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Vicophine  +   2673d ago
I believe an "ownage" is in order.
Valdass  +   2673d ago
Martini you american are you ? :))))
Allowen  +   2673d ago
So from here on the xbox360 fans will have a chance to choose if they want the next high end games to come in 3-6 dvds and look same(not 1080p and more loadings!) as the PS3 version but it will cost more.


The game comes in 2 DVDs instead 4 or more and this way it will cost same price of tha same game in blu-ray format to the PS3 but withiout looking near as good :(

I guess now xbox360 fans will adimit that their console still rocks but the true next gen console is Ps3 and it alone.
thenickel  +   2673d ago
Well I just really hope that MS gets it right next gen. SO far I'm satisfied with my console and will admit that this is not news that I like to hear.
Dark General  +   2673d ago
Every console have draw backs don't worry about it too much. Just have fun with the games you have and plan on purchasing.
Martini  +   2673d ago
@ thenickel
It's nothing - just imagine what it must be like on the other side of the fence constantly hearing how all you favorite multiplatform games are somewhat better on the other system be it more detail, better lighting, higher resolution or a better framerate :)
The Wood  +   2673d ago
talking about 'the next gen' already...
fufotrufo  +   2673d ago
8:28: My net connection crapped out and I lost three paragraphs. Sorry. The QA session continues. Carmack is complaining about DVDs. He says that from id's point of view, 360's hardware is superior to PS3's but that BluRay's capacity gives Sony's system an important edge, especially for large game worlds like Rage's.

avacadosnorkel  +   2673d ago
for ID to get games running through the Cell's SPUs
after all these years spent programming standard PC tech he better think the 360 is better because he knows how to do it just look at Quake Wars on PS3 how he had somebody else try to make it because he's already behind the 8-ball on developing for the cell.

He was goin to start a club with that fat ugly guy from Valve but then he realized 360 sales suck outside of the US, PC gaming is still stuck in the closet, and like it or not the future of HD applications and gaming is the cell - which was developed by IBM and others.
Tacki  +   2673d ago
Don Mattrick: "We will sell more highly compressed software this generation than Sony."

Compression - Only on Xbox 360
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cmrbe  +   2673d ago
You are
too funny man. Bubbles
The Karate Kid  +   2673d ago
What is this guy Smoking?
This Carmack guy is an idiot, how in the heck can he say that 360 hardware is superior?

Broken RROD, Dated Processor, Dated Format, Dated Controllers, Dated Media Functionality and yet he says the Hardware is Superior? He further states that the PS3 gets the Edge because of Blu-Ray? But isn't the Blu-Ray drive Hardware????????????

developer comments or what? Or perhaps did his words get twisted by the dorks at 1up?

360 has the Superior Hardware? But PS3 has the edge with Blu-Ray? but Blu-Ray is the Hardware LoL

So are you telling me that CELL means nothing?????????? LOL

Every developer in the industry has proclaimed that CELL is SUPER POWERFUL, has anyone seen uncharted? Metal Gear Solid 4? Compare Banjo Kazzoie to Ratchet and tell me what game looks better,

Heck I would even throw out that Ratchet looks miles better than ninja Gaiden two from a technical scale!
Allowen  +   2673d ago
Acording to what the ID guy said it is not worth to make games for the xbox360 if the require to use 3 or more dvds.It will make the same game more expensive then the PS3 version.

Don't tell me tha instaling games on the xbox360 HDD will resolve the problem.

The best way I see to make Xbox360 to indead handle that kind heavy games is to buy it via download instead 3+ expensive dvds.

If MGS4 ever come to M$ console it will be by doenloading the full 40giga+ game cuz it will then be able to cost the same of the PS3 version.

I doubt M$ will launch a blu-ray drive to their vg when they can win much more money selling their expensive HDDs and now selling via DL games that normaly could only fit in 3 or more dvd9.
fufotrufo  +   2673d ago
gano  +   2673d ago
I'm late to the party. Bubbles people. I wonder who will
be saying this next? Still microsoft is doing a good job at
exploiting people.
myke6699  +   2673d ago
He only says that it's easier to extract a better performance from the 360 than the PS3 but if the dev understands and use not only the GPU but the cell processor on the PS3, it has the potential to be much better than wht 360 is capable of producing.
Wii60Fan  +   2673d ago
Looks crappy
To begin with.
LightningPS3  +   2673d ago
PS3 fans are semi delusional
I'm a PS3 fan also, but I'm not crazy. So what if they said that, it would be the first time in thousands of games released.

You people still thinking Blu ray matters in gaming? It's gonna be next next gen, and you will still be waiting for developers to start needing blu ray.

That's insane, the only think gonna get PS3 back into this is price cuts and first party making hyped exclusvies.
Rybnik  +   2673d ago
Delusional you say?
Nice one with your tone....

through the various incarnations of your name changes and comment history, I would say you are lying outright at worst, and trying to mislead others at best. Anyway, you can't spin this. About your claim to no space related comments prior to Carmack...hmm apparently you did not hear about:

1 Ben Ward from Bizarre Creations (PGR4 content cuts)

2 Sam/ Dan Hauser from Rock* (content cut GTA4)

3 Yoshinori Kitase from Square-Enix (DVD may make differences)

4 And of course Hideo Kojima, who is the first developer to really show what utilizing a full blu-ray disk can give us
avacadosnorkel  +   2673d ago
All he had to say was the PS3 version would be better
just like Capcom said about the Bionic Commando download and guess what happens next...MS does whatever it has to so it can stay in the game. But this is going to become more common from here as developers start using the "PS3 version will be better" threat more to get whatever they want out of Microsoft.
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Rybnik  +   2673d ago

I don't post here that much anymore due to the super-retarded fanboy arguments (the SC4 comparo thread was more retarded ** READ=pointless ** than ANYTHING I've ever read on NeoGaf--at least Gaffers do it on purpose to be funny)

But this little "revelation"--I couldn't resist. There is no way around it; bashers we told you for the last 2 years how tech advances and that Sony did have the right idea overall. We told you that DVD9 would hold back the 360. Well, here is that proof undeniable, you have been begging for for so long! NOW EAT YOUR CROW!!!

As most old timers here know, I have both consoles, but have been favoring PS3 more and more, simply because Sony really is starting to FULLY deliver on the loftily insane promises that they have so often casually made.

However, this news in fact saddens me, as it pretty much confirms my suspicions that FF13 will be really cut down and limited. I did not want this to be the case, but seeing as how an everyday racing/ SHOOTER game needs 2 DVD's, I am seriously concerned about the quality of a Final Fantasy RPG.

I mean really, has there ever been a console racing game that took more than one disk???
slave2Dcontroller  +   2673d ago
Well said..
I too knew that this would happen to FF13 and its honestly why I was so damn mad at SE. I didnt mind that it was coming to the 360, I just wanted it to be the game that it was supposed to be and I know its not going to happen which just sucks.

We waited all this time just for the damn game to be dumbed down. I like both systems but its irritating when devs start scaling back projects and cheating Gamers out of the potential of said system.
The Mikester  +   2673d ago
This just goes to show that the PS3 can handle more storage and it's better. I'm telling you Xbox gamers out there that you need to switch over to the PS3 b/c it's cooler, better, and looks sweet.
Massive-Delusion  +   2673d ago
And this is why Blu-Ray is needed (At least for games, anyway).
NoxiousD  +   2673d ago
Who ever said this is one of many articles to come in the future are telling the truth. PS3 has begun to gain a lot of momentum and the final fantasy announcement did not slow it down one bit. Perhaps people know that with Blu-ray there would be no worries about storage. I just dont know what microsoft is going to do.. They need to lower the prices of the hard drives and come out with bigger ones so games can be installed and won't need disc... they need to make it a computer... or this problem is going to limit them
Mark  +   2673d ago
The 360 isn't the only system with this limitation. The game is being released on the MAC and PC platforms too and MAC's don't come with blu-ray and most PC's don't come with blu-ray so they are going to get the exact same crappy quality game as the 360. I'll be giving this one a miss anyway. There are other games that look better than this one that don't require blu-ray.
Rybnik  +   2673d ago
Sorry, are you that dense?? ALL games fully install on PC's and Macs because those are not DEDICATED game machines. They are general purpose and are engineered to read and process from installed data on the hard drive.

Your argument is akin to those that ask why console games only need to support 720/1080P while computer games typically can support beyond 1080P...(hint viewing distance)
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Kaneda  +   2673d ago
PC can have multiple disks. You can install it on your HD.. Most 360 didn't come with HD, so you can't do installation, but rely on DVD to play game. That is different..
Egzekutor  +   2673d ago
There is no RAM problem on the PS3. Its a matter of using the PS3 hardware correctly. The best developers from games like Resistance 2, Killzone 2 dont seem to have a problem with the RAM, because the CPU is being used correctly. GPU in the PS3 is outdated "buahahahaha", PS3 will host a a home for an FPS Killzone 2 with the best graphics yet seen on a console and you are saying the GPU is outdated ??
PS3 and Nvidia : The Way Its Meant To Be Played ;)) .

The only thing I see outdated is the XBOX 360, developers are getting more familiar with the hardware of the new consoles. But unfortunately they cant do much on the XBOX 360 because of lack of space.
guerojose  +   2673d ago
"He stressed that the issue is merely a storage problem and has nothing to do with the power of the Xbox 360 hardware."

LOL! I can't even read that with a straight face; I wonder if he could say it with one :D

By that definition of "power", there must be no looming energy crisis - it's really just a scarcity of fuel, that's all.

You know, it's not like the storage device is part of the actual system HARDWARE or anything. :| But I suppose if the system had more "power", it would be possible to uncompress an infinite amount of data from a DVD, maybe using Super Duper Ultra Compression (tm).
avacadosnorkel  +   2673d ago
I don't think the people here want to believe you.
KILLERAPP  +   2673d ago
You win some and you lose some, will this be the start of the 360’s fall. Don’t know don’t cared as long there are good games on it people don’t cared if you look a little bit worse on your platform enlist you can play it and in the end that all that matters and as for FF 13 I know SE will make the games take full use of the PS3 but as for the port to 360 they will have a big problem this game was develop from the ground up to work especially on the cell but I am more exited about FF 13 Versus looks more mature and bloody.
Zerodin   2673d ago | Spam
Zerodin  +   2673d ago
Three words that negates all of the Sony c0ck sucking in here.
Final Fantasy Thirteen.
Or did you little Sony droids forget about that?
Awwww...You did didn't you?
It really is hard to hear anything with all of the c0ck slurping you guys are doing.
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ThatCanadianGuy  +   2673d ago
LMAO! im sorry but wow..epic fail.

Ironic you should bring up FF13..since it's gonna have who the f*ck knows how many disc's,and you dont think its gonna suffer the same problems as rage? it wont even be out till 2010 (on 360)

long after FF13,FFVS13,God of war 3,inFAMOUS,Gran turismo 5,M.A.G,
Uncharted 2,DC universe,SOCOM,Heavy rain etc have come out.360 will be on life support around that time.still rideing that gears 2 hype.

Then you'll get your lil sh!tty FF13 port,and maybe if your lucky your GTAIV DLC..
ash_divine  +   2673d ago
Funny you mention that...
cause FF XIII will have the same problems, if not worse. That's why this article's a big deal Duh! Seems you're holding tight to an anouncement that no one cares about anymore. Cause Square's gonna have trouble porting it anyway(something I figured out long before this article).
The Wood  +   2673d ago
another Mr Me Too
yes, you have it too. Good luck with that

You should never gloat over multiplatform games. Exclusives show the truth

wipe the skeet out of your chin
juuken  +   2672d ago
And that said FFXIII could be canceled for the 360 if Square can't work around the compression issues.

Or did that fly right over your head?

Lol, lol, lol...keep spinning the news buddy....just keep spinning it!
highps3  +   2673d ago
Yea doesnt take a genious to figure out
Every Ps3 user has said it from the start. Amazing how dumb some devs and 360 users can be.

FYI this generation is just getting started, can you imagine whats its going to be like 3 years down the line?

Also add to the fact that almost every big 360 game goes to the PC anyway, why in the hell buy a 360 now a days?

Like ive said sooo many times. Gears is the best that console will ever see... And it plays better in Windows (with or without the 360 controller)...

Then add all this to the 360 being able to run copied games and you sir have a huge issue on your hands.
Zerodin  +   2673d ago
And I've got a fact to add!
Almost every big game on the PS3 fell way short of expectations!
ash_divine  +   2673d ago
acually only 2 fell short, idiot
that's right 2. can you count?

which is strangely enough the same number as the flops on 360. (Two Worlds, and Niinja Gaiden.)
Zerodin  +   2673d ago
Like I said, I have the stop all argument.
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Kyur4ThePain  +   2673d ago
Final Fantasy?

What will it look like on the 360 compared to the PS3?
How many discs will it take?
There is no information available yet, so I'm not sure what it is you think you have.
RAM MAGNUMS  +   2673d ago
ya know..?...
what did I say?

I know you love me baby!

When I Hit I Hit Hard!
Maybe I love you one day?

Consoles they come & go!

PSPHUKN3 just slapped miibox OFF the phuckN BAR STOOL!
I know I drive you crazy. Install bases are my world.
I'm SUPERMAN. Just lose it! Go crazy!
nowadays everybody want to talk, but nothing comes out
when the move there lips just a bunch of giberish &
muthaphukerz keep acting like they forgot about PS-TRE!

Platinum Trophy for
name of artist & both songs???
Zerodin  +   2673d ago
For your approval...
I give you the average PS3 owner.
Awesomeo3000  +   2673d ago
BAM that just happened lol looks like having blu ray wasnt so dumb after all huh ?
Zerodin  +   2673d ago
You've played Rage obviously.
You tell me!
Zerodin  +   2673d ago
What I've got is salt.
Goes good in PS3 fanboy wounds.
Rage looks better on PS3 because of Blu-ray? Ok.
That doesn't erase the fact that Sony lost exclusivity to their biggest 3rd party franchise, to a system with a 33% failure rate!
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games4fun  +   2673d ago
the only
the only thing you have is tears in your eyes lol

use up your last bubble you know you want to :)

Edit: you did good job lol, your damage control duty is done now continue to live in a delusional world like you always have where game storage is meaningless and devs never have worries on the 360
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Hiruma   2673d ago | Spam
Zerodin  +   2673d ago
For my final post, another tidbit I would like to add...
Up until this story was posted, every last one of you droids hated iD.
Frankly, I still love iD, but that's because 360 owners aren't as fickle.
ash_divine  +   2673d ago
dude, like I said before...
it's a lot worse on your side of the camp. Think about it, did you guys care about FF XIII, installs, and avatars. before Microsoft got all that? you guys said you didn't want any of that stuff(especially FFXIII) and then when it went multiplatform it's all of a sudden a big deal to 360 fans. didn't 360 fans say FF XIII was for queers? I thought they didn't want to play dress up with virtual AVATERS? I thought it was a bad thing to install your games?

so 360 fans have no room to talk when it comes to being hypocrites.
LoVeRSaMa  +   2673d ago
Agreed, Agree points and bubbles for you.
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