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LAWSON72  +   570d ago
Looks like a low budget indie game to me.
Tsuru  +   570d ago
Totally... /sarcasm
ATi_Elite  +   570d ago
I agree it totally looks and feels like an Indie title to me.

15 programmers and 3 years on the Unreal Engine should have this much high QUALITY. Those who disagreed didn't read anything.

Now on the Flipside:

"It's Hard To Believe This Is An Indie Space RPG" followed by "StarCitizen" then yeah I would agree but this game FEELS just like the other 100 or so Indie RPG's out there and looks like about another 20 or so Indie RPG's with good graphics.
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3-4-5  +   570d ago
* Beautiful Art Style
* Good Music ( so far)
* Villages/Towns !!
* That Battle System
* Looks new and interesting
* Character design is nice

I'm liking what I'm seeing so far. Good job guys
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Clown_Syndr0me  +   570d ago
That art style looks great!
rdgneoz3  +   570d ago
The art style reminded me a little of Ni No kuni at first.
Relientk77  +   570d ago
Um, ok

I want this game
rextraordinaire  +   570d ago
Looks alright.

No so sure about the 1 on 1 battles...
MonChiChi  +   570d ago
I am now interested. Will keep my eye out for this.
Unlimax  +   570d ago
Looks really interesting , Hopefully it reaches its goal ASAP
HexxedAvenger  +   570d ago
Wow... this looks very good. I hope they can deliver.

I wonder is this will make some kickstarter games take it up a notch.
TM333  +   570d ago
I think it looks amazing, especially for an indie game. I'd certainly love to check it out!
kalkano  +   570d ago
It looked interesting, until they showed gameplay. We already have WAY too many action-RPGs. When it comes to RPGs, go turn-based, or go home.
MehmetAlperTR  +   570d ago
Looking very nice, i liked it :)
Milruka  +   570d ago
Oh yea, It's that furry sponsored game..
Ethereal  +   570d ago
MYDEATH21  +   570d ago
Pretty cool lol. I liked it
BitbyDeath  +   570d ago
Indie does not mean low budget, it means independent.
Star Citizen is indie and has a budget higher than most games.
Sunset Overdrive is also made by indies and has excellent graphics. Same goes for Outlast on PS4.
TheTwelve  +   570d ago
Want on PSN.
Milruka  +   569d ago
Of course a console pleb would want a furry game.

It's funny you said PC has no real games and now you want one of ours.

typical casual poor man.
TheTwelve  +   569d ago
Awww. Too bad for you it's coming to PSN anyway:

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