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MasterCornholio  +   418d ago

JarqueMcLark  +   418d ago
Lines up well with the VGChartz numbers:
NewMonday  +   418d ago
anyone can guess the order based on consoles on the market and polls and that is what VGC do "guess", they just fill in fantasy sales numbers
Magicite  +   418d ago
it seems that anything and anyone to the east from USA/UK do not care much about XBOX brand.
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3-4-5  +   418d ago
I love that the French always buy the games with cool art styles, and don't shy away from a game because it doesn't have "realistic" graphics.

I've noticed that a lot in their culture lately.

They have GREAT taste in Art, Music & Video games.
abzdine  +   418d ago
Allez la France!
French people are gamers! Their top reflects it well.
chrissx  +   418d ago
Another day, another Ps4 dominance. c'est bon
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SlyFamousthe3rd  +   418d ago
You forgot to mention the PS3.
abzdine  +   418d ago
c'est très bon :)
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SlyFamousthe3rd  +   418d ago
OrangePowerz  +   418d ago
Not surprised, in Europe outisde of the UK Playstation is a lot more popular compared to the Xbox.
Geobros  +   418d ago
I am surprised that in top 3 Wii U games is still Mario 3D there...
MasterCornholio  +   418d ago
Dont Nintendo games have long legs?

Thats why I'm not surprised.
Geobros  +   418d ago
Not 3D Mario's, those had never had long legs. I would say that there are not very interesting games to buy, more interesting than mario 3d....
Baka-akaB  +   418d ago
every mario got legs , 3d or otherwise .
TristanPR77  +   418d ago
Wow, never thought that Infamous and Ground Zeroes would dominate Titanfall like that. On the US maybe Titanfall soldered more but worldwide Infamous clearly beat Titanfall. Who would have though. Titanfall was supposed to be xbone best Weapon.
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bleedsoe9mm  +   418d ago
meaningless without sales numbers
jjonez18  +   418d ago
Pre final fantasy x remasteres still pull a lot of sales weight even 10+ years later. Could means Square might be more open to more of them?

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