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PwnShop  +   2585d ago
If the quality is worse, you should be able to download this whole thing to your hard drive. Also Microsoft kind of dropped the bomb with the dvd drive and they should subsidies hard drives and make them cheaper.
mistertwoturbo  +   2585d ago
So you have to download 16gb's of data to play this game?

I only have 11.5gb's left on my 360.
cahill  +   2585d ago
40% of x360 owners are Arcade owners
they dont have a hard drive

How will a 16 gig game fit into a 13 gig space. premium's HDD has 13 gig free if u are unaware
The Wood  +   2585d ago
siren is 9 plus gig. A downloadable game that was bigger than what dvd9 could handle. what a turnup. Ms had better lower their hdd prices..........qwik
SONY Insider  +   2585d ago
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Dark vader  +   2585d ago
How many years does the 360 have in the market already three, four? microsoft will be force to bring out another console with a better media storage in the next two years. I guess people are not laughing now at sony huh.
SONY Insider  +   2585d ago
The end has begun
By next year, the change will already have taken it's course. People will be looking back at now and the recent months, even since the PS3's launch, and chuckling at how things used to be seen in the media.
Playstation Man  +   2585d ago
Another Alternate Account...
Nasim? Seriously, where's Nasim Detective when you need him, lol.

EDIT: I didn't misinterpret anything. What are you talking about? OF COURSE 360 is screwed and losing steam. Look at sales, 3rd party support (recently Activision), the fall line-up, etc, etc, etc....NOW THIS which we all knew was coming.

The way you just claimed not to be anyone was quite formal and I think a little TOO formal, lol. Hmmmm....
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SONY Insider  +   2585d ago
no I am not that person. I am no one commonly known here, nor a major contributor in any way that people will ever recognize.

btw, I believe you misinterpreted what I said. I am referring to the fact, alluded to already by several developers, that by next year the 360 will have lost it's momentum and PS3 will become the dominant platform. Hence, "The end has begun".
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juuken  +   2585d ago
Death  +   2585d ago
It's never as simple as people think.
Carmack is trying to get Microsoft to lower royalty fees so he can include a third disc. I honestly had no idea royalties were paid per disc, I assumed it was per game. If this is the case, it would be beneficial to Microsoft to change their policy so devs don't use this as a reason to limit Xbox 360 development.

Is Blu-Ray beneficial for gamers? Apparently it is beneficial to developers as far as royalties go. Developers still struggle with Blu-Ray though which is why we are seeing mandatory installs and increased load times. Over time, these issues should become non-existent. The other thing people always fail to realize is there is a cost associated with "longer" or "bigger" games. I keep seeing Final Fantasy used as an example. The fear is Square will make the game smaller because of DVD's limitations. It's a simple fact multiple DVD's can be used, but that isn't what limits development. Cost is the number one concern with anyone. Just because Square could make the game longer due to Blu-Ray being a larger storage format, doesn't necessarily mean it would be beneficial for them to use it. Why spend millions of dollars in extra development if it doesn't change the amount of games sold?

Once again, over time as more and more middleware is available, more games will take advantage of the additional space. For now though, the biggest thing limiting games isn't the storage format as much as it is development cost. This hasn't changed over the last decade, the only thing different is devs have one less barrier to get around.

cellypower  +   2585d ago
Your 100% right.Let's go back to using Cd's then.
DJ  +   2585d ago
But what you're saying is that the quality of a game
Has nothing to do with storage formats, and that's definitely not what we're reading here, nor have experienced or witnessed. A lot of gamers refrained from buying early multiplatform titles on PS3 because the 360 versions were noticeably better. It's obvious what will happen if the situation is reversed.

DVD usage does affect development because most games simply can't be split across multiple discs, especially sports and free-roaming titles.
Death  +   2585d ago
You might be missing my point.
More storage is always a good thing, but using this storage isn't something that happens "quickly". When you need to load 4-5 gigs of data to the HDD to make a Blu-Ray game work, this should paint a pretty clear picture that shows there are still technical hurdles involved in using this storage space efficiently today. Over time it will get better, but for now it is far from a walk in the park.

As for games getting bigger and longer because of Blu-Ray, technically they can. Realistically we haven't seen it yet. The transition from cart to CD didn't make games longer. Going from CD to DVD cut down on the number of discs needed to play a game, but didn't make them longer. Blu-Ray hasn't made games longer yet either. What each jump in storage has done is increased the amount of information that is available on screen and at a sustainable time. In other words, they look prettier.

AcidHorse  +   2585d ago
Oh give me a break
Your comment is a work of fanboy genius. John has always stood up for the Xbox brand. It is more LOGICAL that there will be a noticeable difference when they unveil the game, they just put it out there instead of slapping everyone unexpectedly.
cmrbe  +   2585d ago
good post as usual and i agree with some of your points but its not just about filling up the space. With game assests increasing in size a 8 hour next gen HD game for example will i guess take 3 times as much space as a similar last gen SD game in length. Its just plain common sense.

I agree that bigger space donsent nescessialry always mean longer game but games over time from one gen to another do increase in length due mainly to the increase in space. For example Super Mario compare to FF7. I once saw someone finish Mario in about 5 minutes.

Yes more space nowdays means flasiher stuff on the screen and thats the point. From one gen to next people have always looked at how graphics have improved from the last.
mistertwoturbo  +   2585d ago
I don't think more space translates to longer games. This doesn't seem to be the point. The point is, in order to fit the high definition content onto a DVD, you'll have to compress things to make them fit. In a sense, which hurts the quality of the game.
Hannibaal  +   2585d ago
Don't be so ignorant.
Data is not being loaded onto the HDD to make the games "work". You install software to your PC to make them run BETTER, you install games to your PC to make them run BETTER, installs will be coming to the 360 later this year to make games run BETTER. None of this is just so the games "work". It's so games work BETTER!

By installing a game to the PS3, less data needs to be unpacked into memory while running. Unnecessary support data can be stored on the HDD saving valuable RAM.
The Wood  +   2585d ago
thanks Hannibaal
for that spinbuster

Figboy  +   2585d ago
are you dizzy yet?

you know, from all that spin?

the fact of the matter is that EVERY GENERATION of consoles from the Commadore 64 to the Playstation 3 has had an increase in storage capacity.

NES cartridges were bigger than Atari cartridges.

SNES cartridges were bigger than NES cartridges.

CDs were bigger than SNES cartridges (and N64 cartridges)

DVDs were bigger than CDs.

Blu Rays are bigger than DVDs.

now, WHY was this change in storage capacity necessary?

because games got BIGGER.

Grand Theft Auto III would not have been possible on a CD, let alone an SNES cartridge.

as the gaming industry moves forward, so does the storage medium in which the games are distributed.

hell, Age of Conan takes up 25 gigabytes on my hard drive, and that games visuals are hardly at the level of RAGE or Killzone 2.

it's not developer fault. it's asset size.

HD textures are NOT small. neither are high polygon models and backgrounds. as games get more sophisticated, those assets will grow. hell, the polygons in Snake's moustache in MGS4 were more than what made up an ENTIRE SOLDIER in MGS3.

developers like Carmack KNOW their technology. and if they say they have to compress it and the quality will "suffer" for it, you better believe that they did EVERYTHING within their power to work around it. they don't do things half-@ssed.

insinuating that Carmack and his team don't know how to work with technology is like criticizing Miyamoto and his team, or Kojima and his team.

in short, these guys KNOW THEIR SH*T. no developer would want their product to look WORSE, and they are conceding quite a lot for the 360 version of this game, and i'm sure they are none too happy about it.

i mean, if you were a writer, and your book was being published and sold at a few different store chains, but one store, due to it's limited shelf space, asked you to trim about 100 pages off, so they could line them up on the shelf easier, you'd be pretty irked, wouldn't you?

Id and Carmack will do their best to make the 360 version work, but they get respect from me for being honest enough to admit that, due to hardware limitations (disc space), some concessions had to be made.

i much prefer the honesty to them flat out lying and saying "both versions will be EXACTLY the same! nothing to see here, folks!" like OTHER companies have done in the past...

EDIT- also, Blu Ray isn't the problem.

look at Uncharted: Drake's Fortune. this game is widely considered one of the most beautiful next gen games released so far.

the game DOES NOT have load times.

the game DOES NOT cache to the hard drive.

it streams everything from the Blu Ray disc.

that game alone is a testament to what developers can do when they take the time to learn the technology, and utilize the strengths of the console. the Playstation 3 is designed for streaming large amounts of data. not caching data like most PCs (and the 360).

many developers seem to forget that the Cell and RSX have about 25gigs of bandwidth EACH, and they can utilize that bandwidth simultaneously.

when the two work together, pumping out calculations at amazingly quick speeds, we get games like Uncharted, with no load times, and no caching to the hard drive. the PS3 is just built for streaming data VERY quickly, and when you're constantly streaming from the disc, and as fast as the Cell and RSX are able to do, it doesn't matter how much data is stored on the disc. it will be layered on the disc in a way that seek times are low, and the data that needs to be found will be found when it needs to be.

basically, Uncharted is a textbook example of a talented developer utilizing the PS3 in the way it was intended.
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Death  +   2585d ago
You don't save RAM when you install data to the HDD. You save load times since the HDD is faster than a DVD/BR drive. If installs were simply done to make games run "better", they would be optional instead of mandatory for some games. Blu-Ray is tricky and requires some finesse, Uncharted is a perfect example of a developer that understands Blu-Ray. Metal Gear is an example of a title that doesn't. Many games on the PS3 have data duplication on the disc to reduce load times since their is less room to search by having the redundant data. Others load a huge chunk of data to the HDD which is faster than a BR drive to accomplish this and some titles do both.

Blu-Ray isn't a bad thing, but it isn't simple like people assume. Today, it is as much a problem as an asset to many developers. Once devs have a better understanding of Blu-Ray they will be able to optimize it and games like Uncharted will be the norm.

As for the assumption that I stated Mr. Carmack didn't know what he was doing, that is false. I simply stated he was trying to pressure Microsoft into reducing the royalty rates so he could add another disc to the title in question on the Xbox 360. This shouldn't throw too many people off since it is what he is saying according to the article.

Diugu  +   2585d ago
Lets put sports games in multiple disks!!!
Imagine... playing a soccer match, end of first half (Insert disk 3 to play second half.)
Playing a tennis game... each time you hit the ball you have to insert a different disk because each side of the court is at one separate disk.

Sigh... I know I am exaggerating but there is only so far you can go when there are space limitations and games will stop evolving on the 360 sooner than later.

As for FF, I hope everyone is wrong because if they gimp XIII for some multiple disk stupidity it will be really frustrating, specially for me who played FF games since I was a kid and always enjoyed them on Playstations.
badboy808  +   2585d ago
Say it with me
bluuuuray bluuuuray bluuuuray
HuntTheWumpus  +   2585d ago
Well good job on Sony for including a high capacity drive on the PS3. I wonder if MS will just let it pass and be perfectly fine with having a "worse" looking game than the PS3 version or if they will pony up the extra DVD?

I don't think he is going to sell many games on the 360 with all this talk.
sushipoop  +   2585d ago
Dudes seriously whenever ANYONE says Blu-ray isn't needed just link them to this page LOL!! SONY FTW!
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Playstation Man  +   2585d ago
Crab/Mart/PoG is/are going to have alot of LOLs thrown his/their way then!
beavis4play  +   2585d ago
playstation man, don't forget first knight, sad truth, tudors, jsnhenry......
all these guys will be hearing it.
Playstation Man  +   2585d ago
bloodmask, Jason360, etc, etc.

The list just goes on and on...
mistertwoturbo  +   2585d ago
I think it's funny that we haven't seen a single one of them in here
Mr Fancy Pants  +   2585d ago
nintendo showed us that you don't need good hardware or impressive graphic to sell and in the future sony could just create some sort of motion controller, update the firmware and the ps3 could easily last like 20 years with all its technology. i mean, we wouldn't need to buy a new expensive console every 4 or 6 years!

kutaragi really is a genius!
ice_prophecy  +   2585d ago
As much faith as I have in the PS3's leg capacity. I seriously doubt it will last 20 years hahahha!
NanoGeekTech  +   2581d ago
You have a great point.....
In theory the PS3 could last up to 20 plus years with just firmware updates....

Sh!t I am in....Blu-ray will be around for a while...DLC will be the future in about PS3 HDD is upgradable to 1TB...

I love my Matrix in a Black Box......................
DARKTRINITYxxx  +   2585d ago
Marionz i think you know what i was getting at. How much of FF will be hacked to pieces to cater for disc space on the XBOX360 we already know itll be ported from PS3 to XBOX360 so tech speaking well get same amount content for the PS3 that will be ported over to fit on 360 discs. And this topic is about disc space for Rage and its only a shooter lol do you know how huge FF games are normally ?
Mr Fancy Pants  +   2585d ago
nintendo showed us that you don't need good hardware or impressive graphics to sell and in the future sony could just create some sort of motion controller, update the firmware and the ps3 could easily last like 20 years with all its technology. i mean, we wouldn't need to buy a new expensive console every 4 or 6 years!

kutaragi really is a genius!
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SSCOOLCHEA  +   2585d ago
your wrong buddy
just read all the previous post from these bots , they love to buy a system every three years just to make a point . foolish
Lou-Cipher  +   2585d ago
They could always put on Xbox Live and not have to deal with any discs. (with a 12-24 hour download time)
That is what Microsoft said was the future of gaming right?

This is the beginning of the end of Xbox 360. The reason I say this is because MS is only willing to look at what might be available 5-10 years away (digital downloading)as apposed to looking at one of there current problems (lack of software storage for TRUE next gen games)
Obama  +   2585d ago
Expect future games to follow suit. Sad day for xbots. *popcorn*
juuken  +   2585d ago
*takes some popcorn from you and munches as well*

And they said they didn't need bluray.

Prepare to see the XBox 720 on the market by next year.
Mr Fancy Pants  +   2585d ago
imagine the launch of X720 next year. they just paid SE to get FFXIII and before they could see the fruition of that they would already had abandoned the X360 like they did with the xbox.

my point it's that the X360 was destined to be last!
MS it's not the kind of company that can work with so much pression/competition. all their bussines with windows operating systems has been done through monopoly. that's why everybody hates vista but it still is the number one OS on the planet.
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TheBatman_Fanatic  +   2585d ago
*comes with pizza* pitiful xbots love buying systems every 4 years and they barely used the last lol
Obama  +   2585d ago
haha juuken I am glad to share some popcorn with you. It's quite fun watching bots cry I must confess. Bubble for all.
360rxorz  +   2585d ago
xbox versino cant lok that much wortse thn ps3 version bexause ps3 can probaby baly handlet it................... dvd is much fasteer than blu ray otiu so it is bettar............... bliu ray is mot much betar jsut litle differenfete provablty.....
IzKyD1331  +   2585d ago
im sorry, i cant understand retard.....please, go back to school and learn some grammar
Playstation Man  +   2585d ago
DVD is faster to read...bu...bu....OH YEAH! That's why games install now on PS3 and load faster than 360 versions! (Ex. DMC4, Soul Calibur 4 confirmed by IGN, etc, etc)

To grasp at straws in regards to this article? Oh man, desperate Lemmings...poor souls...
pwnsause  +   2585d ago
here let me talk to the poor guy, i can speak his language:

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360rxorz  +   2585d ago
It doesn't matter anyways. This game is probably going to suck. If it was an Xbox exclusive, it would be 10x better and the DVD size wouldn't be an issue.
dkgshiz  +   2585d ago
learn english first
Yeah, you suck, learn english you douche.
TheColbertinator  +   2585d ago
Are you drunk? If you are,get off the internet
zo6_lover27  +   2585d ago
First, learn english
Second, like most (all) xbots you think bluray is slow and DVD is fast, you couldn't be more wrong.
Heres a link so I don't have to explain anything
meepmoopmeep  +   2585d ago
DVD read speed
Blu-ray read speed

Google is your enemy.
Serg  +   2585d ago
Well most people don't care about tech facts they see numbers and go crazy over them. 1x is the speed that is required to watch a movie on a certain format, it's not a valid indicator for speed comparisons between formats.
cmrbe  +   2585d ago
Must be
Bot tongue
cmrbe  +   2585d ago
Well it still baffled
me why MS said the x360 is a HD console when it uses a last gen obtical drive. Worst still they didn't include a standard Hard Drive for all consoles. Its like them saying that Digital distribution is now but most people in the world still don't have broadband. They just don't make sense.

MS knew very well that DVD was used to the max last gen with SD games. I have no idea why they though that DVD will be sufficient for the HD era. The only conclusion that i made is that they wanted to be first to the market as well as cheaper with the x360. Only 2 years into this console war and their corner cutting and shortsightness is coming to bite them in their arse. This is a good lesson for them to learn for next time i.e think quality and think long term.
Real gamer 4 life  +   2585d ago
I agree with you 100%. This is what they get for rushing out the market, and trying to get a head start over nintendo and sony. I really don't see how microsoft can continue to go on like everything is alright. Soon more developers will complain about the storage space, and then microsoft is going to feel the heat. there going to be force to introduce a new console in the next 2 years or so.
AcidHorse  +   2585d ago
Here, here
a bubble for you.
cmrbe  +   2585d ago
I don't know what happened to MS
They did a great job with the xbox. They built a monster console that managed to seriously compete in the gaming industry that was dominated by two gaming giant last gen. They were even able to surpass Nintendo in their first go. The problem that xbox had last gen was only the fact that it didn't had the variety of games needed to attract a broad range of gamers. thats it.

However. Its like they completely threw out quality and longivity this gen when they were designing the x360 all so they could have a cheaper price tag and be on the market first. If they had bulit a relaible and future proof console and realese it like 2 months before the PS3. They would have been in a better position now and for the future. The lead that they had with the one year head start is dwindling fast and now they are their console is becoming obslete this early in this console cycle.

I guess its just a matter of experience. Sony delayed the launch of the PS3 because they knew they weren't ready but they knew that they would be in a much better position down the road once they launched when they are ready. They didn't panic. they knew exactly what they were doing. MS just saw big bad Sony and panicked and launch their console when its was not ready. This is the problem when you don't do your own thing but focus too much on what the competition is doing like MS has done this gen. Sony always follow their own path and strategies.
DJ  +   2585d ago
I don't think Microsoft realizes how good the original Xbox was.
True, the inital controller was horrific, but the Controller S was amazingly ergonomic and the hard drive gave the system a big advantage over the competition. My Halo 2 matches almost always loaded instantaneously.

The Elite 360 seems to be a glimpse at what the console was originally meant to be, but there's still vital pieces that are missing. I know they'll probably put these items in the next Xbox console, but by then it may not be enough and/or may be too late.
Hannibaal  +   2585d ago
Sony did not delay the PS3
The PS3 was delayed because of blu ray. Certain members of the AACS (Microsoft) used their veto power to contend final specs of the DRM used in HD DVD & Blu Ray. Thus delaying the PS3 so Ms could have their head start.
pwnsause  +   2585d ago
Microsoft took 2 steps ahead and went back 10 spaces for:

1.leaving out HDD as standard(The original Xbox had it for crying out loud)

2.not adding an HD disc drive(HD-DVD was around the corner when Microsoft launched the 360, the specs for HD-DVD were set. they could of worked out a deal with Toshiba to get the 360 out early with HD-DVD, but they were afraid this wouldnt help them penetrate sales, thus the effect, they allowed BD to win and they are now stuck with a DVD drive, im pretty sure that if they realeased the 360 with a built in HD-DVD drive in the first place, they could of won not only the console war, but also help defeat sony in the format war. but it goes to show you that microsoft doesnt like to take risks, instead they pay and bribe companies to do their bidding.)
The Wood  +   2585d ago
so they could get more money..................simple. ..... their greed or mis-sight has weakened their consoles lifespan
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Black_Jack  +   2585d ago
its like that old story, tortoise beats the hare, msoft released first and shot off at the gate but wont have the steam left in their console to win in the long run. ps3 had a slow start but its got the substance to chug along and perform for years, 10 years. i dont care what anyone says if any console has got a chance of lasting 10 years, its the ps3! xbox will be out of steam well before then.

this article shows why.
SSCOOLCHEA  +   2585d ago
hate to beat a dead subject
people that says there watching HD on the crapbox microsoft is lying to you . All your downloaded movies are upconverted from dvd and you say its HD .
Real gamer 4 life  +   2585d ago
Kudos to sony for thinking ahead, i am glad to see that sony wasn't just talking out their @ss when they said blueray was needed. I give credit where credit is due. So sony you were the smarter company with choosing the right format and looking ahead.
#48 (Edited 2585d ago ) | Agree(8) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
hadouken007  +   2585d ago
what i dont see
is the folk that approve this story sayin poor MS, or ten things MS needs to change and all that BS. THIS dont get a high flame rate like when sony screws up.
TheColbertinator  +   2585d ago
Your kidding right.360 fanboys mocked on the PS3 fans for 2 years like they were dogs.Times are changing again in the industry.I say Let every dog have his day.Whether its going to become more difficult for Microsoft is hard to say.
cyclindk  +   2585d ago
I get that they (microsoft) didn't go blu-ray as it is owned by Sony, but why they didn't at least utilize HD DVD capabilities for their games? Any Xboxists know why Microsoft didn't go that route, just curious?
meepmoopmeep  +   2585d ago
MS never cared about HDDVD, they backed it because they wanted to hinder Sony. end of story. well, that and i don't think HDDVD was ready for the 360 launch.

MS never intended the 360 for the long term. they wanted it out asap to try to steal the spot from sony and nintendo.
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catchnvampire  +   2585d ago
Costs....If they had factored in a HD DVD drive, at that time, the cost of the console would have gone up exponentially and with that market penetration goes down drastically. But on hindsight, that was very very shortsighted.
rob6021  +   2585d ago
I think MS didn't go with HD-DVD because it would only serve to hinder their plan to eventually offer everything via download only. They wanted developers being used to developing with high compression and limiting the size of games so they would be more ready to make the transition to download-only. They figured using DVD would force 3rd parties to develop to lowest common denominator - but not everyone is doing this apperently.
Rob0g0rilla  +   2585d ago
Oh well
Lol, never heard of this game. But a FPS on 3 discs is insane. I'm getting quite sick of FPS. Please move on to another genre.

Thanks crmbe.
Wow, head to head with the popular unreal engine? That's crazy.

Lol, this isn't the first time the 360 has had a space issue with a game. MLB 2k8 had to remove content from the disc to fit the game on there. You had to download the content off of live to get the actual complete game. Games are getting bigger like Rockstar said. DVD space is becoming a serious issue for 360. Never thought I would see this happening.
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cmrbe  +   2585d ago
You may not have heard about Rage
But i am sure you have heard of ID. ID are one of the pioneers of FPS and Carmack is a legendary dev. This is huge not just for this game but more so about this new engine by ID. This engine will mostly likely go head to head with the Unreal engine and the fact that it already has problems with space is a potential big problem for MS.
Whoooop  +   2585d ago
That's the problem with not thinking ahead.

Concentrating on the present is good, but not with technology. Microsoft thought they had this gen figured out and now they just can't keep up.

In 2009 the 360 will be almost obsolete in terms of technology...
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silverchode  +   2585d ago
lets all be mature here.
cmrbe  +   2585d ago
No Chance mate
You are in the "FUN ZONE!!"
FAQS  +   2585d ago
"...lets be mature"
A: Yeah man, stop being xbots! HA HA HA HA !
silverchode  +   2585d ago
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myke6699  +   2585d ago
If anyone hasn't seen the trailer, head over to the main page of Shacknews (where the full article is). It looks pretty good, too bad it won't be as good on the 360.
And yes, the problem lies in the hardware, no matter how you look at it.
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DA_SHREDDER  +   2585d ago
I said it once, and I will say it again
FF 13 can't be done on the 360. If a game like this is having trouble,, imagine how hard is it for a AAA quality title gonna have when it comes to multiple disc and compression issues. I love both systems, but the ps3 is the better machine with the better hardware, and its time you xbox dudes realize what you are really missing out on.
RobertGonz69  +   2585d ago
wonder MGS4 won't ever go to the 360. It would need 6 to 8 discs. Then Konomi would end up paying the extra discs to M$. Just joking. I love u all.
poopsack  +   2585d ago
interesting, do any footage or screenshots exist of this, "Rage"

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AcidHorse  +   2585d ago
Oh christcrackers, hilarious. John was down on the PS3 2 yrs ago, I suppose Microsoft forgot to send his hush money :D
Snukadaman  +   2585d ago
You people think there wont be a fix about this....if the xbox version is indeed the worst it would be a waste of time to even bother and go forth with that version and lose money???....use your heads droids.....granted its not enough space but there are plenty of things to work around dragon and infinite undiscovery says hello.

hahahah end of the xbox....with playing games on psn a disaster theres still a ps3 in existence...stop trying to think this console war is over droids...and go play some slow calibur 4 on psn.

@we always beat oakland so your prediction sucks harder then your precious ps3...the patriots hahahahahahahahahha

And im also quite positive this wont be the last multiplatform game where developer says it needs more space but if anyone is as flexible about breaking rules its droids jumped on this faster then a drunken sorority sister...too bad you dont use common sense much.

9 disagrees and the only person with the balls to comment does not even say anything pertinent about my comments...nice one droids.
#59 (Edited 2585d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(21) | Report | Reply
Playstation Man  +   2585d ago
Oh calm down
I know 90% of all negative news as of late is pertaining to your console and all and your Chargers yet again will fail this year to reach the superbowl, but that's no reason to cry.

It's okay. I'm sure MORE and MORE devs will likely come out about disc space and all eventually and I know sales, 3rd party support (now activision) and the fall lineup and all as of late is all in the PS3's favor (hit 14 million 7 months before 360, outsells it worldwide), but PLEASE, don't cry.

Here, if this makes you feel better I guarantee the Chargers will lose in the playoffs to New England BUT will beat Oakland twice this year. Congrats!

EDIT: I don't cheer for New England in particular...I don't cheer for them at all actually. But I do recall a few beatings they've given the Chargers lately. Doubt that'll change this year...
#59.1 (Edited 2585d ago ) | Agree(6) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
SonySoldierEternaL  +   2585d ago
keep spinning the facts ASS CLOWN
Snukadaman  +   2585d ago
"keep spinning the facts ASS CLOWN" not making excuses...I even conceded that indeed there will be more games down the line that will probably need more on your definitions clown shoes.
cmrbe  +   2585d ago
I see
rage in your eyes
Rob0g0rilla  +   2585d ago
"9 disagrees and the only person with the balls to comment does not even say anything pertinent about my comments...nice one droids."

100+ comments eating clowns like you alive and no one has the balls to say anything about it.

Lol, breaking the rules? Ha, you guys better get ready for some installs then. That's probably the only way. Or on a 3rd disc. I hate to break it to you but your screwed either way. You see...all your friends figured that out and decided not to comment at all. Best if you did the same.

But it's really not that bad because we don't have a lot of issues with space now. I don't think this should bother anyone. Well, maybe you and you won't sleep tonight. At least it's still coming to 360.
#59.5 (Edited 2585d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
cmrbe  +   2585d ago
Carmack : He stressed that the issue is merely a storage problem and has nothing to do with the power of the Xbox 360 hardware.
funny. I thought the x360 DVD drive is part of the x360 hardware lol
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