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PimpHandHappy  +   2751d ago
classic N4G
GameDev  +   2751d ago
it really is comical
to watch this phenomenom called xbuttism, here is a corporation with SO MUCH money to throw around that all the real fanboys at heart at the end of the day bent right over and farted their common sense right out into the ether. Us real gamers saw the potential of the Ps3 from the start.
Unfortunately MANY MANY forums and websites seem to suffer from the same stupidity these MS fanboys do and actually try to silence PS3 owners for calling out dumbbots on their obvious ignorance.

go take your politically correct garbage and shove it where your boyfriend keeps his meat warm at night. THERE ARE smart and THERE ARE STUPID people in the world. ALL the bannings to the open zone WILL NOT CHANGE THAT FACT d1ckheads, get used to it.
PimpHandHappy  +   2751d ago
500+ comments

i wonder how many where 360's owners saying blueray reads slow

Allowen  +   2751d ago
Put this back on the front page!PS3 ppl needs their momento of glory once in a while :) N4G needs to stop taking sides...
They need to put this article back to the front page of the N4G site were it belongs !

This discussion totaly OWNED all the talk about FF13 is no longer exclusive for the Ps3.

BTW when the price of blu-ray disc dropped that much(including production work) that it is now less expensive then 3 DVD9s ??
rawd  +   2751d ago
Sh1t im late for the party. Anyhow heres my comments

ahahahahahahaahahahahahahhaha hahhahahahahahahahahahha
na2ru1  +   2751d ago
we need
more popcorns
Wii60Fan  +   2751d ago
Its coming on PC
So no biggie really.
Shane Kim  +   2751d ago
For some time to come I'll work as the Sony prophecy and I will encourage all you xbutts to convert to Sonyism as soon as possible since the Sony Gods (Kutaragi, Hirai and the most powerful of them all Stringer) will soon to unleash their wrath on infidels such as PoG and Jason 360. Just do as I did, convert to Sonyism before it's too late. I shall give you butts salvation.
Bill Gates  +   2751d ago

I'm really beginning to suspect that the announcement that FF13 was coming to the 360 was all just a hype plot on M$'s part to keep the BABOONS happy because they know that the 360 is on its DEATH BED.

M$- Hey Square, will you take these few millions if you just come on our stage at E3 2008, and announce that FF13 is coming to the 360?

Square- What are you fu<king insane?

M$- No seriously, we need this. Please help us. You have to help us. You know we helped you make a few millions off of our BABOONS for sending those crap idea for games onto the 360.

Square- Alright fu<k it we'll do it. I'm sure no one intelligent and in their right mind will even think it's actually going to happen. But after this sh!t M$, you better believe that we're through, you got that?

M$- Yeah, yeah, sure whatever.

*M$, sigh of relief.
*The BABOONS by into the hype.
*Now this news.
*In the coming months Square announces they're canceling FF13 on the 360 due to compression issues.

....And the BABOONS the FU<KED over....AGAIN.
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Cynical-Gamerzus  +   2751d ago
That time has come where Media is in question!
That time has come where Media is in question!
The power of these number crunching power hungry computers need to be fed lots of data to create what it needs to create and have it on demand is important!!!
a singe DVD is not gonna be sufficient enough soon..
Truplaya  +   2751d ago
told you so, over 500 comments and none about the game, just fanboy arguements.

Gotta hate the people on this site if this is the most commented on news. All it is is flamebait and they just love it dont they.

juuken  +   2751d ago
Wow, it seems as if my smilie face vanished through a reportage.

You know why I smiled?

Because back in 2007, 360 owners made fun of PS3 owners, claiming that they had no games, bluray was only for movies, etc, etc, etc. Now that you have a major developer saying that the 360 will have compression issues, especially for Rage and Doom 4, one has to wonder who REALLY won the format war.

Like a few people have said, the 360 is now, the PS3 is the future. If Microsoft would have stopped being so arrogant and foolish, they would have been able to accommodate developers when it comes to space.

It's unfortunate that things had to come down to this.

And my bubbles are vanishing because people want to shut me up. Unfortunately, you won't shut me up that easily.

Keep it up.
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Allowen  +   2751d ago
Another problem of having a game in multiple DVDs and also requiring installing all the discs on the HDD is that it raises a lot the chances of bugs or a scratch in one the discs to appear.

I remember havis this problem on computer games but then they started to use DVD and the problems brought by using many cds was over.
Now the same story restarted with but with dvd that is getting too old.
I bet in no time ppl will be able to buy ,for their PCs at least, the same game in one blu ray disc OR the still old fashion of multiple CDs that also raises the time of the installation of the game.
josh14399  +   2751d ago
suppose its true because i own mass effect on my 360 and it runs like crap. the game doesnt even look that good in the graphics department. i reckon if mass effect was on two discs it would run a lot better.
Figboy  +   2751d ago
i don't know about the 360 being superior to the PS3
because, for me, the superiority of a console isn't just based upon one or two aspects of the console (ie, just the GPU, or just the CPU). it's how ALL of those elements work together to bring about an entertaining, compelling gaming experience.

the 360 has a great GPU and a great CPU. unfortunately, the lack of two key components; a standard HDD, and a larger capacity disc hold them both back. because of this, the 360's GPU and CPU are "wasted," in that they can only do what the DVD allows them to do. you can only compress something so much before it starts to lose it's quality. can you imagine stuffing 20gigs of texture data into 7.5 gigs of space and retaining that quality? HOW?

as for the PS3, all of it's components are designed to WORK TOGETHER. the Blu Ray disc holds the large amounts of uncompressed texture data (and game code, obviously), RAM WOULD be an issue, if the Cell processor wasn't optimized for streaming data, and both the Cell and RSX didn't have over 25gigs bandwidth to utilize when streaming said data. it's been said numerous times that the Cell is a BEAST at crunching numbers (just see Folding@home, and the lab that's using a cluster of Cell processors to model a black hole).

the 6 available SPEs on the Cell can also do a lot of things that a dedicated GPU would normally do. physics, particles, post processing effects, etc can all be offloaded to the Cell's SPEs, as well as AI and other calculations. the cool thing is they can all be run in parallel of one another, instead of in order, like most PCs.

so the breakdown is thus:

Blu Ray holds the Data > the Cell and RSX work in tandem to process the data as fast as possible (in the Cell's case, VERY fast)> and the HDD is used when necessary to help speed up the above two processes.

the Playstation 3 is a system that doesn't step on it's own toes in terms of it's hardware. Blu Ray, the Cell, and the HDD work together, in tandem, to make the games function as smoothly as they do.

games like MGS4, Uncharted, Ratchet and Clank Future, etc, are examples of what happens when a dev understands this, and programs their games to work within that fine tuned system.

by this stage in the game, we shouldn't be questioning how powerful the PS3's hardware is, and what it's capable of, but questioning how devs will utilize those three core elements to make some fantastic games in the coming months/years.

also; the only thing i see the 360 doing extremely well at the moment is running Unreal Engine 3 based games, and, as we all know, most of the gaming community is getting a bit worn out by the dated engine. it's still an excellent engine, don't get me wrong, but it's most certainly feeling old. most games released this generation so far have used Unreal Engine 3, which is optimized for the 360, and, with Unreal Tournament 3 last December, has finally been coded to work properly on the PS3 as well.

tell me, what will happen if developers start to adopt the RAGE engine for making their next gen games, in the way they adopted the Unreal Engine 3 to develop their next gen games?

will the fact that RAGE engine games being compressed on the 360's DVDs be such a "small" thing if over half the industry is using that engine going forward?

developers are ALWAYS looking for the next big thing in game engines and development tools.

as their understanding of a particular architecture grows, the quality of games produced on that console grows.

in the 24+ years i've been a gamer, i've yet to see a gaming console where, over time, their games have actually gotten WORSE, instead of better.

unless Microsoft doesn't take measures to adapt the 360 (ie, let devs cache to the HDD, and lower licensing costs for more than 3 disc games), then they very well may be the first.
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dcbronco  +   2750d ago
If the Cell and Blu-ray work so well together....
and the PS3 has so much bandwidth, how come all the installs.
krakdol  +   2745d ago
You're confused. Installs are a way to make the game load faster. Every PC game has an install because it makes the game load / play faster. It has NOTHING to do with the console or the hardware. (you can't install anything on a 360 arcade though)

What is so hard to understand with this ? Even MS now tries to copy Sony on installs and soon they'll come on 360 too (this fall)

It's just better this way.
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Light Yagami  +   2751d ago
Where's dipsh*t Zhuk, Bloodmask and Bladestar? They're hiding with their tails between their legs just like L.
shysun  +   2751d ago
"LetdabodieshitdafloorLet dabodieshitdafloorLetdabodiesh itdafloooooor!"
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arngrim229  +   2751d ago
why is everyone whining aslong as u can play the game and dont lose disc or get that gay 360 lazer burn u guys shud be happy, i mean u guys will get a worse looking compressed version but who cares?

heh imagine wat will happen with final fantasy 13 on 360
UNCyrus  +   2751d ago
Royalties by disk
I know MS charges royalties based on disk number, but does anyone know why? Is it because of the compression they use, or their copyrighted coding used to encrypt all 360 disks? I'm honestly curious... For all I know, there may be no good reason...
FFXI101  +   2751d ago
Isn't M$/360 going to(or already) come out 60gb system and they are actually going to have to install the game data on the HDD too?

The fact is that Blu-Ray has more storge space than dvd-9, so I don't know why would you or anyone say blu-ray is slow or sux than the format on 360, it just silly.
Arsenal4Ever  +   2751d ago
Blu-ray is so crap. Oh sorry this isn't 2006 it's 2008.
josh3rdegree  +   2751d ago
the truth comes out finaly
power shows what kinda person you are and microsoft just showed that you can call a console that is crap the best and make people think it is but really this just makes my point that there crap. sony on the other hand shoes that it cares about gammers and gives them the best even loseing money to do that microsoft would never do that.

you want a good console go with sony. microsoft = = geat console.
C_Dub  +   2751d ago
well this made my choice easier.
Going PS3 on this one for sure. I love my 360 but even I know the DVD limitations would eventually become an issue. Any game that has to be severely compressed to fit onto one disc or split between multiples is just fail, I'm sorry. I remember having Gran Turismo 2 back in the day and hated how it was on two discs, so I only played the Simulation one. Thank god the DVD changed that for GT3 or I might not have even bothered getting a PS2 for it. but now the DVD is old tech and you think about MGS4 having to be cut (allegedly) to fit on a FIFTY gigabyte BD, it makes you wonder how long the DVD will last.

And finally there's this. Games looking worse due to lack of disc space.
Ali_The_Brit  +   2751d ago

Microsoft- Noobs

wangdiddy82  +   2751d ago
bottom line here folks
Once the 360 pumps out games like uncharted, GT5, motorstorm, ratchet, and MGS4 we all know who has the superior hardware.. The only exclusive game on the 360 that looks good is gears but we already know this can easily be done on the ps3. And gears 2 is looking pretty out dated. It looks good but damn the unreal engine sucks..

Carmack says from id stand point the 360 hardwar is superior than the ps3. He also said the ps3 has a learning curve and most likely this is way he said this.. Thats there standpoint not everyone else's. But than he bashes the 360 hardware and dvd drive. Ps3 has just begun. Believe me ID will be singing a different tone next year about the ps3 hardware..

Devs will learn how to work with the ps3 hardware. Once they see killzone 2 and uncharted2, godw3, and gt5 they will all be like WTF!!!!!!!!
tk  +   2751d ago
Simple solution...
Have an install option. Install high res textures to hard disk, and use low res texture where HD is not available.
shysun  +   2749d ago
Not all 360s have a hdd
psgamer  +   2751d ago
sorry to sound like a noob but how big (or small) is the difference between the game being compressed and uncompressed? Also, how will SE handle the 360 version?
Ridrick  +   2751d ago
Carmack knows what he is saying.
< < < < < < < Thats proof.
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slave2Dcontroller  +   2751d ago
You Figure that a single DVD9 has an average storage of 7.95GB. I guess they plan to use 2 DVD9's for the 360 version of RAGE which will be compressed. So I'm they would need to utilize anywhere from 3GB to 7GB on an additional 3rd DVD9 if they were to make an uncompressed 360 version the IP.

As for FF13-*sighs. SE has said that there will be no differnce between the PS3 and 360 versions. They(SE) were vague on how they would handle the storage matter for the 360 version. All I know is Square Enix originally said that Final Fantasy13 was only possible on the PS3. Now they say its going to be identical. So, I'm guessing SE is going to chop and water FF13 down as much as they need to in order to make them exactly the same.
GUNS N SWORDS  +   2750d ago
so how many DVD's will the pc version have?
and will it look miles away from crysis? ( which by the way is on 1 DVD)

EDIT- (slave2Dcontroller) you do know that ff13 still looks the same and that it was running on a pc all along ,right, as for watering down, ps3 didn't seem to need 360's help to make haze and mgs4 hit sub hd (i demand someone to have the balls to explain the reasons for that),

also mgs4 didn't even turned out the same as did look back in 05 and 06.....any reasons for that?
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Figboy  +   2750d ago
Crysis is on
one DVD filled with ZIP files that are extracted and installed to a hard drive.

besides, the guys at id said that installing to the HDD for RAGE wouldn't help the 360 either:

lol. i also love how kotaku tries to downplay the whole thing.

more than one dev has stated concerns about DVD space limitations, not all of them Playstation 3 developers (even Bioware, before Mass Effect came out were saying they were working around the limitations of DVD).

this may be just one game, but i do wonder what would happen if this RAGE engine becomes the next big thing in game engines. THEN WHAT will the 360 do?

multiple discs isn't really the concern here. like i said in my above posts, the worry is that the data PER DISC will be compressed all to hell and lose texture fidelity. that has ALWAYS been my worry when i first learned the 360 was still using DVDs way back before it launched.

2009 is going to be an interesting year. the years beyond even moreso.

what a difference a year makes.

oh yeah, i should be smacked for referencing kotaku. they aren't my favorite site in any way, shape or form, as i find their "journalism" deplorable, but it's the only place i could find direct quotes Carmack and the rest of id.
slave2Dcontroller  +   2750d ago
sucked ass. As for MGS4, its a master piece and you know it, so chill on the fanboy sub-stupidity. Kojima intentioanlly made the game with sort of a visual grain to set the atmosphere and it work well. I couldnt even Imagine MGS4 looking all slick and shiny.

Anyways I hope your right I guess you get the impression that I'm against FF13 coming to 360, Dude, I'm not. I just hope it isnt going to get scaled down. Its a valid concern.
Cynical-Gamerzus  +   2750d ago
Cyrisi still not impressive!!
Cyrisi still not impressive!!
Im playing it right now!

Im Sorry on a 1080 47 inch
a PS3 running Uncharted or GT 5
or MGS 4
look far more capable then Crysis ever will.Thats just the nature of PS3 technology developers with money and time and BLuray storage,can easily outclass a PC FPS game!!!!
SmokingMonkey  +   2750d ago
haze and MGS4 are sub hd
they are 3rd party developers

ask why HALO3 is sub hd
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