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OsirisBlack  +   390d ago
I would buy the entire trilogy day 1 for PS4 just to play through them all again before mass effect 4 drops.
ironfist92  +   389d ago
Just recently finished the trilogy on PS3, but I was wanting to replay it all again, PS4 sounds like it would great
amiga-man  +   389d ago
I have only played Mass Effect 3 as it was free with PS+ I really enjoyed it so would probably bite for the trilogy on the PS4 as long as it's done well.
Drakesfortune  +   389d ago
I would do exactly the same, great games, yeah last one erked me a bit but was still enjoyable..

The potential for mass effect 4 on ps4 has me foaming from the mouth!
bjmartynhak  +   389d ago
Day one for me too.

Mass Effect, Metro, Crysis, Dead Space... never played these series, so I would welcome a next-gen version of any of them.
Dlacy13g  +   390d ago
I would much rather they focus on making new games than try and sell me the games I already bought and played with a little more polish to them.
DryBoneKoopa85  +   390d ago
Thank you! I feel like this is getting out of hand now. With the port of Tomb Raider, Dead Nation, Rayman Legends, possibility of Uncharted coming, now Mass Effect. Other developers are also talking about porting older tittles to the PS4.

I hope this is not a new trend being started for this generation. I didn't spend $400+ on a slightly upscale PS3 console.

Developers were toting how much more powerful the PS4 is over the PS3. Then how come we keep getting ports of older tittles just being touched up on and then being asked to pay $60 all over again.

This not a dig at Sony or the PS4 but more so at the developers. They should be spending there time making either sequels or brand new IP's not touching up on there older already released tittles.
CurrentDigital  +   390d ago
I get where you're coming from, but there has to be some kind of legacy program that makes our old games look better besides emulation. I don't complain when movies that are already on DVD come to Blu-Ray because I don't HAVE to re-purchase them. It's the same with video games. It's good to have options.

Edit: Also, I'm not ignorant of PlayStation Now, but we have no proof that it will be an efficient alternative to emulation. Plus, that service is not available on Xbox One.
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Dlacy13g  +   390d ago
Yeah this problem is not a platform specific issue. My personal belief is this was a calculated move by both Sony and MS to not offer backwards compatibility. They realize by not offering that as a value add proposition they can offer up HD remakes or other services with the old gen titles on them at a cost. This also opens the door to 3rd party devs to follow suit and do things like this rumor.

It's just feels so shady to me.

Edit: @B-TENdotcom I see where you are coming from, but I don't agree we need some system for making them "look better". There should be systems carried forward that allow us to continue to play them. This is one of the biggest areas where PC has consoles beat hands down.
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Maxor  +   389d ago
No console company like backup compatibility. It's the nature of the business to rape you on both hardware and software fronts. If you don't like that then game on the PC, where as your hardware get better so do the game. Otherwise enjoy your $60 ports or pay up for Playstation Now.
svoulis  +   389d ago

A "Calculated" move by Sony & Microsoft? Really. Do you even know how architecture works? In order to have proper backwards capabilities both systems would need a second CPU/GPU combo onboard, meaning higher cost for the product (PS3 Launch all over again). If not we would be getting emulated ports of games on the system and we saw how good that was for the Xbox 360.

I wouldn't go as far as say it was a move made by Sony and Microsoft to make HD remakes of games. That is pretty ridiculous to consider. All in all its a risk for both companies and publishers to do this, as there is no way to anticipate how many units it will move and if the port/remaster version would be worth it.

There is nothing shady going on, mainly cause we haven't seen any first party games being "remastered" for the systems (not including Dead Nation as that was proven its basically just a prettier version of the game)

I personally want to see games like The Last of Us, Uncharted, and Mass Effect Trilogy on my PS4. I don't see anything wrong with that, they did it last gen, they'll do it this gen.

No one really complained about all the PS2 games remastered for PS3 or Halo remastered for Xbox 360. Why now?
tigertron  +   389d ago
If I can transfer my saves then I will rebuy.
ironfist92  +   389d ago
I dunno, part of the appeal is trying different choices and seeing the outcomes.
krazykombatant  +   389d ago
> implying there is much of an appeal after ME3
> Implying choices matter in mass effect.
djplonker  +   389d ago
Oh god I am craving mass effect 3s multiplayer now... yes please ea I want it on ps4


(But a separate team working on it so it doesn't affect me4 or dragon age 3)
nope111  +   389d ago
Meh, only do ME1 since it was the best and a TRUE RPG in the series.
And what about KOTOR 1-2? i would love to play them with updated visuals.
Agent_hitman  +   389d ago
Good news for PS4
tanookisuit  +   389d ago
This time, give us the damn Pinnacle Station add-on (for PS owners)! No more excuses.
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Lucreto  +   389d ago
Since the original code has been destroyed I doubt it will appear on the PS4 and Xbox.
kingPoS  +   389d ago
I've heard of code being lost (Panzer Dragoon) before. Why would they intentionally destroy written code?

Gateway MT6706 2008
Lucreto  +   389d ago
The master code got corrupted so it was destroyed.

I was mean to use the word corrupt but the word slipped my mind when I wrote it. :|
WitWolfy  +   389d ago
Does it fix the ending and get the newly promised DICE engine EA so openly brag about??? If not, then I'm not interested.
DC777  +   389d ago
Didn't pay off thanks to a sea of negative articles. It's still a great game without the prequels.
RE_L_MAYER  +   389d ago
if this hd edition has overhauled ending with 10 different GOOD endings where EVERYONE GETS TO LIVE ........THEN i might consider it
Joe913  +   389d ago
I hope this trend ends soon with all these devs wanting to bring last gen games to this gen there are way to many remakes being talked about imo I just want sequels or new ip not the game I already have just better looking I rather them find a way to play my ps3 games using the disk and PlayStation now then to have to re buy all my games to play on ps4. I do understan remaking really old games that did very or iconic like the first MGS on ps1 or the FF VII that would be nice but to remaster a ps3 game to me is a waste wait until the ps8 to remaster ps3 games lol.
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Mithan  +   389d ago
Currently replaying it all on the PC. It still looks good too. Wouldn't mind some higher resolution textures for the first game though.
iistuii  +   389d ago
Give me a break. Make some bloody new games.
kingPoS  +   389d ago
The Mass Effect Trilogy on a single bluray disc. How does that not sound appealing.

Gateway MT6706 2008
TM333  +   389d ago
Wow! Even though I've already played them all, I couldn't resist, especially with the idea of being able to remote play these awesome games in bed.
mananimal  +   389d ago
Include all the DLC too & its a done deal.
urwifeminder  +   389d ago
Have the box set on pc I am fine my guess is they will cash in .
ajax17  +   387d ago
I have beaten the trilogy a few times already, but I'd still want to go back with upgraded graphics/higher framerate.

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