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EnforcerOfTheTruth  +   2676d ago
LMAO there you have it ahaha
yanikins111  +   2676d ago
it has nothing to do with the hardware. Just the hardware :|
Rybnik  +   2676d ago
So what your saying is, "Its like Deja Vu, all over again"
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Metal Roses  +   2676d ago
it will look the same ps3 has blu ray just for movies not even exclusives games have super awesome graphics
ash_divine  +   2676d ago
ARE YOU BLIND???????????
you sir, either live under a rock or need glasses.

have you seen Killzone 2, Uncharted, GT Prologue, Infamous, MGS4, or Motorstorm 2(that's not even all of them)? heck even Little big Planet packs heat in the graphics department.

nothing from the competitors has matched those yet. next time try to make yourself look a little less stupid. kay
redmamoth  +   2676d ago
Hang on......
"He stressed that the issue has nothing to do with the Xbox 360 hardware itself, and is merely a storage problem."... Last time I checked, storage was part of the HARDWARE!!!
InMyOpinion  +   2676d ago
This was not good to hear. I hope they find some way to solve the problem. If not I feel the 360 version will be severly gimped.
The Wood  +   2676d ago
I've not noticed any 360 guys giving credit to blu ray and sony's foresight
I may of missed them but credit where its due i say. Sony knew a larger media would be needed for HD gaming. It was a simple equation that some dont like to admit because their console doesn't have that larger media. This is no nail in the coffin btw but cause the 360 will still force devs to make games that can fit of dvd 9 because of the fanbase. If sony continues as they are it may end up that the devs may get enough loot from the ps3 install base alone. Not now obviously but if the numbers replicate the ps2 vs xbox numbers then you'll get my point.
The Wood  +   2676d ago
not but cause. wtf
InMyOpinion  +   2676d ago
To be honest, that's like asking a PS3 fanboy to admit that most multiplatform titles look better on the 360. It won't happen.

As I see it, we might have reached a point in games development where games need to exceed the storage space available on the DVD format.

If MS were smart they would have dropped the core version of the 360 by now and utilized the HDD more for games. Streaming, storing parts of the game etc.

It will be interesting to follow this story.
robotnik  +   2676d ago
lets hope the game is good, I didnt like the quake wars demo.
wangdiddy82  +   2676d ago
isnt this the same guy
that hated on the ps3 calling it crap and saying his games will never be on the ps3? I swear it was the carmack guy
darkshiz  +   2676d ago
Isn't that Gabe?
VMAN_01  +   2676d ago
Im sure your thinking of Gabe Newell of Valve. Carmack did say he prefered working with the 360 but he did not openly bash it and thats why Id hired PS3 specialised programmers to help them instead of doing a half-attempt like EA did with the Orange Box.
SmokingMonkey  +   2676d ago
wow six pages - touchy subject
gotta have bluray or a hard drive or better yet have both in every system, helps make a great GAMING machine.
Hellraizer  +   2676d ago
Yeah 6 pages of "woho go bluray 360 sucks" fanboy talk, finally justifying for bluray...after one single game and after all those years.

Oh yeah and carmack is now the new sony fanboy hero, after he trashed the ps3 in the beginning.

Rage wil lget a third disc, no doubt about it, end of story.
PirateThom  +   2676d ago
They may get a third disc, but it's an open world game.

So, you know, why even bother?
Truplaya  +   2676d ago
the fanboys are like flies around poo with this one. 376 comments already!
Skadoosh  +   2676d ago
375 comments? Damn this is a site full of sony fanboys. Definitely should be changed to N4SF.
The Wood  +   2676d ago
how times have changed
GUNS N SWORDS  +   2676d ago
hmmmm, mistwalker didn't have a problem with making muti-disc games,
and square-enix isn't either, with " NOMURA and WADA" saying that the content will be identical on all 3.

also, not being able to afford a budget of adding one more disc makes me wonder of what kind of situation that their in, the company "mistwalker" as big as their money deficits and lack of funding they had back in 05 and 06 they still presented a solid game that was on multi-discs.

i also can't help to notice that this game is a shooter and not an RPG, what are they aiming for, a 40 hr game, textures that are above 30 mbs or have a ton of hd cgi cut scenes.
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Jackthepwnsaur  +   2676d ago
thats because Microsoft gave Mistwalker a free ride by publishing the game. In terms of Square Enix and the Disc issue pertaining to FFXIII, no one knows how many discs its going to include.
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Deviant  +   2676d ago
SE admitted there will be differences between the DVD and Bluray version though ...

Question: How will the Xbox 360 and the PS3 versions be different?

Says Kitase: We planned on having the contents the same, but obviously the Blu-ray and the DVD will be different. " ------ official conference
GUNS N SWORDS  +   2676d ago
hmmmm, true, but isn't the whole game being developed on a pc
with that being officially said i don't see any version being ripped off.......unless square-enix demands pc gamers to buy $200 blu-ray attachments.

all of the content we have seen of FF13 was the pc version, the cut scenes as seen in all of it's vids are in HD, and the textures we've seen so far look pretty clean.
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Deviant  +   2676d ago
the whole game being developed on a pc
..which games arent developed on a pc ? o.0
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THC CELL  +   2676d ago
they will make ps3 version look worst now for spite
THC CELL  +   2676d ago
it would be funny if xbox come up with a CD changer lol

Blu ray is the way forward
ms take note
slave2Dcontroller  +   2676d ago
You killed it! LMAO
thereapersson  +   2676d ago
I seriously loled...
thereapersson  +   2676d ago
Maybe next time MS will give more attention to a HDD in every SKU, and a larger storage format
Seriously, if the current 360 had both of those, there would really be no stopping the 360. Thanks to MS' shortsighted drive to get the 360 out to pasture so quickly, it's costing them more than people would like to admit.
tudors  +   2676d ago
There are so many comments that I just want to add one thing....
When Carmack announced Rage didn't he say that the new engine was so advanced that it actually required less space due to it's streaming technology? I know there is more to it than that but I think that he did mention somthing along those lines.

Anyway only time will tell.
Jackthepwnsaur  +   2676d ago
no, its actually the opposite, when the engine was shown for the first time at that WWDC about a year and a half ago, he showed off the engine and stated that the that he was showing had over 20gb of textures in High-resolution.
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rob6021  +   2676d ago
Very interesting to see MS's Strategy
They force high royalties on multi-disk games for their system, because they are very scared of the real possibility of being the 'disk swap' system - giving the PS3 a tremendous competitive advantage.

They want to hold this generation back for their own personal gain.

More and more developers say they want more space, What will they do? It seems Multiple disks isn't an option. (Atleast one Microsoft doesn't want to let happen) Will 3rd parties ditch the 360 all together? probably not - MS is banking on the fact they will in fact force the game to fit on DVD and gimp both versions in the process.

I'm starting to think 3rd parties are going to fall far behind in sales to Sony's First party - if they don't want to play in the big leagues.
Jdoki  +   2676d ago
What's interesting here is that Rage it's often been commented that the game is an open world.

How is this going to work with multiple discs (regardless of whether it's 2 or 3). I assume that certain areas will become unavailable at some point as the story unfolds. I can't really see disc swapping working in an open world game at all.
creeture  +   2676d ago
i love my ps3
EnforcerOfTheTruth  +   2676d ago
Aahahahahahaha now them xbots must feel really dumb after saying Blu is not needed. Poor xbots, it's surely not healthy to be an xbot these days and it can only get worse. An FPS on 3 discs ahahahahaha imgaine what will happen in like 2 years :D
OpiZA  +   2676d ago
Well we need more high profile programmers to step up and actually let MS know this is potentially a big issue.
psnCAShville_615  +   2676d ago
ahahhahaahha f-k this game im not even gonna buy, lmfao published by Ea nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo but yeah ps3 owns bluray destroys ...

" one day i bought a ps1 " then one more day i bought a ps2 then one more day i bought a psp then one more day i bought xbox3600


psnCAShville_615  +   2676d ago

n00bzRtehgey  +   2676d ago
It is clear that the DVD has officially met its match.

It's a shame the PS3rd's hardware isn't up to task, however.

Like all new id games, Doom 4 and Rage are games meant to be played on new, highend PCs, not sh1t consoles with limited ram. Fact.
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PirateThom  +   2676d ago
Actually, this is one case where the PS3 shines.

Decompressing data takes a massive hit on memory, the 360 may have more memory, but a lot of it is wasted on decompression because of DVD9

Uncompressed data is really no problem for the PS3, it's what it was designed for, it's compressed data (when devs try to basically use the same elements as 360 games) where problems arise. The less compression a game uses, the better it runs on PS3 because less RAM is being uses to decompress it.
Ali_The_Brit  +   2676d ago
riiiight so tell me mr. 1 bubble, why should we believe you over this article?

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psnCAShville_615  +   2676d ago
hiruma cmon bro!!
you know you getting a ps3 soon, how are going to miss killzone 2, that game has no loading screen you know that ?
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