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Activemessiah  +   645d ago
I honestly never met a person who asked for a Waluigi game o_O
wonderfulmonkeyman  +   645d ago
Not counting the people I've met online, I agree with you.
If we DO count online, however....
Let's just say I was surprised by the number of people that wanted a Waluigi game.
I get the feeling he'd be good in an RPG setting with a comedic storyline...
REDBEARD  +   645d ago
Forget Waluigi, we need more deserving characters to have their own games. Like Diddy Kong. Diddy Kong Racing 2, Diddy's Kongquest 2, Hell, he has a jetpack and a nice set of exploding nuts, make a Contra-style inspired game.
So much potential and ideas. Nintendo, don't let it go to waste.

I wouldn't mind if they made a Wario Bros. (brothers?) game with Waluigi in it, but having his own game.... no thanks. He has to earn it.
Djkmilo  +   645d ago
dude that would be cool but introduce Birdo as their "pet" give her a chance to shine...also bring back Tatanga, The Wart and cap syrup from wario land series...Nintendo has sooooo many characters...its upsetting sometimes =_=
OtakuDJK1NG-Rory  +   645d ago
no he irrelevant
Reeze  +   645d ago
I think that Toad deserves his own game aside from Wario's Woods. I mean, he's in nearly every game yet he's always in the background. #savetoad2014
kirbyu  +   645d ago
Anyone who thinks Waluigi is a bad character hasn't seen the part of the Mario Kart 8 Direct where they revealed Pink Gold Peach.
Broomfondle  +   645d ago
No. No we don't. as a Wii U owner and no other console I can truly say I do not want a Waluigi game. That is ridiculous. tat's like saying we need another Angry birds game.
ZeroBC  +   645d ago
I really like Waluigi and I would love to see him in his own game or maybe even a Wario Bros game-that would be awesome, like a twist on the classic Super Mario Bros, only call it Mega Wario Bros and instead of the mushroom kingdom they could be in the Fungus Kingdom. Anyways, speaking of Waluigi-one thing has always bothered me about his name, you know how they named Wario after Mario by turning the M in Mario upside down? Well what the heck, where did they get the W for Waluigi, why didn't they name him Vauigi?? Think about it, if you take the L in Luigi and turn it upside down or "twist" it, it would totally look like V...I know this is a small detail, but the simple fact that they gave both Wario and Waluigi a name that starts with W, it kind of seems like they were half-butting it. Seriously, Mario and Luigi both very different names buuut Wario and Waluigi sound quite lets try it my way...You have Mario&Luigi and Wario&Vauigi come on!!! Much better!!!
ZeroBC  +   645d ago
Oh yeah and Princess peach alt character could be Princess CrabApple, Toad could be Fungus/Fungai, Yoshi could be Lowshi and so on and so on =^) and yes, I am a humongous NERD and fan of both the Mario and Wario Bros. Vauigi!!! Lets get Waluigi a proper name already!!!!
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