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maniacmayhem  +   700d ago
If this is true then I guess it would make sense why MS didn't max out their Xbox One with hardware equal to the PS4. They knew that DirecX 12 was coming and would be compatible with the X1 and boost its performance.

It'll be interesting to actually see the games coming to the Xbox One that are using DX12. Lets see if this will give the much needed resolution boost everyone is so worried about.
donnieboy  +   700d ago
BX81  +   700d ago
I wonder if this is what major Nelson was eluding to a while back when he said he looks forward to the truth coming out in reference to the gap between the ps4/xb1? Either way well find out at gdc.
donnieboy  +   700d ago
lol and they said it wasn't coming.....
koliosis  +   700d ago
The true power of the Xboxone will be awaken
Whitey2k  +   700d ago
Dude it wont over take the ps4 in power u can't magically make a weak card into a power house and there will always be a performance gap but in sense there would be a gain in performance likewise to ps4 as its also getting performance sdk boost to
Cryptcuzz  +   700d ago
I agreed with you and I don't know why!
sypher  +   700d ago
lol has anyone even bothered clicking the site? why am I getting phishing errors on it?

Really dubious until it is confirmed. Would laugh if it was fake.
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KNWS  +   700d ago
Seems to be true going by this.
sypher  +   700d ago
Yeh I saw that. If true, cool :) GDC gonna be interesting this year!
ZainreFang  +   700d ago
Oooooh! Nice.
KNWS  +   700d ago
Mistermedia was talking about Raytracing back in 2012.

And to my surprise Phil Spencer admitted they were experimenting with it for x box 1, just recently.

We’ve done experiments with real-time ray-tracing. A ton of potential with this tech, amazing visuals.”

The x box 1 shouldn't in reality be able to handle Directx 12. It further adds prove that Microsoft have kept some secrets about the x box 1 until now.
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quenomamen  +   700d ago
800p here we come, whoo hoooo !!!!!!!!!!!
ALLWRONG  +   700d ago
4logpc  +   700d ago
Not gonna like, I laughed.
inf3cted1  +   700d ago
haha burned!
Guwapo77  +   700d ago
I can't see how this is a plus solely for XboxOne. Directx api are used universally. Xbox One is a slightly weaker version of the PS4. If the apis prove to be faster than what Sony currently uses, what is to stop them from using Directx 12 also?

I'm also looking up on the internet to see if the GPUs in these consoles even support directx 12 or they will accept a modified version of it.
OpieWinston  +   700d ago
Sony is using Open GL

That may be what stops Sony from acuiring rights to Direct X.

I've been saying this for months that Microsoft is one of the lead software companies...If people think they can pull off Ray tracing and tile resourcing to the point that it effects performance.

People said the same about how the X1 cloud would work when it's able to off load tasks which allows for more RAM usage on local client thanks to dedicated servers.

PC/Xbox will be taking advantage of Direct X12.
Direct X > Open GL any day of the week.
bmx_bandit  +   700d ago
I said it before: DirectX12 will have functions embedded helpin Xbox putting a 1080p Frame in the 32mb Esram. So i guess 1080p will be standard end of year.
rainslacker  +   700d ago
Looking up the GPU's isn't always sufficient in this case. Both consoles have modified versions of those GPU's, so it's quite possible that MS foresaw adding this stuff and they implemented DX12 features in their custom chip that have been available for a while. Nothing that MS is offering is really that new.

It'll probably improve performance due to being more efficient, and add a couple features that aren't available currently. It isn't the magic sauce that many XBox fans seem to be thinking it is on this thread though. The number of disagrees to people that are explaining the technical details in this thread is almost laughable. It's like they don't even want to accept the reality.

What it comes down to is that unless MS has some secret API feature in there that hasn't been in OpenGL for a few years now, it's not going to make up for the power discrepancy. DX12 will see more advantage in the PC market, in particular competing with Mantle. Overall though, since devs can already get close to the metal on consoles, new API's will only make it easier to do so on consoles, and not necessarily give a huge performance gain to a talented programmer.
Guwapo77  +   700d ago
@Opie - everyone knows who makes and owns Directx. Directx has been the dominant force in the PC scene for many a years. AMD and Nvidia has used it for a very long time once it became the standard. Both consoles run AMD chips which means both systems are very capable of running it IF the hardware supports it. Would Sony use it - probably a better chance of a monkey flying to the moon.

@rainslacker - I agree. The new API could help but nothing astronomical like some guys are forecasting. Consoles are already extremely efficient, none of the excessive programs running in the back ground like PCs have. If they can squeeze another 10% I'd be very impressed. If anything in the ballpark of 30% I'd be mind "effed"...
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shotime97  +   700d ago
Like I said before. Never count Microsoft out
Man_Son  +   700d ago
It's funny how everybody know everything on here
Nocando  +   700d ago
I agree, so many armchair developers and engineers coming out to downplay this. But to be fair I am not qualified to hype it either. I just hope it bodes well for my system of choice, so I remain cautiously optimistic.
Ashby_JC  +   700d ago
I dont even pretend to know what this tech stuff means. I work on bikes for a living and when I come home whats inside doesnt matter much....

...Just keep making FUN games like Plants v Zombies GW and I am good!!
n4rc  +   700d ago
Lol.. I'm in the same boat, I'm a millwright.. I keep a recycling plant running, I dont know nearly enough about this stuff to try and debate it..

Yet a quick scroll through the comments and it turns out I know a hell of a lot more then most that ARE trying to debate it.. Lol
Ch1d0r1  +   700d ago
Some of us are just stupid fan boys really.
rainslacker  +   700d ago
Goes for both sides. I see a couple people actually explaining it properly but getting massive amounts of disagrees because they're asking for people to exercise constraint and realize this isn't quite the huge performance boost that some people want it to be.
josephayal  +   700d ago
powerful machine
Ashby_JC  +   700d ago
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DigitalxAlchemist   700d ago | Spam
kakashi81  +   700d ago
Good for ms.
badboy776  +   700d ago
What does this mean??
BX81  +   700d ago
It means twinkies have no experation date.
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Ch1d0r1  +   700d ago
You Xboners swear the PS4 wont get better, like if its already at it's peak. Microsoft develops new tech for building games and you all get wet. PS4 will keep improving and you shall eat our dust every damn time! Now go play titan fall and have fun!
Tedakin  +   700d ago
Go play.... uh... I can't think of anything. :)
n4rc  +   700d ago
And you Sony fanboys keep imagining crap that nobody said..

Were talking about Xbox improving, who is saying the ps4 won't as well?

Its like me saying nobody knows Xbox sales for 2014 and to a Sony fanboy, that means I said Xbox is outselling ps4..

True story.. Lol
BX81  +   700d ago
Snarf snarf!
Raider69  +   700d ago
Just some notes,you people know that DX12 only takes the overhead on the CPU side people know that DX12 is still going to be a close enviroment to work on right....?!!Now you people know that OPEN GL its actually equal or indeed is Open Source,and for every versions of DX that have been released with ALL is new features theres also a new version of Open GL that comes along and give developers the same or even better options/tools,better yet Freedom.So please do the math before getting euphoric!DX12 is actually late to the party if we start comparing it to the latest Open GL improvements,and let me end by saying this DX11 was release in 2008 but you guys no what;its been used by less than 25% of the games that have been released from 2008 to 2013.Again make the math and try to figure when will games ever going to take full advantage of DX12 in the next years.
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lemoncake  +   700d ago
Great news that xbox one will support directx 12
Tedakin  +   700d ago
I'm convinced the Xbox One was released 3-4 months before it was ready. Direct X 12. The firmware updates. Twitch. Titanfall. We've been playing a Beta unit.
n4rc  +   700d ago
They all are..

Ps4 didn't even play blurays out of the box..

Development never stops.. So picking a date to release will always mean plans aren't quite ready..

3-4 years from now we'll still be getting updates.. If you consider work to be done or its still beta testing, then we haven't had a finished retail console for a few generations now

And to the comments about being rushed, does everyone now forget having to rewrite the entire system after e3?
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srd4484  +   700d ago
I do recall Pennelo saying something about you must be crazy to think MS would give up 30% advantage to the PS4. And that they have the smartest guys, the same guys who invented direct x. Hmm. I guess he was hinting this all along.
srd4484  +   700d ago
And don't forget. There were rumors that XB1 wasn't suppose to be released until 2014 sometime. They rushed it out to match Sony. So they put in DX11 until they were ready to unlock DX12 in the unit.
killzone619  +   700d ago
good catch.
kstuffs  +   699d ago
Here's the video that mentions what he said: This is either the biggest bluff in in console history, or that MS does in fact have a secret.

"September 2013: Albert Penello

I’m not dismissing raw performance. I’m stating as I have stated from the beginning that the performance delta between the two platforms is not as great as the raw numbers lead the average consumer to believe. There are things about our system architecture not fully understood.

People DO understand that Microsoft has some of the smartest graphics programmers IN THE WORLD. We CREATED DirectX, the standard APIs that everyone programs against. So while people laude Sony for their [hardware] skills, do you really think we don’t know how to build a system optimized for maximizing graphics for programmers? Seriously?

There is no way we’re giving up a 30%+ advantage to Sony. I’m not saying they haven’t built a good system – I’m merely saying that anyone who wants to die on their sword over this 30%+ power advantage is going to be fighting an uphill battle over the next 10 years.

I’m stating that not everyone knows all the facts. There are still a lot of important details about the platforms that are still unknown."
killzone619  +   700d ago
so will this help bridge the performance gap between ps4 and xbox one?
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feraldrgn  +   700d ago
No, it may just optimize what the Xbox has, but the Xbox will stay at the same specs.
srd4484  +   700d ago
We don't know exactly yet. Wait till March 20th for more details.
rainslacker  +   700d ago
DirectX is an API and toolset that makes certain tasks easier for the developer to perform tasks in a quicker fashion than having to write their own code to do something which the API itself makes standard. It's an important thing for the developer, and overall makes it easier to work with the machines themselves.

DirectX, or OpenGL for that matter, will not make a GPU suddenly be able to do something that it couldn't do before. It will improve performance over the current version just because it'll likely be more efficient, particularly for existing DX features in 11.2, at least in most cases.

On PC it also acts as an intermediary so the developer can write to the API instead of the hardware, which is difficult on PC due to the vast array of options available in the PC market. Such functions are not really necessary in a console though since they're a closed system.

In answer to your question though, no, it will not bridge the performance gap. While efficient API's and drivers can make up for weaker hardware, stronger hardware can always out muscle weaker hardware, particularly in a closed system such as a console.

There is a caveat however. If MS modified their GPU to work very efficiently with what they had planned on DX12(likely in the works for a couple years now), then it could definitely increase performance. However, that's just speculation at the moment.

In any case, Sony isn't going to rest on it's laurels and will upgrade their toolset as well. And a lot of the stuff available is available in both OpenGL and DirectX.
MCTJim  +   700d ago
I think people dont understand what they new tools they are about to unveil will do for the X1. Tiled resources are not new, but if anyone bothered to look at the granite SDK which will most likely be utilized by MS on the X1, it will improve performance in what seemed like their plan all along. I personally think that the X1 was rushed 1 year ahead of schedule to compete with Sony's PS4. The PS4 rightly so is doing quite well. Sony should be extremely happy with their system sales. I feel right now that what we are going to start seeing is why MS went with a different type of harware set up. There are many chips on the X1 and subsystems on the X1 that DF couldnt explain and which many have dismissed. I look forward to what they will be bringing later this year and next year when this new SDK will begin to blossom.
Gamer-40  +   700d ago
Very good news. X1 cool console.
cbuc1125  +   700d ago
Sorry if im late to this one guys but OMG this is MEGATON!!!
Oh wait.... Nah it isnt.
FrigidDARKNESS  +   700d ago
It begins time to raise the victory flag true salvation has come Xbox one is a beast.
pyramidshead  +   700d ago
lmfao, frigiddarkness is back in action! how's that kaveri chip aye? ;)
FrigidDARKNESS  +   700d ago
Old frigid is back things are gonna be different around here.
annus  +   700d ago
Software doesn't make the hardware better. Anything that can be done via DX can be done via OpenGL and/or other libraries or code.

All this means is it is slightly easier for developers to implement, it's not going to be a game changer.
Azzanation  +   700d ago
Software DOES make the hardware better, The hardware doesn't make the software better. Might want to research that. Iv been running an old 6970 AMD (2010)card for years but has had its software updates to keep the card up-to-date with the latest games. DX12 will make the XB1 better and being exclusive to Windows/Xbox you can bet your house, you will start seeing better quality games in the near future.
annus  +   700d ago
Do you understand what you are saying? How can it make the hardware better? Can it increase performance? Of course, it can't physically change the hardware. The performance of the hardware is ALWAYS going to stay the same, which is worse than the PS4.

Yes, you can have better software that can theoretically better than software on faster hardware, but two near identical pieces of software, with one running on weaker hardware, will ALWAYS be worse.

Edit: Also, hardware does make software better. Go time the same bit of code on slow and fast hardware, notice how the fast one destroys it? Isn't this just logical sense? Why would anybody ever update hardware if it was just up to software?
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Azzanation  +   700d ago
DX12 will make a huge difference in programming. A lot of people forget that DX11 was out in 2008. DX12 will help the PC and XB1 a lot with its games.
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larrysdirtydrawss  +   700d ago
all systems gradually improve sdk/tools,and sonys tools are the best... no system is getting added power,this particular sdk update for ms isn't gonna give it more shading power/texture units ect.. it will make things a lil more efficient
Azzanation  +   700d ago
If the tools make it more efficient to use, then you will be seeing more textures and shading because there finding ways to do them without using as much power. WTF are you talking about Sony has the best tools? Lol the PS 1 2 n 3 were all horrible to make games for. PS4 is better but not that much better. The XB1 is STILL easy to make games for regardless how easy the PS4 is today.
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kaozgamer  +   700d ago
Soo how many console games have you made so far?
SoulSercher620  +   700d ago
This is good for Xbox One. It should be squeezing out as much performance as possible.
Slothnut  +   700d ago
Dx12! I'm already impressed with my X1 but that's awesome. I was just thinking the other day when I saw a dx12 ad that its too bad xbox1 can't use dx12. Did anyone notice if there is a release date?
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