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LOGICWINS  +   318d ago
Thats not a price drop. That was always going to be the price of the Vita Slim on its own. If a Vita Slim with Borderlands 2 and a memory card is $199..obvs a Vita on its own will cost less.

EDIT: Unless this is referring to the OLED Vita. If so, I'm putting a Vita-1000 in my Amazon cart. As soon as that price drops Im making my move!
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ajames347  +   318d ago
Hmmm, but no other price has been mentioned for the portable, so we still don't know yet. For instance, Nintendo has bundles for Wii U all the time that are priced the same as the system alone.

EDIT: Yeah, the contest rules don't state which version, just "PS Vita handheld."
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admiralvic  +   318d ago
"Hmmm, but no other price has been mentioned for the portable, so we still don't know yet."

A lot of times "bundles" are used by companies to maintain a price point they want / can make a profit on, which is why older systems typically come in bundles.

"For instance, Nintendo has bundles for Wii U all the time that are priced the same as the system alone."

To be fair, the Wii U was pretty much always bundled. The only stand alone version I recall was the "standard edition" and even then it had a massive number of differences for an insignificant amount of money. In fact, the difference in price is quite similar to what we're seeing here.
admiralvic  +   318d ago
Smart money says it's the slim model, since logically Sony would only be producing them, it's easier to include and contests tend to give the latest and greatest (it looks cheap if they send out of date models). Also, I imagine if Sony had a surplus of anything / wanted to pawn off Vita's, they would do so with the 3G model.
Lionalliance  +   318d ago
The Memory Cards need a price drop! They're still too expensive!!
THamm  +   318d ago
I know right! It's been keeping me from buying any digital games.
Soldierone  +   318d ago
Seriously! I've ALMOST bought a few games, but right before check out I go "oh wait I have no room, nevermind"

I'd gladly admit I'd own a good 20 or so Vita games by now if the memory cards were not so expensive..... I'm not dropping 100 bucks on a 32GB.... dropping 50 for a 16 was hard enough.
Jonny5isalive  +   318d ago
yeah, I only have 8gb. I have some games on there tho, and I just delete old ones. It doesnt take long to DL them again. Still need to buy physical games to save space, or on sale for 10$ like MK vita a month after it came out. I got killzone on a card for sure because its patch takes up alot of space too. Cant even DL that with a 4GB, sad.
Agent_hitman  +   318d ago
That would be better..
OrangePowerz  +   318d ago
I enjoy my Vita since launch but with the current sales a price drop is needed to increase the sales.
MajorGecko  +   318d ago
how about a price drop in memory cards im still using my 4 gig n deleting games to play new ones
WeAreLegion  +   318d ago
Drop memory card prices! Please!
HugoDrax  +   318d ago
It's utter ridiculous that I've spent more money buying my VITA Oled model, than I did buying my PS4 at launch.....Ridiculous! After those financial reports from yesterday was released, Sony isn't in any position for price drops.
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Funantic1  +   318d ago
According to some people price drops means doom.
Inception  +   318d ago
Vita doesn't need a price cut this soon. But a price cut for memory cards is a must.
Yodagamer  +   318d ago
I don't even think a price drop would help at this point it needs a big name exclusive game, which there are some with little advertising for them, in order to get a bigger mainstream appeal. Plus far cheaper memory cards if they're going to focus on digital indie games
iceman600  +   318d ago
vita is dead 2 price drop in a year and no real game just watered down ports that only sheep buy.
Jonny5isalive  +   318d ago
eltibu86  +   318d ago
look sony want to be smart what they should do is make a price drop of 100 dollar for 1 month them after the month the psvita go back up to 150 and leave it there and bring more games triple a games they should get another uncharted a original god of war for the psvita make me the ceo of sony and I will make the company money .... they are loosing so much money cuz they are not playing smart with the vita ps4 they are doing great
nevin1  +   318d ago
I agree with the memory card price drop, but I still think the hardware itself should be $149-$169.
Inception  +   318d ago
Just get the $199 bundled comes with a game like Borderland 2, Walking Dead, or Tearaway and a 4-8 GB memory card.

Seriously, the hardware built like a tank and it has sleek design and better power and screen than 3DS. Not to mention it has dual analog stick. A $199 price tag is worth the money, imo.

But if you want more cheaper than you should wait for sony to release VitaTV in the west.
CanadianTurtle  +   318d ago
Even a price drop won't save this system.
Solid_Penguin-64  +   318d ago
Buy it people... ;D
MultiConsoleGamer  +   317d ago
I really hope so. It's a great system and it deserves a wider audience.

If I were Sony I would literally send people to shopping malls with Vita's tethered to their bodies. I'd have them stand around all day offering people a chance to try the product.
Emanno  +   317d ago
Sony has to fix the issues with Vita before its too late. Really want the system to do well.
CerealKiller  +   317d ago
What it really needs is games in the future. And I don't mean indies. Its hard to make a investment in a console that is perceived as dead because there are no major games inbound.

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