MS and Sony don't kick something back to them.

Not sure if this is something I even want. I like having the option to pick a game up used. Or maybe let a bud borrow a game. And the time involved with downloading a game (and installing it on PS3) is going to be insane.

I hope they follow the Warhawk model and have games on both PSN and in the stores.
SixTwoTwo  +   2747d ago
Yeah it will definitely be awhile before it happens but at the same time there will always be a market for physical media whether its games, movies, or music.
DaKid  +   2747d ago
I think it will, but not nearly as quick as i believe Microsoft is thinking. First we need way faster internet connections, and they have to be to everyone or atleast a great majority of poeple. before it has a chance to "over take" retail sales.

Off topic- who all has played Braid? That game is AMAZING!!!
IzKyD1331  +   2747d ago
well, now that i think about it, it doesnt seem completely off the radar, think about music?
do you buy your music CD wise, or do you download it off limewire, itunes etc.?
illegal way or not, your still getting your music digitally....but again, music takes like 200 MB while games and movies take space in the GBs
The Lazy One  +   2747d ago
Consider this...
If you get a physical copy it will probably stay $60, but would you download a game if the cost of distribution was cut dramatically so the end price to you was only $40?

I'd probably download all my games so long as I could redownload them if I could save $20 every time.
Real Gambler  +   2747d ago
Lazy One, think about it...
Instead of paying $40 for a download, I would rather pay $60 for the physical game. Play for it as much as I want. Be able to lend it to my friend if he want to try it. Bring it with me if I want to play to another friend place. And then, when I get bored with it, sell it for $20. End result, I will have paid the same price you did for your download. But even better, I may even be able to trade it with a friend, at the end for a totally different game. (We do that a lot in my friend circle).

You should not believe that Microsoft marketing guys are genious. Sure download is coming, but not that soon. If it would, they would have put a hard drive in all their consoles...
The Lazy One  +   2746d ago
I'm not saying it's a replacement
It's just a good alternative. We're going to have physical copies of games for a long time (decades at least). That doesn't mean downloaded games won't overtake them as the most popular way to purchase.

People look at DD and consider it to be a replacement for the physical version. It's just an alternative, and a very good alternative for a lot of people.
Silogon  +   2747d ago
Maybe someday, I can see myself loving the idea even right now, but lets face it too many people are without stable connections, connections at all, and more often than not people with less incom tend to not throw away their money on digital media they cannot obtain hard prints for.

The wealth of the world isn't rich by any grand number. More people are poor than they are rich. More people have less money than they do more money and while a lot of people think the rich are fueling the industry, they're not.

The people with money have more to do in life than play video games. the people without money are what keep rental places open and the video game industry alive. Why you ask? Cause they don't have the money to travel and do lavish things like the above can do.

This is just my thoughts on the situation but things will have to change a bit more before we can acheive this goal.

Keep in mind I love it and will support it fully when the day comes, but I am in the minority. I have warhawk, Siren and over 30 PSN games sitting on my hdd to prove this fact too.
Montrealien  +   2747d ago
I guess we will see in the coming years. No question about it though, digital distribution will be a force to be reckoned with.
thebudgetgamer  +   2747d ago
i just wonder
if hd-DVD would've won would this article exist?
Le-mo  +   2747d ago
No thank you, I want a hard copy of the games I own. Having a Digital copy is too much hassle, you would have to download the game, a possibility the harddrive might fail, or you would have to transfer all the games from the harddrive to another harddrive when it becomes full which could take a long time considering the games capacity.
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morganfell  +   2747d ago
Yes, go total digital and shoot yourself in the foot.

I agree it's somewhere in the future but not this gen nor the next.

And talk about crying. If you think publishers cry about not selling games now, wait until someone is dumb enough to try digital only. I don't mean for 1 title on PSN or Live.

You see, this is what MS misses. The minute you try and nail gamers for digital distro on every purchase, the kind of purchase a gamer can't trade, watch sales drop like a rock. Because gamers will buy far far fewer games if they know they can't trade them.

A digital only game world with no way to trade will put sales through the floor.
beoulve  +   2747d ago
MS doesn't even have a full-blown game on XBOX Live. All small little arcade games. Yeah Downloads will overtake retail alright, but you are damn far behind.
IzKyD1331  +   2747d ago
@1.1 agreed
i cant believe MS are saying this when they dont even have full retail games on Live like sony does
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Spread Butt Cheeks  +   2747d ago
ps3 driods are like the blacks. nothing but liars and sneaks.
Kleptic  +   2747d ago
dude shut up...'droids' even have your best interests in mind...I know you are obviously a retarded 360 fanatic...but even an idiot like you wouldn't want to pay $500 for a garbage proprietary 300mb 360 HDD and put up with the absolute trash DRM MS has imposed on least I would hope you wouldn't...

and because your post will be deleted in about 30 minutes...this guy is obviously getponed being a racist again...ban him entirely...what is that like 16 accounts now? suck...
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Spread Butt Cheeks  +   2747d ago
@ klep

bu bu but he was mean to the blacks. walk down the rap aisle at best buy and tell me you dont laugh.
beoulve  +   2747d ago
is that the best that stupid bot can do. try harder sour loser
juuken  +   2747d ago
They're idiots.
Nuff said.
SpaZaA  +   2747d ago
I find it funny MS saying this...
Yet it's Sony that is actually releasing full games and Episodic content on PSN (Warhawk, SOCOM, GT5:Prologue, Siren, R&C Quest for Booty, etc). And their original PSN titles which are smaller games are fantastic as well. If anybody is rooting themselves in digital distribution for games it's Sony.
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beoulve  +   2747d ago
they talk the talk but they let Sony do the walk.
boodybandit  +   2747d ago
I was thinking it
but you said it Spazaa.
The Wood  +   2747d ago
takes up more space on my hdd than dvd9 can hold. DD will overtake far quicker on the xbox than on the ps3 just because of blu ray alone because its got longer legs. Downloading siren wasn't too bad but imagine downloading MGS4 and can you play your console whilst your downloading like you can on psn? Your console will be downloading more than you actually playing.
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devilhunterx  +   2747d ago
I was just gonna type what you wrote.
IzKyD1331  +   2747d ago
im also guessing this is MS' answer to their storage problem
Sony Rep  +   2747d ago
We here at Sony realize that we are the leaders the in the current online distribution of games. We are still relying heavily on retail as a key source of our distribution. We here at Sony are also asking consumers through our online surveys, what they prefer...unlike our rivals.
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zo6_lover27  +   2747d ago
M$ actually needs a digital download service (as in full games) first. The only ones with such a service are SONY, and they probably don't even want digital downloads to take over.


Next gen games (not saying this will happen next gen) will be well over 100GB each, with ever increasing graphics we will need at least a 2TB HDD, and with HVD having 3.9TB on a single disk, digital downloads are at least 15 years away.
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SpaZaA  +   2747d ago
from a profitability standpoint, it's much more convenient for Sony to sell games online, it cuts out the middle man (aka brick & mortar retail) and it's also hard to sell a digital copy to Gamestop lol. They allow 5 downloads on your PSN account for any purchased games BTW, so if you lose a copy (accidental deletion, format HDD, new HDD, etc) you can just grab it again.

As SonyRep said, Sony are doing plenty of surveys , and it appears for larger games they will continue to offer a BD version for now.
The Lazy One  +   2747d ago
you can only download it 5 times? It can't register it to the machine and ID and give you infinite downloads?

That's kinda lame.
Oner  +   2746d ago
No. You can download it UNLIMITED times on your PS3 with the option to download it on up to 4 additional DIFFERENT PS3's that are friends/family etc. For a total of 5 PS3's.
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Spydiggity  +   2747d ago
i want the hard copy.

too many things that can go wrong. plus you can't take your game to your friend's house. but i guess that's the force everyone to pay full price for every game, eliminate rentals, eliminate being able to borrow games, and eliminate buying used games.

i am a huge gamer, but i can't stand where the industry is going.
SpaZaA  +   2747d ago
actually as I just said above...
In a manner of speaking you CAN take your downloaded games to your friends place, you just need to set up you account on there system. If you are inclined to take the time to do it. PSN game sharing is pretty popular.
iHEARTboobs  +   2747d ago
I prefer hard copies also. I hope Sony allows us to save our games to the HDD like the 360 to avoid wear on the PS3. Aside from that, i'm perfectly happy with hard copies, especially if there isn't an incentive (cheaper price) to buy a downloadable copy. Digital downloads are getting more popular but as far as full scale games are concerned, they have a long way to go before they overtake retail.
xjxdoggystyyle  +   2747d ago
hard copy
is the i spend 60 dollars a it...say i buy 20 games....or....50 games...all on my hard drive...and its stolen...lost....broken...then what? im out 1200 bux for 20 games? 3000 bux for 50 games? no way no thanks...cds/blu rays.....plz
The Lazy One  +   2747d ago
@ doggystyle.
What? It's a hell of a lot easier to steal games than it is to steal hard drives. Robbery is actually a spot where DD has a huge advantage, because you can just download them again, where if a disk gets stolen, you are screwed.
Spydiggity  +   2746d ago
stealing a whole library of discs would be much harder. plus that was just one possible scenario that he mentioned. the bigger one would be system failure or HDD failure.
xjxdoggystyyle  +   2746d ago
exactly spy....
stealing a stack of 50 games....would be alot harder to do...then putting an xbox hard drive in your pocket im havin a party at my house and theres a few kids there that i dont know well.....are they gonna start stuffing there pants with all my many can they get out cases and all......sure ill lose some but not all how easy is it to pocket a hard drive and slip off..hmm
The Lazy One  +   2746d ago
how do you get around the fact that they are easily trackable locked to your gamertag and probably in some way loosely locked to your console.

You can always REDOWNLOAD a stolen downloaded game. You can't go to the store and repickup a stolen game without paying another $60
Sony Rep  +   2747d ago
We here at Sony believe Microsoft are just jabbering at the lips. They do not have actual facts of trends. We here at Sony distribute full games online. Microsoft does not.

-Sony Rep
qface64  +   2747d ago
lol sony rep your gunning for allot of bubbles aren't you
cmrbe  +   2747d ago
Next gen games
will increase in size. Games always increase in size from one gen to another. The question of dd for games is complex. Will internet broadband speed increase at a faster rate compare to game size?. Will broadband internet penetration increase dramatically all over the world in a couple of years?.

DD for games is already happening but i believe it will remain a very small portion of game distribution in years to come unless someone developes ultra fast super cheap broadband in the near future. There is already talk of Ultra High Def. Who wants to download 100 gig games?. hehe.
joevfx  +   2747d ago
this wont happen
once the internet providers put a cap on download sizes and make people pay per download size, downloaded movies and games will come to an end fast. its already happening
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ice_prophecy  +   2747d ago
My monthly cap on internet downloading is 25Gb. Theres no way in hell that I can download any game with that limit. I pay roughly 89$AUD a month for that connection as well, with a 35$ line rental fee on top. DD is just not feasible for me, or many people in Australia for that matter.
joevfx  +   2747d ago
thats slowly being tested here in the states too, im sorry Microsft but optical discs arent going anywhere.
PirateThom  +   2747d ago
Optical discs may not go anywhere, but what may replace it (for games anyway) could be a flash memory card, similar to what the DS uses, if they can bring the cost down and make the space on the disc high enough, load times may be abolished forever.
ice_prophecy  +   2747d ago
But how does production costs for disc based media compare to flash based media?

edit: nm, What you said just sunk in now haha.
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ultimate920  +   2747d ago
So True
They are already planning on doing this and for people to pay per download, they are going to get choosy about what to do, making some people not willing to download a game to pay extra when the bill comes...

Microsoft is stupid as hell, they aren't thinking well to the future. I still believe it will happen, but no big games are coming out of this, especially with the amount of space it will take. Sony already has full games in their PSN and they seem to be doing good. How come Microsoft is doing anything about it.

They got a long way to go...
ToeKneeHaze  +   2747d ago
I think these dummies forget that one bonus side to have DISC-BASED games is that u can sell them after ur done or trade them. How the hell you supposed to do that with digital downloads? Unless someone figures out a hack to have games run on any machine despite ip/login.
joevfx  +   2747d ago
ther enot dummies
thats exactly what they want you to do. NOT be able to sell the games back. Game companies dont make any money off there games if soemone buys them used. they are trying to figured out ways to stop trade ins.
Raoh  +   2747d ago
I agree with SpaZaA

MS is just trying to play damage control. they have no real full titles to release on xbla. hell they have a hard time allowing large large arcade titles and extra content.

oh i know, its because you can now install the full game onto the 360 hard drive... .. wait.. you need the original physical media for that right? not to mention a larger hard drive if you purchase a lot of games.

the only thing i can see them having up their sleeve is streaming from live as a rental.
SpaZaA  +   2747d ago
I see full game installs...
As having a very adverse effect for MS. People will be able to simply rent games for a day, copy them and play them for as long as they like/space permitting. I expect many people will pass up buying shorter games and renting/copying them and enjoying them for a few months.

We'll see how it pans out, but I think it's unwise.
Voiceofreason  +   2746d ago
You'll probably need to disc in to play the game even if it doesnt need to get any data off the disc.
Chandresh Patel  +   2747d ago
See,this is the problem with Microsoft;
They're a Multi-Billion Dollar Corporation bent on taking out OTHER Multi-Billion Dollar Corporations.With this,they're basically saying "F you GameStop!","F you BestBuy!","F you Walmart!".Basically," ;F you for selling physical Media,we'll do our own sh!t that will take all of you out!".

See,they THINK they can do what Apple did;That is,create a successful Online distribution network of Media that rivals the Retail distribution network.The problem with Microsoft?They haven't realized that Apple ARE NOT seeing the same amount of success from their Movie sells compared to their Music sales.It's not even CLOSE.

So now Microsoft are basically trying to take out both the Video game retailers and Movie retailers,by providing a machine and service that will,in their minds,be the perfect candidates for the job...The problem?While the Service is great,the Machine is not so great.RROD,Hard drive isn't standard,you know the drill.

This is why Warner Bros choosing Blu Ray back in January was such a crushing move;Not only did they effectively kill the rival format,they also made a very decisive underlying message;"We support Blu Ray,we support PHYSICAL MEDIA"<----This is why Microsoft are in a panic,because the biggest Movie Studio in the World is not willing to throw their FULL support behind Digital media.

You want to know the crazy part about this all?Between Sony and Microsoft,it is in fact SONY who have the most influence and electronics out there to initiate a successful Digital distribution store for Movies and Video games.So Microsoft can pay Viacom $500 Million for their content,but at the end of the day,when the rival company has their OWN Movie Studio and can equally pay $500 Million for the same content,you will always be at a disadvantage.ALWAYS.
TheColbertinator  +   2747d ago
I don't see this happening.Games like Rage,Doom 4,and MGS4 already take over 20 Gigs.I just dont see a hard drive efficient enough to hold all that space
PirateThom  +   2747d ago
If I have an option (like GT5P or Warhawk) I always take the disc, because I like physically owning what I've bought, same with movies and music. I like having a physica product I can actually touch.

All the same, I have to laugh at Microsoft for taking about downloading as if it's the future but not even venturing into it as far as Sony have in the present.
Voiceofreason  +   2746d ago
If they dont sale a physical disc you cannot buy it. It will not be done by choice. Gamers will be forced into it.Developers want to stop theft and resale. Their thinking will probably bethat they wont lose any more money with DD then they with discs and piracy so let some people get pissed off.
Tacki  +   2747d ago
I think eventually downloads will overtake retail... but we're still many years from that. It won't happen till more people have higher internet speeds. For myself, I'll still by games on disc whenever I can. That's what I'll be doing with Warhawk and and SOCOM: Confrontation and any other game that's also released on disc. Not only do I think it's 'safer', but I'm also big into collecting things like this. Was the same way when I focused just on my DVD's. To me there are just more advantages to actually having the disc when it comes to both games and movies. Even when/if digital distribution takes over there, physical media won't be dead. Many download music now... but not enough to the point where they've stopped selling CD's altogether.
divideby0  +   2747d ago
I guess this is a new revelation to MS..cause it certainly was not planned for with a gimped 20G drive in the launch 360, it could not hold up to real downloadable games.. and dont forget their other fiasco with their DRM..
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Reibooi  +   2747d ago
I don't think downloads will ever overtake retail. First off I don't like downloads I like owning the disc and I know alot of people out there feel the same. 2nd the tech for this to work perfectly wont be in place for at least another 10-20 years and even then you will still have to worry about crashes losing all you Data and having to rebuy/redownload everything. Downloads are great for small little games but big budget stuff like MGS and FF will never see it. I wouldn't wanna spend a large portion of my day downloading a game when I could grab the game at the store and be playing it way faster. There are just to many negatives to downloads and that is why I think disc based will never go away.
RAM MAGNUMS  +   2747d ago
the coming years?!?
what? Thanks to Sony & the ps3 digital distribution isnt just the future, its today!
thanks to easy installation of laptop hardrives & external hardrives you can have terabytes
in your ps3!
download full retail games straight from ps3 online.
titles include:
warhawk (launch)
tekken5 online
& more

Also, go the ps3 store & buy hd movies & store them in your hardrive or USB stick
its yours! Do what you want with it. Even play it remotely on your psp!
You can pirate movies from the ps3 browser too but don't ask don't tell nobody ok.
original psp games will sell on the ps3 store because its fast, its easy & your psp
wants it & you need it!
ps3 today & beyond!
r u red e?
REPLOID24  +   2747d ago
not for me.
i want a physical product that i can take wherever i want, and to display my collection.
dkgshiz  +   2747d ago
hmm hypocrites.
They don't even have a full game on xbox live! What are they talking about?! Why say something you don't have! And no, their wrong. downloads will not take over retail. I would rather have a hard copy of a game than a digital game. Much better. Microsoft is living in a fantasy world. Downloads wont take over for a long time. Give it another 7 years when downloads are the main format for games and everything else. Not everyone has highspeed internet. Theres tons of people that don't even have internet. So they would be left out for everything.
Lou-Cipher  +   2747d ago
Playstation 4 and Xbox 3 will probably see many full game download options, but it will not surpass disc based sales for at least 10-15 years.

Microsoft has to say something to prevent the Xbox fans from running away from a console that wont have a future very soon.
Bazookajoe_83  +   2747d ago
I would put my vote on no
But that is only based on logic, if games are going to be 50gb a piece. You would need a hdd thats atleast 2-5tb to feel safe that you dont need to upgrade it (especially if you only can buy the companys own over priced hdd´s). And a 100 mb internet line would have to be a must to get the games home before the second coming of christ.. I do however think that smaller games up to 10gb could be sold over psn or live with success...
harv052  +   2747d ago
I just don't see it all!! Well, probably not for a long time, I'm thinking over a decade. ISPs are starting to bring back download limits (where I currently live, download limits were ALWAYS present). Fact of the matter is, it would cost ISPs a sh*tload of money to get potent speeds for Microsoft's vision to happen...You know corporations...they don't want to spend a lot of money if they don't see the benefit....
grider99  +   2747d ago
That's the day I stop playing video games!!!
I will always want my physical media with the game on it.
Lou-Cipher  +   2747d ago
When digital dowloads become more of a factor its not like Microsoft is going to leave Sony in the dust. Sony will be just as much a part of digital downloads as Microsoft.

Microsoft acts like this is their big advantage over Sony in the future. LOL
zo6_lover27  +   2747d ago
Sony is already bigger in the digital distribution of games than M$.
AcidHorse  +   2747d ago
That's funny Microsoft thinks so...
because they STILL have an SKU with no hard-drive and several SKU's with too little of a HDD. How can Microsoft be for downloadable future when their product line does not prepare them and their customers for that future? Microsoft only offers expensive upgrade alternatives as a remedy for their short-sighted console design.

The system most prepared for a download future is the PS3; with its easy and cheap HDD solution. Anyone can buy a standard 3rd party laptop HDD and wa-la. The PS3's greatest feature is its future potential, which is also what hurts it in the present. Sony has failed to highlight the PS3's plethora of features, big mistake.

It is puzzling how Microsoft contradicts itself on this issue. They may have the leading online community, via XBL, but they lack the hardware necessary to hold the download specific economy they are so adamant
on pursuing.
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thehitman  +   2747d ago
I think they just mad that they rushed their 360 and realized they missed the bandwagon. They tried to hope hd-dvd would do something it failed and now they trying to say DD will be the nxt big thing to make themselves feel better. Sorry MS you failed in every possible way.
AcidHorse  +   2747d ago
@ thehitman
Well, had Microsoft added HD-DVD to the 360, the Bluray would have gone the way of the dodo. HD-DVD was a more consumer friendly and manageable format in my opinion. Bluray was superior, but like the PS3, had more 'hidden potential' that it had real-time potential. With that said, war is not about who is right, it is about who is left. Hence the format war of yesterday.
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