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xHeavYx  +   719d ago
There may not be physical activity differences, but if I'm playing a ping-pong game, holding something would make it a bit more realistic, especially with the Move because you can hit trick shots. Another thing is the 1-1 tracking
jmc8888  +   719d ago
I agree with the premise that Move was much more accurate then Kinect.

It really did pick up the subtle flip of the wrists to denote which way you want to spin the ping pong ball.

Move actually exceeded my expectations on how well it worked, and made Kinect look like a POS in comparison.
Shadowstar  +   719d ago
Kinect was great for some very limited applications. Dance Central was the only thing I would term a game that really used well, though. The rest was pretty much garbage.
Bigpappy  +   719d ago
There is a huge physical activity difference. Kinect sports and adventure used both your legs and arms a lot. There is a lot of jumping squatting and running between those to games. For workout it is almost impossible to cheat Kinect, but was very easy to do so with the wii and move, for obvious reasons. I was hoping to see how the body tracking works on the new PSeye. But alas, Sony is not quite ready to focus there just yet. Probably waiting to see what M$ does to counter with something almost like it.

Quite obvious if you just focus on hand movement there is no difference. With these games I mentioned, using your hands don't even account for 1/3 of the activity.
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xHeavYx  +   719d ago
Nice attempt at stealth trolling, you made it too obvious though, nobody copies MS, everything they do has pretty much been done before
WeAreLegion  +   719d ago
I'm sorry, but it was pretty freakin easy to trick all three of them, even in workouts.
Geekman  +   719d ago
Funantic1  +   719d ago
So nothing is needed in your hands with the Kinect to get the same physical workout that the move can provide. That's good. Many people have complained about the move and Wii remote slipping out of their sweaty hands. Some even claimed the remotes slung out their hands into the tv causing damage. I prefer the hands free Kinect.
BattleN  +   719d ago
I disagree!
KonsoruMasuta  +   719d ago
"Some even claimed the remotes slung out their hands into the tv causing damage."

Those people are idiots. There is a reason BOTH controllers come with straps.
wonderfulmonkeyman  +   719d ago
That's why you use the wrist straps.
Not using them and damaging a TV is on the consumer's head.XD
WeAreLegion  +   719d ago
You say that, but nothing on the Kinect is anywhere near as accurate as Sports Champions 1 & 2. That fun factor is lost without accuracy.
rainslacker  +   719d ago
Many people? Who? Where? Never once seen remote slipping out being a problem since the first month of the Wii's release, when wrist straps pretty much became standard, and all motion control games came with a disclaimer because people are idiots.
TheTimeDoctor  +   719d ago
they all suck.
spicelicka  +   719d ago
lol truer words have never been spoken.
R00bot  +   719d ago
Motion+ on the Wii was good, but only two games really make you get it. Skyward Sword and Red Steel 2 were both great games that showed the potential of the Wii remote.
Too bad no other games have used it well.
stuna1  +   719d ago
But there is a difference! Move controllers, and WII motes tracked hands only! Kinects tracks hands and feet, thereby using more kinectic motion and expending more energy.
OtakuDJK1NG-Rory  +   719d ago
Wii Balance Board track Body though
R00bot  +   719d ago
You can get up and move with the Move and Wii remote. It's just that it's kind of optional with those ones. I guess if you're cheating the game, then you might be doing less work.
Anyway, why does it matter?

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