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Daytona  +   2802d ago
This news fills me w/joy and good tidings, lol!!
The KoToR series is my fav of all time. I'm hoping this to be soooo true.

I love the idea of a Kotor MMO, this would truly breath new life into the Star Wars Universe.

The force is strong with this one.
TheXgamerLive  +   2802d ago
LOL, yeah it could do that.
I love the star wars games, there isn't many that I didn't like.
TheColbertinator  +   2801d ago
Can you feel it?
A KOTOR MMO would allow me to manifest my true dark force powers to the Republic.Kneel before me REPUBLIC SCUM!!!
Rugludallur  +   2802d ago
If Free Radical makes Battlefronts 3 like Haze there will be hell to pay for ruining that franchise.
Rugludallur  +   2802d ago
Guess someone here doesn´t like Battlefronts and wouldn´t care if they would ruin the series :(
kwicksandz  +   2802d ago
i hope they take a leaf from Mass effects book
Real time combat this time round please!

just dont make every side quest in similar looking bunkers =)
Legion  +   2801d ago
Did you play the Kotor games? Combat WAS real time. You just had to choose that option in the setup.
kwicksandz  +   2801d ago
i tried to played it twice on a friends PC

both times it was turn based, queing up commands and pausing to use items etc.

if thats not turn based i dont know what is. i didnt know there was a real time option, its that true i might give it another try.
Fallen_Angel  +   2801d ago
KotoR wasnt real time. personally dont think real time works well for controlling a party. Maybe if them do real time like they did BG (on the PC)
MK_Red  +   2802d ago
F*** no. Please. No MMO for KOTOR 3. Dammit. I HATE MMOs. Seriously, KOTOR is one of my favorite series and now it's been ruined by MMO.

As for Wii lightsaber game, I hope it's good :)
TheXgamerLive  +   2802d ago
An MMORPG could have major possibilities
But it would have to be done just right, no mistakes.
MK_Red  +   2802d ago
Well, it's more of a matter of personal taste. Personally, I HATE MMOs no matter how good or bad they are.

I'm a huge fan of singleplayer games in general and seeing one of my fave singleplayer games (KOTOR) going to the genre that I absolutly hate (MMO), is just sad for me.
TheXgamerLive  +   2802d ago
Understood, me I'd personally rather see KOTOR 3
done in the same fashion/style as the other two but an MMO KOTOR would also fill a void but they shouldn't leave out the tried and true. I agree. It takes you on a personal journey so to speak and that's a strong immersion for us all.
MK_Red  +   2802d ago
Great. They should have been seperated games. A classic KOTOR3 like the previous ones and then a KOTOR MMO. Nothing beats the singleplayer RPG IMO.

Fallout did that. Fallout 3 is like previous ones while InterPlay is developing Fallout MMO for its own :)
TheXgamerLive  +   2802d ago
Besides, there's always room for a new Star Wars game, I mean how huge is a Universe, right?

Ya know that old saying, "there's always room for Jello", same w/Star Wars, lol:)
MK_Red  +   2802d ago
True. Hoping for the best :)
paul_war  +   2802d ago
I'm with you all the way MK.

I would also hate it if they turned Elder Scrolls into an MMO. These games offer some great single player & I want more of that.
Bolts  +   2802d ago
The only bad thing about MMO is, well they're freaking huge. Not a lot of devs can juggle a MMO and anything else like singleplayer RPGs, and once a MMO is up and running they're basically commintted it to for life.
Lyan  +   2802d ago
"Besides, there's always room for a new Star Wars game, I mean how huge is a Universe, right?"

Are you George Lucas in real life? Replace Star Wars with Mario and you've got Miyamoto. My point? There is a point within the lifespan of every idea/ideology in which they need to either take a break or stop. Otherwise you lose touch with the magic behind that idea/ideology.

On topic though, I think KOTOR is a good basis from which to launch a MMO game. Just as long as they don't pigeon hole themselves too much with the concept of being true to what a Jedi is then it could be good. The last Star Wars centric MMO fell on its face from trying to balance the whole game around that single concept of what a Jedi is. Not that it isn't important, its just a key factor of any game is the enjoyment factor...

I'll hold judgment until substantial and definable game characteristics are released.
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Fallen_Angel  +   2801d ago
I wont mind a MMO but I still want a KotoR 3 too. The only Star wars MMO sucks big time

I hope they kind of do it like a trainning video. Where the game teaches you to really fight with a lightsaber. The lets you fight jedis in 1st person duels
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Daytona  +   2802d ago
There was one game for the Dreamcast that I didn't like
I think it was some pod racing game, oh no wait wait, it was Disney's chip and dale racing, lol!! Actually I still have that game. Shhhhh.
Daytona  +   2802d ago
My favorite is still Kotor 1
even though kotor 2 had a more in depth build for the lightsaber, and more crystal combinations could be used.
n to the b  +   2802d ago
sorry fans but KOTOR2 sukt for me, just a poorly-made rehash of the same. except some of the added depth to the abilities and leveling were appreciated, I admit. but the original was way better IMO.
TheXgamerLive  +   2802d ago
It's kind of like comparing COD2 and then COD3.
Bolts  +   2802d ago
KOTOR 2 was asstastic. It was just basically more of the same without any soul from the first. They pretty much killed the franchise with that game, hence the MMO plunge with the third one.
n00bPwner  +   2802d ago
hahaha, Free Radical working on BattleFront 3? Guess we know that's gonna SUCK. (HAZE LOL).

KOTOR 3 rules. KOTOR 3 as an MMO SUCKS. F*ck that.
NWA TA  +   2802d ago
Thank God
ParaDise_LosT  +   2802d ago
What is EA doing to you?!
Merritt  +   2802d ago
I read months ago Battlefront 3 is a 360 exclusive...of course it's been so long it could have changed.

I'm sorry it's been over a year!! Man how time flies...
DeadlyFire  +   2800d ago
BattleFront will not be exclusive. NO matter the source. Unless Lucasarts tells you directly it don't read into it. Its not likely AT ALL that BattleFront will be X360 only. It will come to PC, PS3, and X360 if it comes to anything. It might even come to PS2/Wii, and portables.

KoToR 3 hopefully is coming along nicely for a 2009 release. That is where my bet is set for it.

As far as a KOTOR MMO it might be coming and might get announced, but I doubt it will release before 2010-2011 even so. It could be both good and bad as long as KoToR 3 is still in the mix then it will be good in my eye. I would hope for a free to play type of thing like Guild Wars, but I doubt that will be the case for it.
Chubear  +   2802d ago
Good to see good quality mulitplats coming out
EA's going to be raking it in.
Fade_Walker  +   2802d ago
KOTOR 3 better not be a MMO :(
Tyrael  +   2802d ago
KOTOR 3 in development is no surprise, the fact that it could be an MMO isn't much of a surprise either, with the way things are going right now.

As far as a Wii lightsaber game is concerned, it could be loads of fun, but with the sloppy Wiimote reception, it'll take more than your strong knowledge of the Force to land accurate hits and deflections.
Rocko  +   2801d ago
I was excited...
till I heard Sh*t Radical was developing.
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JEDI WOLVERINE  +   2801d ago
Kotor 1 was a 10/10 game
Kotor 2 was an 8/10 game - in my book anyways

If it is a standard rpg then it will be more than welcome but if an MMO then i worry about its feel in the series.

Would rather them do KOTOR 3 as a RPG then when thats finished do something with an MMO then.

Just dont rush it guys!

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