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nope111  +   139d ago
Is that the official boxart? it looks poorly photoshopped........
HebrewHammer  +   138d ago
Looks like it was made in Microsoft Paint, more like.
theshonen8899  +   138d ago
That boxart gave me cancer.
DVS-Zev  +   139d ago
The hell? September!? I was banking on Summer release.
cgoodno  +   138d ago
It's being delayed to release at the same date as the Xbox One version they are developing now. Microsoft got them to have same release date parity.
incendy35  +   138d ago
Lol, that would be so funny if they launched as an ID@Xbox indie title.
theshonen8899  +   138d ago
As much as I would love to take random dumps on other people's consoles, where is your source for the Xbox One parity theory?
3xkrazy  +   138d ago
280 bucks for the ultimate edition... Nope.
Menalian  +   138d ago
That's 280 in Romanian leu... Their currency. It equates to 56 dollars. So expect at least a 60 dollar tag.
Mr Marvel  +   138d ago
I'm guessing that release date is as fake as the box art. lol

It's not the first time a retailer has put up fake products/release dates to get hits.
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BlackWolf12  +   138d ago
This is fake. Don't believe it.

For starters, they list that the game is going to release on consoles in two different versions, the standard game, and the expansion pack.

This is total BS, the game is releasing as one complete title.

That, and the box art looks photoshopped.
Toxic-zombie  +   138d ago
I just hope there is a $10 upgrade option
gamer7804  +   138d ago
september, i was hoping to play it in like a month or so :(

hope this is just placeholder stuff
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