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smurfie4  +   2671d ago
0_0 LOL! ^_^
Where are the people now who thought that blue-ray was irrelevant? I bet theyre slitting their wrists. Just remember to do cut vertically. It has been said for a while now that blue-ray=more content & better quality. Now have a big cup of truth, a bite of reality, and a slice of stfu.
dcbronco  +   2671d ago
How many games use more than 1 DVD?
2, maybe 3. That being the case is it worth the $150 extra Blu-ray adds to the cost of the console. I don't think so. MS will pick up the cost for the third disc. It's not that big of a deal. Still a lot cheaper than adding Blu-ray. And for all the Sony fanboys who believe they can trust Carmack(I do myself), he also believes the PS3 is only slightly more powerful than the 360. He also believes the ease of use of the 360 makes it a better console.
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Jijoro  +   2671d ago
The 360 version will be better, watch, it just will, microsoft will come up with something, just watch.
TheColbertinator  +   2671d ago
Microsoft is'nt spearheading Rage,its ID.You know,the most seasoned veterans of the FPS market.There would no shooters today without Carmack.If he says there is a problem with your hardware or storage,you better believe its serious.
xg-ei8ht  +   2671d ago
And i believe usa landed on the moon.
(err. not)
MetalProxy  +   2671d ago
no suprize here
I seen this coming from a mile its time to "Do the Dance, Do the Daaance" on top of old formats (DVD9).
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eagle21  +   2671d ago
If this is already a problem (even hinted by Rockstar's Sam Houser for GTA 5)...
What is the future for 360? Seriously, the type of fanbase they have feeds on these technical things. With 3rd party games like Burnout Paradise, COD 4, Oblivion, GTA IV, DMC4, etc. we see PS3 being better in graphics. So imagine when developers refuse to dumb down the PS3 version for 360. This is a big deal.
TheColbertinator  +   2671d ago
Another battle won by the Sony fans.I wonder if these are temporary V's or will fill this year up.Oh well

memots  +   2671d ago
Look like the one year waiting period paid off.
Sony looking better and better. with that one year wait the better value for your money.

Wireless integrated.
Hard Drive in all ps3.
Bluetooth .
Better backward compatibility.

Only one year ahead, and with the numbers of hardware failure that 360 are getting MS is looking dumber and dumber as the month are passing.

Don't get me wrong i do like my 360 but i really don't think that MS was smart rushing that hardware.

RockBand Fan?
dcbronco  +   2671d ago
RRoD was only mistake.
Needing Blu-ray for 3 games was not worth the $150 price tag and the 1 year delay.
CrizzleC24  +   2671d ago
The funniest thing about this
is the Xbox version will probably still win the comparison.

Think of this before you just bark and drool at this article...

For instance 42kb can be zipped to 4.5 petabytes....

or if you really want to feel stupid, just look at this.

If thats what can be done with 97kb, lets go ahead and do the math eh?

Also lets not forget a certain game that needed four discs on the playstation....oops! I bet you wanted me to forget about that eh?

Yes it will be harder to make the 360 version, but will it be much easier developing for the Ps3 either?

The Blu-ray's disc size will be helpful for uncompressed files, which will lead to better textures in bmp format versus jpg.

What the extra space wont do for the Ps3 version is make it longer. Most games (sadly) are 10 hours long these days.

The same who think its impossible to compress a game like Shadow of the Collosus or God of War 2 condemned the fate of the 360's disc size or potential to compression.

Lets use or brains this time eh?(not Canadian despite all the lame "ehs")

OH WAIT EVEN BETTER!!! here's a game that fits in 182 kb!!!(but the graphics are so horrible I bet you can play it in full detail)

If you think low disc space equals bad graphics, try this game(demo) and come back to me....
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xtreampro  +   2671d ago
all day long i've been reading every single FREAKING comment on this article and it BEEN A BLAST, i've LMAO through reading every comment on 'openzone', but i gotta say one thing, and thats the XBUTT'', Lemmings or 'BOTS' as some say have all been TOTALY DEMOLISHED, DESTROYED, TRASHED, BASHED, DISSED, ANIALATED, EATEN ALIVE, BERRIED HAHAHAHHHahhaAHHAHAHA!!, we rinsed you bots today, i think this will be a clasical day on N4G, ''N4G/POG's Day Of Regret'' (mainly POG cus his the BIGGEST ASS WIPE LOL!), and judgening from the comments, there are more PS3 owners and surpporters then the 360 fans, normaly those who know my usuale ways, i normaly wait till all you xbutts have done the talking, and then a i come in late with a whole Esay of disses completly trashing the xbutt babies, but today i aint gonna do that, cus i think nearly every PS3 fan has come, posted a comment and completly trampled all over the Blow UP Box and its followers, to the xbutts ---> 'GOOD NIGHT AND I HOPE THE BED BUGS BITE cianora SUCKERS!
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fufotrufo  +   2671d ago
bottom line here folks

Ps3 fans just seem to ignore the most important part of the whole 360 hardware is superior and wangdiddy can see the future also he is a better game developer than carmack
joeynox  +   2671d ago
if this is a pc game how many disc will it be on for the pc? if its coming in 2011 will pc's have bluray drives or something else? hmmmm Something to ponder... Seriously does anyony have the pc info for this. Doom4 is supposed to look even better and need 2 the hardware power so what medium is that gonna be on .Also how much worser is it really going to look?Not much .Its just the word "worst" that makes it sound so bad. If he would of said not as good or has les polys would this be that much of an issue.The compression isnt going to hurt the quality that much.
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joeynox  +   2671d ago
@ memots
" Sony looking better and better. with that one year wait the better value for your money.

Wireless integrated.
Hard Drive in all ps3.
Bluetooth .
Better backward compatibility. "

1- yes bluray is nice but its still not a necessity.
2- Wireless gaming is foolish "free is nice" most people wouldnt use it
3-Harddrive is a great thing
4-bluetooth is not needed
5-Backward Comp your on crack.360 has better BC
BlueRevolvuR  +   2671d ago
over 500 comments so far...
VMAN_01  +   2670d ago
If you have the 80gb, 60gb PAL or 60gb NTSC it murders 360s BC and Sony are still improving BC unlike M$
qwertyuiopasdfghjkl  +   2670d ago
The video game industry needs to be reborn. These constant console regressions are starting to get on my nerves. Honestly, we as the consumer need to rise up and demand better from anyone and everyone that has a part in the gaming industry.

the Nintendo Wii's gimmick might still be snagging more and more people each day, but those of us wanting more out of the system are shafted.

Microsoft's aggressive and speedy release put a 360 in our homes fairly quickly, but at what cost to us, the consumer? Systems overheating, DVD drives breaking, disks scratched, etc etc. These faults are the biggest reason why everything the 360 does so great, makes the system overall, fall flat on its face.

Sony's PS3 in its infancy, could be described as the system that does it all. After its release, we now see the complications, system updates, system updates, system updates, lower resolution games, online gaming still has some kinks to work out, and the system itself is still being called "expensive".

Something to think about... What if any one of the three consoles was never released?

What if the Wii never saw the light of day? Obviously Nintendo would either A. Focus more on the handheld market, getting their new small device into the hands of as many human beings as possible. Or B. They could simply become a developing powerhouse. Creating the best casual games for one or both the 360/PS3.

I like to think about Microsoft the most... because THEY DO NOT FIT INTO THE GAMING BUSINESS. With no 360, would initial 360 software geniuses redirect project fields, and actually make Vista kick A$$? Would Microsoft really re-invent the PC gaming platform? So many questions and plausible answers rattle my brain. With Microsoft now making the PC gaming experience better, their enemy would still be Sony and the PS3. One thing is for sure, without the 360, gaming in general would be much more unified.

Without the release of the PS3, Sony would focus on the PSP and the Ericsson phones. And without the urge to compete with Microsoft and the 360, they would design something so out there and futuristic, surprising everyone the most revolutionary electronic device... in 2010.

Seriously though, Console gaming can never be taken seriously. It's a medium geared towards children. Nothing is going to be "standard", as great as that would be, it will never happen until people stop settling for below average.

- Jake Sanford
solidt12  +   2670d ago
Go sit in your corner!
Egzekutor  +   2667d ago
You are starting to see PS3 as being a lead platform in some games, and you will see that more often. Developers will soon quit releasing on the XBOX 360 (im talking about real AAA titles) who wants games that are as short as GTA IV ..
deadie  +   2667d ago
DVD is so nineties ;)
DFresh  +   2666d ago
This proves the statement Sony has been saying all along and media.
360 is the now and PS3 is the future!
Carmack did give a statement saying 360 games are better for games but when in fact he just got pwned by his own work to see that PS3 is his console of choice to make bigger and better games.
PSWe60  +   2632d ago
lots of angry fanboys here
"For me to Poop on!!!!!!"
Alcohog  +   2632d ago
Why are these articles back at the top?! N4G glitch?
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