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turbogeekx  +   2738d ago
Everyone looks like they take steroids and Seth looks like Dhalsim. :(
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Kami  +   2738d ago
no, no. seth looks more like Urien and is that Dan? in the same page as fei long?
Rock Bottom  +   2738d ago
yeah, Seth looks like Urien. which is awesome...

But Dan!!! I mean come one, that sucks.
predator  +   2738d ago
hopefully there will be more characters
somelikeithot  +   2738d ago
Just hope he not as hard as shin akuma on capcom vs snk 2, he is an absolute a-hole and pretty cheap as well where as he takes half your energy with one combo and you need at least 2 or 3 to equal the same damage.
Skerj  +   2738d ago
Alpha 3 Bison man, cheapest SF fights ever. Unless you fight Gill in 3rd Strike with max damage up and you somehow miss hitting him before he does Seraphic Wing. Instant death no matter where you are on the screen.
crimsonfox  +   2738d ago
where the hell is AKUMA
JEEZ the overexcited bruce lee looks cool though
Presentist  +   2738d ago
Yeah I'm starting to worry. Akuma is easily the coolest SF not include him would really really suck.
predator  +   2738d ago
i have seen pictures with him in it but just cant remember where
Dir_en_grey  +   2738d ago
Are you sure you are not thinking of the SFII HD Akuma? =)
predator  +   2738d ago
no no im sure it was for street fighter IV
Skerj  +   2738d ago
Seth looks like a bald Urien with cyborg parts. I'm glad to see that Bison isn't the boss, but that still doesn't explain why he's alive.
Dir_en_grey  +   2738d ago
My guess on Seth's story...
I'm guessing Seth dies in this one, and his cell was used to clone Urien, but Seth's will of wanting even more hair was so strong that his soul resurrected as Gill... you know with a full head of Fabio hair.

Just my guess =)
sumfood4u  +   2738d ago
Jab, Jab, Forward,Light Kick, FiercePunch!= Raging Demon! hmmmmmm

also I wish they Bring Skullomania= HAHAHAHAHAHAHA & Garuda!

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Alexander Roy  +   2738d ago
Dan Hibiki > everyone in every fighting game ever.

The first person who disagrees because he/she didn't get the joke, wins a cookie.
Alexander Roy  +   2738d ago
Well, you have to actually say something, otherwise I don't know who won the cookie. Anyway, is it just me or does SF become more Sci-Fi with every game? Twelve, Necro (was that his name?)...
butterfinger  +   2738d ago
I would imagine...
that Capcom would want to bring back as many characters as possible to make sure they are appealing to as many fans as possible. I hope Akuma is in the final build.
KrisXX  +   2738d ago
Akuma will prolly be announced last...
Makes sense right? They are releasing all these characters in the game, at one point, they will tell us all of them and one of those characters will be the las announced. I'm pretty sure they will someone big for that....Akuma!!

And Dan?! As long as he's not a joke character anymore. I still hope Evil Ryu is a hidden/unlockable. Evil Ken!
somelikeithot  +   2738d ago
So which character is everybody when it comes to these games???

me I'm always ken because of his dragon punch advantage!!!
RAF-TECH  +   2738d ago
after playing a couple of matches in Kaillera
Alpha 3 to be most precise (best roster)

They need to have...


You know capcom is gonna come up with

STREET FIGHTER IV: Championship Edition

and then 15 years later...

Swiftfox  +   2738d ago
My question is: When the interviewed the Director of this game he said it was taking place just after the origanal StreetFighter 2, and he said very specificaly, before "New Challengers"(Fei Long, DeeJay, T Hawk, Cammy).

This completely contradicts that. Maybe he said he was unsure. If thats the case he should just abandon the story (or excuses in this case) and just chalk the old Super Turbo cast plus Gouki up there. Which I think they will do anyway.
Enigma_2099  +   2738d ago
Fei Long?!?!?!
I am officially interested in this game again... still more of the same, but still...
Alexander Roy  +   2738d ago
No Akuma/Gouki = none of my money.
unrealgamer58  +   2738d ago
i got to go with my man ken he still kicks much ass
specialguest  +   2738d ago
Bruce L...I mean Fei Long FTW!
What is Fei Long's favorite drink?
Waaatahhh!!! (water)
What is Fei Long's favorite food?
Waaapahhh!!! (whopper)
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Athlon  +   2738d ago
LoL Nice one.
Enigma_2099  +   2737d ago
God D**N you, sir...
Eat my REKKA KEN!! With biscuits!!!!
akumous  +   2737d ago
Fie long is back...I missed Fei Long so I am going to officially buy this game no matter what...Akuma will be in the game, Capcom will be stupid if they discard akuma
JohnMc  +   2737d ago
Seth reminds me of the Monitor Cyborgs from the SF 2 animated movie.

Not to keen on Dan and Fei-Long possibly being back. I hope Dan doesn't suck this time.

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