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larrysdirtydrawss  +   707d ago
theres nothing soyt cant do in their tools/sdk,something you say may strain the sony gpu a little more(supposedly),well its gpu is easily more powerful,it can handle a lil more strain
purp13m0nk3y  +   707d ago
Wow. Just wow.

I just read through these posts and honestly don't even know where to start. It blows my mind how gullible and impressionable some people are.

You people can't truly believe that DX12 will make a massive difference to the Xbox1's performance? Really? WOW!!

Now I'm not denying that it will not bring improved features and improved efficiency. That is just common sense. But this happens with each new iteration of DX.

As a PC gamer for many years I can honestly say that I have never seen a huge jump in performance moving to a new version of DX. Maybe 10% if I had a brand new card that was being gimped by outdated DX feature set. But it was more about adding more advanced graphical effects and more effective AA/AF solutions.

In fact more often than not, the release of a new version of DX would mean lower frame rates on my gaming rig. The new advanced effects and more advanced AA were always more demanding to run.

This is not really anything to get excited about from a gamers point of view. It won't equate to massive improvements in graphics/performance overnight. The people who should be excited are the Devs. It will give them a more advanced and efficient tool set to create games. It will allow then to more easily make the most of the Xbox1's hardware.

Seriously though (and I'm saying this as a fellow Xbox1 owner and long time supporter of MS) please don't get your hopes up that this will make a big difference to Xbox1 games. We are talking small efficiency gains and more advanced tools for the devs.

The other thing to realize is that DX12 is primarily for to the PC gaming market, where the next gen of PC GPU's will be built to take full advantage of the advanced features and code.

The Xbox1 doesn't run DX12 in the same way that a PC does. By this I mean DX is a middle ware designed to allow developers to build games in a framework that allows the engine to scale across a huge multitude of different hardware configurations.

The Xbox1 is locked down as far as hardware goes. It version of DX is a highly customized version written specifically for the Xbox1's hardware. It probably shares very little with the version of DX12 that will run on PC's. It serves the same purpose, to act as a framework for devs to built apon, but it would be a much leaner, more efficient version as it's written specifically for the Xbox1 and the Xbox1 alone.

The PS4's version of the OpenGL framework is the same thing. It's based on the same OpenGL suit used by PC devs but again completely written from the ground up to make the most of The PS4'S hardware.

Here is a better explanation of exactly what an API is (OpenGL DX fall into this category).
As you can see, an API (DX in this case) is simply a software suite. It improves with each iteration. But it is not capable of unlocking some magical untapped performance. The Xbox1 (and indeed the PS4) will see many versions/updates to their APIs over their lives. Each new version will bring improved efficiency and extra features. But each new version will only net small gains. You will never see a massive jump in performance with an API update.
Illusive_Man  +   707d ago
Here is a very simple example for your long ass wall of text.

You got two cars.

Car A has an engine that is 500hp

Car B has an engine that is 400hp.

Clearly Car A is more powerful, so that means it cannot be beaten right?


Car B can do several things to negate the power advantage of Car A.

- Aerodynamics
- Tighter Handling
- More responsive braking
- A better "driver"

It's really that simple.
purp13m0nk3y  +   707d ago
Sorry dude, not only did you completely miss the point of my post (did you even read it?) But you're analogy is complete shite. Comparing cars to a computer system is idiotic. Do you honestly think what you said makes any sense whatsoever?

I've tried to logically and intelligently argue a point using facts and a little research, but it seems I'd be better off just spouting random crap I know nothing about. Seem to carry the same weight as a legitimate comment on this site.

Whatever. Believe in the magic cloudz, the super DX12 that will unlock the ESRAMs secret potential that will allow tiled resources to stream... bla bla ....

Come back and see me in 12 months when the Xbox1 had not only failed to narrow the performance gap between the PS4, but has fallen further behind thanks to the PS4's GPGPU compute capabilities and it's incredibly ease of development.
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urwifeminder  +   707d ago
Ha at the wall of text comments all I know is from dx9 to 10 I went wow then when I got the crysis 2 dx11 patch again it was wow with 12 coming I think it may be more subtle but still bring the wow.
Playstationologist  +   707d ago
price drop is the only thing will sell this underpowered system. PS4 is far weaker than it should be but at least it can pull off 1080p. XBone is just a pathetic pos, show me a good looking 1080p Halo and I might pay $300 - $400.
iNFAMOUZ1  +   707d ago
Shi* just got real bro
Illusive_Man  +   707d ago
The Sony fanboys want to believe it is a secret sauce, that MS will intentionally lie about the expanded feature set. MS is a multi-billion software company. Sony is a failing hardware maker. Gaming is about their only division that is doing well.

Microsoft knew exactly what they were doing when they built the XBOX ONE. The system is all about the most out of the hardware, pure efficiency. Everything from ESRAM, DX11.2, Choice to go DDR3 over GDDR5, UI, Cloud, Move Engines, better Sound Processor, higher clocked CPU, they were all calculated moves.

Just keep watching. BTW PS4 is not capable of doing tiling in hardware. It can do the old trick of partially resident textures in software though. The results are not anywhere close. Xbox One can also do PRT.
Slothnut  +   707d ago
Halo 5 on dx12 is making me sleep easy at night. Can u imagine masterchief and dx12 and Cortana and the new warthog and banshee. Halo theme song blaring out of 7.1 while I wear my replica masterchief helmet and yell this is for captain Keyes u bastards!......too much? Whatever I'm excited for next gen halo. It's going to be a thing of beauty. If not only to rub it in sonys face when it wins game of the year.
kryteris  +   707d ago
News flash.. DirectX 12 comes to Xbox One, a brand new gaming console based off of DX 11.2 capable hardware.
Lawboy2  +   707d ago
For this not to be that big of a deal...some ppl sure have there panties in a bunch
Qwagy UK  +   707d ago
Another Microsoft BS selling point, the card used is not a native DX12 card therefore will only use a few commands, owners of the Xbox one will see little difference although I hope for there is a performance improvement but it wont be a 50% boost probably 5 to 10 fps difference, every little count though!
mysteryraz11  +   707d ago
consoles optimize and improve because the developers know what hardware they are using and can focus and improve it as time goes on, hopefully this improves xbox ones performance and allows for more 1080p games
StrelnikovD  +   707d ago
ps4 dx 11 vs. XBOX ONE DX 12
Mister_G  +   707d ago
PS4 doesn't use DX, does it?

I thought it used OpenGL.

Correct me if I'm wrong, I'd like to know for certain.
Neoninja  +   706d ago
You're not wrong, the Ps4 uses OpenGL.
jimbobbeers  +   707d ago
I'm so intrigued.
firefly69  +   707d ago
Yes developers are going to lose time and money optimizing the Xboxone games to 100% just because they have acess to some features of DX12.Sorry but that is not going to happen if they can make or port a game on or to the PS4 faster and cheaper due to better hardware and tools on the PS4 they will not lose time and money on the Xboxone just in order to squeeze the maximum of what the machine could actually achieve.Time is money the PS4 is just a better machine with better hardware and tools it always be the main console to produce the games on and then scale back to what the Xboxone can achieve,and this will be done without losing time and money trying to fully optimize the Xboxone;im talking regarding multiplat games.Xbox fanboys are so delusional they have to try a find a way in there heads to make them think that what they payed for an underpower console is in fact valid.
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HaydenJameSmith  +   707d ago
I think your delusional and are just trying to convince yourself the Xbone is Garbage and PS4 will dominate forever...
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MxRBrobaFett   706d ago | Trolling | show
aragon  +   707d ago
Does anyone understand what this will do I don't.
Mister_G  +   707d ago
Might help close the gap to PS4 (technologically), until PS4 gets improved API's then the gap will be back to as it is now, pretty much.
feraldrgn  +   707d ago
It's as if people think the PS4 will be frozen in time.
This will optomize the software for the Xbone & make better use of what it has.
It's a software update that's being made out to be more than it is.

But the PS4's hardware is better & it's impossible for the Xbone to change that.

The PS4 will get software updates too, which will just reset the gap, or make the gap greater due to the better hardware (more efficient use of the software).
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Tedakin  +   707d ago
I don't think many are saying it's going to catch up to PS4. That's just more garbage Sony fanboys make up in their heads in this fake war.
MasterCornholio  +   707d ago
So Mr.X and his Zealots are Sony fanboys?

First time I've heard that.
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iceman06  +   706d ago
Have you read ANY comments on here? It's like MS has decided to unlock an entire new console hidden within the Xbox One. Yeah, that was a bit over the top. But, if you don't think that people aren't expecting "HUGE" jumps that will "close the gap"...reference the front page of comments. There are several pretty tech savvy people who are attempting to reign in expectations and they are getting 2x as many disagrees.
For me, it's business as usual. Tools get better. Console become more efficient. Better games for everybody!
HaydenJameSmith  +   707d ago
The PS3 hardware was better than the 360 and look how that did last generation... it took 5 years for the software to catch up with its hardware and had to redesign the console within the first year. Plus by the end of the generation no multiplat game looked better on the PS4 or 360 so its much more likely that as time progresses all games will look the same. (Apart from exclusives)

Im not saying MS are gonna pull some magic way to make the X1 x10 more powerful but they are primarily a software company so they could probably do a lot more with the x1 drivers in a year than ps4 could in 2-3 years. But yes agree PS4 hardware is better... so i think its a matter of how fast can MS catch up in terms of multiplat games. PS4 exclusives may look better in years to come than MS exclusives due to hardware difference.

Primarily the problem on x1 is the cpu bottleneck so games aren't been able to render fast enough for 1080p yet... but the ps4 has faster ram so it can, but notably all the textures, lighting and shadows etc. have been generally the same but in probably a year maybe 2 I think we'll see every multiplat game looking similar if not the same. I have no idea if DX12 will help with the cpu bottleneck but it will probably help render large amounts of textures quicker with this resource tiling feature I keep hearing about and get more out of the gpu... so we might see notable improvements. But I hope everyone has fun no matter what console there on, here's to a good generation of games...
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feraldrgn  +   707d ago
That was due to the over-complicated Cell. eventually it got utilized (a bit late) & we got some of the best looking games of the generation.

Multiplats never really got fixed, there were some that ran well & then there were others that didn't, due to devs still not understanding Cell.

This is different, the ESRam is a bottleneck until they can fix it & get it running "normally", but the specs are the same as we've always known.
Ram is a completely different ballgame to the CPU & GPU.

Agree to that last part, a good generation of games.
DOOMZ  +   707d ago
Its going to be amazing!!!
parentsbasement  +   707d ago
oh look, a positive xbox article !!!.....lets rush in and piss all over it ....
shotime97  +   707d ago
so true ng4 I getting really bad with the Sony fan boy's /trolls/ponies. I have no problem talking to a Sony fan that don't act like a fool hell where all here for the same reason "we enjoy gaming" and I bet a lot of the Sony guy's are tired of getting lied to by the company that is all about the gamer
shotime97  +   707d ago
oh yeah "closer to the metal" = faster time to triangle
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Mister_G  +   707d ago
Maybe those missing P's will appear soon? ;-)
IRNMUNKEY  +   707d ago
Everyone saying PS4 is more powerful are missing the point. The Xbox is much more complicated (good thing!)it has extra audio processors and move engines. The only thing holding it back is the software.

The PS4 is more powerful if you just compare main components but everything it does has to use those main components and its already struggling to hit its mandated 1080p without compromises. I.e. No dynamic shadows on Infamous SS

The Xbox will be able to offload so much stuff to dedicated chips that it will catch up and possibly surpass PS4.

All the breakdowns of X1 have stated there is a lot of stuff that they didn't understand. This is what Direct X 12 is going to unlock.

Microsoft didn't pay 3 Billion in R&D costs for nothing! By comparison Sony spent less on R&D than they did on PS3 as they basically just bought of the shelf.
Coach_McGuirk  +   706d ago
easy there fanboys. your collective insecurity is showing
BX81  +   706d ago'am, your mullet is showing.
wildpsi  +   706d ago
I know that MS wanted to unify all of their gaming devices. You can already play html5 games on the IE browser on the XO. Does adding DX12 mean that you could possibly play mobile and pc games on the XO? Or am I way off?
goldwyncq  +   706d ago
Can everyone stop being fanboys for once and just acknowledge that this is good for gaming in the long run?
sephiroth420  +   706d ago
Im looking forward to seeing how this DX12 is gonna effect the frames on my games.
MxRBrobaFett  +   706d ago
So really no one knows what any of this means and it's really just a bunch of Sony fanboys trying to do damage control in this article?
russo121   706d ago | Trolling | show
No1up  +   706d ago
I don't care. Bring on titanfall, and make kinect listen better!
MyNameIsNotRick  +   706d ago
People who write "sigh" before enriching the world with their vast unassailable knowledge about shit they are just guessing about are the worst.
goldwyncq  +   706d ago
Unlike "The Cloud", this could actually change things for X1.
The_devils_chum  +   706d ago
Boy you xbone boys are grasping badly! This is a bunch of bs and sounds like the cloud part 2.
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