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RevN8r  +   2776d ago
Yeah, I don't know about these. I saw the pictures and thought the story was too funny to pass up.

I guess it might be nice, though, for the 360 guys making the jump to the PS3 and vice-versa.
Andronix  +   2776d ago
Id actually like to buy both!
I actually wish I could get the Xbox (with dualshock inners) controller.

The Dualshock is great but was originally a PS1 controller without analogue sticks. In this state it was ergonomically excellent. Then the sticks were added. Nowadays most games are controlled mainly with the analogue sticks but, for me, it means too much stretching between thumb and forefinger with the right hand. My hand arch soon tires. Sony shouldnt be scared with experimenting with a new controller, despite the bad response to the 'boomerang.' They could release a limited edition PS3 pad, where the analogue sticks are recognised as been used the most. Id be happy to try it.
Mr PS3  +   2776d ago
It could have been so different
The PS3 Pad with the letters x,b,y,a insted of the legendery Square,Triangle,Circle and X

Think about it the PS3 would now be the laughing stock of the console world

The PS3 would be blowing up all over the place

The PS3 would have the last gen hardware and the crappy DVD 9

The PS3 would have the worst set of Cheecky smacktalkin inbred hillbillie sh1tkicking kids in the world purchase thier product

PSN would not be free

But it aint like that
And you know what it was always meant to be like that
From the very begining
It's all in the Pad




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You bought an Xbox  +   2776d ago
Ha Ha Xbot Loosers !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You Bought An Xbox !!

Ha Ha
thereapersson  +   2776d ago
As immature as this is, I found it rather amusing...
SkolarVisari  +   2776d ago
I would love to have a 360 pad with a dpad that did not suck, and a PS3 controller with softer edges and a bit "longer" grips. Sort of a combination of all of the qualities that do not suck from both pads.
coolfool  +   2776d ago
Isn't this just a case of attaching the other controllers button faces onto the original controller? What wiring is needed for that?
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jtucker78  +   2776d ago
They haven't just stuck the PS3 buttons on the 360 controller, they've actually made the controller compatible with the PS3.

So I guess the re-wiring comes from having to get the customised 360 controller to work with the PS3.

(And vice versa with the PS3 controller working with the 360.)
Bolts  +   2776d ago
I want one.
I would like to have the 360's controler for my PS3 please. If that mod is retail quality and it works with rumble, I wouldn't mind buying it.
P4KY B  +   2776d ago
Your not the only one.
My hands are too big for the DS3.
agentace  +   2776d ago
its not a mod he just switched the plasyic buttons round
name  +   2776d ago
First time I ever saw a PS3 controller get a red ring of death.(for people who clicked the link)
SickNick85  +   2776d ago
i love 360 pad for fps and i like to have for my ps3...why no-one produce it????
Spydiggity  +   2776d ago
heeeeeeeeell yeah!
i'd love to get a hold of some ps3 controllers shaped like 360's. after playing Super Stardust HD for an hour, my hands feel like crap. i'd kill for the comfort of my 360 controller while playin my ps3.
diatom  +   2776d ago
It's Not Right
Human sacrifice, dogs and cats living together... mass hysteria! ...
2FootYard  +   2776d ago
Don't like how the ds3 still uses analog sticks on the same axis.
qwertyuiopasdfghjkl  +   2776d ago
Probably being the only one here given a chance to grasp the original PS3 prototype "Boomerang" controller, I found it very comfortable and friendly to the hands. A few tweaks to that design would have been the better choice overall.

Sadly they trashed that design because people mocked it...

I would like to see a decent controller design though... PS3 has goofy triggers and an awkward handle grip design. While the 360 controller has shatty face buttons all together, with annoying dots on the analog rubbers.

But hey, nothing beats the mouse and keyboard. ;)
kewlkat007  +   2776d ago
Yeah if MS was to fix the D-Pad, the controller would be "Perfect" for ME
If Sony was to reposition the Analogs orientation and have some "Real " triggers while making the controller more Ergonomical, yeah that wold be sweet. The Xbox 360 controller have your hands fit "Naturally" when you hold it. That's why it's comfortable.

I was gonna give that Ben Heck guy $500+ just to make me that PS3 controller in the Xbox 360 casing but that guy is way too busy. So for now, I buy no shooters on that console.

If anyone has both consoles, just hold the 360 controller and see the orientation of your hand, there is no Stressing with the thumb way down below and you can click the shoulder buttons.

Unlike the DS3. Your thumbs are faced down to the floor naturally, and your"shooter finger" is facing towards your body. That sh^t gets uncomfortable, because if you have big hands it start to hurt after a while. That controller needs more spacing.

Anyhow this is still all subjective but, if they weer to do a survey of gamers that have all consoles, I bet some would say the same about the pros and Cons of each.

Anybody know if I can pay this guy to make me one? I can't be the only one.
Gantrfaxx  +   2776d ago
Oh man
I would like one for my X360. Looks good.
SIX  +   2776d ago
The only problem
I have with my PS3 controller are the triggers. The only problem I have with my 360 is the D pad. FPS's feel better when I play on the 360. Hack n slash and platform games feel better on the PS3 controller. If someone could just take into consideration the design flaws of each controller we would have the perfect controller. While they are at it they should also get rid of the numbers and letters on the buttons and change them to up down right and left arrows. For some reason I can nver remember the buttons names when a game prompts me to hit them :P
alakazzam  +   2776d ago
the 360 buttons look wrong on the dualshock but the dualshock buttons look nice on the 360
ShinMaster  +   2775d ago

The PS3 controller has been tainted!

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