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arbitor365  +   631d ago
second son had better characters than infamous 1 and 2, but a much, much weaker plot. it doesnt feel like there is an over arching threat or a good buildup. it just feels aimless, storywise. you need to have stakes, a ticking clock, or something to keep us invested. and the whole plot of "take the cement out of granny and the rest of the tribe" comes off rushed and it is barely even mentioned.

there arent any good secondary villains in the game. that is a big problem. and also augustine herself isnt really a powerful and compelling villain. she basically waits around through most of the game for you to come and kick her ass. and her motivation isnt all that interesting, once you find it out at the end.

also, I have a hard time buying this world. where conduits seem to have little to no way of fighting back against their oppression and have no organization of their own. their power seems pretty underplayed and it makes the world seem smaller. also, the term bio-terrorist is a bit "on the nose."

also I didnt feel the moral choices weighed heavily on the game. they didnt really improve upon it from the last games

also, I dont get why Seattle is so central to the DUP. once again, this makes the world seem smaller. if they at least gave a reason why this location was so critical, i could buy it.

i disagree about the gameplay complaints though. I think the gameplay in second son was the best of the series. it felt really tight and responsive

there were alot of missed opportunities. im sure the next infamous game will be much better.
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feraldrgn  +   631d ago
I wouldn't say it really hurt it, it wasn't as good as the previous 2, but by no means was it a bad game.
I had a lot of fun with it, it's also a gorgeous game, the Photo Mode was a brilliant addition.

It was disappointing, in length & side missions, but the post launch support was there.
It was a good (near) "launch" game.
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