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psnCAShville_615  +   2750d ago
i hope you talking about the xbox with that comment !!!
Agent Orange  +   2750d ago
LOL great news for xbots! LOL
ThaGeNeCySt  +   2750d ago
Looks like I'll be getting this on PS3 unless something somehow changes (which I doubt)
Joe Dirt  +   2750d ago
Thank goodness, for once the Xbox 360 is getting the gimped version of
a multiplat, which makes me wonder, what if R* did not have to squeeze GTAIV on DVD9 disk and instead use a blu-ray, how much bigger and better it would have been.

The Xbox 360 has been holding back/slowing down the PS3 for long enough now on multiplats.

I wonder if Xbox360 websites like gamespot, ign, kotaku will be showing screen comparisons on this game, now that the PS3 has the upperhand.I think they will still some how spin it,
gnothe1  +   2750d ago
the 360 has OVER 400 games. how many of those use more than 1 disc. so going buy that, blu ray really is NOT NEEDED. its definitly nice to have, but NEEDED, no!! plus this is a multi plat game, how many looks better on the 360. so IF this one dose look better on the PS3 it still on a smaller list of titles that look better on the PS3 vs titles that look better on the 360.
Joe Dirt  +   2750d ago
The only reason why 95% of multiplats are better on Xbox360 is because
the Xbox was the lead dev platform, meaning that dev's had to develop
thier games with DVD9 in mind,hence stopping a game from being its full potential.

This bit of news just confirmed that blu-ray is indeed needed if you want a game to be all it can be.

Next gen consoles should get next gen games on next gen media format,
Not next gen console gets next gen game on last gen media format.
fablib  +   2750d ago
Carmack: "..from id's point of view, 360's hardware is superior to PS3's.."
Boys learn to read the source... go to 8:28

It is a false problem.. In time MS will delete multi disk royalties...This is a competition that MS want to win...

The question is about the superiority of 360 hardware...
All the lies of Sony come finally to an end!!!
Sony LIAR!!!
strotee  +   2750d ago
Context, my friend, context:

"The QA session continues. Carmack is complaining about DVDs. He says that from id's point of view, 360's hardware is superior to PS3's but that BluRay's capacity gives Sony's system an important edge, especially for large game worlds like Rage's."
assassin223  +   2750d ago
really than why did he say the complete opposite in an interview with g4
carmack says "the ps3 has more peek performance" and that "the 360 is easier to program for"
Charmers  +   2750d ago
Hm amazing how you can go from technical innovator to technical luddite in such a short space of time. I just lost all respect for Carmack with his ramblings on digital distribution. No Steam release = No buy for me. It is quite staggering how someone that made a name for himself as a forward thinker can be so stuck in the past.

As for the storage issue, I think that is the least of anyone's problems. ID and Carmack are not known for their tight coding and efficient optimisation I think PC, PS3 and 360 owners should expect Rage to run at single figure framerates. This is not a dig at the power of the consoles merely going by ID's history where they promise the rainbow and deliver a turd.
Viktor E  +   2750d ago
It's too bad the Rainbow in this Case will be exclusive to Blu Ray.
guerojose  +   2750d ago
Give it up...
Dude, c'mon already. Any developer who's thwarted by the limitations of DVD storage is automatically incapable of tight coding and optimization? You do realize that actual code accounts for a minority of the storage requirement, yes? You do realize that one cannot infinitely compress textures and other game assets, regardless of what MS would have you believe, yes? Ever see the crappy, over-compressed digital channels from providers like Comcast? Hardly "HD", is it? Why aren't you compressing all of your MP3s down to a bit rate of 10 bits/sec? I'm sure that'd sound really good, and just think of how much more you could fit on your iPod!

I'm constantly amazed by the ignorance - or, more likely, willful self-delusion - of those who hold up compression/optimization as some sort of holy grail of infinite resources. Hell, if they're sitting on this infinite compression technology, why didn't MS just put a ~600 MB CDROM in the 360? I'm sure they could've shaved a couple of pennies off the cost.

Whatever its other strengths/weaknesses, the 360 is saddled with inadequate storage for its entire life span, get over it.
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Charmers  +   2750d ago
@ 14.1 - Exclusive to blu-ray is it ????? That's funny I hear it is coming to the PC on DVD so not as exclusive to blu-ray as you like to make out then is it.

@ 14.2 perhaps you should read what I said next time :-

"ID and Carmack are not known for their tight coding and efficient optimisation I think PC, PS3 and 360 owners should expect Rage to run at single figure framerates."

I was NOT referring to the storage issues, I know optimisation and tight coding has very little to do with storage space. I was referring to the fact Carmack couldn't program his way out of paper bag. This game is going to suffer horrendous framerate issues on all three platforms. That is what ID does they are inefficent programmers, their games speak volumes for their ability, nothing but tech demos that run like crap on present hardware. I don't see this changing.

So perhaps you might want to read a person's comments next time before going off on one and going "blah blah you don't know blah blah blah"
guerojose  +   2750d ago
Thanks for clearing up the false impression created by your vaguely-worded comments. You are clearly not to be grouped in with the large number of commenters here clinging to the notion that compression & optimization are somehow a free lunch.

I now understand that you recognize that DVD has significant limitations - the key point of this entire discussion. Though I'm still unclear about at what point you feel that Carmack went from technical innovator to luddite. If he's never been able to code his way out of a paper bag, then how was he a technical innovator? Clearly you are NOT implying that this has anything to do with the fact that even the best coder in the world can only squeeze so much out of a DVD.
Charmers  +   2750d ago
The luddite comment I made was down to his attitude towards digital distribution. The fact he is not even going to entertain the idea shows how he has become a luddite. I personally love digital distribution (not counting EA's rip off effort), I love using steam and I want to buy my games that way. I do not want to have to wait for a DVD in the post or go into a store. I want to click a button buy the game then leave it overnight downloading so I can play it in the morning.

Now you may argue this game will be 20-30gbs in size so unfeasible for Digital distribution I say RUBBISH, that is barely 10% of my monthly download allowance. However I should be given the option of getting this how I want too. Since Carmack can't see past the glinting blu-ray disc I guess I won't bother getting the game.
ScottEFresh  +   2750d ago
LOL XBOX DOESN'T HAVE BLU-RAY...SOME DON'T EVEN HAVE A HARDDRIVE!!! LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!
Viktor E  +   2750d ago
your Avatar is hilarious LOL
solsub  +   2750d ago
So, Blu-Ray ia useful afterall...
Fatmanp  +   2750d ago
I have yet to see a multiplat game which is stunning look worse on the 360 because of compression.
supergamer  +   2750d ago
wow already at 465 comments
Porkround  +   2750d ago
Who couldn't see this coming
I own both the 360 and PS3 and it was just a matter of time until we started seeing the limitations of a DVD format for gaming. So this really shouldn't come as a surprise to no one.
Xi  +   2750d ago
Didn't he also say
that the 360 has the superior hardware?

People seem to assum he means "easier to develop for" but then why didn't he say that the 360 has better sdk software and resources. It seems like this size thing is the only issue, and I honestly could care less, bunch of my game cube games came on 2 disks and it'd take just as long to swap discs as it would to load.
Kyur4ThePain  +   2750d ago
Here, I'll read it to you slowly...

Rage...Will...Look...Worse... ion

Got it?
Period. Done. Over with. Nothing about hardware, or ease of development.

Rage...Will...Look...Worse... ion
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wind_dragon  +   2750d ago
I'm allowed to laugh right?
HAHAHA! It wasn't long ago when ppl said Blu-ray would be useless. Oh how the mighty have fallen. But on a serious note, I kind of feel sorry for MS owners.
PimpHandHappy  +   2750d ago
i guess i wont buy a 360
maybe if the new xbox in 2009 can handle the games of the future i will buy it for 300 bucks

the list of 360 faults is huge
KRUSSIDULL  +   2750d ago
I saw a tech 5 demo video on they were showing this game RAGE the game graphics is on par with Killzone 2 maybe even better you should check it out the delovoper also said PS3 version is a few months behind the others becuse they have difficulties with PS3 memomory that it had only 256MB RAM Avainable to program for he also said that tech 5 has 80 gig uncompresed data.
Rapture333  +   2750d ago
360's got the hd dvd addon... Why didnt M$ use that to there advantage? I mean hell PSP is using UMD why can't M$ use HD DVD for games!?!?! Does this not make PERFECT sense to anyone?
PirateThom  +   2750d ago
Because not everybody has the HD DVD drive, it runs slower than DVD and there's no standard HDD to fall back on...

Lots of reasons.
Time_Is_On_My_Side  +   2750d ago
That doesn't make sense becaue now you have to buy an add-on that doesn't even come with the console to play one game. It's like having manditory installs when not all XBOX 360s have bundled hard drives.
Saigon  +   2750d ago
i rember some time ago they stated the game was at around 36 gb without edits so this is no surprise...

i noticed a lot of people said for PS fan boys not to rub in the storage issue...but i say let them...because all the false crap that has been spread about the PS3...let them take their high road...
PimpHandHappy  +   2750d ago
hey look at this war
well im just using a bubble because i havent posted anything

looks like the 360 is showing its age 3 years into its life cycle...sounds like someone needs to make a new system...

and just think when the 720 comes out they will be behind the PS3 by around 30million

DaTruth  +   2750d ago
I said it first in the E3 ms announces ffVIII comments. PS3 fans aren't mad about 360 owners playing the game, They're worried about it getting dumbed down. Since it's releasing in Japan first, hopefully that won't be a problem.
enjoi187  +   2750d ago
who cares game wont be out till like 2011 ......who cares
jahcure  +   2750d ago
you're right
"who cares" I mean it's not like the x360 will even be supported by 2011
ssbains  +   2750d ago
3 Discs is too costly on XBOX 360 !!
Metal Gear Solid 4 anyone !!

The future for storage on XBOX 360 is limited, bigger, expansive games are just to costly so developers need to scale back their imagination to get their ideas to fit on 2 discs or go over to 50GB Bluray solution .... hmm.
ForROME  +   2750d ago
Nice, and the tide starts to turn, and this is just the tip of the iceberg over time the complaint will only grow, about half way through this gen in 2 years, the 360 will run flat, their head start will be laughed at and they will start to push their next sys out the door again to compete. The luxury of being first. Dam you MS seriously, I was the biggest Original Xbox fan to, 360 just left us with to much to think about. MS day in the sun is now ending and the PS3's star is rising.
PSWe60  +   2750d ago
lots of angry people here.
We all saw this coming, the 360 fanatics were just in denial
Daxx  +   2750d ago
So I herd you guyz liek mudkips?
lagoonalight  +   2750d ago
And who didn't know this already?
ForROME  +   2750d ago
Those Textures look amazing, 20GB in Textures certainly brings up the feeling of the game a couple of notches good work ID.
xg-ei8ht  +   2750d ago
Please stop saying the 360 is more powerful, The 360 is easier to work with because it follows traditional programming techniques
That's why alot prefer it.
Frizzo  +   2750d ago
that just goes to show how supirior bluray is in some cercumstances
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