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ForROME  +   2675d ago
Wow thats a ass whooping...
Playstation Man  +   2675d ago
juuken  +   2675d ago
U-Ultra combo!
kingOVsticks  +   2675d ago
The Mikester  +   2675d ago
Ha no kidding. that really is a a** wooping
ape007  +   2675d ago
finish him!!!!

gano  +   2675d ago
poopsack  +   2674d ago
its rotten.
Ridrick  +   2674d ago
Flawless victory !!!
jack who  +   2675d ago
wait till reviews come out :)
J@D  +   2675d ago
and this just ONLY the beginning of a bright future Sony fellows. Don't hate me cuz I'm wise and smart *cough*PS3isthefuture*cough*

It feel so good... but lets see and wait for more news
Real gamer 4 life  +   2675d ago
No one can argue with you on this one. sony is the smarter company. they clearly was thinking ahead.
watchman  +   2675d ago
If Blu-ray is needed how come games on PC look better then those on console?
sushipoop  +   2675d ago
You're not a PC gamer are you? PC games need to be installed, first of all. HUGE install.
AcidHorse  +   2675d ago
Are you serious?
Have you ever played a PC game? Ever come out from under that rock?


PC GAMES HAVE MULTIPLE CDS!!!!!! If you're lucky it will be under 5. I have Half-Life 2 for the PC, I believe it was like 5 CDs. Lame. Some data can not be seperated on to two discs; from what I am told that information needs to be streamed from one CD, hense the small installs before each chapeter in MGS4.
tweaker  +   2675d ago
This guy takes the crown for the most retarded comment ever.
meepmoopmeep  +   2674d ago
PC's are more powerful depending on your setup and settings.

comparing consoles to PC's isn't very intelligent.
JeepGamer  +   2675d ago
As a PS3 Owner
Don't sweat it too much 360 owners, it's not that big of a deal.
Playstation Man  +   2675d ago




.....okay no.
kkod05   2675d ago | Spam
SONY Insider  +   2675d ago
Tsk Tsk Microsoft
This is why Microsoft has their heads so backwards. It is actually quite comical when you consider their gameplan and business strategy since becoming a big player in the online entertainment industry.

Let me elaborate.

What is MS's biggest plan for online media? Digital distribution. Everyone knows this by now. Why is this silly? The XBOX is MS's key product in the battle to "Win the living room", as they call it, over SONY and Nintendo. Hehe..I can assure you this isn't simply about just games.

But how are they so @#$%ed in judgement? The most common model of their "key product" in this fight does NOT EVEN HAVE an internal harddrive, or those that do hold a fraction of what PS3 offers. By now, the American market is flooded with millions of these consoles, and just shows that MS has shot a nail into their own foot to prevent themselves from reaching their goal.

What makes things even more @#$%ed up is the heavy rumors pointing to MS having a hand in HD-DVD's battle with Blu-Ray, yet again pushing an INFERIOR PRODUCT. But this is not what is so bad. It is in the months after the Blu-Ray victory that evidence emerged that MS did not want HD-DVD to actually win, and that their true motives were to "stall out" of "kill off" the disk format war altogether so they could push their Digital Download Distribution plan onto the world market.

Tsk tsk tsk MS, don't you look ahead when making such elaborate plans?

Consider what kind of company would enter the gaming entertainment industry and intentionally sabotage a new worldwide standard format for generations to come, all in the selfish, pitiful interest of making money from their online distribution program.....
with NO PROPER CONSOLE MODELS TO SUPPORT IT! They pushed to kill off a physical storage medium, with no viable way to even hold up their own answer to the problem. What kind of serious mess the world would have been in if MS succeeded...a world with no high capacity storage, still living in the dying 9Gb era, with a "new era" of digital distribution with absolutely no feasible means to even support it. Do you see now?

Tell me, MS advocates, how it is you can't look a bit into the future and understand such things.

For the less intelligent people here, let me show you a simple example of MS's strategy.

Let's pretend I hate having to eat, so I want the world population to change to a new era of drinking special vitamin drinks, with all nutrition packed in. So to start off the battle and win my cause, I flood the market with a huge first wave of this new drink....and it is simply bottled water.

You should all be thankful that at least SONY is looking at gaming for the long run. Even though news may be slow, and the biggest and best things are yet to come, be satisfied knowing they are not in this for the moment.
juuken  +   2675d ago
Microsoft baffles me. They have money and yet they don't know how to use it properly. They bought FFXIII and yet they don't have the space to handle the game. On top of that, they claimed they didn't need bluray and they're all fine and dandy. Now you have a major developer saying's pretty clear that they need to do something about the lack of space.

That's why games like MGS4 will NEVER come on the 360. It would require too much compression. I can also see Square canceling FFXIII if they can't figure out how to compress the game on the 360.

Microsoft are IDIOTS.

Oh, and gave you a bubble. :3
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SONY Insider  +   2675d ago
Add a few bubbles if you've appreciated these points. I shall continue to elaborate on things more in the future if you do so.

The agrees are appreciated but not helpful.

I know I shall be attacked down to being silenced before long after leaving such posts.
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Serg  +   2675d ago
The fact that people are still supporting and praising this company shows that we have a major lack of intelligence in the world. A year back they admitted DVD9 is enough for the next few years. Just a month later they said Project Gotham Racing will see the content knife because of the lack of space. A year back..., and Xbox Fanboys still say DVD9 is enough. It was enough for PS2 and Xbox1, but not for HD...
PimpHandHappy  +   2675d ago
just wait for FF and 5 dvd's

Playstation Man  +   2675d ago
along with framerate issues, compressed audio, loss of sidequests...

Oh! But it may have more saturated colors by the tiniest of margins! Important thing that is!
ape007  +   2675d ago
big problem ms


look worse,that means downgrading it

am afraid more devs downgrade their games cause the 360 sell well

ever since ms brought them selves and released the next gen early in 2005,everything has become a total miss

ms,keep nintendo and sony alone

enough courroption
#69 (Edited 2675d ago ) | Agree(6) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
sushipoop  +   2675d ago

This is a major concern.
Jokerlike  +   2675d ago
This is just the beginning of the end for 360 due to M$ stubbornness to include a BD drive in the 360.I will come back and bite them on the crotch.
whatis  +   2674d ago
"I will come back and bite them on the crotch"

Surely you meant to say "IT will come back and bite them on the crotch"?
waznotwaz  +   2674d ago
@ whatis
"IT will come back and bite them on the crotch"?

Surely you meant to say "It will come back and bite them on the crotch."

No capital T in "IT".
Full stop after "crotch".
No ?
3 out of 10 whatis,must try harder.
Real gamer 4 life  +   2675d ago
I wonder how is microsoft going to respond to this. i expect the damage control speech by tomorrow morning.
read disc error  +   2675d ago
do you really think MS cares?
Id hasn't put out a good game since Quake 3.
J@D  +   2675d ago
or a huge and juicy check on they box on the first hours on the morning.
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read disc error  +   2675d ago
wow, this dev is a moron.
you don't tell a market 20 million strong and growing that your game will look worse on their console. I think he's just throwing a hissy fit because Microsoft is basically telling the devs to improve their code. the only reason MGS4 took up so much space is because Kojima productions doesn't know how to code properly and with economy.

same thing with lost odyssey. I played that game. they could have fit it on 2 maybe even 1 disc(s).
#73 (Edited 2675d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(16) | Report | Reply
DJ  +   2675d ago think code takes up the most room?
Don't take Programming, kid. You'll fail a dozen times, for sure.
read disc error   2675d ago | Spam
AcidHorse  +   2675d ago
@disc_read_error: Well why don't you show them what a real programmer can do...
Oh wait you can't, cause you are a nobody. Just like the rest of us. Id isn't the greatest developer (creatively they've been sucking it big time), but listen up you little punk, they helped pioneer the development for techniques like, bumpmaping, normal mapping, both techniques whored by your precious Gears of War engine Unreal 3 engine. John is infamous, like Gabe of Valve, for being anti-Sony. This announcement is unusual seeing how they refuse to 'learn' PS3's architecture.

And about Gears of War looking better than MGS4; you are such a little twat. Gears of War has the same rubbery plastic look that most Unreal 3 engine games have. AMAZING how Phoenix's hair is glued into place. It's obvious that you've never play MGS4 and are a complete 360fanboy. MGS4 has the increadable open environments, massive detail in everything (ie hair, cloth textures), tons of effects filtering, amazing real time shadows, lush detailed jungle environments (instead of the static lifeless GOW stuff) those things that Gears of War couldn't do... I could go on, but that's a mute point.... you are a slobbering fanboy, nothing logical will change your mind. I guess when I decide to scoop out my brain, I'll come to understand your brand of stupidity.
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read disc error  +   2675d ago
same guy, different quote

"It’s been a few years since id Software’s co-owner and technical director John Carmack has made a keynote speech at QuakeCon, but today he unleashed an almost two hour long “stream of consciousness” speech that more or less touched on his thoughts about all aspects of gaming...

As far as Xbox 360 versus PlayStation 3, Carmack said that he felt that the Xbox 360 was more developer friendly than the PlayStation 3. “Hardware wise, there’s a lot of marketing hype about the consoles. A lot of it really needs to be taken with grains of salt about exactly how powerful it is.” Obviously since he’s been working on Xbox 360 development id Software has development kits, but Carmack said that he also has PlayStation 3 kits.

Overall, Carmack said that he wasn’t really happy with multi-core development, and that the returns initially will be disappointing. “The Xbox 360 has an architecture where you essentially have got three processors and they’re all running the same memory pool and they’re all synchronized, and cache coherent, and you can spawn off another thread in your program and make it go do some work. That’s kind of the best case and it’s still really difficult to turn into faster performance or getting it to get more stuff done in a game title.” While in his speech he said that this would all make developing games more time consuming and more difficult, he seemed to favor Microsoft over Sony."
pwnsause  +   2675d ago
read disc error
how many years ago was that quote? that was about a year ago or 2. the fact that he said that the game needs 3 discs to run changes the whole subject on whether the 360 or PS3 is developer friendly or not. But he never said that the 360 is much more powerful than the PS3. even though he did say the 360 is easier to make games on over the PS3, he stated the the game will now look like crap on the 360 because of storage, listen to the keyword, STORAGE. STORAGE is the same reason why MGS4 is not coming to the 360. STORAGE is the same reason why MGS4 looks amazing on the PS3(High-Res Textures man), not to mention the cell and the RSX is helping each other out to output amazing graphics in MGS4.

STORAGE is the Reason why Killzone 2 has near CGI quality gameplay on the PS3. Heck, look at Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm, a PS3 exclusive, and it looks almost like the Anime, because of High Res Textures that are stored on the BD disc, not to mention the Cell and RSX rendering these textures. The Fact that you can put a load of High-Resolution Textures in a storage medium like BLu-Ray can allow Developers to Fullfil what they want to do with games without thinking about gimping.

its ok if your in Denial, but the Facts are there. Carmack, a Legendary Developer who made the FPS what it is today, not to mention a man who stated that he rather developed on the 360 over the PS3 is stating that the 360's DVD medium is not allowing him to bring a good looking game on the 360. This is something that People like me and other PS3 fanboys have been stating all along, Blu-ray is needed.
#73.5 (Edited 2675d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
LiquifiedArt  +   2674d ago
code takes up limited space.
Assets are the Hogs. Textures mostly.
Genki  +   2675d ago
thanks for opening up a can of worms on this one.
Martini  +   2675d ago
8:28: My net connection crapped out and I lost three paragraphs. Sorry. The QA session continues. Carmack is complaining about DVDs. He says that from id's point of view, 360's hardware is superior to PS3's but that BluRay's capacity gives Sony's system an important edge, especially for large game worlds like Rage's.
cmrbe  +   2675d ago
What about the millions of x360 without a HD?
Tough Luck?
cahill  +   2675d ago
Ps3 is way more powerful than x360

KZ2, MAG, RESISTANCE 2, games at 1080p ,60 fps like gt5p .
enough said.

Carmack himself said that ps3 was 20% more powerful

Plus this is Carmack - a die hard MS fan
Kyur4ThePain  +   2675d ago
Notice the absence of the usual 360 suspects.
I know you're all reading this...just won't post, will you?
OOG  +   2675d ago
well thats pretty sh*ty....o wells ill be playing this on the PC anyway.....

interesting to see all the fanboys come out and diddle each other over this news....its not like we all didnt know that space is going to be a growing issue with the 360 with games already having multiple discs
SonySoldierEternaL  +   2675d ago
where are all the bots?

hiding as usual.

Playstation Man  +   2675d ago
They'll wait till we're all done owning them and come back and try to clean up by spinning this in a good way for their crap faulty console.
Serg  +   2675d ago
I can hear them say "2.4 bricks consoles!" as defense beacause there isn't much left they can do.
Martini  +   2675d ago
Tough sh!t. 360 has more powerful hardware and PS 3 has bigger optical storage. 360's solution to it's problem will be fixed this fall with new dashboard update allowing to install complete games on HDD. How is Sony going to fix it's less capable hardware ?? They can't hahaha YOU ARE STUCK WITH IT ! Dream on :)

Edit: Dark general- from the mouth of the "great" John Carmack - the 360 has more powerfull harware which means it will always have a slight edge over the PS 3 as past 2 years have repeatedly proven :)
#79 (Edited 2675d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(12) | Report | Reply
Dark General  +   2675d ago
Less capable?
They seem on par with each other. Each system can basically run each others games with marginal difference. Look at Killzone 2 and MGS4, yet you say the Ps3 isn't capable? Stop your trolling and come to gripes with reality and stop fellating the 360. Both consoles are on par with each other and are consistently one upping one another. You should be a gamer first and a zealot second.

On topic, they real atrocity is the cost of royalty fee's on games with multiple disks. MS should drop the fee's for them or do away with them so that it'll be one less things dev's have to worry about.

edit: That's what he says. But look at real world performance you are getting out of both machines. For every great game on one system that looks amazing and plays amazing the other console has a game equally as amazing. You can't deny that. Just look at real world performance you've gotten out of BOTH consoles to date. It's a stalemate.
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behemothzero  +   2675d ago
What about those that don't have HDDs
You're essentially forcing them to buy an "add-on". PS3 has everything in it, hard drive and spacious optical media included. They can both blend, yeah, but the PS3's blender is bigger.
AceLuby  +   2675d ago
You'll be able to fit ONE game, maybe two w/ nothing else on a 20 GB model (the most popular). A game like this will take up nearly 25% of a 120GB HDD. At $180 a pop that's $45 extra dollars to store it on you HDD. Nice.
kevin1122  +   2674d ago
wow you are an idiot, he said superior hardware. As in he can program the 360 hardware better since it resembles the pc. He has already stated the ps3 is more powerful than the 360.
NoxiousD  +   2675d ago
i really don't like where this is going, but people already know that the 360 was released in late 2005, and technology is always changing, ps3 was kind of future proof. So i don't know what 360 is going to do about this problem. This could be a sign for the ff13 port of 360 also... its a damn shame
Shadow Man  +   2675d ago
This really sucks... what if microsoft allowed the devs to install the game in the HD would that help? Or better if Wal-mart is selling HD-dvd add-on drives for $5 why woun't they transfer the game to a HDDVD disk!
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Rageanitus  +   2675d ago
First off, this is a nice shaft in xbox fan's face. Sorry but it was bound to happen. Although I play alot of pc gaming and technology moves quite fast, It is easily determined what drives consoles decent raw processing power at launch and focus on larger storage. Sorry but games are becoming more complex. PC games in general are quite complex vs consoles and I have not seen a pc game in the longest time run straight from the disc. Sorry but complex games need more memory, hence the reason why PC games require installs.

Unfortunatly xbox made 1 major mistake not including every console with a 60+ gb HD. If they had this hd from the beginning then mandatory installs would come to play and the whole need to have blu-ray will be pointless.

At least sony gave two options put all data on one massive physical disc or install data on a decent sized hard drive. Hell the ps3 CAN make due with teh 20gb version cuz most games dont go beyond 30 gb's so it can be filled up on the blu-ray disc.

LOL and guess what compression can only take you so far.... I can picture it already xbox fanboys crying that they dont care about the game or the developer is lazy. IT doesnt matter if you dont care for the game... but its just signs that games are becoming much more complex hence using more space.

The sad thing is I can still see many xbox fans in Denial and soon we are going to see xbox fans crying that developers are lazy. Sorry but developers each year are develope BEYOND what they did in the previous year... im guess this is how sony can up with their slogan Play Beyond the competion
#82 (Edited 2675d ago ) | Agree(8) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
Figboy  +   2675d ago
it's kind of hard not to gloat, you know.
i mean, Playstation 3 fans had to go through so much SH*T about EVERYTHING Playstation 3 related, and yet, it turns out we have been right about a great many things:

HDMI an optimal way to view HD content? right about that.
1080p games this generation? right about that.
HDD standard across ALL SKUs? right about that.
Blu Ray will win the format war? right about that.
Blu Ray IS useful, and necessary for next generation HD gaming assets? right about that as well.

considering that many of us Playstation 3 supporters were practically laughed out of N4G and other sites ever since E3 2006, and Sony announced that massive price tag, i think they've earned a little bit of an "i told you so."

my question now is:

what ELSE has Sony been right about?

Ken Kutaragi is looking less and less like a crackpot as time progresses (but there's no denying he's batsh*t crazy, but there's no denying he's one of the most forward-thinking engineers in the business).
Kaneda  +   2675d ago
Ken needs to comeback and works on PS4.. :) HE is DA MAN! :)
Dark General  +   2675d ago
You know what they say
There's a paper thin line between being considered a genius and being considered crazy.
cmrbe  +   2675d ago
Come on Fig
We always knew Ken is a Legend. If there is one person i respect more in the gaming industry than Kojima and Ted is Crazzy Ken. He always battles with Sony execs to get the best for gamers. I am still pissed he was removed for wanting the best for us.
The Wood  +   2675d ago
yes figboy
you're right. It is hard not tp gloat but i dont want to because of my friends, family and mates on n4g that have 360's . Its the minority of loud f'boys that make me want to throw this in their faces but ill refrain and let the others stick it to calm, im good.
Mcrmarcher  +   2675d ago
Crap don't show this article to Pog if u do....he's gonna go Ape Shiht and spin this until were all sick......
Sanhlami  +   2675d ago
This is just the beginning.
Ali_The_Brit  +   2675d ago
ah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

*points and laughs at all the xbots*

aaaaaah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

awwwww is the 360 version gonna look worse?

are the imediate problems arising again that DVD-R is dying breed for games and Blu-Ray exlusive to the Playstation 3 is leading the charge

there there xbots, oh i know your going to put a spin on this but dont worry, where not judgemental we just pitty you and laugh at you

*opens a fresh box of fail tissues to hand out*
Shadow Man  +   2675d ago
No spining..
Ur rigth Blu-ray is need it and is superior to DLDVD.

U win.
LoVeRSaMa  +   2674d ago
Agrees with Ali, this is an Epic FAIL of high Proportion.

I can hear an echo through the internet of the words:

"BluRay, who needs that much space anyway?"

Answer: M$, Obv as now games are to big to fit on DVD.
#86.2 (Edited 2674d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
Ali_The_Brit  +   2674d ago
lmfao bubbles ^^
The Mikester  +   2675d ago
This news has got to hurt Xbox gamers out there deep down inside b/c they know that the PS3 is better but a lot of them are in so much denial that they just can't admit it. It's so sad(cries). Not really lol.
Valdass  +   2675d ago
become a problem for the 360 shame on you and late more more more more more problems
Allowen  +   2675d ago
Let me see if I understand this.

In multi plat game 3DVD(s) is more expensive then puting the same game in ONE blu-ray disc ??

LOL,imagine FF13 game that will fill a blu ray disc and so it will require at least 4 dvds j
on the xbox360 znd that means the "same" game will cost LESS to buy for the PS3 ???

This blu-ray thing is finally paying off...every uber game coming from here on with 3+ cds = more expensive on the oldest console generation instead to be cheaper !!

Martini  +   2675d ago
While all the Sony fans are having a big circle jerk off over the "advantage" of Blu-Ray they totally missed the quote from Carmack when he says "that from id's point of view, 360's hardware is superior to PS3's" - I wanna hear some opinions about that :).
#90 (Edited 2675d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(5) | Report | Reply
Kaneda  +   2675d ago
But you can't fully utilizes the hardware when you storage media will never let you do it. So still totally useless, oh wait maybe not. If you have HD-DVD player you can still watch movie with all that power.. :)
read disc error  +   2675d ago
you mean this quote

lol, this guy seriously needs to shut up. he is pissing off both 360 and PS3 owners and ID hasn't put out a good game since Quake 3. you'd think they'd be a little more guarded.
#90.2 (Edited 2675d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
Real gamer 4 life  +   2675d ago
From your point of view do you think the 360 hardware is more superior to the ps3? No its not, he probably said that cause the 360 is easier to develop for. Every game that out for the 360 can be done for the ps3.
The Wood  +   2675d ago
skeet, skeet, skeeeeeeeet
sorry . Each console may have individual parts that are better than its competitors but its about the 'whole package' so even if your quote were to be true its painfully redundant and null. A ford GT may have a monster monster engine but it cant beat many of the less powerful cars around a track. The balance has to be right and Sony is showing why they say their console is a next gen HD console
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